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Have now been on Mirtazapine for 7 weeks and am seeing GP tomorrow as I am not prepared to stay on this drug any longer.

Started on 15 mg and up to 30 mg week after. Past 2 weeks have been on 45 mg. I was told at higher doses it would be less sedating but this hasn't happened. The worst side effect is my overwhelming feelings of anger and rage. I've never been an aggressive person but this drug makes me lose my rag at the slightest irritation.

As for helping my depression it has done absolutely nothing. Very disappointing as a recent study in the Lancet suggested that Mirt along with Lustral and Escitalopram were all highly effective. I guess it's a case of different meds suit different people. I'm going to try and get switched to escitalopram (Cipralex) although due to its cost I'll probably get the runaround.

What annoys me is when the GP says 'You need to give it (the drug) time.' From everything I've read, the current thinking seems to be that if an antidepressant has NO effect whatsoever by 4 weeks then it will not have an effect in the future regardless of increasing the dose.

I've got a medical background so have been researching like crazy on this :roll: I think one of the key problems is that GPs see the bulk of depression and the bottom line is that they are not experts in mental health. My GP for example wasn't aware that Seroxat came in lower doses than 30 mg?! That is worrying...

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    i am now in week 4 of taking this drug and I too am now experiencing extreme rage and anger. I was angry and irritable before taking the drug but the feelings seem to have intensified. am going to tell the doc on Monday next when I see her as I am not sure if it is the drug or me.
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    :shock: I too have been on Mirt for about two months. Initially was on 15mg, but still fighting sleep at night, so GP doubled the dose. I guess that I'm about 3 weeks into 30mg. Past three days, no energy, could sleep all night and most of day and as irritable as hell. Overreacting to trivial issues and feeling enraged. Poor partner did lovely valentine meal for me tonight, but did not want her close to me, and then completely blew up coz she put water in the dogs bowl in the kitchen while I was doing the same in another room. She stormed off to bed and I just feel numb about everything. Back to Doc on Wed. Just feel so flat...again
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    Firstly, have found reading people's experiences very interesting on this Forum and have found them to be of enormous help.

    I started taking 30 mg on 29 Dec and reduced to 15 mg about 2 weeks ago. To be honest, I can't tell the difference between the two!!

    My experience has been that I have been in a zombie-like state, unable to think particularly clearly and have managed only two weeks at work before having to go off sick again. Wouldn't like to have to do a crossword puzzle!!! I can sleep for England - unable to get out of bed in a morning and when I do, I feel foggy headed and very distant from the rest of the human race! I have been interested to read what others say on this forum about going into rages and being easily irritated or annoyed. I have been the exact opposite. No emotion what so ever to the point of flat-lining re feelings! Nothing annoys or irritates me but on the otherhand, nothing gives me a great deal of pleasure. I'm happy doing what I'm told to do (so I don't have to think for myself).

    I ended up on Mirtazapine because of something that happened to me that made me depressed. I have previously not ever suffered depression. The orginal problem has been solved but I still feel like death on two legs as a result of this medication. From what I have read on this forum, I need to get off this medication asap as it is causing me as many problems as the one that made me depressed in the first place.

    As for putting on weight - have not noticed that I have yet. However, I've been suffering cravings for French Onion soup and peppermint creams!!

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      hi i can relate to everything you say! i had the emotions but not the engry to express it if makes sence i would allow people to walk all over me and not have the engry to do anything about it..leading to low self asteem and not good for depression 
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    I am taking 15mg along at night with 50mg seroxat in the morning also propanolol extenended release and diazapam 5mg 3x daily, when I went to see my pych he was prescribing mirtazapine oral dispersable (the ones that melt on your tonge) 1st 2 weeks I felt great so much energy, but been on mirt in the past I knew how they made you sleep because they contain a sedative, appetite was good only craving sweet things. My pysch signed me off but had all intensions of upping the mirt to 30mg.As I felt better I deciced to leave it at 15mg for a month and a regime to come off the diazapam slowly over months.

    Cutting a long story short when I went to see my gp for a prescription for the mirt he told me the oral dispersable had too much sugar in them and prescribed normal tablets, now I dont feel as good ,if anything as bad as before was wondering if the mirt increase will help or insist on oral dispersable. IM so sick of going to gps and psych and each contradicting each other, also i know i shouldnt but at times i need a drink strong sweet lager to get some release from the anxiety.

