Necotric Uterine Fibroid, smelly discharge, how long can I wait to get it removed? Could it be cance

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I had longer periods last year but I didn't really pay attention to them, went to get an IUD 4 months ago and doctor found me anemic so he put me on the pill to shorten periods, I bled heavily for most of the month, he told me to stop it and then try it again, I bled most of the following month, then he told me to stop it, i wasn't anemic anymore, he said come back on your next period. One random night without having my period, i experienced the worst pain ever imagined for about an hour, then it went away like nothing. I developed BV or what we thought it was smelly discharge even though the first time I tested negative he put me on treatment with gel, next day period came back. Period was strong and very painful after a week or so I was in pain and fainted, my husband took me to the hospital, got an ultrasound and they found this tangerine size submucosal fibroid and small hemorrhagic cyst on my ovary, they told me I had to go to a gyno and my primary. I saw my primary first and he saw this gray tissue I was spelling for a week or so, also she noticed the foul smell of the blood, she took a biopsy of the tissue, gave me some progesterone pills. That was 4 days ago, the bleeding has been certainly less but I have this heavy clear discharge, sometimes pink, smells bad, also today I had yellow mucus... the pain is excruciating sometimes, I'm tired of taking Advil, i feel is hurting my stomach.... I I will see the GYN in 10 days...

I was wondering could this be cancer?! Sarcoma?!!i how long the necrotic tissue can stay inside you? I don't have infection symptoms just severe pain and secretion? Not fever...

Should I just go to ER?

Thank you


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    Yes I would go to ER. How do you know it's necrotic? It sounds like an infection and you need antibiotics.

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    Sorry you have so much pain Lina. If there's a necrotic fibroid it doesn't mean it's cancer - I had a similar experience a couple of years ago, terrible pain, heavy smelly discharge. An MRI revealed many fibroids (which I was aware of) and severe hamotoma. I was put in Esmya supposedly pre-surgery, but the Esmya helped so much I have still not had surgery, but the fibroids do come back though much smaller. I have had several months without bleeding, and have never experienced that same pain again.  I'm not sure they will do anything in ER other than give you more painkillers but go if you feel really bad. Good luck!

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      hi Christine I am Lakeira I am having similar problems with my fibroid is new to me is the first one I’ve ever had that I’ve known of can you please give me a call I am very frightened and I have anxiety so it’s really bugging me out, and I had to have a smell which I believe is coming from it because I did not used to have it before I was also pregnant doing August and September my number is 410501–0285. Would you please give me a call or text me I’d like to know more about it from women that have been through it.

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    Relax, calm down.  Your doctor already did a biopsy.  If it was cancerous, you would have been told by now.  I have had episodes of bleeding for up to 107 days straight.  And the foul smelling discharge was always there.  I actually went to my primary GP over 10 yrs ago because of the smell.  He wasn't at all concerned.  

    I have never fainted from pain or had pain issues other than the usual period cramps with my fibroid tumours (3 in total).  Yours is considered somewhat small and likely manageable.  Your pain, and fainting, I'm going to hedge my bets is caused by the hemorrhagic cyst on your ovary.  Cysts can cause a hellish amount of pain sporadically and without warning.  Where a fibroid generally doesn't cause sudden pain, but it's size can cause difficulty with other organs functioning.  For example, a large fibroid resting on top of the bladder could cause issues where you can't fully empty your bladder.  But if you cough or sneeze, you wet yourself.

    There are treatments available that you need to carefully consider.  There are risks to each option.  In my experience the physician's barely touch on what the outcomes and health risks really are.  And in Canada they tend to refer the patient to the cheapest option, which is hysterectomy.  I for one want to keep my body intact.  It's a personal choice.  So I have chosen for the least invasive treatment of Hormone Therapy while I seek a hospital that will perform the MRI guided Focused Ultrasound for me that will destroy my fibroids without surgery.  

    Research your options and decide which is the right one for you.  I don't know your age, or whether you want children, or already have grown children.  This will have a factor in what your Gyno will advise.  

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    hi, are you getting yearly paps? did you ever mention your periods heavy bleeding or cramping to your Gyno? You have a Cyst and Fibroids, so you are toxic. Were you in fact diagnosed with BV or you think you have it? Did you know that BV is an STI? Which ovary is affected and are you or have you ever been on birth control? Sorry for the questions, but I am certainly curious of course. I am Seanjari Preeti and I hope I could be of some assistance to you. 
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      In some places, like Canada, we are not covered by medicare for more than 1 pap test every 3 years.  Can I ask how having a Cyst and Fibroids makes someone toxic?  I have no idea how Cysts  My understanding is that estrogen is the main influence in Fibroid growth.  Would that mean that estrogen is a toxin?  And what is a BV? I'm kind of confused on that one.  Sorry for so many questions.

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      BV is bacterial vaginosis.... and I agree having cysts and/or fibroids doesn't make a person 'toxic', in fact that's meaningless. A hormone imbalance makes them grow. If a fibroid dies, usually because it outgrows its blood supply, the fibroid can become necrotic and release toxins, which can cause intense pain. This happened to me. 

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    Hi ladies, I ended up going to ER and well nothing they just gave me pain killers. Days later I saw a gyno and they scheduled me for surgery.  Yesterday, I finally got a hysteroscopic myomectomy, they put me under and woke up a couple hours later, then I came home. Doctor told me it was a little bigger than they thought, about 5cm but that he was able to take it all out. I've been tired and feel pressure and bloating, I had severe pain when I was passing some gas and when I went to the bathroom, I've been bleeding but very moderate, I'm lucky I don't have to go to work and my son is with my mom so I can just rest while it heals. Thank you for your comments and hope everyone is doing well. 

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      Good to hear you have received treatment and hopefully on the mend now. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
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    I just want to say thank you for your post. I was going through my own symptoms and in googling answers to what I was experiencing I found your post and found it very relevant. I am glad all worked out for you! I will make my own post in hopes of helping anyone going through something similar. Thanks again.

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    this helps me so much- i found my 9cm fibroid through an ultrasound at an ER visit after losing too much blood and passing out. my primary put me on progesterone to help the bleeding until i could find an OB to consult. The progesterone worked and suddenly stopped working. I found an OB but appt wasn't for a few weeks. The pain and amount of blood is alarming. I literally told my primary it felt like my water broke. I randomly had a gush of clearish pink fluid a few times, filling my pad.

    What's alarming is no one is concerned. I've been bleeding for 20 days. The pain is so severe I can't do anything for very long. The gush of blood and fluid is obviously a problem so I can't be in public. I've given up on sheets. I am exhausted from the pain.

    I don't have much of a fever and my blood pressure is a little high. I'm not bleeding enough for the emergency room. I'm not short of breath. No one cares and I've gotten no explanation. This helps me understand there's an end somewhere.

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    would somebody please give me a call or text me today is October 15, 2023 it is now 10:32 AM and I am worried I would like to talk to a woman or some women that has been through what I seem to be going through with my Fibroid. This is the first time I have ever been through this also I was recently pregnant so I’ve been having a really hard time with somebody. Please reach out to me. i am very nervous and afraid My number is 410-501-0285 thank you.

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