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Shoulder Problems

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  • colin47177 2

    Best clinic or consultant for Shoulder problems?

    Please can any give me the benefit of their experience. I've struggled with shoulder pain in both shoulders for several years and now have the added delight of tennis elbow. I've had physio for the shoulders but it hasn't really improved matters. I'm now at the point where I'd like to visit a good clinic/

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  • lindajt96 2

    Acute bursitis following a frozen shoulder arthroscopy

    Hi. I had a really bad frozen shoulder last year & in Aug had an arthroscopy. Took until Feb to heal, & get about 85% of movement back. I then started strengthening exercises but after about 3 weeks started getting a pain in the shoulder which worsened, so have had this for about 6 weeks now.

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  • IMS 2

    Surgery May 1st

    Very nervous about this. Shaving A/C, repairing Labral tear and cutting bicep Anyone else willing to share simular surgery and how it went? I live by myself so I guess I'll be becoming left handed real soon lol.

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  • karmaqueen 1

    pinched nerve in shoulder

    i woke up a week ago with a severe pain radiating from my shoulder and down my arm over the course of 2 days this pain had become so bad i can honestly say it is the worse pain ive suffered in my entire life after a visit to the hospital i was told i had a trapped nerve in my shoulder, and given

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  • annemarie 04555 1

    Right shoulder agony

    I have been getting increased shoulder pain on right hand to the point been on floor in agony crying.. I have tried massage hot water bottles baths neurofen but it's affecting daily life more and more Canmore arm on all directions with improving or increasing discomfort! Any suggestions

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  • KJean 2

    Rotator Cuff Surgery-4 weeks post-op

    First two weeks after surgery the pain was intense and I could not sleep unless I was in a recliner. Have been wearing the immobilized  but have a tendency to remove it when I know that there is no risk of injury. I do wear it at night but find I can't sleep good because I am not a back sleeper. If

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  • pauline41903 2

    replacement shoulder

    I am 11 weeks post opp.  I also had a fracture of the humourus as well as shoulder replacement after accident.  My shoulder is still extreamley stiff and painfull . I am having physical therapy once a week , but continue with the excersises at home.  My problem is I am finding it almost impossible

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  • Roberta265 2

    11.5 weeks post op

    I thought I would start a new thread rather than hi-jack another thread.  I am a 67 yr old female trying to recover from a full tear.  I'm 11.5 weeks post op.  I'm among the many suffering from unbearable, searing pain.  Yesterday I had my physical therapy assessment and measurements.  My shoulder

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  • henpen1980 3

    Working on the recovery.

    Never in a million years did my family, friends, or I ever imagine that I would need rotator cuff repair.  I had a spectacular slip on sneaky black ice.  I flew high into the air.  Off balanced falling backward fearful of smashing my head on the frozen asphalt I reached my left hand down to protect

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  • amanda76294 2

    Shoulder pain- How to get through this?

    Hi, I am desperately looking for advice and support from other sufferers on how to deal with pain. I am a 45 yr old female, and been suffering for about 6 months with a painful shoulder ( and everything that goes with it) MRI done which showed an impengment and Bursitis but nothing else significant

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  • IMS 2
  • andrew85535 2

    muscle reattachment of the scapula

    Hi Guys, I had reattchment surgery 11 months ago and I am still struggling with my right shoulder. Every movement of my arm makes my shoulder click which is very painful and annoying. I also don't have my full power in my right arm. I've had numerous mri scans and ultrasounds but all come back

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  • merva 2

    Is it possible for a broken bone to not show up on x-ray?

    A couple of months ago I heard a loud pop when I moved my arm.  Sudden onset of pain in the shoulder, but the pain wasn't all that bad.  A couple of weeks later I carried something heavy (35-40 lbs) a bit of a distance and by the end of the night I could barely move my arm.  I saw the doctor (a ,...

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  • IMS 2

    Shoulder pain 9 months after dislocation

    So I'm a bit frustrated. This past summer I was drinking and playing air I dislocated my right shoulder for the 2nd time. The first time was yrs ago when i fell on ice. Went to ortho, got MRI which i guess didn't show much and got a cortisone injection. Fast forward and about 3 months

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  • roblee 2

    Shoulder pain for 6 months - no diagnosis

    My left shoulder has been in pain for 6 months now. The pain has progressively gotten worse and worse and it is now at the point that even moving my arm slightly is troubling. I had an ultrasound done recently which showed nothing. Everything the ultrasound could see was normal. The pain has

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  • Lulublu31 1

    Total left reverse shoulder replacement - please help!!

