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sophie76397 sophie76397

Rib pain

is rib pain a common symptom of menopause?  I've had this on and off over the past couple of years - I've had two chest X-rays showing nothing.  This last week it's been pretty painful specially when lying down - does anyone suffer from this?

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  • susan56920 susan56920 sophie76397

    Hi Sophie

    I get this ... it's my left bottom rib and it has actually started to bulge out a bit - noticed it first when lying on my back - left side higher than right.  Told doc and a physio who pressed on it ... all ok they said.  I've had chest x-rays for other things and no-one has noticed anything untoward on them re the rib or i am sure they would have said.  The niggles of pain come and go.  I have loads of other stuff going on as well: i've grown an adams apple, tinnitus, slight breathlessness - won't bore you with all the investigations as I am replying about rib pain, but feeling pretty fed up with everything, and no explanation to any of my symptoms really.  Bloods all 'fine' LOL.  I'm 51 and still have periods.

    Have you got any other symptoms that you can share?


    • sophie76397 sophie76397 susan56920

      Hi Susan thank you for your reply - I've had this rib pain for about 4 yrs  now - it comes and goes and had lots of tests mainly two X-rays but it can be quite painful but very short lived so my mind begins to wonder if it's something doctors have missed.  I also have tinnitus but I've had that for years but it has got worse, I've also had the breathlessness which is horrid and two days ago I had an off balance feeling and felt faint whilst driving (not funny) but that quickly went, I have leg pain which comes and goes and sometimes I hobble and then I'm completely fine - my pain is predominantly on my right side - it is very boring all this - I'm 49 and haven't had a period since January - since this happening the anxiety has gone as that was thru the roof - so that's a good thing.  I'm not taking anything - I just think certain meds add to the problem and since my periods have disappeared for now I'm feeling a lot better in myself - I have a medical every year which includes mamo, trans vaginal scans, smear and a load of bloods - these were all fine - I have a few follicles left on my ovaries so I know the period will be back at some stage but goodness knows when! Thank you for yr reply again Susan and have a good day x

  • michelle 60550 michelle 60550 sophie76397

    Hi I'm 49 have had the same problem for a month went to ER thought it gallbladder as I was nauseous too...had bloods scan xray all clear said my colon overloaded.... sorted that but ribs pain on an off terribly cant lay on right side it said it's like arthritis of the cartridge between ribs....said it very painful....but with peri meno I've had so many new aches it crazy....


    • sophie76397 sophie76397 michelle 60550

      Thank you Michelle - it's comforting to know others are suffering from the same sort of things - it does ease the concern. My rib pain gets worse if I'm drinking too much caffeine and general overindulgence so a detox is in order I think! Thank you again - sorry to hear you suffer from this too - I hope it gets better soon x

  • suzanne54870 suzanne54870 sophie76397

    I started with left upper back pain near my shoulder blade and then pain in my ribs. It was like my ribs were being squeezed. I had trouble breathing in and it was worse when I laid on my sides. I'm noticing this is slowly getting better since I'm on BHRT. So it must be peri related.

    • sophie76397 sophie76397 suzanne54870

      Suzanne I've had this too - painful sharp pain in shoulder blade - I've also had the 'winded' feeling in the hollow of my back - that was awful - general rib pain from top and all the way round to breast bone - it will go I just wish it would stop coming back time and time again - have a good day and thank you for your comment x

  • 2blessed2bstressed 2blessed2bstressed sophie76397

    Could be costochondritis. Many people have this. There is no treatment but at times can be scary. Usually hurts more when you put pressure to the area that is hurting. You can look it up and read more about it.

  • lynda20916 lynda20916 sophie76397

    Hi Sophie,

    Please give us more information.  Where's the pain in your ribs?  

    • sophie76397 sophie76397 lynda20916

      Hi Lynda it's like a dull ache on right hand side rib cage - the ache moves about and it doesn't hurt to touch - it can be quite high up in line with boob area or higher following top of rib cage into armpit area and then it can be felt in lower part of the lower rib cage - always right hand side. It comes and goes - what I mean as it will disappear for several weeks, months even and then comes back but it wakes me early morning - kind of sore ache - once I am up and about I don't feel it at all throughout the day - I've had X-rays x 2 a year apart - I've been given pain killers but don't really take them unless I have to and that's about it!

