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Accidents and Injuries

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  • susetio16 2

    looking for some hope. Can't move my hand due to humerus fracture

    i don't know how to start this, and i don't even know if someone is going to read this or not. Well, im 21 years old male who just broke my left humerus by the most stupid thing i've ever done and the biggest regret i've ever had in my life: arm wrestling. Well, my opposite was using his strongest arm...

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  • nancy97697 2

    removal hardware broken wrist

    Getting hardware removed/tendon repair from 9 yr. old compound fracture. I had a wonderful repair of the compound fracture & skin graft of my left wrist with no residual problems, pain, etc. but just found out due to tendon passing over plate, it is shredded. I will be having surgery next week for hardware...

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  • betty47942 3

    Fell and broke shoulder several wks ago..Am 79 y/o. Really down.

    I am 79 y/o. Three wks ago today I fell on the side (forwards) and broke my shoulder ... opted out of surgery since it was a choice. (arm in sling) I am no longer having any shoulder pain, just some stiffness, achy, etc, at times. The first 2 weeks I feel I felt 'better' than the last few days when I...

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  • michelle04365 2

    Bad thoughts over an incident

    About 2 years ago now, I was a Support Worker for people with mild learning difficulties. One day I had to do some cooking at the service user's flat. There was a gas cooker and I'm not used to using gas. I accidentally left one of the rings on when I left the flat. I could have killed the service user,...

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  • tiffany75011 2

    Stress Fractures?

    Having extreme pains in the tops of my feet over the third toes bones and at my ankles. Doctor said just tendons and stuff were inflamed but I'm honestly wondering if I have stress fractures. Recently had a lot of walking after being sedinatary following a recent hospital stay, now they are swollen and...

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  • aribari 2

    Something wrong with my jaw after being hit

    Got into an altercation about two hours ago. Got hit in the left side of my jaw like a straight upper cut. My bite on the left side feels off and so I feel like when I bite the right side is not even touching. But my main concern is a lump and swelling to the right side of my chin. My gums and 3 teeth...

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  • chontelle05511 1

    Human bite - do I need medical attention?

    Hi sorry to bother you, I was bitten 2 1/2 weeks ago at work, I went to the hospital to get checked out immediately and was told to go back if the swelling should spread or redness spread. The bruise has more or less gone now, the swelling had gone, but has reared up again the last few days. I'm not...

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  • Brokenwings29 1

    Broken left humerus Surgery and Suck: Depression Help!

    So where do I begin.  Maybe I should start with I am living in my own personal hell.  Many say keep positive thoughts and to look at all the amazing people that surround and support me.  Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful for my family, friends, and husband but some days seem hopeless.  More days than...

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  • lisa32079 2

    What to expect when boot comes off

    Hi I fractured ankle 7 weeks ago went bk to the doctor 2 weeks ago told me it's healed but because was a bad break I need to wear rocker boot and use crutches I have a week left before I go back and loose the boot. I'm really worried tho on what to expect. Is it hard to walk? I'm worried I'll loose...

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  • Tiny.trin 1

    Crooked Pinky

    Back in October my friend accidentally kicked my pinky finger (on my left hand), it felt like it was on fire at the time. When I got home I didn't think the injury was too serious so all I stuck a popsicle stick to it and buddy taped it. Because I didn't realize the serious of the situation, I didn't...

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  • sara810 1

    Femur neck fracture after surgery still much pain

    I broke my femur neck at the end of January - had surgery - had emergency surgery to place 2 pins.  Everything went great and I went home the next day.  I wasn't surprised to learn that I would be in pain for a couple of months, but I am now in the fifth month since my surgery.  The pain is primarily...

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  • ajay7171 2

    Bandage of ankle loosened. Should I consult my surgeon?

    I have undergone broken ankle surgery on 16th May 2017 with metal plates and screws fixed. After removal of my stitches the bandage(not cast) was put on my ankle up to knee and advised me to visit after 5 weeks. Now after three weeks the bandage loosened and mild pain started at surgery area. Please...

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  • brie37444 2

    I've had widespread issues for years, what is going on?

    I've never been a fan of heat. When I was younger sometimes heat would cause me to have a meltdown. In the past 3-4 months it has seemed to be even worse with increased fatigue and spikes in anxiety. Mind you, my body thinks that 70 degrees F is hot beyond belief and when it gets to that heat everything...

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  • Blotty 1

    How long will cheekbone swelling take to go

    Two weeks ago I got hit in the face and had a black eye and swollen cheek. The bruising is gone but there is still a bit of swelling on my cheek. How long will it be before I am back to normal. I saw my doc two days ago and he said its not fractured or anything but I thought that when the bruising...

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  • riri201 2

    fractured feet and walking boots

    Hi all, It's not really a medical question, just some advice! I've fractured my 5th metatarsal in my left foot in two places and in my right foot I have a fractured 4th metatarsal! They are all stress fractures, not a clue how I did them!! I have a CAM boot on the left foot and a front offloading shoe...

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  • collie12 2

    Wrist very stiff 3months after surgery

    Hi, Wanted to please hear from others who have had a distal radius fracture and surgery with a plate inserted. Three months ago i fell and shattered my wrist. Had surgery on the 8/7/2016 and 2 weeks later cast came off and about 10 days later started therapy. However, my therapist told me that my hand...

