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  • Emis Moderator M

    Menopause resources

    Below are various resources for Menopause from leaflets to useful web sites and recommended discussions. There is a guide to using the forums here: There are patient leaflets on Menopause as below which also have related

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  • Lesley998 3

    Perimenopause and SEVERE joint pain - any one else??

    Hi I am 50 and have been in perimenopause for some time. I just wanted to post here to see if anyone else has suffered extreme joint pain as a result of fluctuating estrogen. Quick history: regular as clockwork from the age of 13 - up to and after the two pregnancies in my thirties. Then

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  • lisa72030 2

    Adrenaline rushes non stop today!

    Im 48 and have one period since January. I am having a terrible day. Started with a crazy wake up to dizzyness, low blood pressure, crying mess and cold hands and feet feeling like I would pass out. Now I have like a constant buzzing in my body and I feel like a furnace going to explode. I've had

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  • kay98250 2

    Having internal body vibrations/buzzing.

    I've been experiencing these body vibrations/buzzing for about 2 months now. It started out mostly at night waking me up between 1am to I try to sleep through it it gets worse and even into my head. I've had several really bad mornings where its been so bad I get out of bed in a panic

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  • lora j 1

    Concerned about severe emotional distress

    Hello! I'm 39 and have been in peri for about 3 years now (it runs early in my family.) I didn't even realize what was happening until last year; I thought the awful anxiety and depression and crying and such were from some past issues I was facing and dealing with. I've been using progesterone

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  • crosado8 5

    Waking up with panic attacks

    Does anyone here ever wake up and your in a panic attack or you get one before you get out of the bed? I got two this morning before even getting out of bed I felt a real scary feeling in chest and upper stoach and then whole body felt fear very scared ect. Has this happen to anyone else if so

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  • polly111 2

    HRT for joint pain only

    Hi, Is it worth  taking HRT for joint pain only - I kind of cope with the other symptoms but have continuous joint pain- when lying down, getting up, sitting ,walking etc.. all rhemathoid factors are fine, tried to take prednisone and it helped, not sure what has less side effects - HRT or low dose

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  • crosado8 5

    Horrible menopause ride!

    Okay, as most know I am having a horrible HORRIBLE menopause panic attacks 24/7 anxiety 24/7 weak everythings crying spells , hormones has my sugar everywhere very low and then high yada yada! SWEATS -HOTFLASHES -NERVONESS OUT OF THIS WORLD! Etc! My question is : IS it possible to get through this

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  • Tracky 3

    Help - Aging face!

    My face has literally aged overnight! I look at myself and see an old woman now which I never used to.  I used to think I looked pretty good for 48 and people used to comment but not now, my son even said I looked 'not the best' when I spoke to him earlier.  Any tips please as desperately need

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  • jennifer85396 4

    I can't take it anymore!! Perimenopause horrible..HELP!

    I am 48 years old, stay at home mom with two children.  They are in school, I try to keep myself very busy.  I have had OCD and anxiety, I have been fighting it for years. But, now the Perimenopause is really , mood swings, tension headaches, dry and itchy skin. I have spoken to

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  • renee 26767 2

    Sick a lot

    Do any of you feel that you catch colds and get sinus infections more now than ever ? I have a cold right now ! Is this common ?

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  • karen60759 2
  • kelly7171 2

    Peri & suffering !!

    Hi ladies .. I hope everyone is doing ok ❤ I contacted this forum a few months back now to try determine if I was Peri. Blood test had showed up neg but more recently my GP told me I know my body better than anyone & according to my age (45) & symptoms she was satisfied i'm Peri. Because I still

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  • brenda88084 3

    Feel like I'm losing my mind

    Hi. Just beginning perimenopause. I feel as if I'm going to lose my mind 😔 Started back on antidrepressant and anti anxiety meds but only a couple of weeks ago so more side effects than relief just yet. I'm ok one minute, then just want to go to bed as early as I possibly can just to end the

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  • samantha46571 2

    Blurry vision

    Hi Ladies,  Just wanted to know if anyone has been experiencing blurred vision whilst going through the perimenopause? not sure if insomnia is causing   Thank you

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  • alicia22 2
  • crosado8 5

    Why am I have meno from H... my friend NO SYMPTOMS!

    What gives on why some of us women have horrible &  hard to even make it through a day and other women sail staright through NO ISSUES at all? My friend is my age maybe 1 to 2 years younger she is just breezing through peri/meno is it because she never birth a child and I birth 8 !!! I birth

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  • Goingmad 1

    Alternative medicine

    I am currently going through the menopause.. (I think)periods all over the do nothing but 'm snapping at people, then I feel bad and cry because I'm not usually a nasty am feeling so low and fatigued all the Can anybody recommend anything.. I've been recommended "Ashwaghanda"

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  • emily95972 2

    Thank God you are all here....

