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Shoulder Problems

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  •  neveen202 1

    Shoulder pain

    I've been having shoulder pain and chest pain hard breathing when i take a deep breath it hurts since 6 months ,suddenly I didn't lift or do anything pain never go away i did ct mri chest xray blood test everything is showing normal. It's really depressing that I can't do anything because am always...

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  • ricochetred 3

    Sudden Bicep pain after rotator cuff and bicep repair

    I am 6 weeks post rotator cuff/SAD/bicep tenodesis. Everything was going normal until today at 6 weeks when I was allowed to remove my sling. I slept fine and woke up with no pain. I got up, happily removed sling, went to bathroom, pulled up my pants and went to adjust pants by slightly reaching behind...

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  • KJean 2

    Rotator Cuff Surgery-4 weeks post-op

    First two weeks after surgery the pain was intense and I could not sleep unless I was in a recliner. Have been wearing the immobilized  but have a tendency to remove it when I know that there is no risk of injury. I do wear it at night but find I can't sleep good because I am not a back sleeper. If I...

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  • TNteacher 2

    After Rotator Cuff Surgery-when will the pain end?

    I am a 56 year old female who usually has a high tolerance for pain. I had rotator cuff surgery on 12/15/16. I had one anchor placed during arthroscopic surgery for a full rotator cuff tear and bone spur removal. I'm having lots of pain, especially at night. I slept in a recliner for one week. Now I'm...

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  • frnchris995 2

    Shoulder pain for almost a year

    Hi, I'm 21 years old and for almost a year have experienced pain in my shoulder. This pain defintely only comes on after I've been using my shoulder and normally the pain comes on gradually, peaks after a few days after the use, and then a few days later goes. I think it might have been an incident...

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  • Hems06 2

    so many problems after rotator cuff repair :(

    Hello everyone! This is my 5 months post of rotator cuff repair and the recovery is way below expectation. My ROM is around 90to 100 degree but shoulder hikes up and doesn't look good at all. I have had injection as well but it didn't help as much. I visit PT once in a week and he thinks it is getting...

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  •  neveen202 1

    Shoulder pain

    I've been having shoulder pain and chest pain hard breathing when i take a deep breath it hurts since 6 months ,suddenly I didn't lift or do anything pain never go away i did ct mri chest xray blood test everything is showing normal. It's really depressing that I can't do anything because am always...

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  • danielle52636 2

    Failed shoulder surgeries X 2

    I am a 48 year female . I Was living a normal life once . I had a shoulder decompression surgery for an Impingement and inflamed Bursa in May 2016 which only lasted for 8 months until again I started feeling unwell . Had a 2nd shoulder decrompression and Bursectomy in April 2017 which only lasted 8 weeks...

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  • roblee 2

    Shoulder pain for 6 months - no diagnosis

    My left shoulder has been in pain for 6 months now. The pain has progressively gotten worse and worse and it is now at the point that even moving my arm slightly is troubling. I had an ultrasound done recently which showed nothing. Everything the ultrasound could see was normal. The pain has always...

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  • poorlyshoulder 2

    Ache in whole arm after rotator cuff and frayed tendon repair?

    Hi, it has been 11 weeks since I had a rotator cuff repair and a couple of small tendon repairs (bicep tendonitis frayed). Since I am now out of my sling, the 'whole of my arm' tends to 'ache' for most if not all of the day, but not every day.  It might recover over night and I then wake up fine, or...

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  • tony01126 2

    shoulder impingement

    have had shoulder impingement for 7 months  lots of pain  in 5 weeks time i have physo and at the moment no pain but a lot off crunching noises in shoulder has this happened to anyone else

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  • Yensid97 2

    Finished PT (no surgery) but still hurts

    I'm a 62 year old active male. An MRI earlier this year showed a torn labrum and bone spur in my left shoulder. It had become very difficult to use but rather than have surgery the doctor wanted to try PT which I consider a success as to the regained movement.  However I still have pain in my shoulder...

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  • Undeadelvis 1

    Anxiety about Shoulder pains

    Hi i have a history of anxiety to the point where i was off of work with it and on medication. These days I am now in work and i look after my 3 year old Son most days. Roughly 2 years ago i started getting an ache in my shoulder which has gradually gotten worse, starting the day feeling a little sore...

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  • CaptJack 2

    Stir crazy!

    I've always been an active person, which contributed to some major tearing of tendons in my shoulder.  4 weeks post surgery.  Doc said due to serious tearing and frayed tendons I may be looking at 7-8 weeks in the pillow sling.  Of course nights are bad (how many of these posts are written in the middle...

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  • tiffany38555 2

    Shoulder pain

    Is anyone remotely aware of the look of the shoulder anatomy on an MRI? I do have shoulder pain but I've never had a doctor look into it for me. However I had and MRI for a totally different reason it cover my whole chest area in the axial planes. After I looked at the images I could see definite difference...

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  • zack26150 1

    Shoulder pain while exercising

    Male, 23. For a long time my right shoulder has been doing a lot of "knacks" while I spin my right arm or move it in other different ways. Also while lying or leaning against a wall or a floor I feel that my left sholder is completely on the surface while the right one is left "hanging", like its stracture...

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  • pauline41903 2

    replacement shoulder

    I am 11 weeks post opp.  I also had a fracture of the humourus as well as shoulder replacement after accident.  My shoulder is still extreamley stiff and painfull . I am having physical therapy once a week , but continue with the excersises at home.  My problem is I am finding it almost impossible to...

