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66 Peri menopause / Menopause Symptoms you may experience which may help some ladies


These are very real physical changes and conditions. Some symptoms alarm a woman that she may be suffering from a serious disease. Perhaps you know the more common ones related to menopausal symptoms in this list. But many of these may surprise you, as they have not been typically associated with this normal physiological transformation. 

1. Change in Menstrual Cycle, Cycles may get closer together or farther apart, lighter and shorter in duration or much heavier, lasting longer than one has been accustomed to. Menses may seem to take forever to begin with dark spotting for days until you actually flow, or you might feel like you have your menses every two weeks.

2. Menstrual Flooding can come on with sudden onset and feel like you may hemorrhage to death. Or it can be a gradual build up just when you think your menses will end and you start gushing for days. Flooding commonly accompanies the woman with uterine fibroids as she transits into menopause.

3. Headaches, Migraines, especially before, during or at the end of your menses debilitate and radically interferes with normal functioning.

4. Decreased Motor Coordination, Clumsiness, almost begins to make the woman who experiences this feel like she is a bit spastic, certainly less than graceful during perhaps an already awkward period in her life. 

5. Lethargy, a persistent feeling sluggishness physically and mentally, that seems to negate ones ability to do much. 

6. Physical Exhaustion , and Crushing Crashing Fatigue that can come on so suddenly and grip you into feeling like you will collapse unless you stop this instant.

7. Exacerbation of any Chronic Illness or Existing Condition transpires as hormones decline or deviate from their normal balance.

8. Insomnia, this includes a new or unusual pattern of either difficulty falling asleep, or dropping off to sleep for a few hours and then awakening with the inability to return to sleep.

9. Sleep Disturbances sometimes are from nightmares, night sweats, or just a vague sense of restlessness keeping you up or disrupting your precious revitalizing retreat from this realm of responsibilities.

10. Night Sweats often begin between a woman?s breasts, initially a night or two before her menses, waking her from sleep, later more profoundly disturbing with up to total body saturation, followed by damp or sweat drenched chills.

11. Interference With Dream Recall interrupts the sense of normal sleep, if you are someone accustomed to vivid or at least some detailed memory of your dreamtime. 

12. Muscle Cramps can occur anywhere in the body from legs to back to neck, and sometimes reflects the need for more calcium, or simply that your progesterone levels are too low. 

13. Low Backache often worsens before or during menses, but if your hormones remain at low levels, you can experience it on a regular basis.

14. Gall Bladder Symptoms of pain, spasms and discomfort felt in the right upper abdominal quadrant under the ribs, which may be accompanied by belching, bloating, and intolerance to certain foods reflect the increased liver load with declining hormones. 

15. Frequent Urination, or sensations that mimic urinary infections is a disturbing symptom often unrelieved by actual urination. It is often experienced as the sensation of needing to urinate all the time, even immediately afterwards.

16. Urinary Incontinence, the uncontrollable and spontaneous loss of urine, or the Urge for Incontinence, can occur suddenly or feel continuous, and not only in response to coughing, sneezing, jumping or running. 

17. Hypoglycemic Reactions happen when suddenly your blood sugar crashes and you must have food now.

18. Food Cravings, often for sweets or salty foods, but can include sour or pungent foods. 

19. Increased Appetite, especially at night and after dinner contributes to that unusual and unwanted weight gain.

20. Dark Circles Under Eyes can also be caused by adrenal exhaustion and thyroid dysfunctions, but no amount of sleep seems to eliminate it. 

21. Joint and Muscle Pain, Achy, Sore Joints, Muscles and Tendons, which sometimes develop into actual carpal tunnel syndrome, or give rise to the questioning of other disease possibilities.

22. Increased Tension in Muscles demonstrates itself in those hunched up shoulders as you work or talk about anything uncomfortable, along with promoting lower back pain and a stiff neck.

