Heavy bleeding 7 months after UFE

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Why??? UFE done September 2017 . Nov 17 ist period normal . second one Feb 2018 .also normal . but this one "holy molly" flash back from pte UFE , pelvic pail left side, bleeding to death it feels like and blood clots big ones, I thought I was in the clear until 4 days ago. I don't know why this is happening. I haven't gone in for my post MRI. My insurance sucks, so I was putting it off, also I was feeling great. Going to make appt tomorrow need to get more meds also, back to motrin 800 and some nor- cos . Sex life affected again 😕 ... Anyone else ???

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    I had 2 UFEs done and I still have blood flow from one fibroid so the UFE for me was temporary. I didn't have my period for a month a couple of times throughout but lately been getting the heavy periods with terrible cramping. Pressure is still there and sex life gets affected maybe a couple times a month.

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    Hi Maria, Don't give up hope yet. I thought the UFE failed for me too because I was still having erratic and heavy periods 9 months after my procedure.  Then around the 10-12 month mark everything started started normalizing. For at least 2 years after the procedure I still carried around loads of super tampons and pads, always worried my horrific periods would catch me off guard. My procedure was done in 2014 and it's still working for me.  I had a couple of recent scares with abnormal flow, but with the second time, I realized it was antibiotics I had been prescribed for unrelated reasons, which triggered an early and heavy period.  

    The reason I come back to this message board after 4 years is because the people on this board gave me hope when I had none left.  So I hope I can pass some along to you.  Don't give up. 

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      thank you , yes I did take amoxicillin for my tooth, and thats when my period came in heavy and light clots and cramps. but yes nothing like before my UFE , i am still very happy i did it, and I have recommended it to women I know that have my prev same symptoms ...thank you for your words they are encouraging  
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      Hey Deanna

      Thank you for taking the time to post here and after so many years. You have given hope that we should keep positive and put our trust in the UFE procedure and that hopefully in time this will work. 

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      Dear Deanna, it's very encouraging to read your UFE was successful. I am worried about the many stories about weight gain post UFE. Did you experience this too? i am due to have one in six weeks.

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    I had UFE Feb 2018, and I still have heavy periods it gets really discouraging. I had 9cm and about 100 small fibroids. It's seems periods last 5 days instead of weeks at a time but when I start I still get weak. I am going or a check up in July, but this is very frustrating. I did this to avoid hysterectomy but I guess I'll have to see if these things shrunk any. I feel your frustration.

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      so sorry to hear, hope it gets better for you, I only had 4 total cysts between 2cm and 4cm , i have only had 3 periods since my procedure in 7/17, just the third scared, i felt that my flow was the same as before and some clots and cramps, which lasted 10 days ,   But now Im good we'll see next period, , i still have not scheduled my follow up. but i know i need to soon...

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      Hi Kristen 

      I came across your your post and wondered how you are doing now? My first two period post UFE have been horrendous and I hoped perhaps your symptoms had improved? 

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    Hi Maria

    I also had the UFE done 2 months ago. My first period after the procedure was really heavy and painful. The second one has been even more horrendous and like you feels as though I was going to bleed to death with large blood clots. 

    I came across your your post and wondered if things have calmed down for you since? Most literature suggests that 90% of women see an improvement in their first cycle. 

    I realise that time needs to be given for the procedure to work but I can’t understand why my periods have become twice as painful and heavier post procedure. 

    I’m feeling lost and been referred to Gynaecology which can take weeks by which time my third period will be due.

    To make matters worse I’m severely anaemic even prior to procedure and after UFE my recovery took longer due to this problem and I was given two iron infusions. 

    Any advice, words of reassurance, similar experiences most welcome.

    Thank you 

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      HI simran, have you seen your gynea and are you still experiencing heavy bleeding. I had my UFE 2 months ago, I expelled a fibroid but I started bleeding after that, and its confusing if its my periods or just bleeding caused by the expelled fibroid. Was thinking of taking tranexamic acid again to stop the bleeding.

      Am wondering what you ladies have done to control the bleeding.


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      Without being too discouraging unfortunately the UFE did not work for me. Seems as though it fails in 5% of patients. My symptoms became worse after, I became severely aneamic again.

      I have tried tranexamic acid again, birth control pill and nothing seemed to work.

      I am going down the major surgery route 'myomectomy' and on a waiting list.

      The Gynaecologist has been a lot more supportive and helpful than the Radiologist was as after the UFE there was no support. I was lost and left feeling confused as to why the bleeding and pain became worse.

      I have read that UFE is not suitable for larger fibroids. My largest one was around 10cm. Apparently fibroids can gain a new source of blood supply. Mine was still vascular after UFE apparently.

      I have struggled with heavy periods most my life and flooding and crippling fibroid related symptoms for the past 5 years. I underwent UFE in the hope that my bulk symptoms would improve but instead I experienced more flooding to the point that I was bleeding everywhere, passing large clots and experienced extreme cramping all off which was worse than pre UFE.

      I would strongly advise anyone considering this procedure to ensure that they are well informed, read the literature, ask questions e.g. size of fibroids, suitability for procedure etc.

      I wish everyone luck with their fibroid journey and to make an informed decision about their choice of treatment.

      In hindsight I wish that I was better informed and gone down the surgery route which at least guarantees removal off the fibroids instead of waiting half a year for improvement only to experience disappointment. It works for some women but not all women. I hope that it works for you.

      Take care

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      I had the SONATA done back in May and by June I started heavy bleeding and was put on progesterone which temporarily slowed it and then it started again, this time heavy blood clots like Ive never seen. I went to the ER and asked for a cat scan which showed my uterus is now enlarged, my endometrial lining and the fibroid. The doctor scared the s**t out of me by saying she was worried because of growth and it looks like now I am facing a hysterectomy but also fear of something worse going on. The fibroid was the same size for 6 years and shrank on gnrh meds, It wasnt until the sonata that I started bleeding so heavy and the fibroid grew.

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    had my ufe 10 months i still had heavy bleeding this month I took a birth control pill don't I NEED HELP!!! please

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    I had my UFE 10 months I still have heavy bleeding this month I took a birth control pill I NEED HELP!!!

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      Hi Maria

      How are you doing now? Did the birth control pill help?

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