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  • lisa32079 2

    Walking boot dilemma

    Had the walking boot for a week. Broken ankle doctor said it's healed but they want me to wear the boot for 3 weeks so I have 2 more weeks to go. I'm really struggling to go out alone tho has anyone else had this will I have to have the boot longer if I don't go out more or can I get by for the next...

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  • ict62238 1

    Broken Ankle (Fibula)

    Hello, I broke my ankle April 9th 2017 because I am practicing skate boarding. I had a fractured bone (fibula) and my ligaments are damaged then I went to the hospital right away. The doctor told us that I need to go under a surgery to bring my bone back in place so I had surgery on the next day. I wear...

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  • brandon047882 2

    Ankle ORIF

    I'm a soccer player and I fractured my fibula on December 12 and an Ankle ORIF On December 14. I was on a cast from then until January 13, when I was transferred to a boot. I then started physical therapy on 1/24. I started walking without the boot on 3/5 and ended PT in May. My surgeon cleared me April...

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  • lisa32079 2

    Sore hands using crutches

    Had walking boot for a week now been told to use crutches by doctor I seem to be putting all my weight into my hands on the crutches any advice how I can put it into the boot instead of my hand. I have the boot for 2 more weeks until I go back. I feel like I'm so uneven aswelll so have ordered a pair...

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  • sandra88941 2

    Complete avulsion of hamstring

    Has anyone had comp[lete avulsion of hamstring plus tendons. Slipped on decking in October 2014. Still in a lot of pain in sit bone!!. Has anyone got any advice re recovery. Am due to have steroid injection in bum and drain any fluid still there. It just seems a long time I;ve been in pain. I keep being...

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  • ashshaw 1

    Hamstring avulsion

    I have a complete hamstring avulsion with surgery next Thursday. I am 56 and injured myself during Crossfit. I'm hoping that because I'm in great shape, the recovery will be quicker. Thankfully I'm an educator about to begin summer break!

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  • XoMonkey 3

    Axial Spondyloarthropy

    Hello all. I am/was an active football/soccer player for a few years with quite a few injuries (torn MCL knee ligament, twisted ankles, wrist tendonitis, concussion etc) I had to stop due to a heart arrhythmia. I also broke my ankle in 2012 and it still hasnt healed. Beside this background info, I was...

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  • ajay7171 2

    When be normal after broken ankle surgery

    I want to know from those persons who are now normal after ankle surgery having plates and screws fixed. How many time taken to start their normal life. And that they feel any type of uneasiness by having plates and screws fixed in their body. Is there any problem to wear sports shoes? Please do reply....

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  • jeo4550 1

    Sprained Ankle or what?

    Earlier today I fell on my ankle awkwardly as I was exercising. My foot kind of bent inwards as I fell and I heard a loud cracking sound. It didn't swell and the pain subsided after I elevated and iced it so I didn't think much more of it and carried on with my day. But the past couple of hours I've...

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  • ajay7171 2

    Broken Ankle Surgery

    I am on third week of my broken ankle surgery. I feel a little pain at the plate fixed place during night when there is pressure on it. I am afraid there is something wrong. Whether is it possible that the screws fixed on plate get unscrew. How much more time will it take to recover so that I can walk.

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  • Yvonne470 3
  • lisa32079 2

    In a walking boot couldn't be more miserable

    Anyone else feel as low as I do Had cast off Friday in a boot now can walk with the crutches for 3 weeks (no surgery) I just feel really down and completely useless at the moment I feel I'm never gonna be able to walk properly again n get myself in a state Doctor said I'm healed but need to have the...

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  • jake32217 2
  • lisa32079 2

    Cast off now have boot

    I had my cast off on Friday after a broken ankle. Doctor said I'm healed but now have to wear a boot for 3 weeks I can take it off when resting sleeping and bathing Just wondered y I have to have the boot if I'm healed And how is it helping me to bear weight Also I have a step to my house that I...

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  • lisa32079 2

    Leg cast off. Now in boot need advice pls

    I had my cast off yesterday after 5 weeks and now have a walking boot that I can walk with using crutches The doctor told me I'm all healed but need to wear the boot for 3 weeks and I can take it off when resting bathing and going to bed then The man in the cast room that put my boot on said to wait...

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  • cdt2012 2

    Tick Bite

    So I pulled this tick off of me wednesday evening. It hadn't been on any longer than 12-24 hours, but I'm guessing it bit me several times cause I have bite on my stomach, waist line, and back. The one around my waist line has been itchy and I've scratched it. Yesterday I noticed this bruising around...

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  • QueenOfTheReich 3
  • TTM 2

    Struggling in long arm cast -

    I'm really struggling, practically and emotionally, with the experience of being in a long arm cast.  The cast is from my fingers to the top of the bicep, elbow bent 90 degrees inside cast, palm of hand facing up.  It went on nearly 3 weeks ago and the last 3 weeks have been agonizing!  ​I dislocated...

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  • Pyros 2

    Bilateral ruptured patellar tendons and subsequent insanity

    Hi all. As I said in the title, both my knees are trashed. Been in a straight brace for a month. Last two weeks I've had 30 degrees movement in my braces but my legs only move about 20 degrees. I've mostly been lying in bed because I cant sit comfortably in any chair with my legs so straight. I have...

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