Can you feel your fibroid?

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I have battled fibroids for average 10 years. I had a myomectomy to remove 4-5 large fibroids and 6-7 smaller ones. This was in June of 2015 after a successful pregnancy. I could feel them through my stomach with the touch of my hand the months after I gave birth. The myomectomy was successful, but I think I have new fibroids now. I went to the GYN 2 weeks ago & she did an exam. She says she feels for sure they are fibroids, but wanted me to come back in two weeks (tomorrow) for an ultrasound and To talk about treatment options. I can feel this fibroid again, but it is not portruding as much as the ones before. My question: can anyone else feel these monsters with the touch of their hand?

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    Absolutely. I had a huge fibroid which was removed in 2013. It was growing on the outside of my uterus and I could feel the top of it in exactly the same way you can feel the top of your uterus as pregnancy progresses.
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    Yes I can feel my uterus just below my belly button and then the fibroids themselves, which move to the touch. The size and shape of the fibroids has changed over time (they have softened and shrunk after courses of Esmya, then regrown) and sometimes my uterus has been lower.
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    Yes I can absolutely feel my fibroid. Or, I should say that I used to be able to feel it very easily, now it's difficult to find as I'm sure it's shrunk (due to some lifestyle changes).

    I could feel it clearly by pressing below my stomach. And (sorry if this is tmi) but i could feel it internally and it was a huge obstruction to me, making it very difficult to have sex and impossible to wear tampons. Now i can't really feel it. I don't have any conformation that it's shrunk but all my symptoms have gone and i can't really feel it any more, so even if they're still in there, they don't bother me any more.

    I had an 8cm and 5cm fibroid, both outside the uterus.

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      Hi, what sort of lifestyle changes did you make? I have tried all sorts, detoxing, losing weight, no alcohol or coffee etc and nothing has stopped my fibroids growing......
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      Hi, it wasn't overnight but over the past 8 months, I've stopped eating meat and dairy, meditate most days and do yoga every day. (i've really got into ashtanga yoga which has a big spiritual aspect to it and has changed my perspective on, well, everything really). I also stopped using so many chemicals and plastics in food, beauty and cleaning products. I even got house plants to help clean the air! I went to therapy to resolve some underlying issues that were causing me stress. I've stopped doing lots of things that add to my stress, which has involved ending and distancing myself from a few relationships.

      I got to this after getting to a dead end with the doctors. As my fibroids were outside my uterus and not affecting my periods, they weren't offering me any treatment. I had no life though, I was so fatigued I couldn't do anything and was in so much pain (my fibroid was pressing against my rectum). I would swell up so bad i looked like I was 7 months pregnant and was in so much pain. I figured as fibroids were likely caused by a hormonal imbalance, I'd do all I could to help make my hormones ok. I changed everything that had evidence of effecting hormones.

      I also added in some simple supplements. Nothing fancy though, just a good multi, milk thistle, vitamin d, probiotics and magnesium.

      Before these changes I already had what anyone would consider, a very healthy lifestyle. I think it's hard to know exactly what was the factor(s) that helped but my gut instincts are that it was cutting out meat/dairy and reducing my stress that have done the job.

      I'd love to get another ultrasound just to see for sure if they are smaller or if I'm just imagining things but I doubt they do it now since I've no symptoms at all.

      Oh, and another factor was that i went on the pill for 9 weeks back to back as they thought I had endometriosis. This was before i had a laporoscopy which showed i didn't have endo thankfully. But the doc thinks being on the pill in this way may have helped 'reset' my hormone levels along with all my lifestyle changes.

      From the information I've read, I would recommend to anyone who had hormone related issues to give up meat and dairy. They are full of animal hormones. Big animals!

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      Thank you for sharing, that's interesting. I have recently cut out dairy, milk especially, and am using almond milk.I haven't cut out meat, but eat very little red meat anyway. I  have found that taking DIM supplement in a high dose seems to alleviate the bleeding, and I also take milk thistle too. I have seen good things about chasteberry extract too, so may try that. My fibroids don't seem smaller but my symptoms are less. Also I do Pilates. It's so hard to know what helps and what doesn't......

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      It is so hard! Plus everybody's different so what works for one may not work for another. I feel VERY grateful and lucky to have found a solution for me. I felt very hopeless at the start of the year and would never have thought I'd feel this well only months later. I really hope you (and everyone suffering from these horrible lumpy life suckers) find a solution soon. X

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    I am 18 and have been struggling with periods ever since i started them.

    I have a family history of fibroids and have several lumps that i can feel in my pelvic region that swell and sometimes hurt, i have been told multiple times that they're lymph nodes but i do not believe this! Some of my lumps are moveable just as you described they also protrude more sometimes than others and i am currently under investigation for endometriosis but after reading what you have written i think its more likely fibroids, especially with my family history.

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