6 Month Post Myomectomy

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Hi, I've been on this forum quite a bit now. Very long story. The main jist is I am now 6 months post myomectomy. Initally recovering well. My periods seemed back to normal and all ok. Initally lasting for between 3 and 5 days. As time has gone on they have got worse. Last month I had 2 weeks of terrible back pain before a period that lasted 14 days. I am still ridiculously emotional and it has actually hit me, how serious everything got before my op with my weight plummeting to below 5 and half stone. Ocassionally something will trigger a flash back and set me off completely, reminding me of the pain I had for so long and the unneccsary treatment. I am feeling quite low at the moment. Is anyone else having a similar experience? I am hoping it is all the hormones settling down. It is having a huge impact on my life, I am a total rollercoaster! Please tell me I'm not alone.

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    Hi I had a transcervical recection on my fibroid on the 23rd Dec 2014 and my periods are no better and I'm in agony more than before when I'm not on period. I went back to docs and she says it was too big to remove it all and it pressing down on my cervix which is low. I'm waiting now to hear bout a hysterectomy?

    I'm so fed up of being like this now😠

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    Hi Bek , really feel for you, i am due to have myomectomy next month and I am dreading the aftermath. Wow your weight really dropped, are you trying to build it up again. I know how you feel, as the time is getting closer, i am a wreck but just couldn't live with the heavy bleeding anymore, had one blood transfusion, but can't keep having those. No one can understand the rollercoaster you are on apart from us here that are on the same ride. everyone keeps saying the surgery will be fine, may well be, but totally fed up with feeling tired, teary, stressed. You are certainly not alone and understand everything you are saying. Just try to keep positive and everything that happened before is over, focus on looking forward and not back. 
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      Hi guys, Glad to hear it is not me. Initially things went really well. I am assuming a lot of the emotional side is the hormonal stuff (zoladex, HRT) coming out of my system.

      I ca honestly say I am glad I had the myomectomy as I needed it. There is a lot less pressure than I had before, that was aginy for me. Was not expecting to have periods that lasted 14 days then this month 3 days, all over the shop.

      AS for my weight, as I am able to eat have slowly put a lot back on over the past 6 months and began regularly exercising to build up my strength as I got so weak and unfit. Have you had a myomectomy before fibroidy, I think we may have chatted in a previous post? Sharon30904 keep on pushing for what you need, my fibroid was huge and actually ended up doing quite a bit of damage. Don't want to be too graphic, but the thing pushed down so much it was beginning to push things out (sorry TMI).

      I generally feel in less pain, except near my period and the emotional stuff gets to me although the exersizing helps. Fibroidy let me know if you need any helps/tips as it is a nerve wracking thing, but I promise you will feel better smile x x


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      This is my first surgery for the fibroids so like you say very nerve wracking. My fibs are intramural and were only really causing me to have heavy peroids to the point of needing a blood trasfusion, after was fobbed off by the consultant who told me to go have kids first, then i would be considered for surgery. Ending up changing consultant. I did have really painful periods but managed to combat this with a bit of apple cidar vinegar daily with bit of water. My largest fibroid is 11cm and near the top and like you i am slim so my belly really does protrude out. sure i will think of questions closer to the time. biggrin
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    Hi Bek! I have been reading your journey and experience to Fibroids. And I can't imagine how painful it was.

    I also underwent myomectomy last Jan. 17 for a twisted fibroid on my upper uterus which cause a lot of pain and bladder pressure that gives me sleepless nights visiting the toilet frequently.

    Now I am on my almost 6 weeks recovery. I still feel pain on my left lower abdomen and this burning feeling AFTER my FIRST URINATION. It was the same feeling before my OP.

    Have you felt the same in your 8 weeks of recovery? Im just worried because it gives me sleepless nights again for the past few days.

    Anyone with the same experience? Is it part of the post op experience?

    thanks and God bless us all!

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      Hi Belledizon,

      Sorry for the late reply the messages aren't getting through to me.

      I am now am now 6 months post op. But for a good while, I would often feel that tugging/burning sensation. I think it is just the bruising and perhaps some stitching has been done. 

