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Accidents and Injuries

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  • SarahOlivia 2
  • Pattos 1

    Burst L1 erectile prob

    I recently burst my L1 and had bit of bone press on my spinal cord and i become paralyzed i was rushed into theatre and had the bit taken of my spinal cord i no have movement in my legs its been 9weeks since this happened and am almost walking without aid. But i still have bowl and bladder

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  • lisa32079 2

    Leg cast help pls

    I broke my ankle nearly 5 weeks ago have it off this Friday No surgery I'm just after some advice on what to expect I'm such a worrier and have worried the whole time that it won't heal When I had my last appointment 4 weeks ago and had a fibre glass cast put on the doctor said I'd have it on

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  • Yvonne470 3
  • Redwolf887 2

    Tick on my balls,feeling really anxious

    I don't know how long it's been there but I was shearing sheep last Wednesday, after having a bath today, I noticed a tick on my balls. Since Friday, I been feeling like I've got a cold starting, had sore aches in my back which has calmed down just got a hot eyes mild headache and feel

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  • triniti47806 1

    Two years ago I ran into wall should I still go too​ doctors

    So two years ago as you can already tell I ran into a wall. I was rushing to class running down the stairs and banged my knees into the wall. I could tell something was wrong since then cause soon after I couldn't run or straighten my legs for about a month or two. Just last year I was at band

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  • QueenOfTheReich 3
  • Franny42273 1

    My daughter

    Back in October of 2015 me and my daughter was involved in an accident. We were T boned by a semi he was fully loaded. My daughter had whiplash. Well this morning she got up just fine and then the next thing my husband knew she was saying her neck hurt and she was in tears. So he took her to ER and

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  • EI20X 1

    Fractured metacarpal - Unable to move finger

    Hi all, I'm a 19 year old male, 3 and a half months ago I trripped up the step carrying shopping into my house and ended up with a severely displaced and overlapping 4th metecarpal fracture with heterotopic ossificatio. Had it minipulated under general anaesthetic with K-wire fixation. Had wires

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  • nancy97697 1

    removal hardware broken wrist

    Getting hardware removed/tendon repair from 9 yr. old compound fracture. I had a wonderful repair of the compound fracture & skin graft of my left wrist with no residual problems, pain, etc. but just found out due to tendon passing over plate, it is shredded. I will be having surgery next week for

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  • Brokenwings29 1

    Broken left humerus Surgery and Suck: Depression Help!

    So where do I begin.  Maybe I should start with I am living in my own personal hell.  Many say keep positive thoughts and to look at all the amazing people that surround and support me.  Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful for my family, friends, and husband but some days seem hopeless.  More days

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  • Spindles 4

    Fractured femur

    I slipped in the garden just under three weeks ago and fractured my left femur, it snapped into two pieces, half way between my hip and my knee. After dragging myself about 30 feet back into the house I was taken to hospital and the next day had a femoral nail put in it and told to start using it

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  • Pyros 1

    Bilateral ruptured patellar tendons and subsequent insanity

    Hi all. As I said in the title, both my knees are trashed. Been in a straight brace for a month. Last two weeks I've had 30 degrees movement in my braces but my legs only move about 20 degrees. I've mostly been lying in bed because I cant sit comfortably in any chair with my legs so straight. I

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  • sadiejane72 2

    Broken tib/fib. 4 weeks post op.

    Below I wrote my story of my broken ankle. For those going through the same experience, your not alone! I am currently 6 weeks post injury but 4 weeks post surgery (I explain below) Thank you for reading! Please comment below your experience. I also have questions for those who are further along on

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  • ellis40813 2

    5th Metatarsal Break - Displaced

    I broke my 5th metatarsal 8 weeks ago tomorrow. I live in the UK. I am almost 7 months pregnant now as I am typing this. When I went into A&E initially I was advised that my break was aligned and it would take 4-6 weeks to heal. I went on in crutches as I was unable to apply any pressure but was

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  • eddie23385 1

    Minor permanent tailbone/coccyx pain

    So i had two big falls on a snowboarding trip over 3 months ago now, both times landing on my tailbone, it hurt like hell but I didn't think anything of it as the pain subsided both times within a few hours. For a week after there was minor pain when i was sitting. But recently I have started going

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  • TheCod3r 1

    Constant pain in neck and head (after 70mph crash)

    Hi all, I'm really really hoping someone can help me here. June last year (10 months ago) I was involved in a car accident on the motorway where a van hit me from behind at 70mph while I was stationary (broken down, no hard shoulder). I was taken to hospital where I was quite literally left for 7

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  • janet06071 2

    broken ankle

    I had my op last June  having a plate and scews fitted now nearly a year later I have a lump half way up my scar on the outer side of my leg as anyone else had this happen? it fells soft to touch.  

