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  • Emis Moderator M

    Menopause resources

    Below are various resources for Menopause from leaflets to useful web sites and recommended discussions. There is a guide to using the forums here: There are patient leaflets on Menopause as below which also have related tabs...

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  • mary27278 3


    Does anyone know how I can stop this anxiety ? This constant nervousness and stomach is naseau , it's hard to eat. I'm constantly losing weight. My ears feel like they are clogged, my legs are constantly tingling. I try not to take the anxiety med but it is the only thing seem to calm everything....

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  • carlacupcake 3

    Perimenopause or Anxiety or ???

    Hi everyone, I recently joined this, my first ever forum, in the hope of gaining knowledge and sharing experiences on the strange symptoms I have been experiencing the last few weeks. My first post focused on Anxiety and the possibility of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It has recently been brought to...

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  • bumblebee85 2


    Hi I was just wondering how other fellow hyster ladies have found menopause. I had the lot out except half an ovary when I was 29. I believe I am about a year post meno now but pure guess work obviously by symptoms any input appreciated. Symptoms are now only flushes and sweats but mild compared to previous,...

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  • lesley26791 2

    Menopause! Fatigue, crying, aching, nauseous, headaches

    Sitting here crying...... again! Feeling awful.  Woke up this morning feeling nauseous and aching legs.  Went for a run on Monday.  Still recovering.  Had hoped to go again yesterday but felt awful.  Tired all the time.  Anxious about everything.  Putting on weight but can't stop eating.  Had various...

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  • glynnie 3

    Post menopausal bleeding

    Help! I'm 57 and have not had a period in 3 years. I had a yeast infection I believe for one week. Itchy like crazy and then yesterday started spotting. Light pinkish. Still happening today. I've been googling the subject to death and am convinced I have cancer. Seeing GP next week. Has this happened...

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  • Ruthie49 3

    Shakey, wobbly, trembly? Just want to feel like ME again.

    Can anyone identify with this?... In recent weeks I've been waking every morning (and sometimes in the night too) with a trembly feeling inside my stomach and tingling, fullness and slight trembling in both of my arms. I have adrenalin surges too where I wake up suddenly with a start. I also have neck,...

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  • Nolegirl 1

    Woke up 2 weeks ago and feel like peri punched my right in the face

    I am 48 years old and have had a few symptoms such as a bit of anxiety and general sadness, but I woke up two weeks ago with the worst nausea ever. Every morning for two weeks, I have felt pukey and had full blown panic and crying jags.  I seriously can not live like this. I am training for two half...

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  • jennifer85396 4

    I can't take it anymore!! Perimenopause horrible..HELP!

    I am 48 years old, stay at home mom with two children.  They are in school, I try to keep myself very busy.  I have had OCD and anxiety, I have been fighting it for years. But, now the Perimenopause is really terrible..depressed, mood swings, tension headaches, dry and itchy skin. I have spoken to my...

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  • Mamaw08 1

    Menopause or not?

    I am 47 years old with a diagnosis of adenonyosis, for the past year my periods have been extremely heavy, but then In April they just stopped coming. I have not had a period since April 7th, I had my tubes cut burned and tied 18 years ago so I'm a little confused. Has anybody else had this happen to...

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  • Sparkysweet 2

    Tinnitus and hearing loss

    Hello, everyone. I am new here. I have been reading your posts and it has helped me so much. It helps to know that I am not alone in this perimenopausal mess. Has anyone else here experienced tinnitus, hearing loss, vertigo or thumping in their ears? Two months ago I developed tinnitus in both ears but...

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  • renee 26767 3

    My symptoms

    I'm glad I have found you all! I thought I would go over some of my symptoms. Maybe I can help someone . Maybe someone has some of these symptoms and can let me know . It would make me feel better .😊 Here goes ... hot flashes night sweats . Very dry nose inside . Allergies and sinus problems became...

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  • Ruthie49 3

    What has been your absolute worst symptom of (peri)menopause?

    Hi All, There is such a wealth of experience on this forum, I was just wondering which symptoms of (peri)menopause would top the list as the worst of the long list we are suffering. Ok, I'll start - for me (so far!) it would be depression/anxiety. That's two symptoms but they go together. (A close third...

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  • DearDoe 4

    Heavy periids and clots are getting me down

    Sorry for the gory details, but I have so had it with my heavy periods with so much clots. Will this never end. Ugh. Not rrally looking for an answer, I.know its part of the process, but just wondering if anyone is feeling the same way.

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  • jane63977 4

    Feel like I'm a burden

    Well it's 3.20 am and I'm sitting downstairs all alone and crying . I'm getting over a migraine from hell that has made me feel so ill . My husband , daughter and myself stayed away in a hotel overnight Thursday into Friday as I went with my daughter Abbie to see take that . The concert was amazing and...

