Getting Off Topamax Due to Hair Loss - Angry and Need Advice

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In April, I finally saw a Dr about my weight. I had been watching what I eat, exercising and drinking half my weight in water every single day and still not losing any weight. At the time, I weighed 237 lbs. I should have been losing weight with diet and exercise, so I figured maybe I should get some tests done to make sure my health was okay.

My blood tests came back great! I'm in good health as far as my blood work shows, but I obviously need to lose weight. So, my Dr suggested a weightloss pill with the speed of lightning. I, being all about a helping hand, said "OF COURSE!" However, I did ask her these questions:

"Will it cause anxiety?"

I asked this, because I was put on Adderal as a young girl and it made me anxious to the point of attacks. It was awful. I always ask this of medication now because I don't ever want to go through that again. In response, she said "Well, not Topamax. It's actually used as a mood stabilizer, so it'll be good for your anxiety."

Amazing! Losing weight, helps with anxiety... What more could I ask for. Then I asked:

"What should I avoid? What should I expect?

She said I didn't have to avoid anything. She said I didn't need to expect anything, just weightloss.

Well, great! SIGN ME UP SISTER!! God, I wish I had never, ever everrrr accepted this drug. The next few weeks weren't hell, but they were just confusing. I didn't have anxiety because I was cloaked with confusion. The brain fog was real, the tingling in my hands and feet was real, but that stuff didn't really bother me because I was slowly losing weight. Just slowly, though. Nothing drastic. I could handle those side effects. The pill actually helped me sleep. I didn't mind it, until... I started losing my hair. The one thing I loved about myself, the one thing that, vainly, kept me going, clearly started to thin drastically. It started with my eyebrows. Then I could see my scalp more and more. Now it's to the point where I don't want to brush it because it just falls out on its own, why brush it out even more? So, I'm stalled at 224 lbs, my once beautiful long hair looks like it is hanging on by a thread and I am self weaning myself off of this awful medicine.

The withdrawals have been intense. Anxiety, depression, stomach aches, even more confussion... I only took this medicine for a month!!! Like, how!? I have weaned properly with the advice of my Dr. I have an appointment on Monday, but I want to tell her how angry I am. She laughed at me when I told her about the hair loss and basically made it seem like I wasn't giving the pill a chance. She also said hair loss isn't a side effect of Topamax, but I have read differently. I want to trust MY DOCTOR, but she has been so rude (so has her staff) and I'm just lost at this point. Who do I go to? Another Dr? Do I go to a weightloss clinic? What about my hair? Will it grow back? Is it permanent? I honestly have never been more depressed in my entire life.

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    I have used Topomax for for migraines for 10 years. I’ve had all the side effects including tingling, slurred speech, weight loss. Things got better. Three years ago I started losing hair. I have a thyroid problem so they thought it was that. But after seeing 6 doctors we found that it wasn’t. I have just spent 8 week’s weaning off Topomax. I’ve been 2 Days wo any. I have dry mouth, am exhausted tired and have horrible nightmares. Plus migraines. I am hopeful all of this goes away soon. And that my hair returns. 
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    Has your hair come back at all?
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    I just took my last 12.5 mg of topamax after spending the last 11 months slowly weaning off. Started losing my hair 8 months after starting it. Had severe side effects when I started it that mostly went away. The last couple weeks though on a super low dose and none for the last two days have sucked. Horrible stomach pain, diarrhea, twitching, a pretty severe resurgence of anxiety, hyperventilating, dizziness, heart palpitations, severe irritability, crying spells. I just hope I start feeling better soon. I'm on a bunch of other meds too though. Zoloft, wellbutrin, gabapentin, and levothyroxine

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    I was on Topamax for migraines and lost a lot of hair, it was awful. It did grow back so I had to change how I styled my hair until then, I tried Saxenda but my liver didn’t like it so ended up with a gastric sleeve. Good luck. 
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    Oh Shannon, what a double whammy of pain... firstly the distress of losing your hair but even worse the attitude of your doctor. .. I'm so sorry.

    Personally I haven't taken these pills but I did have weight loss surgery, and many many many people experience hair loss following weight loss surgery.

    It was nearly a deal breaker for me.  I was very luck an only experienced a thinning of my hair.

    Did you lose a lot of weight at the beginning?  I think it's a shock to your system.  It appears that in that instance hair usually grows back, so take heart.

    Take multi vitamins .... good ones... Centrum is best... making sure that you are getting all of your nutrients.  Try not to use chemicals on your hair, dyes, mousse etc. 

    The spring is coming, my hair always grows better in the brighter days.

    I really hope that your body's balance sorts itself out and your hair grows back 



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    WOW! So I guess it's NOT my thyroid then. It's the Topamax I've been on the last 4 years. I take 300 mg per day to help with my pain. My hair has RESLLY been falling out horribly lately. I need to get off of this stuff!

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    My neurologist put me on Topimax in February of 2019. I thought it was the best thing ever. I lost that last 10 pounds I had been holding on to since my pregnancies and my migraines went away! Unfortunately, with that came complete fog brain (I am an attorney and I literally couldn't think clearly to do my job), depression and THEN the hair loss started about 5 months later. I had no idea it could be because of the Topimax so I kept taking the drug. It wasn’t until I did some research on my own that I realized the hair loss could be because of the Topamax! I've lost about half of my beautiful hair. It was so upsetting. I emailed my doctor and told her I wanted to go out the Topamax. She did not initially believe me that it may be because of the drug. As soon as I went off the Topamax the hair loss slow down. About two months later it completely stopped. I’m so happy now every time I shower I don’t have to cry as I watch my hair run down the drain. It is slowly starting to grow back. It’s only been a few months. I am hopeful it will come back. Get off of this truck! It is horrific!

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