23. Increased Hair Loss or Thinning anywhere on body, including your head, armpits, pubic area.

24. Increase in Facial Hair especially under your chin, or along your jaw line. It may be defined by generalized hair growth, or a specific and coarse single strand of hair that pokes out, even curls. 

25. Unusually Hair Growth, around Nipples, between Breasts, down your back, places where your hair was finer, less coarse.

26. Acne, quite disturbing to any woman who dealt with this in adolescence and never thought it would recur. 

27. Infertility causes grief in the woman who postponed pregnancy in her earlier years and now wishes to conceive, carry to term a healthy baby, and discovers she is unable to do so. 

28. Loss of Breast Tissue begins with the decrease of progesterone production. Women often feel as though their breast have become empty sacs devoid of their normal fullness, with or without sagging.

29. Breast Soreness/Tenderness/Pain/ Engorgement and swelling, occurs particularly a few days to one week before bleeding actually begins, which usually potentiates complete relief of any pain or swelling.

30. Painful, or tender nipples have been described as this exquisite localized pain only in the nipples and suggests estrogen excess. 

31. Cold Extremities feels quite strange especially in the presence of a hot flash, the combination of which is not impossible.

32. Being Accident Prone, bumping into things, not even realizing it until the bruise reveals itself later and then lacking the ability to recall the causative incident feels perplexing and a little scary at the prospect of something more damaging. 

33. Hot flashes initially may be described as mild to severe flushes of heat waves, and for some women these evolve into intense outbreaks of sudden heat with sweating and turning bright red all over. 

34. Loss of Sexual Energy, our Libido, can be marked by a gradual or sudden disinterest in sex, to the development of an actual aversion. 

35. Painful Sex often described as if one?s vagina would tear open at the point of penetration along with feelings of abrasion during intercourse.

36. Vaginal Dryness, Irritation, sometimes accompanied by a consistent unusual discharge - typically odor free, negates a woman?s ability to be sexually active, or able to enjoy or be comfortable in her body.

37. Dizziness, feeling lightheaded and the loss of physical balance, and even a bit wobbling at times, requires pause in movement to prevent falling over or deepening into vertigo or feeling faint.

38. Ringing in the Ears, Tinnitus, can be experienced as a pulsing sensation, a whooshing sound, an almost musical or buzzing sound with a fuzzy sensation.

39. Abdominal Bloating comes on suddenly often after eating, or seems to be all the time, and can be visibly evident making you feel that you look like you are pregnant. 

40. Weight Gain disturbs most women, particularly when it seems to happen over a couple of days, settles in the waist, buttocks and thighs, promoting a visceral thickening from the waist down, the classic middle-aged figure.

41. Fluid Retention, Edema, commonly with swelling in the legs and ankles, though not limited to this area and it is unrelieved by urination.

42. Palpitations or Heart Racing usually comes on suddenly, without warning or provocation, and dissipates spontaneously. The experience can be so wild and intense that a woman may become alarmed and wonder if she is having a heart attack. 

43. Irregularities in your Heart Rate may feel more like your heart has just done a flip-flop or skipped a beat.

44. Constipation/Diarrhea, intermittent or alternating, results from declining hormone levels, which increase the demands on liver function and alters intestinal motility.

45. Tendency towards Candidiasis can increase, even if you have no prior known history ? and if you do, it may worsen.

46. Gastrointestinal Distress, Increased Flatulence, Unrelieved Gas pains, Indigestion, Nausea all can reflect intestinal changes due to hormonal imbalances.

47. Slow Digestion often goes along with the bloat ? what previously took four to five hours to digest, now seems to take all night. It seems worse in the evenings.

48. Lack of Appetite may be experienced as more of a lack of interest in food, going to the frig and standing there with the door open and staring blankly. Feeling completely uninspired, you busy yourself with something else and forget that you need to eat.

49. Changes in Body Odor especially disturbing when it seems to focus in the groin area, but can be anywhere on the body.

