5 Months Today Since Cold Turkey WD

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I will make this short. It has been 5 months since my last Mirt pill. I didn't sleep last night, and had abdominal cramps and pain all day yesterday, and today is starting out bad. For those who have followed my journey, I have been to the Emergency Room 3 times, and had 2 abdominal CT scans, one with contrast, the other without. Both results were negative (normal). I have been through every symptom in the book, and the whole thing, so far, has been hell. I had a couple of decent days, and thought that I had started to improve, but the last couple of days and last night is almost like hitting the re-set button. If you have had similar circumstances, please reply. God bless all who come to this site suffering, as they have limited resources for help. David

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    Wishing you Gods speed David, I wish there was something more I could do to help, but know you are 'heard', and 'felt' and your suffering 'will end' - time has been cruel but I'm sure relief is on it's way.

    I think it's fantastic that you are here, now, on this forum, to relay your journey - I'm sure there are one or two people, at present actively posting who have very recently decided, sadly, to go ahead and 'cold turkey' ... your message alone could have a big impact oin helping them along their 'trip' off Mirt' !

    Wishing you well, always David.  God bless you & the family x

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    David sorry your still suffering. I haven't taken any mIrap for over 3 weeks. Was only on it for a few months for nausea and vomiting due to gallbladder removal which incidentally was actually from a large cyst on my ovary which partially ruptured a few weeks ago and the nausea and vomiting disappeared overnight. I have been taking milk thistle for about 5 weeks to help my liver detox and rid it of excess toxins. It has helped me greatly. I would recommend it David as your liver is probably on overdrive after the meds for so long. I am sleeping fine too. I am also doing acupuncture and my acupuncturist recommended the milk thistle and also has me on some herbs too. She explained to me that all these meds we take have a huge impact on our liver and once the liver is out of synch the digestive system and hormonal system will also be out too. She said depression and anxiety is common in Chinese medicine with stagnation in the liver as are cysts and gallstones which happened to me. If you can afford it try a good alternative therapist. It can only help you. Thinking of you. Take care x
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    Hi David,

    Thank you for coming here to give an update.

    Much appreciated as your long journey of 'cold turkey' wd is a warning to those who want to ignore the advice to taper slowly.

    I am so sorry to know you continue to suffer David and with all my heart I pray that you are through the worst and may each day be better than the previous day.

    Good advice from Ace and I think I shall try some Milk Thistle!

    I hold you in my thoughts and prayers David.



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    David,you messaged me on Facebook and I replied,but you haven't read my reply.
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    Hi David,We were discussing that post that Rose put on on Saturday,about Serotonin,you said your GI doctor had given you some strong supplements and iu,s would you say they were of any help,or is it to early to say.

    My thoughts are with you as I understand how your feeling. I had a really bad Tum Saturday to the point of tears,I'm trying to avoid AE because they can only give me morphine and I have that at home,and you can't keep taking that.

    Anyway David thank you for the reply,and I can just pray tomorrow will be a better day for you.  But frankly I think with the IBS it's something we'll have to live with I don't think Mirt done me and you any favours.

    you take care of yourself and look after that lovely wife of yours who like my hubby has had to put up with a lot.Big Hugs💕

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      Norma, the supplements were Vit D. Thanks for the hugs. Your Friend David
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      Vitamin d can cause constipation badly which could explain the pains I know this as I suffer with ibd and it's advised for people who suffer diarrhea not people with healthy bowel movements xx
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      Hi Calmer,I watch that same program whenever it's on,and I totally agree with you .You do have to watch what you buy.

      I seen my Rhuematologist recently,who insists on my vit D levels are up to standard,which they were,but I mentioned if they drop should I get some Vit D supplements from the chemist. She told me the best way was 15mins of sun a day,or because we don't get enough sun,she would prescribe some,because what you buy from the chemist is no good.

      So that program just confirmed it.  Plus my Pharmasist told me the same thing.  So people don't be fooled be careful.

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      Norma thanks for your information about milk thistle. However I can only comment on what has worked for me. I was put on mirap for nausea and vomiting after my gallbladder was removed (which I now believe was probably unnecessary) I attempted to come off it 2 months ago and had to go back on it within a week as the withdrawals were so bad. I started to take the milk thistle which is a reputable brand and was able to come off the mirap without any problems 3 weeks ago. I wouldn't always believe what a doctor tells you either to be honest as there job is to promote the big pharma drugs and so is the pharmacists. Unfortunately all drugs whether natural or chemical can have side effects. It's important to try and find something that suits you. We are all different and have different viewpoints and different experiences with medications. I didn't see the programme but read the article. As I've said I came here to offer support to someone who needs it and tell him what worked for me. X
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      Acejohonston, I would just like to reply to you,by saying I was just agreeing with what Calmer had said. And we are all entitled to our own opinion.

