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Infectious Mononucleosis

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  • shabbychic 3

    Not yet diagnosed properly

    Hi, I'm here because I have suspected glandular fever. Last Monday night I more or less collapsed into bed freezing, I had to sleep in my clothes and slippers and couldn't move at all, I've never felt exhaustion like it. I thought I was just over tired. The next morning couldnt move from vbed at all,...

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  • anxious247 2
  • Catchme 1

    Could I have mono?

    3 weeks ago yesterday I began to feel tired, fever up to 103, chills, typical flu like symptoms. Fever persisted through weekend. Went to ER and was admitted overnight. Mono test was negative on Tuesday am, 4 days after symptom onset. Released from hospital. Low grade fever for a few more days and throat...

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  • sickanon 2

    Long term consequences of Glandular Fever

    I'm a twenty three year old woman. I have been sick with Glandular Fever for almost four months. All symptoms still present with no improvement, sore throat, swollen glands, fatigue and muscle pain. I got a diagnosis quickly as my best friend had Glandular Fever so I knew to ask for the blood test. While...

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  • Samsick 1
  • XoMonkey 3

    Can glandular fever still affect you 5 years on?

    Hi, I got glandular fever in 2012 when I was 12 years old. I am and was a healthy female doing sports regularly. I got very poorly with it and it was diagnosed as glandular fever. I still sometimes get the symptoms of it even now and I'm 17 - can it still stay in your blood? I heard it could but not...

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  • Belleanne 2


    Anyone else?? I'm feeling pretty fed up and everything I read tells me I'm not meant to be feeling as unwell as I do.....

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  • mattusf 2

    Open to any advice

    My story started out about 10 days ago.  As I was driving home on a 12-hour road trip, I slowly started to notice one of my Lymph nodes in my neck become swollen.  It was immediately alarming because I've never had a node become so large, and hard (like a rock) in my neck.  The next day I noticed a sore...

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  • jomz52113 1

    Night sweats

    I was diagnosed with mono about 3 weeks ago but the blood work came back no longer contagious. I have nightsweated every night waking up 1-4 times a Night. I can barely sleep anymore. Is this something possible from mono or should I start to look elsewhere. I have had aches and chills but not a bad...

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  • rosie34970 3

    I feel like I've reached a plateau!

    Hello everyone, I've been ill for about a year following glandular fever which I caught in March 2016, but wasn't diagnosed til August by which time I'd struggled through months of work and worsened it. Went through a really bad phase last July and was in hospital for a couple weeks; then slowly managed...

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  • sophie72924 2

    Surviving Glandular fever...

    I thought I would start a discussion, I have written about my experience in a few other threads but wanted to create my own in the hopes it offers people hope and comfort because in the darkest times it's what I needed. I started to feel very unwell May 2016, back and forth to the doctors but didn't...

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  • Guest M

    Living with Recurring Glandular Fever Many people who c...

    Living with Recurring Glandular Fever Many people who catch glandular fever (Epstein-Barr virus) recover completely, but for a significant minority, like me, the virus hides from the immune system. I believe that this ability was discovered in the late 1960s. I heard of it in a BBC science programme...

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  • joel1112 2

    Experiencing severe joint/muscle aches for 3 months

    Around three months ago I started to notice some dull and sometimes sharp aching in my body mainly in the joints in my fingers and feet and a little less commonly in my elbows and knees and wrist/ankle I thought nothing of it and thought I was just getting sick and it would probably pass after a couple...

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  • keyarra60181 1
  • Sarah0350 2

    Mono (glandular fever), guilt, and desperation

    I've had GF for nearly ten weeks and I've been off work the whole time. The past few days I've been unable to eat or bathe or even stand long enough to brush my teeth. My friends and colleagues are starting to question all the time off, saying helpful things like "I had mono for two whole weeks when...

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  • chloep25 2

    Glandular fever

    Hi all, ​In april this year i was rushed to hospital with a suspected asthma attack after going for a run- i hadnt had an asthma diagnosis previously but had noticed increased wheezieness over the last 18 months. ​Whilst conducting tests in hopsital i was found to have glandular fever, which would explain...

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  • APussInBoots 1

    What meds, supplements work best for you?

    Hello, a friend of mine has been diagnosed with GF last year and I've noticed that since then she has had similar symptoms to yours. Searching for answers on what to do to help her is how I found the forum. I must say that it has been humbling that in trying to understand more about this, by reading...

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  • AbrahamLincoln 1

    Low grade fever for 5 months

    Had a low grade fever reaching from 37.3-37.8 on and off since January. I always use condoms during sex, but I've never had mono before and I'm thinking it could be that? Had a very bad sore throat for less than 2 weeks in January but no real fever, but as soon as the throat got better the fever started...