50. Puffy Eyes, not only from sleep disturbances, but also can accompany low progesterone.

51. Facial Pallor alternating with Facial Flushes is often intermittent with hot flashes.

52. Flare up of Arthritis worsens with low progesterone levels and increase sugar intake.

53. Loss of Bone Density, Osteoporosis, is not only an elderly woman?s disease, though it seems to develop over an extended period and is triggered by the decline of hormone production.

54. Dry Hair, Change in Skin Tone, Integrity, and Texture, becomes more wrinkled, and may begin the thinning process.

55. Changes in your Fingernails characterized by easy breakage, bending, cracking and getting softer.

56. Itchy, Crawly Skin with a strange sensation like insects crawling around under the skin ? quite different than the dry skin feeling.

57. Muscle tone seems to slack and sag, and loose its previous response to normal exercise.

58. Pelvic Pain can be random and independent of cycles and may feel continuous for some women.

59. Dry, Itchy Eyes felt in the deep posterior aspect of the eye socket, as well as superficially.

60. Teeth Aching or the experience of a strange sensation in one?s teeth or gums, often accompanied by an increase in bleeding gums.

61. Change in the normal Tongue sensation, which can be accompanied by a feeling of burning in your tongue and roof of mouth, malodorous breath or change in breath odor, and/or a bad taste in your mouth.

62. Memory Loss or Lapses in time, makes one feel disoriented and less focused, especially when you go into another room to get something specific and seconds later cannot remember what you went to retrieve.

63. Feeling Faint for no known reason (this does not include standing up too quickly)

64. Tingling in Extremities not only feels weird and like your hands or feet are falling asleep, but if persistent can be a symptom of diabetes, B12, potassium or calcium deficiency, or a compromise in blood vessel flexibility.

65. Sensation of Electrical Stimulation,or Shock occurring in the tissue under the skin, and may signal you that a hot flash will begin.

66. Increase and worsening of Allergies occurs as hormones become imbalanced, so can our immune system.

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  • jayneejay jayneejay

    seems it only goes to 1 - 49 on this site I saw this on..... 

    thought it may be useful info for some ladies unfamilair with whats going on ..

    think I have had most of them in the past 😳

    Jay xx

    • Annie831 Annie831 jayneejay

      Hi Jay, thanks for sharing this. I am experiencing most of the list and am so grateful to discover I am not alone. There is one additional symptom that I suffer that is the deterioration of my sight. Could this be a symptom of peri menopause.

      I am 46 uk woman living in Middle East so hot flushes are hard to handle. I exercise every day run cycle and skip . This helps massively it really does.



    • carmel08553 carmel08553 jayneejay

      You deserve an Oscar for this list.My friend only got light periods and hot flashes. But I got your 66 plus more!.When someone has breezed through menopause they have no idea.I am close to 47 I have been going through this perimenopause hell transition for 4 and a half years.I am amazed I haven't gone into the nut house.

  • nancy0925 nancy0925 jayneejay


    Perfect timing. For about 5 days now I've had a new symptom, my leg muscles and knees ache so bad that I feel like I've been doing squats. I started doing an indoor walking program last week because I'm putting weight on like crazy and my legs hurt so much for no real reason other than perimenopause. My breasts are really sore too and my period is not due Does anyone else get leg pain and knee pain? Have a good day!

    • jayneejay jayneejay nancy0925

      Hi Nancy

      i have had leg and knee stiffness and hip in the past... also neck and arms   it has passed now..

      with the aid of all my naturals I seem to have the right balance now, I have just increased my Maca been on that for 10 years, and it helped so much in early peri, but now i think i need to increase as been on just two 500mg tablets for 10 years, so taking three a day now.. B6 is a saviour Nancy, 150mg daily ... made my life soooo much better in just a week after taking.. B12 is good too Jarrows 5000mcg ... cherry flavour .. although I do have injection now every two weeks.. 

      sore boobs i did have even lumpy, but now they are settled, ( almost one year no periods ) age 50 i am..

      i just share info as its a long journey and i had 10 years of if the natural way, so i try and share if it helps one lady on here then its worth it..

