6 weeks in with mono. Looking for some advice.

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I'm new to this site and I'm glad I found it. Reading everyone's posts about mono is giving me some reassurance. I can't imagine going through this for months or even years like some people on this site.

This is my story. I'm a 52yo Male. 6 weeks ago I took my dogs for a walk and my neck gland swelled to the size of an egg. Went to my dr and he wrote it off as a reaction to a new medication that I was taking. 2 days later my gland is still swollen with pain and fever. He put me on antibiotics and ordered some blood tests. He called the next week and told me I had mono. The wife and I laughed it off like no big deal, boy was I wrong. I went on doing my usual things for 2 weeks not thinking about having mono. Then it started with pins and needles and numbness in my arm. I brushed it off because it went away. The next 2 days I was off to the beach again thinking mono is no big deal. My arm went numb again the next day. This time I started freaking out thinking that I was having a heart attack. The wife takes me to the ER and they did a bunch of tests that all came back normal for heart issues.

I call my dr. the next day and he said everything I'm feeling is part of the mono. Then he listens to my heart and says that doesn't sound good. Freaking out again. Off to the cardiologist and he found nothing wrong. Made an appointment with my ENT. I told him I have mono and he says I highly doubt that you have mono. There's something else going on with you. Great now I have something else to worry about. I proceeded to show him my blood work numbers and he said oh you do have mono. Yes doc I already know that. He was no help. The anxiety is through the roof.

Just wondering if my symptoms are in line with mono and if anyone else has similar symptoms?These are my symptoms

Back pain and shoulder pain that goes into both arms with pins and needles and muscle shakes.

I feel like my head is going to explode but I have no congestion.

My feet feel like they are burning and I sweat a lot at night.

I'm exhausted but can't sleep at all.

I have no appetite. I lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks. Been living on ensure, fruit smoothies and supplements. This scares me. Is it normal?

Just looking for some reassurance. I hope everyone is feeling better.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing from you.

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    Hi Marc. I was 28 when this started to happen to me as well. Same thing, feeling something wasnt right but kept pushing anyways. Ended up in er not knowing who i was and the whole left side of my body was tingling with muscle weakness all over. Still I pushed on like nothing was wrong as the er doct said I was just dehydrated. I just want to reassure you that the anxiety, heart palpitations, tingling and muscle weakness is exactly what I experienced through the first 4 months. The positive thing is atleast you have a diagnosis earlier on than myself (6 month till they worked out what was going on). I would recommend going and seeing a natural doctor as well as seeking help from a good mainstream doctor. Lots of rest and clean eating early on will help your body fight this horrible virus off and aid in hopefully a fast recovery. This forum is a great place to talk to people who are either going through the same thing as you, or have been through it. Sending healing thoughts to you. Make sure you take care of yourself and dont over do it. 
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    Your symptoms do sound like mono. Everyone’s experience is so different, probably why many of us struggle getting diagnosed or doctors don’t even run the proper blood work until it’s too late.. because mono seems to be so different for everyone. 

    For me, I had unimaginable body weakness and fatigue. No energy to shower, to make myself a simple sandwich. No appetite, lived on supplement meal drinks for like a month. I also had sheet drenching night sweats for months.. among many things. Click my name lol if you want to see all my posts. Take it easy, if you can just rest at home for a week or two I recommend it. 

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    Hi Marc,  I'm so sorry to hear this, but glad you have a definitive diagnosis. 

    I'm 56 and my daughter is 19 and we both started showing symptoms the very same day (Aug 5th). 

    We have no idea where or when we were exposed, but would really like to know. 

    My daughter just had the exhaustion and is doing much better. 

    My symptoms initially were sweating at night (4nights) and exhaustion. The base of my skull was and still is painful. I still get tired easily and feel like I'm being stuck with a needle in both forearms, feet and sometimes my upper back. Perspiring during the day with minimal activity. 

    I have been off of work for 4 weeks and have been taking it easy. Taking vitamin B complex, C, And D3. 

    Have you been able to rest or are you having to work?

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      Thank you for the reassurance Leslie. I'm sorry you are feeling this way and glad your daughter is feeling better.

      I'm retired so I have plenty of time to rest but I just can't sleep. I don't understand because I never had problems sleeping. I'm sure it's part of the mono or my mind going 1000 mph. I try taking my dogs for walks but can't make it down the street. They are mad at me for that.