    Hi there, I'm very new to this so please bare with me. My name is laura, I have just turned 32 years Old and just had operation number 17 on my left shoulder, the latest in the long line was a total reverse replacement on 25/05/13, I know some of you will be thinking its too soon to tell if it

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  • deb34467 2

    Shoulder pain continues almost a yr after surgery

    I've been through 3 surgeries on my left (dominant) shoulder. Surgery 1 was for labrum repair. Surgery 2 was for bicep tendinosis (sp). Surgery 3 was for FS adhesive capsulitis release all within 1 yr. I have 2 and a half months to go till I'm a yr out of my last surgery. I'm still struggling with

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  • clare3171 2

    12 weeks post surgery / sudden bad pain

    I had surgery on the 30th Jan 2017 on my right shoulder .they removed my bursa and shaved the bone and widened something . Been having physio since ( had previously had loads and injections too) the consultant was happy with my progress when I saw them 2 weeks ago . Last night ( evening onwards) I'

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  • livendive 1

    Trying to decide best path for me

    In 2000 I had an arthroscopic Bankart repair on my left shoulder following a couple of dislocations.  In 2001, the repair failed when I had another dislocation, so I had open surgery with a bone graft harvested from my iliac crest to shore up the weak spot in my glenoid.  In 2003 I tore my

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  • niall94924 2

    Rotator Cuff Repair

    I had my right shoulder done in March last year. It was a rotator cuff decompression and tendon repair to have a large chunk of calcium removd from my supraspinatus tendon. I do have very good days but I also have days when it is sore. Range of movement is quite good. It can be somewhat sore at

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  • cheryljean65 2

    5wks after massive rotator cuff repair and still having pain.

    My case was degenerative and required decompression of the ac joint and clavicle. I had 3 tears. Supraspinatus and bicep were complete and infraspinatus was partial. I was having progressive pain over the past year and came to the point I was unable to work. The first 3 wks after surgery was almost

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  • christine75909 2

    Sudden pain in shoulder and bicep

    I had rotar cuff repair which I undestand from my OS was more complex due to longstanding degenerative issues. Like most everyone I experienced acute pain immediatly and for sometime following the op. Pain became more manageable but I still experienced pain everyday and remain on Tramadol. Spoke

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  • johnleslie 2

    Reverse Shoulder replacement and Skiing!!!???

    Had reverse shoulder replacement November 16, recovery is good so far ,no pain, 71yrs. Partially wrecked shoulder after a fall in2003, recovered by exercise offered surgery but I declined. Fell last winter on hardpack  ice and snow and dislocated  it. With previous damage and this last fall and

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  • tami33436 2
  • Susan1942 2

    ASD and rotator cuff debridement last Saturday 8th April

    I had the above surgery 7 days ago It was not possible to repair the rotator cuff tear as it was very ragged The inflammed Bursa was removed I was a day patient and discharged 3 hrs post operatively Given Naproxen and Co Codamol on discharge I had very low blood pressure for 2 days following

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  • rafael10538 2

    Rotator cuff

    Hi i suffered a shoulder injury 1 month ago i had xrays and there was no fractures then an MRI wich results i got back and one of the findings says ( the rotator cuff is intact without a high grade tear ) my doctor coulnt explain the mri results but i got referred to a diferent doctor. Does anyone

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  • christine64637 2

    Swollen hand following fractured shoulder

    It's about 14 weeks since I fractured my shoulder. When this happened my arm and hand became very swollen . The arm has gradually improved but my hand and particularly my fingers are still swollen and painful. My wedding ring only fits to the first joint! It is difficult to bend the fingers and use

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  • summertime1 2

    Shoulder arm problems

    Hello, about 12 months ago my arm /shoulder started to feel stiff, I had banged it by walking into the door frame with my arms full of washing. It seems to get worse over two/three weeks, I saw the doctor and he diagnosed me with frozen shoulder, I went back 3 months later as it was no better, I

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  • jeanlaw131 2

    MRI Results

    I've been dealing with left shoulder pain for over 7 months and after trying all the conventional and natural remedies, my GP finally ordered a MRI. Results came in and she said it was " pretty bad". Referred me to an Ortho surgeon and my appt is June 8th. I've been following this group for a few

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  • sarah2407 2

    non displaced humerus head fracture

    Hello I have recently (7th March 2017) broken my shoulder right arm. I believe it's the humerus head I know it's in 3 parts as I recall from the xray. I fell over crossing the road and also broke my radial (elbow) but it's nothing like the shoulder in pain and thr effect it has on abilities to

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  • jude1960s 2

    After a year of neck & shoulder pain, finally found the issue!

    A year ago I started to develop shoulder and neck pain on the left side. Initially thinking it was muscular strain the doctors put me on anti-inflammatories etc. then physiotherapy. None of this seemed to fix it and the pain went on. I basically spent months experimenting with ideas that could be

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  • claudia96851 2

    Frozen shoulder

    Has anyone experienced frozen shoulder any thoughts? It's been a little over 5 weeks since I had my shoulder surgery. I've been going to physical therapy and it's been going along just fine. Still feeling pain in my shoulder on and off not as bad as in the beginning. I still don't have full range

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  • crystale 2
  • dalton86294 2

    Pain and Popping In My Collarbone?

    Last summer, I was outside running around with a few friends, and twisted my ankle in a hole and fell. My ankle was fine, but I landed with my chest to the ground and my shoulder down but my elbow up. For a while it hurt, and then a popping sensation occured on the right of my collarbone, up

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  • karen47470 2

    Rotary cuff repair

    I have my appointment booked for a torn tendon in my shoulder and after reading the forum I am 100% not sure wether to go through with it

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