      Jay xx

    • kathy8894 kathy8894 nancy0925

      hi Nancy I have had left  knee pain for 3 years now and have been to  several doctors had 3 mri done and nothing has helped. i put bio freeze on it every morning and a knee brace and just try to get though the day!! no one has an answer for me for i just try to deal with it but it is hard day in and day out with constant pain. If you should come across something thats help could you please let me know thanks!

    • ImagineCelebi ImagineCelebi nancy0925

      I cannot describe the leg pains I have! Awful. It sometimes feels like they will explode with pressure. It feels like my weins are full of inflammation or something like that. I usually have pain around my ovaries and leggs at the same time. So waist down I feel almost paralysed. Sooo soo painful and heavy. sad Does anyone any tips on how to treat that kind of pain.

    • vickie59577 vickie59577 ImagineCelebi

      My leg pain started 2 years ago.  After much reading I started using magnesium oil spray twice a day.  I am now spraying just once a day in the evening and my leg pain is gone most of the time.  So glad I found this forum as I am gradually experiencing more syptoms.  The most recent is swelling in my hands.

    • sharon58950 sharon58950 jayneejay

      Hello Jay,

      ​You mentioned here you are drinking MACA. May I asked which one please? I went on Amazon and I notice they do have a few in different form. Would appreciate you help.

      Much appreciate 


    • maria57830 maria57830 jayneejay

      I'm new to this site but can totally relate to some of these symptoms!

      I have been dealing with peri for about 6 yrs now, my hormones started acting up since I turned 40 and I'm not 46.  It's a relief to know I'm not alone in this since sometimes I feel like no one understands how life changing hormones imbalances are.  I get really bad anxiety moments and wake up with heart palpitations and I immediately think it's a heart attack!  It's good to know I'm not going crazy but just dealing with some big changes in my body that most doctors do not warn you about!  I have been trying to supplements but it takes a while to build up sad

    • lisamag52 lisamag52 maria57830

      Hi,   Just wanted to write since you are the newest post here.  I have a lot of the symptoms on this list too.  I'm 52   I am three months now with no,period so im thinking this is the beginning of the 12 months . Hopefully anyway.  My obgyn kind of blows me off when I,discuss the symptoms , saying that oh it's no big deal just downplaying it really and doesn't listen.. I don't know if it's in my head or not because of how she doesn't think it's no,big deal. 

    • ryndy93074 ryndy93074 maria57830

      Hi I’m new to this site and am 43 and this year I feel like I am going crazy, never knew how difficult this change can be I feel like I have had almost every symptom since turning 40. The worst for me has been the anxiety attacks that happen out of no where I’ve never had anxiety issues prior and the dizziness has been difficult as well. As advice to get through this a bit easier would be great. 

    • klm1213 klm1213 ryndy93074

      I can completely relate. I am 46 and have basically ever sent them on the list too. It does make you feel like you're going crazy. Are you experiencing an increased heart rate with your anxiety? Because that's the worst one for me

    • serene5866 serene5866 ryndy93074

       Was about your age when mine started, and I’m 51 now. I promise you it really does get better! I wish I had found this site and talked to more people earlier!   Like you, the anxiety is the worst! I feel like I’ve heard of people having heart attacks and not feeling as anxious as I have felt about what turned out to be absolutely nothing!! Meditation has helped immensely!! Also exercise, cutting out sugar and caffeine and eating as few simple carbs as possible .   Magnesium helps as well. In the past six months there have only been two times where I started feeling my anxiety attack come on, and the heart racing. I immediately started doing the deep breathing, and within 30 seconds I could feel everything start to calm down! Being able to do that is absolutely a result of doing the meditation! Just keep telling yourself that you Are OK and that everything is fine and that for right now this is your normal. Then make sure the exercise, even if it’s just an hour of walking every day and incorporate some meditation every day! I can’t tell you what a difference that will make!!

