If it weren’t for the dizziness...

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If i didn't feel dizzy every single day, i would probably lead a pretty normal life.

It gives me hope that this is one of the last symptoms to remain... but i could really use some tips on how to get rid of this one.

Anyone tried something before which really helped them?

i went to chiropractors, took magnesium, extra vitamin D...

To no avail

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    Time , It took about 18 months for the dizziness to completely go away for me . The first year was the worse . Then it just seemed to fade away .

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    yeah i feel you on that. Theres times where when i get up too fast my head starts spinning. This also started for me once i had EBV

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    Dizziness is my main symptom. Tried it all to get rid of it. To my understanding, only time will help. EBV messes up with your nervous system, it gets disturbed and sends distorted messages to the brain in regards to the position of your body in space. At 6 months I still feel dizzy every day, but only when I'm walking, and I def feel less unsteady compared to the onset. Many people on here reported dizziness and it did go away for them eventually. It looks like once you have figured out the most prominent symptom, it's most likely this symptom will last months on end till you finally turn a corner.

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      Thanks for the reply

      Yes, i am actually going to a physical coach because i really have the feeling the dizziness stems from the neck

      Its hard to explain, but its the kind of dizziness which makes you feel "off"

      Like your kind of drunk, but you aren't

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      yeah, it's a feeling that's hard to explain. like you're unsteady/drunk or the floor isn't level. like you're constantly getting off the elevator. so weird. btw, i did go to physical therapy hoping it was coming from my neck, but none of that helped. i mean, i stretch my neck every day anyways because if i don't, it becomes stiff very easily. i had a neck mri as well, and i was told they didn't see anything on there to cause that dizziness. i think it will go away once my body deals with all the consequences of the virus.

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      EXACTLY how you describe it!

      The getting of the elevator feeling..

      It's something which can last a few weeks and then goes away for a while only to come back every single time.

      But i am going to stay positive, as it is one of the only remaining symptoms i have right now

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      if you have times when it completely goes away, i wouldnt worry – it means you're probably already in a recovery mode. once you start recover, the last lingering symptom will come and go until it goes away for good, so just stay positive.

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      yeah, it's a feeling that's hard to explain. like you're unsteady/drunk or the floor isn't level. like you're constantly getting off the elevator. so weird.

      Spot on. I'm a big bloke (6'5, 300lbs) and that feeling was terribly unnerving. I had terrible muscle weakness in my abdomen and thighs for the first 2 months and was stumbling around (constantly) like a drunk. By month 3, I could walk normally again with that 'feeling' randomly occurring only every so often.

      When it was at its worst, I wore support wraps on my quads (at work) in an attempt to regain some stability. It actually helped a little. I also noticed that I had begun walking on the balls of my feet, making my toes and calves ache. When I contracted my abdominal and thigh muscles and stood up perfectly straight, I could walk normally, on my heels, and the unsteady feeling was GONE. I guess the muscle weakness messes with your posture and your balance.

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      hey how are u feeling now? ive been feeling dizziness for like 2-3 months now, but only at the gym, can u help me out ? i know im 4 years late to this post but maybe u have like remedies, tips etc..

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