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Weight Loss - Intentional

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  • kate03990 2

    One for the ladies

    A year ago I had bypass surgery ...  I've now lost over 100%of my excess weight.  at 54 years old it results in the saggiest boobs on the planet .  But with that I can't find a nice bra, they just don't fit right.  none of them make my boobs look like boobs, they look like crinkled fabric shoved

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  • monicajtwin 2
  • Manicmatron 2

    Looking for a moral boost

    I had my band fitted in February and have been having fills as planned which are getting less in volume each time. Yesterday was 0.5ml, a total of 4.5ml has been added since the operation I initially feel the band is tight but after about 2 weeks this eases and I don't experience any issues except

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  • manoj80846 1
  • lauren19891 2

    Implant & Weight Gain.. Help???

    I'm 24 and I am on my second Contraseptive Implant the first implant i had for 3 years never really caused any trouble I was stilll energetic,I manintianed a healthy weight and my mood swings were until the last few months, i expected this though as the implant was due to be renewed. ...

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  • CabreraElva06 1

    Nexplanon birth control

    Omg i just want to say that i have been on the implant for 5 and a half years now! Im on the second implant and my life gas been a hell since i got the second one. The first implant i had it for three years and only at the beginning i had a panic attack but didnt really know what it was and it was

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  • will12050 2

    O & O = Overweight & Obesity

    Increasingly, it's a subject one can't avoid or ignore, it's everywhere, it's global. In the news, on the streets - it's 'in your face'. Unfortunately more than in the face but all over the body, all 30, 40, 50, 60 (and more!) stones or 420, 560, 700, 840 lbs, or 191, 255, 318, 382 kgs - take your pick!...

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  • Witsend 2

    Unexplained weight loss

    Hi, I am new to this and would really appreciate your thoughts and advice. About 9 weeks ago I got indigestion and heartburn in the bottom of my breastbone (the start of the stomach from the oesophagus) and took some Gaviscon. This didn’t do anything so after a week I went to the GP who said it

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  • Gigid1987 1

    Gastric band to gastric bypass

    I had a gastric band fitted in 2013 and I lost about 24kg Then in 2016 I had my liquid removed, as I was having a baby. Jan 2017 I've had my liquid put back in, I saw my doctor today. I told him what I wanted to get too and he suggested I had my band removed and have a gastric bypass. I originally

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  • amydougs27 1

    Time scale from referral to surgery?

    Hey, so today a doctor has finally listened to me and took everything on board that I had to say about my weight and my struggle on how difficult it is for me to loose weight, he has agreed to send a referral for weight loss surgery. So I am not in any illusion that this is going to happen over

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  • gail2826 1

    Parathyroid advice

    Hi. I've been on treatment for hypothyroidism for ten years. Checkups yearly and has been pretty settled on 125mcg of levothyroxine. I went to my gps in Feb as I was feeling sweaty,palpitations and a choking sensation in my throat. I also had been having ongoing hoarseness. My thyroid blood result

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  • DaveyE 1

    Gastric Sleeve in France

    Hi,  I'm wanting to have a gastic sleeve in Le Havre in France.  I understand a lady called Tullia is very helpful and the price appears to be great. I have a BMI of 32 and have yo-yoed in weight all of my life - up and down and getting bigger each time.  I need a GP referal which is fine but I

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  • charmaine52291 3
  • hansi 2

    Type 2 Diabetes

    I was diagnosed with Type 2 last November with a HBA1c reading of eating a carefully controlled diet (albeit with some treats) I have lost one and a half stone in weight and my recent HBA1C test was 47 and my GP says I am virtually diabetes free. I walk daily but on the downside  have had

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  • netflixandhill 2

    Finally been referred by my GP for WLS!

    Hi all, My GP has just referred me to NHS programme 'Why Weight' for the 'Fresh Start' tier which is level 3. I'm absolutely bricking it waiting for my email/phone call to find out whether it has been accepted and I get to meet them to talk about a sleeve. I'm only 26 (female) but I have a BMI of

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  • Olaf 2

    How do i even lose weight!