    • klm1213 klm1213 serene5866

      Do you ever get the weird adrenaline surge (only way I can think to describe it)?? I can be sitting at my desk working and I start feeling jittery, anxious and then my heart starts beating fast and i start panicking. It only happens every once a while but it is scary sad

    • monique 93857 monique 93857 klm1213

      Hi Kim yes this happens to me I've been there done it and it's normal don't be scared I've been through so much from the crawling skin burning tongue fingers aching shoulders hurting flopping tummy dry eyes dry nose sleepless nights racing heart at night etc etc it's horrible what we go through but it does get better as time passes hang in there Kim there is a light at the end of the tunnel feel free to message me I can do my best to help ease your mind through this horrible thing we call menopause

    • kellys38 kellys38 monique 93857

      Hi Monique! You mentioned shoulder pain. How long did that last for you? I've been having pretty bad shoulder pain (under my shoulder blade and it radiates around to nah chest and sometimes down my arm) for several months now. Some days are worse than others. I've had my heart checked and all came back fine. I was just wondering if shoulder pain is common in peri and how long did it last for you? 

    • kellys38 kellys38 klm1213

      Klm this is happening to me today. It's typical anxiety and if i don't get up and do something to take my mind off of it I'll go in to full blown panic attack. I seem to get these mostly a few days before my menstraul cycle. Do you notice if yours are worse during certain times of the month? I'm so sorry you're feelings these too. They can be very scary. I've learned to breathe through them for the most part 

    • klm1213 klm1213 monique 93857

      thank you so much for responding :-) all of you lovely ladies on this site are a godsend! Asking questions on here and getting replies from y'all calms me down so much because it makes me think I am not the only one going through this and I will come out on the other side.

    • klm1213 klm1213 kellys38

      Thank you so much for responding! So we are both feeling the creepies today, huh?? Lol. Yes, they do seem to be worse around my time of the month and it just so happens I'm feeling this way today and I started my cycle today. I tried to do breathing too And distract myself from them as much as I possibly can. Hope you get to feeling better :-) That's new

    • Screampuff Screampuff kellys38

      I’ve been having this too. Off and on For a long long time. Mostly on for the last six months. It’s very scary. Mine radiates down my left arm and makes the bones and fingers in that arm ache strangely. Numbness too. Has everything to do with nerves. Anxiety is horrible, produced physical pain which ramps up anxiety. What a cycle. Keep posting. You give me hope. 

    • kellys38 kellys38 klm1213

      Yes! I felt the creepies so bad last night i ended up on the ER thinking it was a heart attack. 2nd time on 3 months. Thankfully it's not my heart but try convincing these mean anxieties that it's not lol. I feel the creepies today but I'm just going on about my day cleaning and trying not to think about it. I ended up scrubbing my bathroom which will aggravate my already aching shoulder and then I'll be panicking later thinking it's something more sinister lol. Oh the struggle! I'm supposed to start my cycle in 3 days. My anxiousness usually starts about 7-8 days before my period and lasts a couple days in to my period. But thankfully the rest of the month I'm pretty decent as far as the anxiety. Thank you! I truly hope you start feeling better too! 

    • kellys38 kellys38 Screampuff

      Screampuff! Yes!! That's exactly how mine feels. Crazy! The numbness in the arm along with the aching really scares me. It put me in the ER last night thinking it was my heart. Thankfully it wasn't. So hopefully that gives you peace of mind next time yours acts up. It's just these crazy hormones! Thanks so much for responding. You're post makes me feel better. 

