5th metatarsal fracture any advices

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I am 30years old ballet dancer,

And did landed very badly on my outside foot form a Jump.

Fractured my 5th metatarsal.

I have been on Moon boot and clutches for 4weeks

And Moon boot with fully WB for 5weeks.

But Doctor told me I would be back in 3 month but still after 2 month there is no sign of healing on X Ray.

Do you know if the healing process show on X Ray?

Do you think Surgery is worth than just waiting for another 6weeks?


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    Hiya if I was you I would wait 6 weeks to see if it heals naturally surgery is the next option
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      Thank you Joanne for reply. Most likely surgery is the way I get fully back.
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    Greetings,  I have the same fracture.  It's been 5 weeks since my "accident".  I was in a WB boot for 1 week (from the ER).  The FU ortho Dr. put me in a NWB cast for 4 weeks.  Tomorrow is my FU with the ortho Dr.  I believe I will be X rayed and I also wonder if the X ray will show healing.  I'll find out and let you know too.  As far as surgery or waiting 6 more weeks............I HATE the waiting, especially if I end up having surgery in the end.  Dr. said it was a possibility (especially because I'm not 20 anymore!)  Grrrr.  
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    Fully calcified bone does not show up on x-ray for quite a while, but the fracture should show signs of the beginnings of calcification.

    Not really advice, but just a bit of a story of what happened with my 5th metatarsal fracture last July (2015), which i am still dealing with April 2016 ...

    " I fell down some stairs last july and fractured the base of my 5th metatarsal. It wasnt fully a jones fracture or an avulsion fracture. So, the doctor treatment me with a walking boot for 8 weeks. At the 8 week mark my bone showed no signs of healing. Followed up with more x-rays in another 4 weeks, still no healing so we got an exogen bone stimulator. Another 8 weeks goes by and still showing no signs of healing and is painful to walk on. At that point my orthopedic surgeon decided that surgery would be needed. I went in for surgery on Jan 4th and was in excrutiating pain following surgery that was bad enough that i went back to the hospital 3 times and each time they just gave me more pain meds. The surgeons office said that post op heel pain was normal and that i probable just had a low pain tolerance. I was taking 2 percocet every 4 hours and my pain was still 10 out of 10. It turns out the reason i was in so much pain is that the screw that was placed was being pulled away from the healthy bone slowly and on top of that the cast was too tight and I was developing a severe pressure ulcer on my heel. All of this would have been discovered right away had the doctors in the ER bothers to x-ray my foot or take the cast off to see why i was in so much pain. The issues were not discovered until my 3rd week post op follow-up xray and cast removal. At that point i already had a huge black pressure ulcer on my heel and my doctor informed me that I would need another surgery because the bone was not in the correct place anymore. So back I went for another surgery on february 1st. This time he took out the screw and used sutures to hold the bone fragments together. I suppose one benefit of the second surgery is that I wont have any post-op issues with the screw causing issues. I am now 8 weeks post op and am just starting to bear weight again after 3 months of not walking. So far everything is looking ok following the second surgery on x-ray, but the pressure ulcer is slow going. This whole thing has been such a nightmare for me. I am hoping that there is light at the end of the tunnel now! Basically everything that could go wrong with this break has gone wrong....."

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    Greetings,  During my 4 week follow-up (NWB cast) yesterday, my Orthopedist compared old and new xrays and they can see changes.  I wouldn't like to hear after 2 months there is no sign of healing and wait another 6 weeks, but my Dr. said they try everything possible to avoid surgery because of things that can go wrong.  So, with that choice, altho I hate waiting, I guess I'd give it a try.  In my case Dr. said he could see that the "broken bricks" have been cleared away and the graying area between the bones shows the new material is there and waiting to build the bones together and good blood flow too (or something like that)   I didn't remember that I was told much of anything 4 weeks ago during my first visit and was surprised to hear from the nurse in the beginning of this FU visit that I has going to be put back into a cast for another 4 weeks, but it would be one I could do some walking with.   When I saw the doctor I told him I was not happy about not being told about another cast and that I had contacted the company that gave my the "boot" in the ER that was wrong and they swapped it for the hi boot and I brought it with me!  So he did not do the cast and put me in the boot instead and I go back in 3 weeks.  BTW I just read Teresa's message and OMG I guess I'd better stop feeling sorry for myself!!  I'm doing great for 70 this year, but my routine is all screwed up and I don't like that.  I'm sure that you as a dancer is feeling that too.  I can't go to any of my aerobic classes (3 are step classes) and feel like a lump.  I know how to step on a step and I'm sure you know how to land from a jump.  I hope you have better luck than Teresa.  I feel so sorry for her ordeal.        
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    I also broke my foot ballet dancing. I went into a leap and severely sprained my ankle and had a spiral fracture on my 5th metatarsal. The doctors originally said it was a 6 week break, and after six weeks they said the healing was minimal and that I need 4 more weeks non weight bearing in the boot & crutches. I wish I would have proceeded with surgery in the first place because I'm 16 and ready to be back on my feet.
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      Hi Sarah,  I also hated waiting for healing and thought that if I was going to end up having surgery why did I waste all that time in a cast and boot.  Perhaps your doctor will suggest a bone stimulator.  I didn't use one but after reading Teresa's story about surgery I would try to avoid it.  My doctor also said they really try all other options because of possible surgery complications.  It is "driving" me crazy not being able to do all the things I normally do.  DRIVE for one Drive for two and three!  I'm in a hi boot and a walker (somewhat weight bearing) but if I was 16............boy, NO walker for me!  Are you doing anything to build up the calcium in your body?  I've changed to almond milk and like it.  Best of luck to your in your journey.

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