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  • AlexLD 3

    Doctor claims these are just lymph nodes, but I'm not too sure?

    I had originally posted about this in a previous forum because I wasn't sure where exactly to put it. But I feel like mono may have really been the cause of all of this, if it is what my doctor claims it is. Long story short, I came down with mono in March of last year and have only just recently (a...

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  • jeff93529 2

    I contracted glandular fever when I was in my 20's

    I am about to turn 60 and concur that over the years the rate of recurrence has diminished but alas still manages to knock me down every so often (I currently have fatigue for the first time in a few years) in the early days I went to several doctors looking for an answer - they would generally give...

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  • soc1986 1

    Does this sound like glandular fever?

    Hello, I have had numerous symptoms for two weeks now, leading to various differential diagnoses in my head, but now perhaps thinking it could be glandular fever....? Symptoms started with really intense migraines for two days, as well as dizzy / disoriented spells. I never get headaches and my GP...

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  • candice1159 1

    This stinks!!!

    Hello I'm 26 with 3 small children Pcp suspects glandular fever !! At the moment I'm waiting on blood test to confirm, I have been dealing with this for months now, however it's not consistent it will go away for a week and come back strong! Symptoms include pressure in my head and kneck, fatigue...

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  • Gerbear 3


    i was diagnosed with mono/GF 16 months ago. I was very ill for the first 4 months with sore throat, enlarged liver and fatigue. Now I am left with fatigue as my only symptom. My family doctor has sent me to an Infectious Disease Specialist at the university, a Neurologist and my Gynecologist to check...

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  • emma06257 1

    Do I have Mono?

    Hey, I have been reading a lot of these comments and have become so worried. I went to the doctors with serious muscle weakness, random twitches all over my body, upper left side pain and diarhea. I'm waiting on blood tests to come back to check for EBV and Mono. I have kind of blurred vision and have...

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  • ella38924 1

    post-glandular 4 months (but who's counting :P)

    This post is going to sound like a broken record :P In Jan, I got struck down- I had chills, high temperatures, brain fog, couldn't move- I never felt that sick before. A week later, the temperature finally broke and feeling elated I went to the kitchen... and collapsed (cue ambos). Later that day, the...

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  • jesse97218 1

    Glandular fever

    Hi I'm 20 years old male, have recently been diagnosed with glandular fever, and I'm just wondering if anyone out there has had same troubles sleeping like I have, I have not slept a whole night in about 2 weeks constantly waking up covered in pools of sweat. Just want to know if anyone has had the same...

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  • ellena 81572 2

    Glandular fever is getting me down

    I've had glandular fever for over a year now. Don't get me wrong I feel a lot better to what I did 8 months ago. But I still feel exhausted and wake up with terrible aches and pains all through my legs. I am struggling with work at the minute and I'm having to take time off. I feel like resting and doing...

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  • berry7 2

    Is it worth going to the GP?

    Hi all, My boyfriend was diagnosed with glandular fever a few days ago but he was somewhat ill for a few weeks beforehand. I've been experiencing some of the same symptoms he had before getting diagnosed and was wondering if it was worth going to the doctor to get it checked out. He had a dry barking...

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  • danielle9656 1

    Diagnosis from Lymphoma to Infectious Mononucleosis 10days later

    18yr old went to ER for left ABD/groin pain,we thought he pulled a muscle or possible hernia.No cough,no cold,no sore throat,sleeping pattern had not changed,Ultrasound,CT scan and blood work done Dr. came back to the room and said I'M SO SORRY IT'S CANCER.CT scan showed enlarged lymph nodes and bloodclot....

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  • nathan05 2

    Need motivation.

    I'm 30 and somehow got mononucleosis with a peritonsillar abscess 2 weeks ago. I was kept in the hospital overnight and was on clindamycin and prednisone for 10 days. I thought with mono you are suppose to be tired all the time but I'm not in fact I'm struggling to sleep almost every night. I have no...

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  • Gerbear 3
  • jesse27406 2

    Mono recovery story collection!!

    Hey everyone, Let's post some positive mono recovery stories so that they're all in one place to give people encouragement. I think there's a negative post bias that understandably happens where most people post when they're concerned, but not when they've recovered. This can give someone viewing the...

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  • Mono1996 2
  • krys1948 1
  • vicki37695 2

    Glandular Fever fatigue and Gluten

    I've been suffering sudden bouts of fatigue since about June 2016 ,Iam 50 and at first thought Pre menopause was the cause ,I then thought I was gluten intolerant,however a recent blood test shows I've glandular fever ,I have a couple good days then all of a sudden the fatigue hits me like I just got...

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