    • kellys38 kellys38 Screampuff

      And you're aches, which causes us to clench our jaws and neck and shoulders which in return makes us feel worse and causes more anxiety. Like you said...a viscous mean cycle 

    • klm1213 klm1213 kellys38

      Oh no!! I am glad it was "just" the peri causing it. I know how you feel though, it is so scary and just comes out of nowhere. I went to get a massage today and was starting to freak out wondering what I would do if I had an episode on the massage table....damn these hormones, can't even enjoy a massage anymore lol

    • kellys38 kellys38 klm1213

      Oh no! You're right, that's crazy that massages are supposed to relax you and it's next to impossible to relax. It does make it really hard to enjoy anything anymore bc it's always in the back of our head. Ugh!! Breathe, breathe, breathe. That's all we can do. And take it one day at a time. 

    • amy341731 amy341731 klm1213

      I am having a pretty bad day/night..can’t  stop crying, worrying about anything and everything...having that inner shaky feeling, heart palpitations..just not a good day. I’m having a lot of stress factors in my life now, finishing graduate school but having issues with credits, transfers parents are separating after 49 years of marriage..the’s just a lot right now..I appreciate any and all of you ladies and your responses because it can make you feel so crazy and alone..all this hormonal stuff and everything else is just a lot to deal with. Thanks for listening!💕

    • Screampuff Screampuff amy341731

      You do have so much on your plate. I can’t imagine. I am out here reading your words sending you my support. Take deep breaths. You can only do what you can do. I have been crying too tonight worrying about my 16 year old block headed son and all the trouble he gets himself into. Our worries at times seem too much to bear. We have to get thru this for ourselves and for them. It will get better. You gotta hang in there. I’m not giving up. So many women have already been through all of this. You can do it too. 

    • amy341731 amy341731 Screampuff

      Oh thanks so much for your kind words..i understand about the teenage boys...i have a 22 year old son and 19 year old daughter and those teen years are SO incredibly tough..and the worry is constant..really takes a toll on mental health, having our adrenaline up so to speak ..(i have a sweet 7 year old boy who I am so incredibly thankful for, he is a true light and sweetheart and doesn’t mind my hugs..yet) We will get through it..thankful i found this group of sweet ladies too..I am trying only to look at this forum online and not to Google symptoms..all bad!!! Like I’m having some weird tailbone pressure and i of course think it’s colon cancer but realistically i hurt it very badly 10 or so years ago and it’s probably just acting everything else right?? Thanks again for the well wishes! Keep in touch!😘

    • ryndy93074 ryndy93074 serene5866


      I am doing magnesium every night that helps me sleep much better, as for the anxiety I am working on breathing techniques I notice when I take a deep breathe it helps to calm me down, I do need to do more physical activity I literally work and come home and lay on the couch I feel like everyday is a struggle. Yes we will get through this and I can’t wait until that day happens.

    • ryndy93074 ryndy93074 klm1213


      Yes the increased heart rate is so scary I always feel like this is it I’m having a heart attack. I just never know day to day how I will be feeling I use to be the type of person always out and about these days I spend most of my time on the couch when I’m not at work which I hate I want the old me back. 

    • mary27278 mary27278 amy341731

      Hi Amy, I think the tailbone pressure could just be part of the peri , i have the same thing and i had a colonoscophy done this With me i lost alot of weight so it could it be not enough fat on bones (thats what dr. google says)🤔

    • amy341731 amy341731 mary27278

      Mary, thanks so much for the reassuring reply...honestly, I had such an emotional day, that your response brought me to tears...taking time to relate something that you have gone through to help me feel better was really wonderful. Every little stupid ache, twinge or pain makes me feel like I have cancer or’s all you hear about and it’s so scary to me. I just keep telling myself I’m okay and I have a lot to live for. Having this group is so incredibly helpful and I thank you again for taking time to reassure me. One week it’s stomach isssues, the next it’s headaches and exhaustion, then body/muscle aches...and mix in anxiety pretty much all the do women even function??! Thanks again and have a great day.😘

    • lamone64283 lamone64283 amy341731

      I have had most of these symptoms for quite a few years, but last year was the worst. I think that I've seen every kind of specialist there is. All tests were negative. I had a lot of family issues going on at the same time. My husband was in the hospital, my daughter and her husband separated and my mother passed away. That was last year. I'm currently a sweaty, depressed, tired, achy and angry person. Most days I feel like I'm going bonkers. I'm 56 years old. When will this end. I want my life back!

