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Uterine Fibroids

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  • linapiom 1
  • Libra787 2

    Infection after uterine fibroid embolisation

    Help! Has anyone else had foul smelling vaginal discharge following UFE?  At my wits end with my GP and not sure what to do next. Had my UFE 2 weeks ago, recovery was tough the first week but much improved by the end of the second week.  Then came the smelly discharge.  I'd had discharge for weeks

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  • jayne80313 2

    Symptoms that fibroid has grown?

    I have very bloated/distended abdomen all the time (visibly protruding like I am about 6 months pregnant, not eating as much, have to wear a pad as bladder seems weaker, I had a scan a few years ago and they said I had a mini fibroid so not sure if it has grown or just being overweight.  What

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  • AyKy 2

    Two Weeks Post-UFE - a couple of questions and lots of details

    I had my uterfine fibroid embolization procedure exactly 2 weeks ago. I had it done in the UK (north-west London). In short - the procedure went well and I am feeling better and getting stronger each day. I have yet to have a pain-free day though I have greatly reduced the number of painkillers I'm

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  • stephanie 21918 2

    Fibroids and Myomectomy

    Hi ladies, so I am scheduled for surgery in late June to removed 16 fibroids biggest being around 7 cm, they are all over my uterus unfortunately. I am 26 years old with no children. I found out I had fibroids last year in Decemeber after getting an ultrasound due to pain on my left ovary, ohh and

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  • Ki2290 2

    Heavy periods after myomectomy

    Help, I am 11 weeks post op following an open myomectomy for the removal of 5 fibroids. I hadn't had a period for many months prior to the surgery as the bleeding was so bad, causing me to be anemic I was put on medication to stop it. I am currently on my third period since the surgery and all have

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  • patricia27802 4


    Hi all Quick update I have now finished Esyma and had my period. No change there it's still really heavy and long (7'days). I am having hot flushes which come and go I know it's not the Menopause cos of my period. I think Esyma must have caused this. Don't know if it's been anyone else's

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  • lyn33865 2


    Hi i am taking esmaya for 3 months on then have to wait for a bleed then start again .i forgot to ask consultant do i take them as soon as i bleed or is it after the period stops ? The last course i took i had a period then a really bad one after that then its been bliss so just wondering if i

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  • Shemma15 1

    Hysteroscopy, d&c, fibroid removal, iud

    HI everyone. First time here. 8 days ago I had a hysteroscopy, d&c, fibroid removal and a mirena iud put in place. Just wondering as no one told how long does it take to recover? Just have slight ramping off and on still. And slight spotting once in a while Also I was due to have my period yesturday,...

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  • jennyg1981 1

    Found out 2 weeks ago i've got fibroids

    Hi everyone,need some advice,been unwell for 9 weeks now,had a transvaginal scan 3 weeks ago,found out a couple of weeks ago that I've got a small benign tumor,it's 1cm by 6mm,been referred to gynaecology,it's in the middle of my womb,even though it's small,it's causing me pain on and off,pelvic pain,

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  • amanda74231 2

    Uterine Artery Embolisation

    Hello ladies my name is Amanda and I'm 36 years and I was diagnosed with a large fibro on the wall of my uterus and before Christmas Ive on and off Develope craps but for a long time Ive had bladder problems . After tests I was told I had a large fibro. After a long talk it was suggested to have a

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  • pam14575 3

    I have an update and it's GOOD NEWS finally

    Hello Ladies, well I first joined the group after I had my UFE September 16, 2016. In October I had a cycle which was pretty painful but light. At my 4th week check up I complained of vaginal dryness and felt horrible ! No libido . Had my hormones checked in December and the doc said your

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  • sana 23441 1

    I am trying to conceive after my laparoscopy done in feb

    Hi, I am sana 32 yrs old, I had a large 13 cm degenerated intramural fibroid, it made my periods heavy, frequency in urination, painful Intercourse and fatigue. It has been removed, and now I am trying my luck! Is anybody face the same situation as mine, please share

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  • Pearlstone 2

    10 months post UFE

    I recently went for a scan, and it showed that the size of my uterus has been reduced. Post UFE my uterus including cervix was reported to be measuring 17cm by 12 cm by 10cm. Now 10 months later the report measures my uterus including cervix at 12cm by 6.5cm by 10.5cm. I was so happy to see that

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  • amanda74231 2

    Uterine Artery Embolisation

    Hello my name is Amanda and I'm 36 and Ive a large fibros on my uterus causing bladder problems and starting get craps too on and off the last 6 months . Ive had tests to confirm my large fibro. They said a safer choses would be a Uterine Artery Embolisation and I get to avoid a hysterectomy and

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  • MissBurbs 2

    First period after myomectomy

    Hi all It was 2 weeks yesterday since I had my open myomectomy and this morning I woke with the worst period pains ever!! 😫 My tummy hurts so much particular at the sides of my scar and my it hurt before, now it's seriously hurting!!! Is this normal??? Did anyone else experience this?

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  • Carebear2 1

    8cm fibroid told to consider hysterectomy?

