5 weeks post sleeve being sick lots and stalled.help

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Had my sleeve end of March. Been sickk loads, can't tolerate much at all so just grazing. Lost 12kg inclusive of pre op diet but no weight loss for 3 weeks.

Would love some help

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    Hi Jayne, sorry you are having a rough time. Lots of things made me feel nauseous, I found it helpful to keep as diary of what I :had eaten and how I felt afterwards so I could rule out foods that made me nauseous. I find I am better with dry food, and if I eat little but often. The hospital did say there would be some foods I wouldn't tolerate and if this happened leave it for a few weeks and try again. I had my bypass operation 6 months ago and have lost 5 stone, I'm still having difficulty with milk and yoghurt, some times my weight sticks for a week or two but then suddenly drops again. It's early days so just take it slowly and take care of yourself. Hope this is of some help x
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    Hi fellow sleever,

    I also had my sleeve at the end of March (31st) and I too had terrible sickness after the op that lasted 40hours and I still have it periodically although it is more like regurgitation than being sick and I find that this happens if I eat too fast or a teaspoon too much or even because of the texture. My weight loss has been really good although last week I did not lose anything. Don't be disheartened it feels like the weight should be falling off as we are not consuming hardly anything but I think the body gets used to it. I have just ordered a treadmill so am hoping that gives me a boost. Try going back to puréed for a couple of days, I did and the food went down very well. Hope you are feeling ok, take care xx

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      Hi Molly

      thanks so.much for your reply, it just feels like everything gets stuck and it's so uncomfortable and the only way I can stop it hurting is by getting it back up and I'm doing it several times a day.

      Doesn't matter what I eat although I can eat sweets and chocolate with no bother but sl the healthy stuff is such a struggle.

      I've lost 2 stone in 6 weeks but that includes the pre op diet.it does seem slow and very frustrating.


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    Hi Jayney, I had my sleeve three weeks ago today.  I did have some horrible sickness for two days after surgery - but that's where it stopped.  Like Molly, I do kinda burp food/liquid up - I assume this is because I've eaten too fast or too much! I still find the full/hungry thing confusing.

    More or less onto 'normal' (healthy) food now three weeks in. I think I can get away with this as chewing it well and taking my time.

    There's another really good UK forum that i've found for bariatric surgery patients - you should have a look (although I find the layout of it a bit difficult) lots of diaries, recipes - everything really! Helped me an awful lot - it's called WLSurgery (or Weight Loss Surgery) can download it from your app store for free, or just google it. Well worth a look!

    One thing that I was told that I had to do for weight loss - was to be constantly sipping water throughout the day, at least 1-2L per day. It is 'tiring', but lots of sleevers have told me that this works....

    Good luck! Hope you get on well,

    Indy x

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      Thanks Indy

      That's really good advice.

      I seem to bring up like sticky fluid and then the food comes up, not always all of it,like you say it's just like it can't deal with it so has to get rid of some.

      Think I do eat too fast but everything gets cold and I'm definitely not drinking enough as I only go to the loo about twice a day.

      Will definitely give more fluids a go.

      Thank you

      Vix x

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    Hi Jayney my advice is don't try to be too quick or the saying comes to mind "Don't run before you can walk" 

    We are like babies being weaned some take to it like a duck to water others are more delicate IT ALL TAKES TIME 

    think sometimes in the instant word we live in we want things sorted Yesterday - Never mind a coupe of years 

    I was Obese - still hate that word - for 20 years plus 

    In January had the Gastrc Bypass and expected things to be fine 

    There not Fine I'm getting there and just stopped beating myself up 

    My Head needs to catch up with the food restrictions to my body 

    I'm sick a lot too 

    But don't lose heart things will get easier as time goes on and you'll then be able to help someone else along the Slimmer Road Too 

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      Thanks Wendy

      It's such a big thing to get your head round.

      Hate when I'm thirsty that I can't gulp a drink.

      That's exactly how I feel, my head hasn't learnt what my body needs to do.

      Good luck


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    Hey vix,

    Yeah, I hate that sticky, bubbly fluid!

    Previously, my microwave was only used to warm my plates up, but now I usually microwave my food two or the times during the course of a meal!!

    Learning a lot of new things now and I'm guessing that I've got a huge amount more to learn!!

    Take care x

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    Hi, i have a consultation booked for gastric sleeve, considered the band but defo want the sleeve after researching.. i have about 5 n half stone to lose, (i am 14st 10) and wondered if younwould mind telling me what you where wen you secided to have your sleeve? im worried the consultant will try to talk me out of it, in favour or the band.
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      Hi, just jumping in - hope thats ok! I was due to have the gastric bypass but couldnt be completed so had the sleeve. Apparently the band doesnt work permanently for everybody and can be expanded - surgeons prefer the sleeve for this reason I've been told by my surgeon. It's very hard going after the op so be prepared - good luck and hope this helps.

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    Hi Jayne - it is very hard post op, something I expected generally but I was not given much detail on what to expect - I assume because everybody is different. I plateaud at 3 weeks in, but it is now starting to move again after 6 weeks. So sorry to hear you have been sick - it is not pleasant but usually because of too much food, or taken too quickly. Also avoid carbs like potatoes, rice pasta and bread as these will get stuck. I've learned I have to rethink my eating habits - ie be conscious of what I am eating and how much - it's easy to get chatting and forget! Try little and often pureed, runny or smooth food, and no more than half mug at a time. Good luck - you are doing great - stick with it!

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