Almost 8 weeks post open myomectomy and still in pain

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Hi ladies

I am 30years old, with no kids and not planning to have any.

I had an open myomectomy, cystoscopy and hysteroscopy done on the 18th of Feb.

10 fibroids were removed, the biggest being the size of a golf ball.

I have been recovering nicely, my incision is closed and neat but I am still in a lot of pain by my sides, sometimes shooting pain, back pain almost daily, pain when my bladder is full.

My belly is very swollen aswell.

My pains are worse afternoons to the night.

Have been to my checkups, dr said all will improve with time.

My 2nd period is about to start and my whole body aches as if I have just had my op.

wondering if any of you ladies are experiencing the same things, just always helpful and encouraging to know that there are others going through what I am.

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    I'm also 30 and i had a laparoscopic mastectomy and took out one 8cm fibroid. Took me almost 4 months to recover. I also had a lot of pain weeks after the surgery, bleeding almost everyday with cramps, which stops during the day and restarts at night. My doctor kept saying my body went through a lot and it was normal. I didn't believe her so I got a second opinion and the other doctor reassured me it was a process. I'm 6 months post op. Things are finally 99% normal. Yet I did some strenuous workout the other day and the following day I had a really bad lower back pain and spotted a little. The recovery was harder and longer than I thought. But don't lose hope.

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      Hi yg..

      thankyou for you words of encouragement I'm happy I'm happy to find other women so we can support and encourage each other.

      I went to my GP yesterday and she said I'm still not healed it can take even 12 weeks to start feeling little better so I shouldn't focus on the 6-8 weekstory we being told, we are all different.

      take it easy at the gym for now, you will surely slowly get back to where you want to be.

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      you have no idea how much reading this is mentally helping me ive been going through hell with my recovery thinking my recovery is not normal i was in hospital with an infection in my uterus my doctor said there was complications in my surgery but waited a month to give me my post op appointment and thats when she let me know about the complications so all the weird and freaky pain and the bladder pain when my bladder is full that still goes on and right before my period i get weird shooting pains from my bladder and down my legs any one else get anything like this?

      anyway all this horrible strange pain & painful sensations & feeling of pain have freaked me out but im glad i have found other women that can relate i realky thought i was fine after 4 weeks and went back to work when i wasnt ready and i feel this also slowed down my recovering

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      I know this thread is a bit old now but it's so helpful reading it as I just had a laparoscopic myomectomy 6 weeks ago at the time of writing and I'm experiencing all kinds of pain similar to you! I was starting to wonder if something is wrong cos I also had a bladder infection post op and had to take 2 courses of antibiotics. I also went back to work after 4 weeks and I'm kind of regretting it as I don't think my body is quite ready for it , even though I'm working from home. Having had multiple surgeries and procedures in the past, I'm now convinced that doctors downplay just how long actual recovery takes! My surgeon signed me off work for 4 weeks but really it should be a minimum of 6 weeks. The other thing I've noticed is how painful my first period was post op. I'm 8 days away from the second one and hoping the pain will be less than the first time.

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      wow thank you for posting this. I had surgery for the removal of fibroids 6weeks ago and i just have been so worried as I still feel like I need to urinate more than normal and my bladder hurts when its full. I just have been so worried and reading these post has made me feel better that im not alone.

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    Hi LandiM,

    I'm 38 and had my open myomectomy on 30 Jan 2020. I had 5 fibriods removed. My biggest one roughly 10cm x8cmx10cm so pretty large and tucked away towards the back of my uterus, which resulted in a 15cm horizontal cut. I declined the epidural pain relief during surgery as my friend had the same surgery and developed back pain after. I didn't want to risk it.

    I, too am still swollen 11 weeks on but it is going down. I have days when its not so bad and other days when I swell, like I have been for the past 2 days. I experienced a lot of shooting pains not so much from the scar itself but from the inside - I've been told this from where my fibriods were removed. I definitely experienced the pain when my bladder was full but not so much now. I think I have probably had that pain twice in the last month. It does stop!

    My first period post surgery which was 5 weeks after was horrendous. I was feeling the same level of pain as when I came round from the surgery. Pain killers did not even touch the pain. I've always suffered with period cramps since age 12 so I didn't expect that to change post surgery to be honest. I normally have cramps for the first day of my period only and the remaining 3 days are fine but since the surgery, I now have pain for the full duration. I assume everything inside is still swollen and not fully healed yet.

    My last period (2nd since op) wasn't has painful, thank goodness. I'm due on next week so I'm hoping the pain subsides and goes back to normal period pains and not the levels of pain post surgery.

    Not sure if this helps but it will get better. All the best!

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      Hi Tee..

      thankyou for your post, I'm really relieved to hear that all that's happening is normal. I have since gone to my gp, no UTI , thought I might have one since my pe had been burning. I hadn't been sleeping so I got some pills for pain esp at night and something to help me sleep. my GP said 6-8 weeks is just a guideline I should actually give myself minimum of 12 weeks to start feeling better.

      things are getting easier, still have back cake so my water bottle is my best friend. it's autumn this side and the cold adds to the pain funny enough so I do try and keep warm esp during the day.

      I hope my next period will be better like yours.

      just gna be patient and happy

      all the best to you

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    i have been experienceing the same thing im so happy to read your post my bladder has been given me alit of issues im 11 weeks after surgery now and i had to go see a urologist about the frequecy and irge to always pee not to mention the horrible pain when my bladder is full i really have been freaking out thing my bladder has been damaged but im hoping this is normal part of healing and its just taken time do you stoll experience any pain with your bladder and or frequency also? i am told now my bladder is over active and its not that unusual even this lenght after the surgery

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      Hi Lindz I have the exact same symptoms. I am 6 weeks post my surgery.

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    Hi LandzM,

    I also had a myomectomy through abdominal surgery 8 weeks ago. I was feeling ok and started a light workout on the treadmill. The next day I had some spotting and blot clots. I have been having clots since then for the past 5 days. I called the doctor and she told me that the sutures/stitches that are on the uterus start to dissolve around 8 weeks + and these clots and bleeding may happen. She tells me that it's normal... Like you I didn't think it was normal either so I called a 2nd doc who explained the same thing. I think that this whole "it takes 8 weeks to heal" is not necessarily true and it does take time. Take it easy and hopefully within 3-4 months it will be better.

    I also had cramps as I have the clots...

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    I had surgery a week ago 10/19/21 Da vinci myomectomy. I had a total of 5 fibroids and had a couple of cyst and they drained the one in my fallopian tube. I have a couple of concerns similar to what you've stated. I have excruciating back pain when i sit up and start walking, also when i walk feel like something is going to tear on the inside on my sides, my period was supposed to come on before my surgery 10/8/21 they did conduct a pregnancy test before the day of my PRE OP but i am currently 20 days late. My post op is 11/2/21 so i will bring everything to his attention i just wanted to reach out and see if anyone else has having same symptoms or experienced period not coming on? HELP! ANSWERS!!!!!!

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    Its possible that you have tears on the inside from the surgery. If i am right there is your problem, if i am wrong it will be cured over time.

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