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  • jane63977 4

    Feeling so hot

    Hello ladies . Just checking to see if this is normal . I know that it has turned warm here in the U.K. recently , but I seem to be feeling exceptionally hot . I only had to do the slightest bit of housework and I'm sweating ( or should I say perspiring 😂) and feeling like I need to sit down or I'll...

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  • lizzymarie 2

    terrible pains

    hi everyone id like to share my problems wih you to see if anyone else is experiencing these.... i have the most terrible pains in my legs ..especially the the point that im waiting for a MRI scan because im sure ive actually done something to hurts to straighten it and when i get out of...

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  • natallia04776 4
  • crosado8 5

    Hot flashes causes other symptoms

    I suffer these everyday and 100%Hot flashes disrupt your life enough, but did you know they may also be associated with: • flushing and skin blotchiness • anxiety • increased heart rate • weakness • feeling trapped or suffocated What's more, hot flashes can begin 1-2 years before menopause and last up...

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  • mary27278 3


    Do anyone wake up with anxiety every morning and it's uncontrollable? It lingers on for a while until I take something. What causes this? Some mornings are worse then others, is it because of the previous day of stress or what?

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  • maria76995 3

    Hot Head

    Anybody has hot head and neck at times I wake up like this every morning and night.

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  • jamie50513 6

    Perimenopause or GAD????

    Hello Ladies, I'm back again with a little confusion. I was already apprehensive or should I say anxious about my GP appointment today. I had a panic attack while I was there and just couldn't seem to calm down. He gave me a script for Ativan and said I need to relax. My anxiety this week has been...

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  • arroli 2
  • jennifer85396 4

    IBS c and d...need help

    Hello my name is Jennifer, I have written on the site many times and always find good advice and comfort.  I am 50 and in Perimenopause.  My IBS has gotten worse because of it.  I was diagnosed 12 years ago with it.  I am wondering if anyone experiences a lot of gas and bloating? but most of all if anyone...

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  • crosado8 5

    Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance

    Symptoms of hormonal imbalance How many do you have? Adult acne Anxiety Bone loss Brain fog and fuzzy thinking Breast pain Digestive issues Dry skin and wrinkles Fatigue and lack of energy Feeling depressed or overwhelmed Fibroids Food cravings Hair loss Headaches Heart palpitations Hot flashes and night...

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  • synaesthAsia 2

    Perimenopause rant, horrible symptoms on the loose

    Hello everyone. I have been following discussions on this forum for more than a year now and it has been extremely helpful when the going gets so tough that you don t wanna go anymore but you know that you can t just stop either. My story: 46 years old with horrible physical, emotional, mental symptoms....

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  • Guest M

    I am 57 and have just stopped taking HRT after 7 years a...

    I am 57 and have just stopped taking HRT after 7 years and am plagued with hot flushes and pins and needles in the fingers. I can find plenty of guidance on the menopause and why to/ not to use HRT, but nothing offering information on what happens when you stop HRT! Help! This message was automatically...

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  • jennifer85396 4

    IBS worse with Perimenopause , going nuts please help

    Hi ladies, I need a lot of any of you have IBS ? alternating Constipation and Diarreha.  The past few years have been miserable during Perimenopause.  One or two weeks prior to my period, which is coming sooner, later, heavier and lighter shorter ugh!! I seems  a week before my period I experiance...

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  • maria76995 3

    Eczema and menopause

    Hi girls anybody suffering with this condition and how do they find it has it got better or worst please let me know.

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  • nr13 2

    perimenopause/menopause leaving husbands

    I would like to know why women hate their husbands when hormones are in transition, and how long can this last, weks,months or even years, and do their feelings ever return to normal or are they changed for good?

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  • amy602 2

    Almost 1 year into peri and this happens again!

    Ok so back at the end of June 2016 I started having what I now know as perimenopause.  In Dec 2016 I was put on BC to help with certain issues from peri... It took a few months with each month gettng better to finally feel almost like my old self.  Well now this month, for the 1st time in 8+months I...

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  • mary27278 3

    Paraguard IUD and Anxiety

    I was just told by my chiropractor that he believes most of my peri symptons such as anxiety/panic attack may be coming from the IUD. The body is trying to reject a foreign object while going through the change. I googled and BAM what do you know , complaints of anxiety, panic atracks, etc. With the...

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  • jackie33067 1

    Perimenopause and Lo Loestrin Fe (low dose BCP)

    Hi everyone, I had an ovary removed 6 months ago and ever since I've had what seems to be perimenopausal symptoms. Night sweats, brain fog, insomnia and most of all crazy emotional ups and downs (anxiety being the worst!) My doctor suggested low dose birth control and put me on Lo Loestrin Fe. Has anyone...

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  • manuela67667 3
  • crosado8 5

    Weakness feeling in Legs and Arms

    Does anyone else get the weakness and poutty feeling in your legs and sometimes arms?  Has anyone else been having the sweats, panic anxiety and scary sensations in the chest and upper belly and weakness in legs and internal nerveness and such like non stop for a couple of months straight I have and...

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