49 and no periods, should I do anything?

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hi there

I'm nearly 50 and last had a period two and a half months ago.  They had been irregular before then for about a couple of years.  Since my last period I have had some, what I'd describe as, blushing.  Not like I remember my mum having hot flushes, but just hot cheeks, several times a day. I've been achy in my joints for two or three years, but not worse now.  I feel pretty calm and relaxed.  Should I just wait and see what happens or should I get a blood test to confirm menopause? Is it necessary to see GP if I don't feel unwell as such?  I feel older, but not unwell!  The other thing I'm worried about is that my period might start randomly and heavily somewhere embarrassing, as I have no idea if and when I might have another one.  Is it possible for periods to stop without any major problems, or am I kidding myself that you can just pass through menopause?

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    You need to go a full twelve months without a period before you are officially in menopause.

    I would go six months or more and then have a period and then it was back to square one having to go the full twelve months all over again.

    I used to make sure that I had plenty of provisions at work just in case I started to bleed heavily unexpectedly.  Also, I used to wear a panty liner everyday because I just could not trust when I was going to have a show, light bleeding or full on.  Probably best to make sure you carry some form of tampon/towel in your handbag for emergencies.  That is what I did.

    I have been in menopause now for six years and I am aged 53.  The only symptom of the menopause that I still have and won't seem to go away is the dreaded hot flushes.  I have read somewhere that these can go on for up to ten years after reaching the menopause!  Hope mine soon go.

    Some women do reach the menopause without any major problems.  You might be one of them and may not need to see your doctor.

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      Hi Maria

      I've just got a period after six months! !!

      I've had nine years of peri hell! !!!

      Did you have a rough peri?

      Do you feel better post apart from hot flushes.

      Did you suffer depression and anxiety in peri?

      Sorry lots of questions but desperate for a light at the end of the tunnel x

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      Hi Michelle

      I started peri-menopause in my late 30's.  Lots of niggly symptoms which the medical profession dismissed as being peri.

      One of the earliest symptoms I had was pain during intercourse and when having a smear test.  Smear tests are absolute agony.  I was sent to a gyne for this symptom and blood tests were taken which confirmed that I had low estrogen levels.

      Other symptoms that I had were, wild mood swings - one minute normal and the next throwing all my toys out of the pram.  These outbursts came from nowhere and it was a surprise to me when I would be standing there shouting my head off at everybody just for doing something that irritated me at the time.  Crying was another one, I could be anywhere and I would just burst into tears for no apparent reason.  It was embarrassing for both my husband and myself.  Quite often we would have to leave wherever we were, coffee shop, shopping and the like and head home.  This I found very difficult as the crying would go on and on, a feeling of complete and utter wretchedness.  My husband would hug me and comfort me until I was spent.

      I was also irritable.  I could actually feel my mood changing.  I would warn my husband that I could feel myself getting irritable and give me a wide berth.

      I suppose you could say that I have two symptoms left, painful down below and hot flushes.  The only thing to sort out the pain business is HRT of some form or other and I have managed to get through it all without using it.  Didn't want to use it due to the risk of blood clots as my mother died from one in her 40's.

      I have learnt to cope with the hot flushes and am just waiting until they disappear.

      Luckily, I have not suffered with depression or anxiety but have probably lost a bit of confidence along the way.

      There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  We are all different and how long we spend going through perimenopause and menopause varies greatly.

      What symptoms are you having?

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      I'm having all of the symptoms you mentioned and then some. Like you I was late thirties early forties but my doctors kept saying I was too young for it to be peri.

      I haven't had hrt Was on an antidepressant for a year but warned myself off. Been off them now four months.

      To be honest the anxiety and depression is no worse off them. Like you say I can be alright me minute and not the next.

      I'm 49 now and just recently got a period of after six Months.

      This peri has really knocked my confidence.

      I work as a carer in the community.

      My husband and kids think I'm a hypochondriac as I feel ill most days.

      Thanks for the glimmer of hope.

      Glad you have got through the worst x

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    I was about 46 when i had my last period. Im 54 now and im now in menopause. Oh yes, i remember the blushing. I blushed alot. I guess im one of the lucky ones that doesn't really experience many symptoms. Definitely no hot flushes. The backaches i have are from sciatic nerve pain which started in my 30s and i don't consider as a menopause symptom. Other problems i face such as forgetfulness, loss of concentration i feel is apart of aging and issues going on in my life. I guess i take after my mom. She never had any symptoms.

    However, i would really suggest seeing an obgyn because getting a pap smear is very important because women do tend to get cervix and uterine polyps. The sooner they are taken care of the better, to decrease chances of cervical and uterine cancer and other problems. I recently started bleeding a light pink color and I went to see my obgyn and he removed 2 polyps and did a biopsy. ill be seeing him in 1 week to discuss the results and what procedure needs to be done. I have been really worried that this may be serious and after doing some research i found it is common among many woman and hasn't lead to anything real serious.

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      I think I thought that your last period was the end of menopause, but seems like it's just the beginning :-(.  So you're saying that symptoms develop months or years after your last period.  I'm due a smear in this next year and a mammogram I think, so will wait for those appointments. So here's me thinking yay, no more periods and that's it!!!!  I'm going to continue like I'm not expecting any more symptoms, and wait until something is a problem before I seek any further advice/ treatment.  When would you consider you're past menopause?
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      From what i understand once you have your last n final period you go into menopause n experience the symptoms such as the blushing, hot flashes etc. And after you have gone 12 months without a period you enter postmenopause and are considered postmenopause the rest of your life. The effects and symptoms of perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause are different for many women.
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