5 Weeks extreme pain with fissure

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After 4 doctor visits tried everything that has been suggested with no relief back to doctor tomorrow l need help 

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    I’ve suffered since October however it gets easier ..

    Have you been prescribed Rectogesic ? 

    This helped me a lot I applied it morning and night and the colorectal surgeon said use it whenever ! 

    Sitz bath after you poop or even when you pooping helps - I’ve poop in the sitz bath and it helps - nasty how it sounds but I was desperate and tried everything !! coconut oil and Epsom salts I use the water as hot as I can tolerate without burning ya butt

    I also have hundreds of tubes of creams etc however the ones I use are 

    Proktis m cream and suppositories 

    Forces of nature - fissure control and this may so so bizarre but it truly helps me is 

    Burt bees lip balm with bees wax and vitamin E and peppermint 

    Crazy I know but it’s for cracked lips and fantastic so hence I used it on my cracked butt ! And it’s great ! I mix it with the forces of nature oil and put it on whenever I think about it - it’s a sensation of icy cold if you know what I mean 

    2 x Senna at night

    2 x Movicol throughout the day 

    Porridge morning 

    Soups veggies and smoothies 

    Tuna subway is ok for me too 

    Aim to keep poop soft I didn’t not believe my surgeon when he said you have to eat daily and poop daily the thought was horrendous however I started eating and pooping daily and doing the above and things have eased 

    Hot water  bottle a must ! Lie there with yours creams etc on with the side of water bottle resting between cheeks 

    When I first had the fissure the pain was worse than giving birth !

    I think I have nail marks embedded it the walls next to the toilet I’m shocked I’d never heard of such a condition. 

    What works for me may not work for you but please try - the creams are brill I’ve spent over 100£ on creams etc and the ones above are what is good for me.  Hope a little of this helps are you in Uk? 


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      Thank you Natasha for all your information.l have been doing most of what you suggested and l am also using that cream Rectogesic some days are better than others , l'm going to see my doctor today hopefully in time l will feel better.

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    I also haven’t used toilet paper or wipes since my fissure 

    I jump onto sitz bath afte pooping for as much as time allows

    Sit on a towel - use aloe Vera gel and cotton pads and dab away let it dry then apply the creams - sounds crazy but all helps 

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    What all have u done?

    U may need the ils surgery 😞

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    Here are some suggestions I have for you to help you through:

    1. Try some zinc oxide in the form of calmoseptine which has menthol to soothe the area down there as well. Calmoseptine can be bought at almost any local drugstore and can be bought online too.

    2. Try squatting when going on the toilet instead of sitting. This is a much  helathier position and the poop sometimes will just slide out,  no pushing or straining involved.

    3. I would definately take a fiber supplement, specifically metamucil  is what I take evveryday,  in ordr to allow your stools to be soft and to allow them to pass thorugh easily. THis being said, with any fiber supplement, you must drink lots of water when using them, or they will not work veffectively. Also, do not take too much as too much fiber can irritate your bowels on the way  out and diarreah actually does worse down there.

    4. I would recommend getting a sphicteronomy surgery if htings dont get better. I waited it out, gave up, had the surgery, and was able to heal within about two weeks. I had a chronic fissure, so I knew where you are ocming from with v all the pain and discomfort.

    Try listening to music to distract your mind a bit, especially when going to the bathroom. If you are in writing pain, distract yourself with a movie or TV show right after. Also, to prevent myself from screaming and from putting more stress in the area down  there, i bit down on a washcloth in order to make the tensions with my teeth instead of my sphicter muscle.

    Hope this helps!!!