    • maisie05 maisie05 lamone64283

      Hi Lamone. I'm 58. That's what hit me the most, my inability to cope with life's situations. Nothing as major as yours, even my daughters wedding was a trauma for me. I just want to hide away all the time. Look after yourself, you've had a hard year. Take care

    • amy341731 amy341731 lamone64283

      I’m so sorry for the loss of your mom...and all the things you have had going on. It can be so very difficult to deal with, especially when you add in this terrible hormonal nonsense. I can’t believe that women have to go through this with such little knowledge and help. It’s really awful. I wish i had something wonderful to tell you that would help, but please know we are here to listen. Reach out any time, I’m sending hugs your way. 

    • mandara32346 mandara32346 maria57830

      I am the same as you!  This started for at 40.  It’s been the most terrifying year of my life!  I’m sorry you and any other women experience this, it’s awful.  I hope you have found some relief.  I just spent the last 7 hours awake at 4am from insane rapid heart beat , high body temp and having to urinate every 10 minutes.  It’s scary .   Everytime I fell back asleep it happened .  Now I feel like I have stomach flu.  I was so depressed and scared and felt alone til I found this.  

    • Struggling50 Struggling50 mandara32346


      My perimenopausal symptoms started at 41.

      I get the racing heart too, it feels like it is going to beat out of my chest. Sometimes it feels like it skips a beat or dies a slow thud.

      I also get the frequent urination. Especially at night. I am up every 5 to 10 minutes to go. Sometimes it feels like I need to go and there is nothing when I try.

      Yesterday I went through a crying and anger jag.

      Today. So far, just mild anxiety.

      Well, I hope you have a nice holiday.

      Hang in there everyone.


    • ryndy93074 ryndy93074 Struggling50


      These anxiety and panic attacks are the worse I feel so shaky inside it’s so frustrating. It’s been almost a year now I’ve been going through this and just want to cry from not feeling like me anymore I just want myself back. The heart palms make me so stressed out thinking I’m about to die I am so thankful for this page it helps me stay calm and not panic so much. 

    • mboopy55 mboopy55 serene5866

      Does anyone get a feeling of being scared and what feels like butterflies across your chest and in breasts? I'm 52 and my breasts are engorged like I was when I was this all part of the 66 symptoms? No racing heart or anxiety associated with this constant feeling...I am terrified! Anyone have insight to share? Thank you!

    • Struggling50 Struggling50 ryndy93074

      I understand about not feeling like yourself.

      I too get that feeling. It is so stressful and uncomfortable and just miserable.

      I will feel normal for a while and then BAM! I am a mess for days!

      I overdid physically yesterday and didn't get a good night's sleep, you would think that I would seeing as I worked physically. Then woke up today with anxiety and tight feeling in my chest and roiling bowels. And just don't feel like myself.

      I really wish this perimenopause/menopause would end.

      So, today I am going to take it easy as much as I can.

      I'm also due to start me period any day. I wish that would just end too!

      Take care,


    • Struggling50 Struggling50 mboopy55


      Yes, I get the scared feeling and a fluttering in my chest.

      Sometimes I get the engorged breast as if I am going through puberty again. It feels the same as when I went through puberty. Swollen breasts and nipples, very sore, nipples sensitive. It is different from premenstrual breast soreness.

      I have never been pregnant but I liken it to pubery

      Take care


    • ryndy93074 ryndy93074 Struggling50

      Yes I will feel good for a couple days and then it happens I’m a mess again I hate being asked the question Bynum my family how are you feeling today because usually I don’t feel well and wish I could say I feel fantastic. Just is so frustrating and the doctors look at you like your crazy so I’ve been trying to figure this out on my own which is making me even more crazy. 