      I had many sleepless nights post op as it really is not comfortable. I completely understand when you talk about the pressure. It can be agony. I was up and going to the toilet 5/6 times a night. Each time dreading it becasue of the pain.

      The burning pain should ease off, but I found flairs up again quite easily post op if you have overdone it. Some days fine and then you think you're ok, but need to take it easy.

      I had 3 months off work in the end, the doctor didn't want to sign me back. Work put quite a bit of pressure on me so ended up going back before I probably should have done.

      My main advice is rest and recover. Don't rush back to work, it is a huge op you have had. Most of all look after yourself.

      Hope that helps smile



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      Hi Bek! Thanks for the advice and sharing your experiences so I may ready my self for a possible pain again. I'm doing great at the moment and already reported to work yesterday and no pain just the cramping due to my monthly period.

      I just notice my self that  week before my period I experience cramping (that made me visit the toilet every hour at night) and pain on my left abdomen maybe because due to OP.  our uterus is so sensitive that even simple cramping it reacted and we feel pain. But the pain now just subsided as the blood from my period goes out.

      Thanks again !

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      I just replied to 3BEK.

      I too had weeks if sleepless nights with pain and countless trips to the toilet. The trips have lessened not I still have to get up out of my sleep to go to the toilet.

      I had a burning sensation when I went to the toilet some weeks after the myomectomy op but it improves with time.

      The uterus area where they worked on me hurt when I ate anything or urinated but this lasted for around five weeks and then settled after.

      Your body has been through alo and I agree; don't rush back to work as you alone knows your body well.

      All the best for the future.

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    I sympathise with you 3 BEK and the other ladies on this forum. I too underwent an open myomectomy where I had a few large fibroids and multiple small ones. One of the fibroids gave me a lot of pain and made it very uncomfortable for me to even walk properly, hence the op.

    I am now 3 months, and a few days post op. I went back to work during week 10 and thought that it was too soon. I work in a school and the environment can be very demanding. I had a phased return to work starting off with half days for the first couple weeks and my managers supported me fully. The holidays are here so I can relax properly again.

    I am still experiencing some tugging where the cut is and as of now experiencing bad stomach pains.

    I have not stopped bleeding since the operation although it is very much lighter (most of the time) since the op. Every other day or so, I get a heavier flow of blood. I asked my consultant why this is still going on and she told me that my body has undergone trauma so my uterus will take time to sort itself out. (In January, I had a keyhole surgery to remove a giant polyp and a large fibroid from my uterus. Since the beginning of December I was off work until mid February.) The pain reduced but was not entirely home after surgery because of the other fibroids hence the open myomectomy in April this year.

    Sometimes I still get stabbing pains and I have been experiencing extreme lethargy, especially if I do too much housework, stand up for too long, food shopping or going out socially. So I pace myself now.

    I make spinach smoothies to bump up my iron levels and eat more fish, fruit and veg. The more organic the better.To those yet robust the op, things will get better as the weeks go on but you need to eat healthy if you are not doing so and exercise is important. I am looking at swimming to start off with.

    Lastly, I too have lost a lot of weight. I was 11 & half stone last year July, now I am 8 & half stone.

    Be encouraged ladies. Read up on foods to eat or not to eat to help you starve the fibroids because they do grow back! I have had three surgeries with them growing back in between. Exercise and drink lots of water.

    All the best for the future and keep seeking good advice.

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      Hi guys 5 weeks after surgery feel Happy First normal period in years 5 days yeeeeees last 1 was about 15 days. 19 fibroids removed one was the size of a baby head it was purple because it was dead 2 n others were dying bad discharge from the fibroids. Couldn't walk far omg! Pushing up on my lungs! I'm free great doctor and his team was the best. I was told by other doctors I needed a hysterectomy he gave me a choice great job Doctor Hertzog!