      When we are commenting on these forums,just like you we are all talking about our own experiences and beliefs.   If milk thistle or any other natural remedies work for you then fine,and you are like me entitled to put your opinion on here.  

      But what you don't have the right to do is to tell me or anyone else that there wrong.    What I said was don't be fooled be careful, and I think the people who read this have enough intelligence to choose to do what is right for them.    I think you underestimate people's intelligence.

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      Norma not going to get into a cat fight with you over this. Am simply saying it has helped me so don't knock it until you've tried it. If you've tried it and it hasn't helped you then that's ok too. I Have nothing to gain by sharing this with everyone. And yes I agree we are all entitled to our opinions. Take care xx
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      Did I once in my post mention milk Thistle,NO,so I'm not knocking nothing I haven't tried,read my post before you knock me.


      I agree no cat fight as you put it just my opinion . Take care yourself I do not mean any harm to anyone.

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      Either do I Norma. Am sorry if I offended you. Was only trying to help and get my point across. Anything that helps any of us is worth a try. Take care x
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      Thank you,I think that's all most of us want to do is help each other.

      By the way I had my gallbladder out some 10yrs ago,I sometimes wonder if that was the start of my problems. Oh and as for doctors I've had far to many bad experiences to ever trust them.  So really were both on the same side.  You look after yourself x

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      Thank you Norma. I've heard of so many people who've had nothing but problems after gallbladder removal. Like you I've had my fill of doctors and what's upset me the most is my surgeon who I've trusted for 23 years told me to get my gallbladder out due to one stone that was causing me pain. Funny thing my gut was telling me not to get it done but I went ahead and have gone through hell ever since with vomiting and nausea and diarrhea. Have been in and out of hospital were it was basically inferred I was suffering from anxiety! Saw a psychiatrist for the first time in my life who told me there was nothing wrong with me at all and that I was being treated very badly. She kicked up murder and eventually my gi doc told me it was side effects from the operation. I was also told I had a 3 inch cyst on my ovary and I asked could this be making me sick and no one answered. It partially ruptured a few weeks ago and the vomiting and nausea stopped. I now believe it was the cyst making me sick all this time and reckon I didn't need my gallbladder removed at all. 3 top consultants here in Ireland couldn't figure it out! Thanks again. Take care xx
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      Hi,It started with me about 12yrs ago,I was havering a lot of tummy pain,the first GI Dr I seen done quite a few test,and came back with IBS,I wouldn't except that because it was constant I say pain but at that stage it was more a real discomfort. Then I seen a GI private a few more tests later he came back with IBS,so then my GP sent me to see a psychiatrist who again said IBS and put me on 45mg Mirtazapine which at that time I didn't question.Then I started to get pain daily so my GP sent me for a scan and I was told I had lots of gall stones so another GI Dr tells me that's my problem they need to come out. That was about 10 yrs ago,since then I've had no end of Hostpital admission,Tests,diets even Hpnotherapy and more GI Drs.

      At the moment I'm under a GI Dr that's supposed to be the best in the country,but I'm not havering much luck there it's now, like David chronic IBS.

      But WD from Mirtazapine no matter how slow the pain gets more severer,that's where me and David are at now. But he's gone cold turkey and I've slowly got to 15mg,but I don't think I can take no more pain.

      Its totally taken over the last 12-10yrs of my life,so I do wonder if the gallbladder is needed more than they tell us. And that's just one mistake with my health,I could write a book on many more. Which is why I'm going to stop ranting on now or this will be a book.  Look after your own health,and take care.xx

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      Oh Norma I'm so so sorry you've gone through this. You know that some people get bile salt diarrhea after gallbladder removal and IBS is another side effect of removal too. My cousin had hers removed 37 years ago aged 21 and has chronic diarrhea ever since. Unfortunately she didn't tell me about this prior to my operation or I wouldn't have had it. I had my bowel removed 21 years ago as I had ulcerative colitis. I was 22. But this is the worst operation I ever had. All the docs keep telling me it's a very rare side effect but I've since found out it's not. I'm taking psyllium husk powder for the diarrhea which is really helping. They put me on questran which is a bile binder which made me so sick. Have you tried calcium caltrate 600 d? A lot of people with IBS and who've had the gallbladder removed swear by it. The calcium carbonate soaks up the bile and solidifies the stool. I was put on mirap by my gp for the nausea and vomiting as none of the normal anti sickness drugs worked. I was on 7.5mg and dropped to 3.75 mg very quickly as felt very drugged. It's very frightening to hear so many put on these drugs for IBS and other gastro complaints. Doctors are prescribing these drugs too freely and then we suffer the consequences. I wish you well and hope you can get off the mirap soon. Keep in touch and take care xx

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