6 weeks post op following rotator repair What now

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I had my rotator cuff repair almost 6 weeks ago

All seems to be going ok Because of my age 76 plus s degree of osteoporosis I am being treated gently I am about 2-3 weeks behind what their plans would probably be The idea that each patient's needs are different I am now being weaned off the immobiliser Going without it in the house BUT I have put it whilst I am doing any chores Yesterday I was in a cupboard and I accidentally moved a food processor and it started to fall towards Instinctively I put my right arm to prevent it happening Fortunately I managed to hold it with my left hand I am starting Hydrotherapy this week again 2 weeks later than usual

What my problem is that I am unsure what I should or should not be doing with that shoulder I am doing the exercises recommended for me Again on that sheet are crossed out fo I am to continue to sleep in an upright position I have slept better these past couple of night I have got little pain when my arm is in sling When out of sling most of the pain is just below the Shoulder I have some pain down the outer part of my upper arm and also the front of arm . Should I just push along.with what I am doing not tried putting a bra on yet if putting any clothing over my head I bought new suitable clothing before the surgery

I had booked cleaners for 6 weeks but have planned a further 2 weeks Also in the long term I may have them say once a month to do the jobs are difficult Have been having a hairdresser twice a week But not sure when I will be able to dry my own hair with a hand held dryer

It is almost impossible to answer my question but wondering where others were or are in relation

I always knew that my shoulder pain was masked by the medication I have been on for many years for Neuropathic pain I also have a spinal stimulator implant I reckon that were I not taking this I would have had considerable more pain

Because I know this I am frightened to push too hard to getting back to my usual cleaning etc like ironing hoovering etc I bought one of these cordless vacuum which is heavier than I thought but I can manage it with my left arm. My normal cleaner is excellent but it is cyljny do it means pulling out cables etc and is awkward with one hand I could not manoeuvre it back into the cupboard left it in a spare room. And then I tripped over it No harm done but it did deter me

This is very long and a bit rambling but I would appreciate some hints etc to get me through my recoverg I live alone so nobody to attend to I shop my Groceries online and my grandson has been helping with large items to launder ie changing and laundering bedding etc

I more or less know that this is my last chance and I want to give it the best chance to heal equally I don't want to be too precious with it

Many thanks for reading and I would appreciate views from those people who have walked my path and further down the line She

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    I am 5 months post op and still in physical therapy.  My therapist told me the WORST thing to do with my arm/shoulder is to reach behind your back or across your body and of course overhead.   Try to avoid those motions at all costs.   I still  have some difficulty with the vacuum, so I vacuum with my left arm which is a bit awkward.  Also I still have  difficulty with the back of my hair,  I'm sure I look  awful from  behind.  I can do it, but I  really feel the stretch, so I'm not going to push it as I am on my last chance also.   My doctor told  me I will never be able to lift more than 10 pounds overhead so I have had my son come over and move anything heavy off the higher shelves to down low. I think we have a tendency to put items we use less up high and they might be too heavy to get down.   

    Take it easy Susan...this is not a race.  Do what your physical therapist tells you to do, unless it hurts, then don't do it and  tell  him/her it hurts.  You need to take care of yourself.  6 weeks is pretty soon to do much of anything besides daily care and some cooking and very light housework.  I discovered buying my groceries online. I simply love it and  will  continue doing that.    As far as sleeping, if you are comfortable sleeping sitting up or in a recliner, than by all  means do that.  I went back to the bed gradually.  Would be okay for a couple of hours and then got up and went to the recliner the rest of the night.   Take a nap in the afternoon because you are not  getting a good  amount of sleep.  Spoil yourself and let others help.    Please let me know how  you are doing.  

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    I have written a long response to you Grammie 48 and just lost it.  I am going to my Daughter for dinner so excuse me if I write later  Thanks for your swift response. Very reassuring 
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    Sounds like you are doing VERY well. Slow and steady is the key. I am in my mid-sixties and due to extensive damage my recovery was slow compared to others (said my PT).  I am 8 months post-opt and although not perfect, much better. I was good about following the protocols I was given. I do know from a bad set-back that IRONING should be off your to do list for several months. I tried it after 4 months and got myself in trouble.  It’s the lifting the iron up and down that’s not good.  Best of luck to you with your recovery, be happy with slow success.
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    I have very out for the evening concerned about their very excitable dog. But Freddie was good

    I am encouraged by your posts I don't think I would manage to iron at the moment.