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    Hi hope you will be fine. If you seen by doctor make sure he or she is specialist, collector surgent. Also if you down the line the ask you to have injection or surgery make sure he or she is specialist. The way you discribing your fissure changing doctors that’s mean you went true hell. I went true this terrible ilnes so understand your situation. Keep healthy diet . Try to relax. Try to walk if you can. Late is know what will be tomorrow’s visit look like . Good luck
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    Hi hope you will be fine. If you seen by doctor make sure he or she is specialist, collector surgent. Also if you down the line the ask you to have injection or surgery make sure he or she is specialist. The way you discribing your fissure changing doctors that’s mean you went true hell. I went true this terrible ilnes so understand your situation. Keep healthy diet . Try to relax. Try to walk if you can. Late is know what will be tomorrow’s visit look like . Good luck
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    Hi Connie and anyone else who needs help. Here's my advice. I had my first fissure happen on 12 Feb 17 after a bad bout of constipation.  My diet was shocking and I was suffering stress. I had constipation and a very bad diet for a long time. I should have listened to the warning signs but I didn't! I was having too much alcohol, nuts, crisps, bread, biscuits, chocolate, sweets etc.... Lots of processed food. GTN ointment and Laxid. (Movicol) from GP asap is a must. Drinking plenty of water, fruit and veg are important. Take tablespoon olive oil in morning and teaspoon or two of olive oil. This fissure was higher up and produced a sentinel tag and seemed to heal. I continued with bad eating habits and no exercise and got another fissure in April! It was very painful and miserable time. I invested in a plastic bidet bum bath thing off ebay to wash my bum with after having a bm as couldn't wipe. The less touching the better as it was sore! Olive oil applied to bum area and piles after putting GTN ointment up made it more comfortable to walk. I tried Magnesium citrate but it made bms painful and more bleeding, that is a side effect.  Currently the area is healing and much more comfortable at the mo, thank you God! So good diet and enough water is key, no caffiene drinks or alcohol. Reduce sugar intake as it can delay healing wounds, take the olive oil and movicol stool softners without fail! Take paracetamol but not ibuprofen. Walking is good exercise and swimming. Also, for me dairy was a no no and constipated me and gluten free was best. I did try putting some Manuka honey up on the fissure which seemed to help. A great tip was a heat pack filled with little balls heated and wrapped in pillow case to soothe area after bm. I really hope this can help people like I was helped by these sites. Thank you. P.S any questions just comment or message. I hope you all heal soon.  X

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      Your routine sounds like mine ! 

      Horrid condition - thank god for this site ! 

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      Thx u so much

      Im doing much better

      I have changed my diet

      I need to walk or exercise 💜💜

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      Thanks for your advice l don't understand why l have a fissure because l eat very healthy and changed my diet feb last year cut out sugar and processed foods have never been constipated if anything l use my bowels too often . I walk every morning although l haven't been since the fissure too painful l stand all day because l'm a hairdresser and l find this very hard when standing in one place . I'm using a different cream now and that seems to be helping eased the pain waiting to see a surgeon 22 of Jan just hope l improve.  Cheers Connie 

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      How are you now Connie? Much better I hope. I'm better but fissure has not healed completely. I saw a colorectal consultant yesterday who has agreed to remove my large sentinel pile/anal skin tag and give me botox at the same time to hopefully heal the fissure totally. I pray to God that the botox will do the trick as I was so fed hearing that it had not healed. I thought it had healed and that the pain I was feeling was the skin tag. Confusing to know where the pain is coming from isn't it? lol. 

      ?Did you get Glyceryl trinitrate ointment/ Rectogesic 4%?   I was prescribed this a long time back as I've had the fissure 1 year and 7 months now but never used it much as it was always a) too painful or b) I was comfortable and didn't want to put it up in case it caused me pain.  This was my mistake!  Using the GTN ointment is designed to relax the anal muscle so more blood flow can get to the area etc and help the fissure heal, even if it's uncomfortable I would apply it at least twice a day for at least 2 or 3 months.  Are you in the UK? We get from docs no problem.

      ?So this is what I'm doing now, changing diet, exercising, plenty water and not too much caffeine etc and using the GTN ointment religiously. I hope the fissure to be healed before I have the skin tag surgery in a few months and not to need the botox.

      ?Are you drinking enough water? Caffeine will dehydrate so watch out for too much in sodas, tea and coffee etc.

      ?I pray for a speedy recovery for us all x

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