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  • david75393 2

    Fractured tib & fib

    At the end of November I had an accident at work and fell from height and fractured my tib & fib also some ligament damage. I got plates and screws put in however they ended up infected, got them cleaned out but then had to get them removed and an external fixator put on due to them not doing the

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  • sandra 21716 1

    Heart Bypass Recovery

    My husband is almost 7 wks post heart bypass surgery. He has developed a sensativity in his left breast area. Yesterday we noticed a little swelling. Is this familiar to anyone?

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  • Haku 1
  • Lou91 2
  • thejeneliz 2

    Falling Post Severe Spiral Tibia and Fibula Surgery

    On Easter, 2017, I fell and broke my ankle. I had a Severe Spiral Tibia and Fibula Surgery April 24. I had my hard cast put on May 8th. I fell on my non weight bearing Ankle yesterday, Mother's Day. I'm worried I did damage. I'm bruised in other places. Should i make an appointment to see my surgeon?...

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  • lisa32079 2

    How often can I move around with broken ankle

    Broke my ankle a weeks ago in a temp cast until I go back to hospital tomorrow. How often should I be sat down How often can I move around Can I leave the house I'm bored staying in and have a 2 year old that I can't be left alone with. Can I go and sit at playgroup with him or go for lunch etc

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  • QueenOfTheReich 3
  • glasserb33 1

    Strained Forearm

    I've had pain for some time now in my forearm (I believe) and I've taken a complete month off from physical activity as of late but I've babied it for quite a while now - about 3-4 months. Although the pain has gotten better, it still lingers and I'm definitely not healed from whatever this is.

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  • lisa32079 2

    Broken ankle !

    I broke my ankle on Wednesday went to a&e and got a temp cast put on it I'm due to go back this Friday to have a fibre glass cast put on. I've had it elevated most of the time since I done it I have moved around a bit more in the house today on crutches but noticed my toes go a darker colour when I

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  • wendy43233 1


    I had a TKR 4 weeks ago. I've been doing all the reccomended excercise, which I haven't found too hard. I'm now walking with a crutch, if I go out I use 2, but I can walk unaided indoors. I take 400mgs ibruprufen in the morning, then at night 600 soluble, plus one 30mgs codeine. Night is very uncomfortable,...

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  • karen77710 4

    Trapped nearve

    Hi again, not sure if I have a trapped nerve in my neck or shoulder. Had pain on and off in my neck right hand side into my right shoulder for quite a few weeks now but these past 3 days it's got a lot worse. I have always suffered with my shoulders from been a teenager but it feels like it's but

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  • Scaggsgirl4 2
  • buzz04609 1

    My puppy "bit" me.

    13 days ago my new 3 month old puppy licked a wound on my hand and as a precaution I had 3 rabies shots. Until now we are observing the pup and he shows no symptoms and is completely healthy so I decided to stop the treatment after 3 shots. then the pup took a soft bite on my finger and made what

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  • elaine04862 2

    Anyone with Central Pontine Myelinolysis

    Hi anyone out there have any information on central pontine myelinolysis , my 26yr old son has been diagnosed with this condition. He has been in hospital for 6 weeks and spent the last 4 weeks in intensive care, he went into hospital on Christmas eve after having seizures to do with alcohol

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  • carol 85816 3

    Gallstones surgery today

    Hi everyone surgery went well went down at 11 and on ward for 12! Very sore and swollen but meds keeping it down going to have some toast in a minute then bed i feel really tired 😃

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  • Evamore 2


    So yesterday I noticed I had a bruise. It was blue and wasn't that noticeable. I have no clue how I got it (which always happens when I have bruises on my legs) as I don't remember hitting it against anything. Today the bruise is bigger, slightly swollen (my leg isn't straight like the other one

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  • Thaton3girl 2

    Hip Labral Tear x 3

    My first hip labral tear was due to a specific injury in February of 2010. We did the MRI, the tear was visible, I received two cortisone injections into my hip and followed a PT regimen until we decided it was not working and went ahead with the operation in October of 2010. I was 21 years old.

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