    Hi all, I'm 36 and I've had a large fibroid for the last 10 yrs. when it was discovered during my son's pregnancy it was only 2cm and only grew to 3cm in my pregnancy but I did go into preterm labour and he had low birth weight. In 2014 I went to the doctor with pain from the fibroid had a scan and

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  • ffion28 2

    Open Myomectomy

    I am just over 4 weeks post open myomectomy and was wondering how others have recovered. The scar is still swollen and sore which I expected however at times I get what I can only describe as sharp "stabbing" pains. These seem to be more from inside my body rather than from the scar. Is this normal?...

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  • tiak1988 1

    Possible UFE

    I've been having symptomatic fibroids for over a year now. I was hospitalized twice, and have had three blood transfusions. From June 2016-December 2016 I was on lupron injections which shrunk the fibroids. Its been three months since then and I've started having symptoms again (excrutiating cramps,...

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  • bee37138 2

    5 months on Fibristal and no change

    Hello ladies, Am almost at the end of my second course (5 months to date) of fibristal treatment and my uterus' size remains the same. In fact, I even fear the fibroids might have grown during the treatment as I feel them more with certain movements. My belly also looks bigger - I think.  While

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  • queeni16 2

    Zoladex for 3months in prep for myomectomy-advice pls!!

    Hi there So heres where I am at: I am 30 years old, I have 3 fibroids the largest being 4.5 cms. In the past year I have had the most horrendous menstrual bleeding due to these. My lowest point I have to say was when I was admitted into hospital while on holiday in Cuba, because I bled out leaving

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  • jess48383 2

    Fibroid size vs uterus size: why the difference?

    Hi ladies, Was just wondering if anyone had had this explained to them from their gyno or had any insight to share. Just something I've been curious about. So my fibroid is now 12cm x 10cm 7cm based on my last scan. Even though it didn't grow while on Esmya, my uterus continued to grow. I can'

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  • melanie3 2

    Esmya Tablets Fibroid Treatment

    Hello I'm 44 and have recently been diagnosed with a 11cm Fibroid, my Gyno has put me on Esmya to try and shrink the fibroid, I just wondered if any one could me advice or their review as its fairly new treatment and can't find anyone who has tried it. Thank you

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  • bianca03878 1


    Hi ladies, Is there a problem if I took two esmya pills by mistake? Thank you

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  • Tookie 1

    Acessa for fibroids

    Hello all. I had Acessa for fibroids on 5 April 2017. At this point that has been about five weeks. Before Acessa I had large fibroids, not sure how many months pregnant it would be but I am very small naturally and my waist measures 34 inches. VERY LARGE!! I had been put on Lupton shots in May of

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  • scubagal 2

    After UFE

    I am grateful that this group exists. It really helped me to make decisions that were so difficult, and I promised I would share to help too. I had always had a little fibroid, since I could remember. Luckily, I had a baby and was not impacted by it at all. When I turned 45 though, all hell broke

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  • rebecca45800 2

    Stinging/Burning feeling after a myomectomy.

    Hello! 2 weeks ago today I had an open myomectomy to remove a large fibroid. Instead of stitches, they used glue which is great but one sensation that I have had on and off since the operation is like a stinging/burning pain. It is a lot more noticeable today all across my tummy. I was just

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  • rebecca45800 2

    Myomectomy tomorrow

    Doing the last few things before I go into hospital tomorrow at 7am for a myomectomy to remove 1 large fibroid. I've kept myself so busy this week in god lead up which has helped but now I'm feeling really anxious. Joining this forum has helped a lot as it's so reassuring to know you are not on

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  • sylvia13182 2

    Chronic discharge 10 years after ufe

    Now along with heavy discharge, lower back pain and bleeding, all these years of trying to avoid a hysterectomy, it looks as if it might be necessary after all. Fibroids have become calcified. I see to have more problems after entering menapause

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  • julie51050 2

    Fibroid Fury!

    Hi everyone ,I am 52 and  I was diagnosed with fibroids last August after feeling sick every day  constant lower back pain and shooting pains in the vagina and tummy. After several water infections and anti biotics later I said enough is enough and went back to the doctors yet again and she found a

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  • jess03277 2

    infection after UFE

    Hi everyone, just to add my own experience of UFE. I had the procedure done on 7th February. The procedure itself was quick and painless, however I did develop severe cramps at the end of it. I was given Fentanyl, but due to an adverse reaction, this was replaced with oxycodone. There was more pain

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  • christine2017 1

    Bladder pressure - One week post UFE

    I underwent a Uterine Fibroid Embolization exactly a week ago today. I was wondering if anyone has had any bladder pressure after UFE. I didn't have any bladder urgencies prioe to my UFE. Withought Ibuprophen, i constantly have the urge to go pee. I did get a UTI test yesterday, initial culture

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  • DrPatient 2

    Post-UFE experience from a DrPatient

    I'm writing this post to share my experience but also has a therapeutic measure as Im quite sure this whole fibroid thing is triggering my depression. I am day 8 post-procedure and I can tell you I am in such discomfort, I'm actually taking diazepam I had left over in the house to help sleep. I

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  • mamisuchi 2


    Having had heave bleeding for 6 months from fibroids, with mirena coil unsuccessful,I started Esmya couple of days ago. However, despite also still being on tranexamic acid, my bleeding is now worse than ever with lots of lower abdominal pain. Can esmya make symptoms worse before they get better? Also,...

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  • elisabeth29643 1
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