    • lynda20916 lynda20916 sophie76397

      Hi, Sophie.  X-rays aren't the best.  You should have an ultra-sound.  Also, try to get a referral to a gastroenterologist, who will know what tests to order and how to diagnose and treat you.  When it comes to gastric issues, GP's can be pretty clueless.  xx

    • sophie76397 sophie76397 lynda20916

      I know - had X-rays to check lungs - had an ultrasound to check kidneys and liver earlier this year. Had all bloods. Was referred to a gastroenterologist who scanned me everywhere last year - gallbladder, liver, kidneys and then suggested I have CBT - so all really helpful. It's always exacerbated if I've had caffeine or alcohol - so now going to detox - doctors for me haven't been too helpful but thank you for your advice x

    • suzanne54870 suzanne54870 sophie76397

      My ribs didn't hurt to touch either. Neither the pain in my back. X-rays, ultrasounds, bloodwork, all fine, except for the second u/s showed bad gall bladder. But still had the issue after it was removed so it wasn't the problem either. The pain is now in my shoulders, sometimes neck. Breathing is still not completely normal. The rib tightened is gone. Now I have tremors in my upper back that come and go. Sometimes I feel a sickness in my stomach that then travels up my back. Maybe hot flashes without the hot? So many whackadoodle symptoms. Not one normal day since August!!!

    • 2blessed2bstressed 2blessed2bstressed sophie76397

      Have you tried antiinflammatories? Also if you like the natural approach, tart cherry juice is also a great natural anti inflammatory. Unfortunately for me the pain is always in my left chest, which sometimes is so bad it feels like heart problem. I just have to keep telling myself what it is and not get all anxious about it. Well good luck figuring this out.

    • Sochima822 Sochima822 2blessed2bstressed

      I actually ended up at the emergency room once thinking it was my heart, it turns out it was a vertebrae out of alignment. I was told to see a chiropractor. After being adjusted I have never again suffered from the chest pain on my left side.

  • Sochima822 Sochima822 sophie76397

    I do get this as well. I went to my doctor thinking maybe it was my kidney's but instead he thought it was costochondritis. It comes from doing strenuous exercise or sleeping on an old sofa. The latter was my case but have also had it from doing cardio workouts. 

    Anyhow, he gave a support pad to put around my waist. I used it every so often when I feel the pain which actually helps to get rid of it. 

  • suzie70 suzie70 sophie76397

    I've read several women mention costochondritis. I am thinking I may have this as well (making an appointment to see a GP). I was up for hours several nights ago so scared that it was my heart, as the pain was on my left side. Felt by my ribs, sternum and up towards my collarbone. I did notice that when I press those areas it feels tender and hurts. It did go away, but feeling like it is returning now. I just made some ginger tea to drink, which is supposed to help inflammation.anyobe else have suggestions?

    It is scary though, because I have other weird symptoms like feeling "foggy",

    insomnia, numbness or tingling in arms and feelings of anxiousness. Ugh, this stinks!

  • 2chr2015 2chr2015 sophie76397

    Hey Sophie! Just wanted to chime and let you know there is one more in the rib pain club. Hopefully that will make you feel better. I have it in the right and left. More often on the right. That is probably gallbladder as it is aggravated by estrogen and common with peri. I have seen this question posted in here by Thera as well over the past year. Hope you feel better.

    • Sochima822 Sochima822 2chr2015

      Thank you 2chr2015! I feel much better I used the wrap my doctor gave me and I also use a heating pad. It took about 2 weeks for the pain to finally completely subside which was cause by climbing stairs so I'm avoiding doing that as much as possible.

      As for my gallbladder, about 4 years ago, I thought I had gallbladder/kidney stones. I had pain all over my stomach, liver and kidneys but luckily my doctor said let's get to the bottom of this, and ordered a cat-scan. It turned out to be that a few fibroids were causing pain all over my back and stomach. I tell you this peri thing is no piece of cake. 

      Yes, I had seen a few posts like this before I started writing on the site, but I doubted everything I read because I felt my situation was different since my I was going through the fuzzy brain syndrome and I felt like I had one foot in grave, lol. Phew thank goodness those days are over smile

      How are you holding up these days? 

  • lynndy67 lynndy67 sophie76397

    Hey i've had some of the same symptoms too - i thought it was cracked or bruised ribs. did an xray - nothing.

    I decided to go to my Orthopedic Dr. he suggested a Bone Scan - which we did and didn't show anything. So outside of that - since my rib pain can make me slightly breathless, i went to a Pulmonary Specialist. So far nothing came from that. That was in Dec. I"m following up with him. I mentioned Gallbladder to both - but they said it my symptoms would be different and you really do become jaundice. not always but its a sign. You also don't feel organ pain from your skin. Trust me i'm so frustrated  its been a year now. It bothers me more in NY when i'm walking than when i was moving around in a car. anyway.

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