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Uterine Fibroids

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  • asa93843 2

    ESMYA experiences

    Hi ladies! I went to a gyno last week to discuss treatment for my 5x7 intramural fibroid which causes me heavy bleeding and sometimes a pressure towards my tailbone. I was curious about having a embolization but my gyno thought that Esmya would be better for me to start with. I have so many questions...

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  • Carebear2 2

    8cm fibroid told to consider hysterectomy?

    Hi all, I'm 36 and I've had a large fibroid for the last 10 yrs. when it was discovered during my son's pregnancy it was only 2cm and only grew to 3cm in my pregnancy but I did go into preterm labour and he had low birth weight. In 2014 I went to the doctor with pain from the fibroid had a scan and it...

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  • laura08802 2

    Myomectomy Pre-Op advice needed

    Hi all, I've not posted in a while, but been reading everyone's contributions and the forum continues to be a real lifeline. I've got an open myomectomy vertical incision scheduled for next Thursday and am in full on preparation mode. I have a 20cm and 8cm fibroid that didn't respond at all to a 3...

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  • michell18088 1

    Just diagnosed with 3 large fibroids and I'm very concerned

    I'm almost 50, have 4 kids and not having any more. I was just diagnosed with 3 large fibroids this week. I've had the heavy cycles, clotting, pains in legs, abdomen, lower back, dizziness, overall blahs and exhausted for years. Don't sleep, have bladder leakage, and I've gained 12 lbs in 3 weeks. I...

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  • angela1975 3

    Pain and Fibriods really down

    Hi everyone. The past few months I've had so much pressure on my bladder mainly during the night and a constant aching that lasts for days in my lower stomach, not like period pain but different, I do have a fibroid on my lower right, do you ladies experience this or should I seek my Drs opinion x as...

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  • joanne69100 2
  • gail27364 1

    Recently prescribed esmya

    Hi I've been taking esmya for a month now to shrink my 8cm fibroid in my womb my gynaecologist advises 2 three month trials of these to try & shrink it before a hysterectomy as she is reluctant to do the operation as I have had a PE last year and suffer from sluggish blood flow in my right leg. My leg...

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  • heather34376 4

    Fibroid degeneration, totally confused, help!

    I have a large fibroid & have been on & off various drug treatments (Esmya & Zoladex for the lasy 2 years). During this time I have had 2 uterine MRI with dye conrast scans May 16 & January 17, both appear to show degeneration in my fibroid, though it still has a live blood supply. Once I stop these...

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  • jess48383 2

    Synarel - 3wks in, nauseous, exhausted & horrible discharge

    Hi ladies, I'm 3 weeks into Synarel for pre-op in August. I'm absolutely exhausted constantly which I'm well aware is normal. But I'm a little disturbed by the discharge. I've been having horrible leaking discharge for the last 2 weeks. It's not blood, but it's a mixture of clear and brown, and it...

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  • corrijo71 2

    Period Irregularity after Lapooscopic Myomectomy

    I am 13 days post up and my period is supposed to be due in another 1.5-2 weeks. However, I have been having cramps and brown discharge (sorry if tmi) for 2 days. I have been having some irregular periods off and on for about 6 months, but just curious if anyone has experienced them post surgery. ...

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  • nicola76148 2

    Ablation v Esmya?

    Hi everyone, I've never joined a forum before, I just read everyone else's, but as I'm desperate for anyone's help or advice I have decided to join.  I am nearly 51 years old and have a 3cm fibroid which was discovered after having the marina Coil removed after 8 years. I sometimes bleed heavily with...

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  • tawana68 2

    12 Cm Uterus and Fibroids problems

    Has anyone else experienced having a 12 cm size uterus with fibroids and had weakness in their legs when they walk ? My problem started May 13th of this year when all the sudden I felt weak in my legs , and it hurt to walk .my period was always regular like clock work over the years up until due that...

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  • sana 23441 1

    I am trying to conceive after my laparoscopy done in feb

    Hi, I am sana 32 yrs old, I had a large 13 cm degenerated intramural fibroid, it made my periods heavy, frequency in urination, painful Intercourse and fatigue. It has been removed, and now I am trying my luck! Is anybody face the same situation as mine, please share

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  • Fibroidia 2

    digestive symptoms from fibroids

    Hi, Both my GP and an ob/gyn insisted that my digestive distress is not coming from fibroids--I have five big ones, which are not painful in themselves.  These doctors consider me "asymptomatic" even though I have to pee constantly, and I'm huge. The digestion question is complicated: I have a history...

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  • amanda74231 2
  • Libra787 2

    Infection after uterine fibroid embolisation

    Help! Has anyone else had foul smelling vaginal discharge following UFE?  At my wits end with my GP and not sure what to do next. Had my UFE 2 weeks ago, recovery was tough the first week but much improved by the end of the second week.  Then came the smelly discharge.  I'd had discharge for weeks prior...

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  • patricia27802 4


    Hi all I just wanted to know if anyone on here took Esyma and had any medication to cancel out the extreme tiredness. I I know that a lot of people I here just put up with it but my job is demanding and I can't be that tired for 3 months. I have an appointment with Gynocolgy in August to discuss...

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  • taralou30 2

    A month after Uterine fibroid embolization- is it normal

    I had my UFE a month ago, the procedure seemed to go ok, everyone in the room seemed happy. Previous to this I had a coil which due to the fibroids wasn't working as well and of course was removed( 2 weeks before UFE, will be put back Aug) the thing is since the coil and after the UFE I haven't stopped...