      I'm wondering if this could be a reaccurance of mono? I had similar symptoms about 12 years ago. After many Dr visits and ER visits nothing was found but never tested for mono. Back then I think it lasted about a month before I returned to normal. Again thank you and hoping things get better for you.

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      So sorry to hear that you and your daughter have both been unwell with mono Leslie, that is awful to hear and really hoping you are both feeling much better soon. Remember do get plenty of rest, and it sounds like you are doing all the right things in terms of vitamins, etc. 

      This virus does get better Leslie, these first few weeks can be so intense in terms of the symptoms and awful to cope with and go through so just want you to know that I'm thinking about you, and remember just take a step back and put your health first right now, both you and your daughter. 

      There is a great person on the forum Mono too who I'm hoping picks up your message and can offer some words of advice / encouragement - because 3 generations of his family, himself, his daughter and his granddaughter took the illness at the same time. 

      Hang in there and remember you and your daughter WILL get through this and get better.



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    Hi Marc,

    i am a 41 yo female from the u.k. 

    Pit has now been about  20 months since I got glandular fever, you sound like you have all the typical signs.

    i had breathlessness, achy shoulders and arms, fatigue and exhaustion like I couldn't believe. Pins and needles, burning thighs!? Horrible down moods and loads of crying!!.etc......

    year one was really hard, this year I've had so much more improvement, I would say I'm 99% better, occasionally have not as good days. But no where near as bad.

    you need to rest, drink fluid and listen to your body, eat as healthy as you can, cut out the sugar, caffeine and alcohol. And after that it's a time thing. 

    You will get there but it's one rough road, some people can't understand what you'll be going through but people who have had it will know, it's horrendous. Just keep positive thoughts And take one day at a time.

    speak soon

    caroline x

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    Hi Marc,

    So sorry to hear you've had such a tough 6 weeks with mono - like the other guys who have offered great advice and support I want to reassure you that these symptoms definitely sound classic for mono and I experienced a lot of them too when I went through the virus a number of years ago. 

    I also want to reassure that what you're going through now is BY FAR the worst stage, and that things DO get better with time. It can be so scary hearing and reading about people who have been unwell for months and months I know, but remember everyone is different and my experience was the intensity lessened after the first 3-4 months and even though it took a bit of time for full recovery for me still, full recovery did come and it will come for you too! I think I could have done better in the early stages of the virus and may have recovered quicker, not sure. 

    Taking vitamins and herbs really helped me, a good strong multi-vitamin per day (Immunace Extra is one here in the UK I would recommend), higher doses of Vitamin C (1000mg-3000mg per day), B100 complex and/or Co-enzyme Q10 and immune boosting herbs like siberian ginseng, oregano and echinicea. And as the guys say of course get plenty of rest, allow your body that time and space to recover and put your health first.

    And remember this thing DOES get better and you WILL get over it. Don't panic if it still takes a little time, some seem to get over it quickly and others it can take a little longer, but be assured that you will get there. Really empathising with not getting much help from the doctors, hoping they can offer some better support and reassurance in the future. 

    The forum here is a really good one to keep in touch with and do keep in touch and let us know how things are going. I truly believe you are going to get better from this and trusting God with your recovery - but for now just deal with one day at a time and getting through each day at this stage of the virus is an achievement for sure. Take care and hang in there.


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      Thank you Craig. You are an inspiration for people on this site. I really do appreciate your time to reply. You're right I need to approach this one day at a time and hope I have positive changes. Never in my mind did I ever think it was going to be like this.

      Thanks again and I will keep everyone updated.

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      Thank you Craig. You are an inspiration for people on this site. I really do appreciate your time to reply. You're right I need to approach this one day at a time and hope I have positive changes. Never in my mind did I ever think it was going to be like this.

      Thanks again and I will keep everyone updated.

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      Oh it is not a trouble at all Marc, I know how badly this virus affected me and I just want others to know so much that there is hope and is recovery from these, even after a prolonged period being unwell and some very intense and horrible symptoms. 

      Most definitely things will get better Marc, yes all you can do is take it one day at a time, a cliche I know but so true. Just creating time and space for yourself to recover is really important - so put your health above work, above the pressures of life - with this virus I found I just had to live a very boring and simple life for a time, it was frustrating and got me very down at times, but the key thing to remember always is that it's just temporary and you will get better and back to full health and activity again with some time and recovery. Hoping for a better week for you and thinking about you.


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