6 months from Car Accident... UPDATE

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so it's nearly 6 months after the accident which happened on 21st feb 2017. i cant believe how fast the time has gone - good thing and a bad thing? 

i was in an external fixator for 4 months got that removed then was in a cast for 3/4 weeks got that removed - had physio and checkups with the drs etc.

i am so happy that i can do the bit of 'walking' that i can do! it makes such a huge difference. i still get pain constantly but i have a high pain threshold anyway so it doesnt really affect me too much - unless ive done a crazy amount of stuff that day. i dont take little things for granted now such as walking i look at 'normal' people who can walk and i think god you dont know how lucky you are to not be in pain every step you take... and oh GOD showering!! wow, i will never take that for granted i went from day one of the accident to basically 5 months using wet wipes and sponge baths !! it was humiliating and i felt dirty all the time. but now i can finally shower (with a struggle but i do it !!)


i have been trying to walk as much as possible like from the livingroom(where i sleep) to the kitchen and not using wheelchair anymore for around the house which is amazing! 

the ankle is still very stiff and painful and i have hidious scaring from the external fix and also the open fracture. it still upsets me to think about what happend but i try to remain possitive in what I HAVE acheived and not what i WAS. because that's frankly, irrelevant now. 

a few things this injury has taught me is - my mum is the best support you could ask for!

don't dwell on stuff you cant change - obviously this is easier said than done, but you HAVE to remain somewhat positive or you will get very depressed. i refused to get down about it because it doesnt help it makes you feel so much worse about everything. 

think about positives - compensation money - what you will be able to do with it, where you will go what you will see etc 

think about from day one of your accident to today - how much have you improved!

i'm not saying any of this has been easy because it bloody hasn't but you have to realise we are lucky to be alive and we need to do the things that make us happy for me thats; walking my dog (i say walking i mean the dogs walk im on the scooter haha) reading/watching films, playing computer games (sims!) food etc

i would love to hear from you and see how you are doing! let me know what your struggles and positives have been, how do you keep busy? any tips for me? i really want to get back into the gym but with this injury i feel its stupid to go to the gym because i cant really do any of it lol other than arm exercises... but i think i found my THING! SWIMMING!! i even bought a new swimdress thing which is adorable. i want to go at least once a week! but the stinky kids are off school and i dont wanna go swimming when their splashing and messing about lol. but anyway thanks for reading my rambles!!


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    Good to hear from you Katie.  It's so nice that you are doing well and have such a good attitude.  During my recovery from a Right foot Jones fracture, my first broken bone at 69 y/o, I wanted everything to heal much fasted than it did.  Too bad my body didn't comply with my wishes.  As I look back, like you, I was thrilled with progress. I loved my knee scooter only wished it did steps. When I could shower I thought I died and went to heaven it was so wonderful.  When I could go back to my step aerobic class, after a little more than a year, I was thrilled. Driving again was great.  Swimming is soooo good for you.  Keep it up.  I go to a community center for exercise classes and although I don't swim they offer water aerobics, with no kids.  The water really helps with healing and mobility because it provides both resistance and boyancy for easier moves than normal exercise or therapy.  While I was house bound I had friends visit with lattes and talk.  I read and watches movies, googled things of interest and played computer games, and let my husband take care of me rather than the other way around.  He does Sims, I do cards, hidden objects, and a number of others.  I hope you get some good replies and ideas. Tell your Mom for me that she is so important. Give your dog a head scratch he's such a friend.  You have my best regards for your continued healing.  Keep us up to date.

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      wow that's amazing that you can do step aerobics i dont think my poor ankle would move enough to let me do it. yet atleast maybe with some more time there will be less stiffness and more movement. i used to go to the gym and use the bike/treadmil/rower but i cant do any of that at the moment, ive started some seated exercises which i found on youtube just to slowly ease myself back into exercise. it's important for the mind and body - i keep needing to remind myself of that haha

      It's great that you can drive again however, i don't think i ever plan to drive due to my bad luck with cars but you never know - life's too short to stop yourself from doing things.

      google is always a great help it keeps me entertained... i think i would be bored stiff without the internet and computer.

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      Hi Katie,  Yes It is amazing that I am back doing step aerobics but it took we well over a year to give it a try again and I'm still not back to always going 3 times a week .  I was a bit scared at first because just taking 1 stair step made my ankle twist, I fell another step, and ended up with a broken foot.  Your injury is much worse than mine with the hardware and a complex ankle break rather than 1 bone with 3 non displaced breaks.  I didn't start exercise again with my step class.  I started with a seated class mostly for seniors but there are many younger people recovering from accidents, or with health problems.  Even before that I also used the internet.  I no longer recall the Utube site but I followed a young gal, who was also non weight bearing, through a very good workout on her bed.  I did gained 10-12 lbs.  Easy to gain and hard to lose.  I'm down about 5 lbs now.  So you do need to watch it.  Was you injury from a car accident?  If so, when you are physically able, do drive again.  Don't let yourself get into emotional issues and develop of fear of driving.  To me things (good or bad) just happen and have nothing to do with luck, whatever that really is.  I used to worry about things until someone asked me if the amount of time that I spend worring changed the outcome.  I decided that the outcome had nothing at all to do with how much or how little I worried.  Kind of like an accident has nothing to do with luck...........except in my case of bad luck falling down 2 stairs and breaking my foot.  Haha.  So, as you wisely say, life is too short to stop doing things.  Do all the physical therapy directed by your therapist, and physical activity you enjoy like SWIMMING.  Yoga as suggested would be something to try.  I don't do yoga, but I tried a class is floor yoga (because I don't have good balance) and the stretching was great but it was too slow for me.  I need to sweat. Your physical and mental healing will be quicker if you are active.  Everything just takes time and patience. It sounds like you have a great attitude and are well on the right track.  Do ya think that pork belly fat would work on facial wrinkles??  I'll try anything that isn't costly!  Or maybe it's just 40 years toooo late for me.  

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    Hi Katie, it's 45 years since I had a motocycle accident, and I am still trying every day to be as active as I would be if that didn't happen. Can't do everything, but it's surprising how much you can do if you are stubborn enough smile I had scafolding in my leg, plus other operations, and of course there are many scars. But they are not as bad as they could have been because I had a great tip from my grandma. I used it on every scar I ever had, and some of them healed so well even the surgeons had problems finding them. My grandma made me pure pork lard from pork belly fat, and I kept it in a jar in the fridge and massaged my scars twice a day with it, for about 10 minutes. Scars will improve when you massage them every day using other oils and creams, like Bio-Oil etc,, but I still think pork lard is the best. They do use pork skin to patch burn scars afterall... What ever you decide to use make sure you massage the scars twice a day for good ten minutes, and you will see improvement, I promise! I also recomend classic yoga to improve mobility, and not rushing it. Be patient, and continue to enjoy being alive smile

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      Ow i've not heard of using the pork belly fat haha that sounds interesting i might have to try it if the bio-oil doesnt do any good haha 

      yes yoga is a good idea i really need to look into some 'easy' exercise i can do and enjoy because im starting to get really lazy and put on weight due to all the bed rest and not being able to walk far at all. i guess things will improve in time smile do you have any specific yoga lessons or anything to recommend? i've never tried it.


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