    Hello there, all you beautiful ladies! Just saying this gives me relief already, knowing that there is an online community I can run to and discuss my health issues esp menopause without being thought of as going crazy or over-reacting. I had my partial laparascopic hysterectomy May of 2016.  I

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  • robin rene 1

    Recent hormone menopause confusion

    My Gyn told me I was in menopause cuz I had not had a period for 12 months 2 yrs ago I am 56 then all of a sudden about 8-9 months ago I experienced what I know was full blown depression & anxiety. Had all the blood work estrogen was very low thus obviously was treated with ant-depressant & it

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  • mbs12 2

    Bleeding with horrible stomach pain

    Just want to know if it is normal to have abnormal color of bleeding during peri.  I feel sick to my stomach and not very hungry.  My stomach feels like there is a bowling ball in there and just not feeling well.  I'm most concerned about the color, is this normal?  I am 51 years old.

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  • samantha42264 2

    Glad I found this site

    I'm 45 and pretty sure I've been going through per I since I turned 40, I tried talking to other woman about how I was feeling but since none seemed to be going through the same things it just made me feel bad. I suffer from anxiety and some depression and was put on prozac the last 2 months, it's

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  • Foxy polly 3

    Past 2 months have been good now feeling off again

    Hello ladies Well I finally thought after having 2 pretty good months I'd finally found ways of coping! Medication, acupuncture, meditation and magnesium and vit b have all been really helping but yesterday and this morning I'm feeling off balance a little flat and the nervous anxiety is creeping

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  • gillian1900 2

    Tapering of Venlafaxine

    Hi everyone, I am seeing my GP this wk to start tapering of Venlafaxine (i hope!!). The question is that at what what mesure of venlafaxine do I start 'bridging' onto Prozac?? What do I need to get down to to administer Prozac? I am taking 267.5 mg per day at the moment. I am

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  • kathryn81522 3

    Severe itching

    Is anyone else in perimenopause and having severe itching? Sometimes it feels like bugs are biting me. It's driving me nuts. Help!

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  • sharcerv52408 6

    Back pain with ovulation

    Hi ladies, Haven't been on the site in a while. Hope you're all getting on well. I was wondering if any of you experienced really bad lower back pain during ovulation and if so what have you done that is effective?

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  • sophie76397 3

    Rib pain

    is rib pain a common symptom of menopause?  I've had this on and off over the past couple of years - I've had two chest X-rays showing nothing.  This last week it's been pretty painful specially when lying down - does anyone suffer from this?

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  • julie7525 4
  • shirl15546 2


    Does anyone have frequent palpitations. I am 49 years old. Didn't have a period for 6 months then started having them again. I am now having frequent palpitations

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  • bumblebee85 2

    Anxiety like a parasite

    I had a hysterectomy with all taken except part of an ovary, and have suffered with hypothyroidism for 20+ years. Because of this I missed all of the little signs of peri-menopause. So everything took me by surprise. At a guess I am around 10 months post. YIPPEE! Looking back I do not recognise

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  • monique 93857 5

    Light at the end of the tunnel

    Hello lovely ladies praying that you all are feeling a bit better this evening I just wanted to share my journey of this ugly thing we call menopause I've been there done it I still have a few aches and pains but my other symptoms have truly been controlled I've been through the ear ringing teeth

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  • diana26536 2

    Menopause Burning Mouth Syndrome

    & doctors-3 procedures to no avail- thousands ofdollars on visits and exrays and testings thank GOD for Insurance and 9 months later I stillhave this issue in my mouth- finallymet a GYnecologists whoput meon prempro i feelvery goodno hotflashes no moodsnoover allillness and my mouth is liveable-

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  • paulahove24 2

    Unable to sleep

    So here I am for the second time this week completely knackered but can't go to sleep. Keep dropping off but then waking with a jolt! Feelings of fear that something is wrong but heart rate normal and not feeling ill as such! So annoying as I have to be at work in the morning. If this happens to

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  • lisa62659 2
  • yasmin49092 2


    Hi ladies me again. I keep goin through all the posts. Still panicking. 2 months without a period, boobs I feel like having them chopped off they burn there heavy. Nausea at random times, the odd hot flush, achy groins like iv been doing squats, can't stop eating, my tummy feels and looks like it'

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