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Hi all,

I don't know what to do or who to turn too.

I had a operation in April to remove a fibroid in my womb..the operation went well. I had two episodes of bleeding since the op one was 2 weeks after and the other 3 weeks after but nothing since and it's been 6 weeks..I'm really freaking out and terrifed that I'm going through early menopause!

I did this to have children and I'm scared now

I have had 6 months of zoldex injections though..I'm wondering if this is delaying my periods..Weird thing is I do feel like I'm coming on..I have the cramps but nothing!!!

Please help as I'm very depressed... :cry:

I tried contacting my consultant with little success

I feel very alone and scared again

Tezi x

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    Dear Tezi I can understand that you feel very anxious. If there is no chance that you are pregnant then maybe a chat with your GP would help. He might send you for an ultrasound scan to see what is going on. The zoladex injections would put your body in a menopausal state shutting off your hormones but also allowing your fibroids to shrink. It might take a few months for you to start ovulating again. Your GP or consultant can send you for blood tests to see if this is happening. Fear and anxiety can also prevent you having a period. Are you attending a fertility clinic for help with trying for a baby? If you are then they should be giving you help that you need. Gynacological department out patients will have an nurse who could probably allay your fears. Best wishes Tezi, Pooh.
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    Hi Pooh Bear,

    There's no chance i could be pregnant but i will do a test to be sure.

    I had a outpaitent appointment with my consultant a few weeks ago..he did a internal ultrasound...and said the womb looks normal..he did however say that my ovaries are buldging with eggs and ready..

    I'm getting period like cramps now but nothing..

    I don't want to go on the contraceptive pill

    Did you have these injections and operation? If you did how long did it take for your periods to return?

    I do appreciate your advice

    Tezi x

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    Hi Tezi I have just sent you a PM. I really dont know why you haven't had a period but I do know that you wont ovulate unless one of your eggs is 'ripe' or bg enough to ovulate. You could also have a period but not ovulate. Sometimes when the ovaries are polycystic multiple follicles are seen and the womb lining appears thick but it still might not precipitate a period. Your GP can give you something to bring on your period if you are at all worried but I'm guessing that it will occur naturally. If you had normal cycles before your op there is no reason why this will not happen again.
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    Hi Pooh bear,

    Will the gp give me the contraceptive pill..I really don't want to take this as I'm concerned it will affect my fertility in the future and increase the risk of future foibroids?

    I'm really down at the moment I thought after the operation that would be it..i will be normal

    Tezi x

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    I still think that they would want to wait to see if you have a'normal' period. If you take the pill then it will take a few months for your fertility to return to normal. This is what happened to me. I had been taking norethisterone for many months (so no periods like zoladex). I went to the IVF clinic and a hormone profile was done. My levels of FSH were zero. They needed to wait until my periods had established themselves before I could begin IVF treatment. I know your situation is different but I'm sure the docs would be reluctant to start you on any hormone treatment. You could use a home ovulation test once your periods have established themselves again. Try no to worry I had eight week gaps between my periods then two in two weeks sometimes. Pooh.
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    Hi Poohbear,

    Did you have 8 week gaps after your operation then? Is it normal to have such gaps after my operation?

    Funny thing is i feel like Im about to come on all this week but nothing

    Where can I get a home ovulation kit from?

    I've made a nurse appointment for next you think i could request blood tests done to check my hormones..

    I do appreciate your advice..

    Tezi x

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    Hi All,

    I don't know what is happening to me..I feel very chest is so sore and I get the occasional stomach cramps..but no period..

    I went to see my nurse she said give it 2 more months and then come back to see the doctor..she said he might give you the pill to kick start your period..but then take you off it..surely they need to see if my periods come back first before they do that no?

    Please help

    Tezi x

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    Please is there any side effect on fibroid surgery? Will the affected person have chance of ovulating, menstruating and getting pregnant in the future? Please assist by giving proffessional aswer to above questions. Thanks
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    hi everyone! I'm going through the same thing. But with me my period havent came on for years after my myomectomy. Idk what to do or who to go to my surgeon who did my surgery she said all is well I can start making babies but Idk this scares me am I going through menopause I'm age 28 now. Me and my boyfriend we've been trying recently and I wanna get preggos one day I've never had any kids.

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    Hi all, I have a similar issue!! Worried . . . .

    I had a fibroid myectomy 4 months ago, and had the injection to stop my period (only for a while) a month before that. That means the injection was about 5 months ago. The injection was only given to stop me loosing more blood from my then heavy heavy periods in preparation for the myectomy. (There is a minimum blood level required for patients before a myectomy surgery can be done and i was just barely above the minimum level)

    I am worried that I have not had my period since then. I read somewhere that those injections could have side effects causing an early menopause. Has anyone else had the experience. I am 40 and hope this is not a problem

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      same thing here, had the surgery last year march and since then the period has become so scanty and stopped. idk what to call it or what to do. 46years TTC

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    I had a myomectomy in April 2020. I had light vaginal bleeding for approximately 5weeks after the surgery. However, I have not had a period since the surgery. I was menstruating in April when I had the surgery. Now, nothing. My doctor told me Iast week I am in menopause. That does not make sense to me since I was menstruating right up to the surgery. Now, nothing. I just feel like a victim of botched surgery and I don't know what to do.

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    Hi All,

    I also had a myectomy 6 weeks ago. 4 weeks post surgery i had a very heavy period. the worse i literally ever had in my life. I'm 35 and had the surgery to prepare for pregnancy. two weeks ago i started to feel numbness and tingling sensations in my right hand and foot. doctors could not explain it. i also started to get hot flushes and night sweats. I believe i might have carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of heavy fluctuations in my hormones. today i went to test my hormone profile, so im pending results. since CTS is common in women who are in menopause, i fear that this together with the hot flushes might be signs of early menopause.

    i cant seem to find any research or evidence of induced menopause after a myectomy. have any of you ? and has your doctor diagnosed this as such and if so what would be the cause? why does this happen?

    please let me know and I'm interested to know how you guys are doing now. any changes ?

    kind regards,


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      Janice! you're going through exactly what I'm going through! I totally have menopause symptoms and my appointment isn't for another month. i have the awful night sweats (drenched in sweat) in the middle of winter. I'm the same age as you and I totally got my fibroid removed to have a baby. How are your symptoms now? What did the doctor say? I have developed acne and insomnia since (my operation was 6 weeks ago)

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    Hello all. I am experiencing the same thing. I am 35 and will be turning 36 soon. I had surgery when I was 25 and had my left ovary removed due to having a large cyst. In Sept 2019 I had laparoscopic surgery due to another cyst. I was on my cycle the day of surgery. My periods were regular. After surgery I did not get a cycle until March 2020. After March I did not get a cycle until Oct. 2020 and Nov 2020. I have not had one since then. I am not taking any medications. After surgery and now I have night sweats. I sweat sometimes during the day but definitely at night. I am wanting to have a baby soon. After having the surgery I have been sad due to all the changes. I feel as if the surgery has worsen my chances to conceive due to all the changes. I have been having cramps for the last few days. It feels as if my cycle is going to come but nothing has came. Have anyone been through this?

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