    I am so frightened to even mention it to my husband and family as they have seen me feeling/looking so well but underneath im taking more diazapam and painkillers with alchohol, I think they are all sick of one thing working then not. I cannot even cook a meal without panic or go to the hairdressers which i desperatly need without panic.

    Sorry to ramble but where do i go next???????

    I just wish the gps and psychs would all strat singing of the same hymn sheet.


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      Hi Colette, I'm afraid there's no good news, firstly the diazepam!!!!!! Theve kept me on it over 20 years! Now decided on a reduction program!!!! Down to 2mg from 15mg a day and had a fit!!!!! The past 3 years on reduction program have been hell! Withdrawal symptoms for some are permanent!!!!! Its more addictive than cocaine or heroin, I drink p**s water lager! I'm now on mirtazapine, feel zombie like, aggressive! Iv been fighting over 50 years, no shrink, nothing. Pills! Start meditation simple stuff first, download apps and meditate at night. There is no outside answer!!!!! Its within you.

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    I have been on Mirtazapine 45mg for 5months now. I have lost 3stone in that time because at last I am motivated to do something about my obesity. But unfortunately, I get very irate and angry and have a very short fuse. I am not sure if this is a side effect of the tablets or not. I find I am very irritable at such silly things like someone being in my way etc. I am seeing the Psychiatrist on the 4th March so will mention it then but does anyone else have the same angry feelings?
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    This is astonishing! I have recently been released from hospital after going voluntarily then having the nerve to try and leave which got me sectioned. While I was there my medication was changed from Citalopram to Mirtazepine and I put the rage feelings down to being sectioned and the injustice of it but it would appear that may not have been the case!

    I have been experiencing this completely fuzzed out feeling and the slightest thing makes me incredibly angry. I could sleep for England and my depression has deepened to scary levels. I'm also now getting this feeling of deep deep dread, like something is about to happen, something terrible.

    Unfortunately being sectioned has made me very wary of mental health services so I have no \"support\" because I stay well away from them.

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      Hi Guest, I'm a 50 year sufferer of stress and anxiety!!! Not depression! Big difference! Iv been on diazepam for over 20 years, started me on a reduction program, 3 years down the line I start having fits, so I go to the GP, told -her I was suicidal! She said I can't let you leave the surgery!!!!! Unless you agree to take something! Mirtazapine!! I'm aggressive best of times, but now boy look out!!! Can't get out of bed, like a zombie most of the day.

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    I have been searching the internet for some answers to my emotions and fortunately stumbled on this thread.

    I have only taken one 15mg tablet and I am in a terrible state. It knocked me out and forty hours later I am still not well. I blew up at the most trivial event yesterday and wanted to hit my husband. I was swearing and ranting. This is not me at all and it alarms me how one dose of Mirtazapine could do this.

    The question is, has anyone got past this stage and found the drug to be really beneficial? My GP made it sound wonderful I am on it for OCD, depression and anxiety.

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    I concur with the comments above this drug. I was beginning to believe I was the only person in the world that was having problems with this drug. I started on 15mgs, no effect, then I went up to 30mgs. Again no effect, except I managed to sleep well. But the overwhelming rage & anger I experienced was terrible. I am quite a big lad at over 18sts & 5' 11\" & felt that I could easily of killed someone over the slightest thing. THIS DRUG SHOULD BE BANNED IMMEDIATELY!
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    If you feel that a symptom is due to a side effect of a medicine that you have taken then you may wish to report it to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) via their yellow card scheme -


    Patient Admin Team

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      I know this is 11 years old but thank you for this. I was unaware of such a website even existing.

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    Squaddie, I think the side-effect of rage is quite common. My doctor said it can make hot-tempered people mellow and seems more likely to cause aggression in those of us who are normally the opposite. I suppose we should take comfort from that. But, I agree with you about banning it. My reaction still alarms me. I think I could have really harmed my husband. A close friend was taking Mirtazapine at the same time as me. She also experienced extreme rage. What worried me was that her doctor told her it wasn’t the drug. I told her to read this thread. She also checked with a pharmacist, who confirmed rage can be a side-effect. My poor friend had believed it was her because of what her doctor told her.
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    Thank you, just done that this morning.........

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