      I can’t wait until this is past us 

    • Struggling50 Struggling50 ryndy93074

      I agree to everything in your reply.

      Even my acupuncturist and homoeopathic doctors don't understand all my symptoms. They think menopause is hot flashes.

      My homeopathic doctor is a man so that he doesn't get it is not really a big surprise.

      I can't wait for this to be over.


    • Junglechicken Junglechicken nancy0925

      I've started getting leg pains as well in my right leg - all the way down.

      ​Freaked out as I have some thread veins on my right outer thigh - does anyone know if these are dangerous?  Don't think they're varicose as they are tiny.  Should I get my GP to look at them?

      Currently have a cold/flu virus so experiencing muscle aches anyway, but these pains started 3 days ago.

    • joan92570 joan92570 monique 93857

      Good Morning 

      I to suffer with BMS and my gums also are painful both upper and lower.  I do however grind my teeth with I'm sure could be part of my problem with my gums and jaw.  The reason I do that is because of my BMS and my tonque sticks to the roof of my mouth.  I have had this problem for about 3-4 years now, hard to nail it down exatly because it just creeps up on you.  I have not found anything to help me, when I can't stand it anymore I take a sleeping pill and just go to bed and sleep it off.  At least we are not alone in this and we are not crazy. How long did your bms last?

    • tinapas tinapas monique 93857

      Hi Monique my name is Tina, My menopause symptoms are traumatic I just feel like I can’t take it anymore especially when you said about the burning tongue. I have that and it drives me crazy. I have gotten some of these symptoms which last d for 6 months straight . Then they disappear and other symptoms start up. I feel like it’s a vicious cycle. 

    • mandara32346 mandara32346 Struggling50

      Tracy, i just saw your reply!  I was having a bad morning and I Came back on here since it helps me feel better.  Thank you for responding!!  Sorry for the delay.   I haven’t slept all night , I’ve got the intense body heat and vertigo.   The heart skipping has been too much for me for a week .  It freaks me out.  I have noticed a raise in issues before I ovulate and get my period , but since my cycle has shortened , I feel like that’s all of the time.  I totally understand the crying and anger.  I get that too, I’ll start crying out fo nowhere multiple times a day , or I’ve found that I have zero patience.  I’m irriatted with everyone and everything. Sometimes I can connect it with adrenaline rushes but sometimes I’m just so angry out of nowhere.  I definitely have the majority of these symptoms.  I started getting the teeth aching and weird issues with my breasts and nipples this last cycle.  I wish more women talked about these things and this time if life.  I had no idea it would be so freaking scary .   I thought maybe a couple hot flashes and no periods, but this is a whole different ballgame.  A sometimes very terrifying one at that.   The worst , well besides the scary symptoms and frequent ER visits , is that may if my drs, dismiss everything.   It’s been going on two years if hell and I keep getting, “ oh no it’s not perimenopause you’re too young”.  It’s so frustrating.  I even bought some cream online one for progesterone and one for estrogen , but I’m afriad to use them, since I’m not sure what hormone is dong what and i DO NOT wnat to make the symptoms worse.   This site has helped me so much.  I hope you are doing better.  The anxiety sucks but the 5 second breathing in and holding and exhaniinhfir 7 exercise  has helped me  a lot, with the anxiety.   Like most of these symptoms , when you feel like crying or get angry , breathe and it will pass .  

    • Kayty Kayty mary27278

      Hi Mary, I'm new here, I just read your post. I'm having the tailbone pressure/soreness for about 3 weeks now. I haven't got it checked yet. Wondering how long do you have it? Are you still having it now or have you got treatment for it and healed already? Have you found out if it's really due to peri? I also lost some weight recently. Does the weight loss affect the tailbone?

    • Kayty Kayty mandara32346

      Hi Mandara, I just read your post. You mentioned "having weird issues with your breasts and nipples..." Wondered what were the issues? Tenderness, soreness, pain, itchy, or dryness etc.? I'm having some strange issues too. Were yours gone already?



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