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  • andrew85535 2

    muscle reattachment of the scapula

    Hi Guys, I had reattchment surgery 11 months ago and I am still struggling with my right shoulder. Every movement of my arm makes my shoulder click which is very painful and annoying. I also don't have my full power in my right arm. I've had numerous mri scans and ultrasounds but all come back clear....

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  • spin93120 1

    Tennis after shoulder replacement?

    I have been a keen club & competition tennis player for more than half a century but at the age of 63 now find that due to severe osteoarthritis in the shoulder of my playing arm that I need a full shoulder replacement. The problem was picked up more than 10 years ago but I decided against having the...

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  • nicole0710 1
  • jason23956 2

    Elbow joint

    ok so its been nearly 2 years since i had my bike VS bus accident. At the time i had thought i only broke a few ribs and clavicle. i had to wear a sling for 3 months before i was given surgery. plate and 6 screws. then had to wear a shoulder imobiliser for a further 3 months. At the time when i took...

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  • elaineab 2

    Constant worry about hurting rotator cuff repair

    It is always good to hear that others are going through the same thing that you are, so I was relieved to find this rotator cuff discussion board. I am 7.5 weeks post surgery for a massive tear in my right rotator cuff that was repaired ( I hope) with arthroscopic surgery that included six calcium screws...

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  • henpen1980 4

    Working on the recovery.

    Never in a million years did my family, friends, or I ever imagine that I would need rotator cuff repair.  I had a spectacular slip on sneaky black ice.  I flew high into the air.  Off balanced falling backward fearful of smashing my head on the frozen asphalt I reached my left hand down to protect my...

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  • henpen1980 4

    five months into this an my careless PT ripped off...

    YES, a very experienced PT got careless and after five months, his dumb careless decision result is ripping the supraspinatus muscle tendon repair completely off the humeral head again.  Thankfully, his stupidity did not damage the infraspinatus repair with screws or the subscapularis rips.  FIVE MONTHS...

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  • marsha34470 2

    Reverse replacement

    Dear fellow shoulder cohorts in Orlando: I am looking for a fellow patient who used Cora Rehab Clinic in Apopka in December for p t for a reverse procedure. We traded histories and were both patients of Orlando Orthopedic for shoulder. The reverse replacement has been recommended to me. I know this...

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  • Hems06 2

    4 months post of partial rotator cuff tear repaired

    Hi there, This is my 4 months post op rotator cuff repaired. Everything was going ok until I fell a slip in the shower on my 3 months post op. However, MRI did show nothing wrong with the repaired. the Dr told me not to worry so my PT did as it is still attached to bone but after 1 week of incident...

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  • Lulublu31 2

    Total left reverse shoulder replacement - please help!!

    Hi there, I'm very new to this so please bare with me. My name is laura, I have just turned 32 years Old and just had operation number 17 on my left shoulder, the latest in the long line was a total reverse replacement on 25/05/13, I know some of you will be thinking its too soon to tell if it has...

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  • Lulublu31 2
  • sdsrdh04 1

    Shoulder trauma with swelling 10 days ago

    10 year old healthy Male - injured shoulder playing sports- initial ER visit and X-rays ruled out break or fracture- Limited movement upon initial onset of injury but each day has been better and now has full range of motion, sometimes slower and with slight discomfort, but full range. - knot appeared...

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  • grillage 2

    Both shoulders needed Rotator Cuff Surgery

    Last July I had Left rotator cuff surgery. I was VERY painful. Went through 6 months of Rehab. Still was hurting. 4 weeks ago I had Right rotator cuff surgery. Both shoulder were shot from 20+ years of Gymnastics. Now that I am VERY limited what I can do with my right side being in a sling that is aggrivating...

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  • annemarie 04555 2

    On going shoulder pain affecting neck and arm!

    Hi I've had worsening shoulder pain feels very deep nothing helps e.g. Massage baths heat! No obvious movement in arm hurts or worsens pain! Hurts much more at night and at rest! I'm 32... I was prescribed naproxen with little help then they also added in omeprazole! I'm going to return Gp but feel they...

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  • paulfoel 3

    Shoulder pain - exercise/stretch or rest

    GP thinks neck problems. Been for sports massage.  Just wondering - is is better to stretch (and feel pain) or rest completely? Having had to do some DIY it seems better after the initial discomfort. Then again, its very stiff after sleeping.

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  • amanda76294 2

    Shoulder pain- How to get through this?

    Hi, I am desperately looking for advice and support from other sufferers on how to deal with pain. I am a 45 yr old female, and been suffering for about 6 months with a painful shoulder ( and everything that goes with it) MRI done which showed an impengment and Bursitis but nothing else significant so...

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  • BCFrank 2

    Shoulder/arm PAIN

    Looking for some advice on what could be the problem here.    I've had pain in my arm starting at the shoulder down to my fingers for about 9 weeks.  Also stiff painful neck.  Always when I get up from resting, sleeping, reading, watching tv etc... the arm is tingling and nerve pain for about an hour....

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  • maddy08730 2

    bicep pain

    I am 4 weeks post rotator cuff and bicep repair, arthroscopically.  I was doing pretty well and using my hand to do things and moving shoulder nicely.  A few days ago I started having extreme pain in my bicep  when I tried to move my arm up and forward.  Sometimes it just shoots pain until I get it moved...

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  • gary20645 1
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