    I wondered if I was malingering and feeling a bit guilty I was so stressed last weekend due to sleep deprivation Felt as though I was having a breakdown. I am better now. My Daughter and Grandchildren have been very good Dan came and helped with laundry We have a laundry in the complex where I live . Small things are fine but bedding etc I.can do with help

    From what you are both saying I am doing well but feel or want to be pushed into things I don't feel able to do as yet. eg I volunteer at my local.community library. I was being told come in and just make up the numbers . What the don't understand is that I already had surgery which didn't resolve matters..I feel under pressure to return before I feel confident to carry out the duties expected.

    I enjoy the library but as you say with

    Sleep deprivation I am often having a short sleep mid afternoon..

    I don't think I am able to volunteer until I am able to travel by bus. Not tried that yet

    Thank you both for listening and for reassuring me that slow and steady is the way forward. Thanks Sue

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      Good Lord. Please do not return to volunteer work until you are ready. I was on medical leave for 15 weeks after the first surgery.

      During those 15 weeks I drove myself to PT. Drove myself to the food store, post office, drug store. That was enough for me. I took naps through out the day due to sleep challenges. I did my laundry, housekeeping. Returned to work for two weeks during that time PT tore one of the repairs off it's anchor. I was out on med leave for 12 more weeks.

      If you are getting punchy and need fresh air go to church, post office, store. If you can't drive call someone. Reach out to some neighbors for tea or just to chat. Any shops nearby? Walking distance?

      Can you take a short walk? Are there any parks nearby?

      You are doing well. Keep your chin up.

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    Thanks for the advice I had an email this am saying they have put on the rota for 15 and 29 th August I wrote a fairly detailed email explaining that whilst this is keyhole surgery it is a fairly major proceedure much more so than having a replacement joint .

    I have examined that my surgeon and Physiotherapist want to treat me very cautiously in view of age etc etc

    I am now starting to sleep at night so do feel much better I had one comment from someone who had a fracture and she was doing all sorts of things I am not going to risk my recovery by taking risks

    I have an appt to see my Dr about a problem I have got tachycardia with dropped beats which needs investigation

    I have said all being well I will do my 3 hr stint on ,15/29 August I don't think I am going to be captured I will simply say that I am no longer fit to carry out the tasks It is a small library run entirely by Volunteers.

    I live in a beautiful area which is part of the Famous Harrogate Stray This is 200 acres of Parkland That is my view It has got a lot of paths seats etc Spring covered in crocus and daffodils My Granddaughter Becky has booked seats to see the New Mamma Mia film She goes to Charleston South Carolina on 14th August Just Granny and her bonding She will have her 21st Birthday in September so I am going to book dinner some evening next week Dan will be back on Wednesday.

    I have answered the email explaining that I have to concentrate on giving my shoulder the best possible chance of success I trust that they understand I still have my cleaners coming in once a week and the hairdresser twice a week

    Thank you for telling it how it is and reminding me where my priority lies

    Thanks again. I am not going to feel guilty Sue

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    How are you doing?
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      I am doing very well and my Physio agrees. Still not got the strength but movement good and strength is slowing improving. As my Physio says this is 27 month problem and just 9 weeks post op. I had 2 sessions in the hydrotherapy pool as well.

      I did my first session at the library yesterday. Found I was not able to lift and file a hard backed book on shelves. It was nice to be back in the swing of things however. Not back at craft class but had an outing to the Yorkshire Lavender Fields with my WI group.

      I am doing my own housework and ironing with my left arm

      Doing my own hair and making a reasonable job. Have been out on public transport and getting my confidence back

      All in all I am pleased with my progress

      Hope you continue to Improve and thank you for your interest in my progress Sue x

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