    I have really bad anxiety and i procastinate way too much. I have thought about going to a gym but i always find a way out of it. I am never motivated to do it or if i dont see improvement ill get annoyed. I weight about 16-18 stone i forgot. I know diet is a big part of losing weight and i have no

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  • Sleeved2017 2
  • LellyM 2

    Morbidly Obese and Fed up

    Hi folks, well I have decided to write this to try and encourage myself to lose weight. I am UK based and morbidly obese. In all tryth I could do with losing 12 stn! The problem is I am very much an emotional eater. if I am sad or bored then I eat. I did manage to lose 10 st on Slimming World a

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  • katie1210 1

    Gastric band info

    Hello, I've decided I want a Gastric Band. Paying for it myself. I just want to make sure I'm doing the right thing. I'm reading lots of negative things about it. Can anyone who's had one tell me what life is life with it. Thank you

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  • nicola41357 2
  • Fizz1 2

    4 years post gastric bypass and I'm putting in weight rapidly

    Hi I've joined this forum in the hope of getting some support and picking up some hints and tips. I had a gastric bypass almost 4 years ago and went from 20st at my highest to 10.13 at my lowest. I then put on about half a stone and my weight settled for a while at about 11.7. I'm now 13.11 and

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  • ash1976 2

    Rib pain from gastric band

    Has anyone ever experience pain on the rib where the port is connected. Iv pain last 2 weeks on my left pain. At first I thought I hurt myself at work but I think it may be to do with my band

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  • nicola41357 2
  • amy44251 1

    implanon- help

    I'm going on the implanon in the next 3 days, all i have seen on this website is negativity surrounding the implanon I'm becoming extremely apprehensive, I cannot deal with weight gain and all anyone seems to be talking about here is weight gain while on it, doctor says it's not proven to be

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  • Happycat 2

    All fluid taken out

    I have all the fluid taken out of my band due to eating issues but still have some restriction. Is this normal ? If I can't eat better by next month I've got to have further investigation. I've had my band a year and lost 4 1/2 stone. Now though I can only eat rubbish , popcorn , crisps , etc. I can'

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  • nabila55257 1

    gastruc band adjustment is not working any more

    I've made gastric band d7 years ago, lost 30 kg in a year and a half and reached my target, but since a year i started gaining weight again, tried many times to adjusted but still not working and still eating with same habit of not having the band. My question, is there an expiry for gastric to

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  • nashile 2

    My life revolves around food

    I was overweight and then got asked to be a bridesmaid . The thought of standing In front of people and being in photos and hating myself spurned me on to go down 3 dress sizes to a healthy weight with healthy eating and walking . Unfortunately as it has done my whole life my emotions dictate my

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  • Carolyn1303 1

    Anti psycotics and orilstat

    I've been suffering with mental health for over 8 yrs but last yr I was put on quitiapine high dose and it's helping me im now trying to lose weight and my doctor has started me on orilstat I been on it 2 weeks the first week I lost 3lb this week I gained a lb im eating 2to3 meals a day I

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  • velda1273 1

    Jaw pain

    I had a band fitted 18 months ago, 10ml band. I've got about 5 ml in it. Last November/December I had a small amount removed after suffering from reflux. Two weeks ago I had 0.2ml put in and approx 4 days ago started feeling uncomfortable at night ? Reflux, also getting terrible jaw pain whilst

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  • fiona51388 5

    Tips for losing weight

    Five weeks ago I reached 18 stone and determined to do something.  I started a diet diary, essential pice of kit to aid you in weight loss and in that is penned every morsel or sup that I take in, I get on my exercise bike three or four, three with a half hour walk, four times a week, and I've

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  • saltytowers 2
  • jen.xi 1

    weight loss

    Hi. I just wanted to ask. What of you already taking xenical capsule in a week and then you stoppes. Does it affect the effectivity of it? Thanks.

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  • annielissy10 1

    Weight loss on the implant

    Hi basically had the implant in for 3years+ im really scared to get it taken I've put on 3 stone since and it's affected my whole life since, moods, spots, sex you name it it's affected it! I have read that I'm not the only one who has gone through this, I know I need to get it

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  • mel03420 1

    Gastric Band vs the Sleeve for BMI 34

    I am trying to decide between gatric band and the sleeve. If it worked I think I would prefer the band due to the less invasive nature of it but a couple of my friends who have had it have ended up needing to got to the sleeve as it either kept slipping or wasn't working.  I would prefer to only

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  • nicola41357 2


    Getting my op in 7 weeks. Is it painful. How much weight do u usually lose the first few months. So anxious

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