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  • queeni16 2

    Zoladex for 3months in prep for myomectomy-advice pls!!

    Hi there So heres where I am at: I am 30 years old, I have 3 fibroids the largest being 4.5 cms. In the past year I have had the most horrendous menstrual bleeding due to these. My lowest point I have to say was when I was admitted into hospital while on holiday in Cuba, because I bled out leaving me...

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  • amanda74231 2

    Question on the procedure Uterine Embolisation

    Hello I'm 36 and have a daughter and I have a large Fibro pressing on bladder and don't have bad periods but some times discomfort. As time or year goes on it's going to get worse so the procedure has to be done . I'm a single mum and no partner. I have to go with logic . Money wise and mind wise I...

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  • shellstar9 1

    Work and Fibroids

    I need to start a new job in September and I do not know how I am going to go to work and not miss days with bleeding and the clots that overtake any pads or tampons. Advice?!? I am 47 and trying to not have any surgical procedures done. Thank you!

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  • liberationofliz 1

    Pregnancy after Uterine Fibroid Embolization

    Happy New Year! This is my first post in the group and I'm excited to learn from each of you. I struggled with fibroids for a year and finally had my uterine fibroid embolization procedure on 12/28/16. I'm curious to know -- has anyone from the group (who's had ufe) been able to become pregnant? I long...

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  • d51684 2

    Just diagnosed and scared and Trying to conceive

    Hello all,  I just found this group while searching the internet. Thank you for existing.  I will be 37 in two days. I have had bad periods over the last year or so and I have been trying to conceive with no luck for two or more years.. I went to Specialist and today had a water sonogram and confirmed...

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  • USGal 1

    Clots with fribroids?

    Do any of you experience the passage of multiple, large clots during your period? I pass them when I sneeze, stand-up and other inopportune times. When I wear tampons (usually only the first 2 days beceause the flow is so heavy), the clots seem to collect and cause cramping, and when I remove the tampon...

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  • nicnax 2

    Anyone had uterine fibroid embolisation and then fell pregnant?

    Im 29 years old and had my first baby last November! At my 12 week scan I was told I had an 11 cm fibroid which I had no idea I had!  By the end of my pregnancy it was measureing around 17cm! I had no issues during pregnancy or labor but since, I have suffered extremely heavy bleeding which I take tranexamic...

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  • christel 30529 2


    Hi need reassuring my consultant put me on esmya I've been taking it for 3 weeks and my bleeding is still really heavy does anyone know how long on average it takes to reduce the flow I've been bleeding for the last 10 months been in hospital twice have to take esmya for 3 months before I can have a...

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  • jayne80313 2

    Symptoms that fibroid has grown?

    I have very bloated/distended abdomen all the time (visibly protruding like I am about 6 months pregnant, not eating as much, have to wear a pad as bladder seems weaker, I had a scan a few years ago and they said I had a mini fibroid so not sure if it has grown or just being overweight.  What symptoms...

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  • l07559 2

    Swollen tender belly

    Hi ladies. I'm 3 months post op open myomectomy horizontal incision . I still have swolleness - soreness - tenderness- above my incision right below my belly button, and it feels hard. Is this normal? I can't wear anything tight and even elastic hurts. Has anyone experienced the same feeling? Is...

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  • patricia27802 4

    Uterine Fibroids

    Hi all Quick update went to Gyn appointment today. I asked are you trying to keep me on Esyma until I hit the Menopause answer was yes. I said that I was told i was on Esyma to shrink the Fibroid on it does he said but can take 4 attempts. I asked if I could be given anything for the tiredness it causes...

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  • Ki2290 2

    Shorter cycles after myomectomy

    Hi, I had 5 fibroids removed during an open myomectomy three months ago. Since my menstrual cycles have been shorter..26 days..23 then 21 days. Has anyone else experienced this?

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  • ffion28 2

    Open Myomectomy

    I am just over 4 weeks post open myomectomy and was wondering how others have recovered. The scar is still swollen and sore which I expected however at times I get what I can only describe as sharp "stabbing" pains. These seem to be more from inside my body rather than from the scar. Is this normal?...

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  • amanda74231 2

    Question on Uterine Embolisation

    Does any body have kid,kids ,single and decided to have the uterus Embolisation ?If so did you want more kids if you met some one or you thought logically ?I thought if I met some one and 3 yeas down the line though about having a baby ?but Logically the fibro very large so if you waiting 2 or 3 years...

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  • jennyg1981 2


    Hi all I've just had a letter in the post about my appointment with gynaecology,it's on the 26th this month,I saw a different doctor yesterday cos of the pains and other symptoms,which I think is my fibroid,this female doctor I saw I told her all my symptoms,and she examined my stomach,she seems to think...

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  • nora71815 2

    Post Fibroid Embolisation

    If my experience can help I would like to share this to other sufferers of fibroid.  Having decided not to try for a family after having had 4  failed IVF's, I just like my life back without pain, bleeding & generally miserable every month. I have ticked all the boxes that my gynae suggested pills, Zoladex,...

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  • Indyhoosier41 1

    2 months post ICE question

    I had my procedure April 4th. Took me about a week to recover and felt great for about 2 weeks like I wasn't bloated feeling anymore. Recently, I started feeling my stomach being bloated and protruding again . It concerns me as to why I feel bloated and swollen again. I have my mri next month to see...

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