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    It is nice to hear others stories of post op myomectomy surgeryes. Although I am sorry any of us have to deal with this mess in the first place. I had an open Myomectomy 7 months ago. I am glad I did it, but there are some crummy  things happening to me that really suck. I read someone else describing it as bruising and tugging, perfect description of this pressure I feel!! I still have to pee a good bit through the evening, and although we just lost someone in our family and dealing with that stress, I seem to not be able to get back to sleep.  I recently had a UTI and it seemed the pressure got a bit worse after that and hasn’t gone back to what it was before. Sex is uncomfortable still. The desire for it is there, but while it’s happening the pressure can be a bit much. My fibroids were massive. They said my uterus was the size of a 5 month pregnant woman’s. One of them was over 22cm. Which is why it had to be an open surgery. I am grateful for all of your stories and if anyone has experienced this pressure much further past 7 months, I’d love to hear what you have to say. I don’t know what to do about it but just keep trying to heal. 

    Much love and healthy uterus’s to all! 

    Katie ??

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      Am glad to find someone still on this thread as so much in the run up to surgery but little in terms of what to expect further down the road. 

      How are you doing now? Still having probs? Learnt anymore tales from those in our position?


      I am nearly 8 months post myomectomy for the removal of a 19cm and 11cm fibroid. It’s given me so much relief in terms of the pressure symptoms and generally I feel like a new person. The reason for me searching out this thread though, is that I still get discomfort and pain that I’m trying to track a pattern too (ie is it menstrual cycle related, due to constipation or random). I get extreme discomfort to pain when I sit for long periods and notice this discomfort more when I need to poo or have been longer than a day without pooing. I also still get lower back, pelvic and hip pain. Also get pain (like a deep bruise) near my belly button incision.

      Am seeking advise, as not sure if it’s normal, adhesion related or the return of the dreaded broids.

      I do have one adhesion I know of, as my womb isn’t free floating anymore which causes pain during sex if in a certain position - so manageable with rearrangement! wink

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    You Are Not Alone! My story may be a little different but I have been looking on these blogs for help as well? I'm the type of person who never says anything about pain, or goes to the doctor unless I'm miserable and it's last minute. I had my myomectomy 5 months ago and it's almost like the pain has started up again in the past month?

    I too have had lower back pain, almost like labor pains at times, and all across my incision, on the inside, I have pain too, almost as if my incision is ripping on the inside? Also if I ever lean against anything and it happens to just barely mash the incision area, sometimes I want to come unglued, does anyone else ever have this problem?

    My incision is all healed on the outside, but sometimes the inside just does not feel right? I had my post-op ultrasound, and he said everything looked fine. I do have a Mirena, which no longer has the string, it is not embedded in my uterus, he said it looks fine, but it's been in there for six years, and I'm starting to wonder if that could be the issue, does anyone have any tips on this?

    My gynecologist seems to think the Mirena will keep me from getting the recurring fibroid tumors, but again, I'm wondering if the Mirena could be the problem and I should just have him take it out? Thoughts?

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    Hi i was diagnosed with two fibroids february 2018. One 10.4 and the other 4.5. My myomectomy surgery is in April. I am scared and a lil worried but i am also tired of living my life around my period. My blood count in February was 5 i received 9 blood transfusion because i was loosing so much blood i was tired couldnt hold myself up anything. Last week i had my period and i was bleeding heavy again so i went to the emergency room had my blood count check and it was 10.6 and i was so happy. All i recommend is eat more green vegetables and take the iron supplements with orange juice my hymetologist said vitamin C helps with the absorbtion of iron.. i just dont knw what kind of pain to expect poost surgery
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      The pain was moderate to severe the first 3 days after that it comes and goes not to severe. The worst thing is getting up from the bed you can not find a comfortable way of getting up without hurting yourself or trying to figure out a way to get to bed without hurting yourself. Also sleeping is very uncomfortable i didn't know how lay. But at the hospital i didn't have that problem🤔. But anyways it's not as bad as you think but everybody is different. I had to go back because i couldn't pee without pushing. All that pushing made another hemorrhoid pop out😔😣😧😩. So they put in a foley catheter. They gave me a night and day catheter. I had an appointment a week later to see a urologist but the day before i decided to ask my sister to take it out🙌🏾 and i could finally pee without pushing🙏🏾. So that was my problem not beeing able to pee and the pulling. You get alot of pulling sensation on your incision and your vagina is swollen for weeks and sore my legs and feet and thighs were swollen for over a week.

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