Anyone that had shoulder decompression surgery

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it will be 10 weeks post surgery. my shoulder is really stiff and can barely lift my arm to chest level. I keep getting random pops in my muscles from shoulder to wrist. Pain in my ball and joint area. Sleeping is horrible, I'm lucky to get a good 4 hours at one time. I have pt 2x a week. I'm noticing small improvements every week but not what I was expecting. Is this common at this point? I just want to be able to put my hair up and be able to shave my entire arm pit again. I want to sleep on my side and pull my pants up with out struggles. I feel like I should be able to do more at this point. I don't know if it's me or if I'm where I should be. Please let me know what your recovery was like and if it's just me or normal

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    hi Penny

    mmmmmm Seems I have followed the same path as you are now

    i had de compression surgery on the 18th of sept and all seemed fine. physio weekly all by the book as directed.

    since mid dec i have gone backwards. i have night aches that keep me up. my joint rattles and poppes with a clunking.

    lots of pain around the bisep long head and deltiod at the top of the shoulder

    i am a carpenter so i played it slow off 7 weeks and physio. lots of resistance work and light weights.

    now back after christmas and i cannot even reach top of a door.

    i was on the phone only yesterday afternoon to the surgeon for post 3 months from stitches out

    now up fir guided steriod jab into the arm to help the pain.

    i was hoping for ACR but he will not do this yet ( i also have bi lateral frozen joints as well to contend with.

    but your symptoms seem to be following mine.

    i aquirred a t-shellz heated cuff from the USA . i am in the UK and it seems to help warm the shoulder up inside to give it a push in the morning.

    see my other posts in frozen shoulder for some tips on pain and toys to use.

    it will improve. just a waiting game. my impingment was 18 months when i got the operation


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    hi pepper

    sorry tried using voice memo as phone kept crashing not penny as it come out

    had it typed out twice and it reloaded back to start.

    i hoped this helps put your mind at rest. the "t-shellz" was from the mend me shop. it uses electro magnetic pad on a neoprene sleeve. i use it when driving to work it seems to help i use it to and from work.

    but sleeping well as you said if its 4 hours sleep its a good night.

    is yours an ache or a pain. mine ache goes down to the elbow and pain meds does not seem to help either.


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      thanks for responding. it's a horrible hard to describe. it's mainly in the front where the ball is. I told my physical therapist again yesterday. I have my 2 month check up with my surgeon tomorrow. I've asked about getting prednisone or something to see if that would help. was told they can do a shot but want to wait. I'm hoping they do something tomorrow. although I had to surgery so I didn't need to be poked anymore. i had pain for about 18 months before surgery. I'm just sooo tired and depression is kicking in. I wasn't told it would be such a long process. I work as a lunch lady and am on restrictions and about 1/2 my hours. which doesn't help when financial strain comes in. my last appointment he said I'm getting frozen shoulder also now. How much range of motion do you have?? I pray yours gets better fast and hope you can get a great night sleep soon

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      hi pepper

      hows the arm for the new year. is it behaving. did you get injection to help the decompressed joint .


      did your joint freeze up or have you got in front of it.


      me i have gone bad to badder lol. excuse the English. yes got on top of the movement for the decompression. was promised a guided jab to help in january and march.


      it never arrived. so i cannot lay on the shoulder still. just to rub salt into the wounded joint the left shoulder fell apart very quickly.


      i am now post operation 3 weeks for capsular release and decompression of the joint.


      physio from day one and its brutal. constant 8 hours a day. even hired a CPM machine to help. i am at physio every other day at the moment. and have to reach maximum range of motion


      it starts to get bad next week with the inset of scar tissue back in the joint. and then for the next 6 weeks after this point.

      shoulder is so fragile at the moment i popped the shoulder blade out on day 8. tore a muscle at the same time.


      now i have lost feeling to the skin on top of me arm !!!!.

      give me some good news on your outcome. and tour are back at school working.



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    morning pepper

    ho sod. feel for you

    do your best to move the joint and avoid a frozen shoulder thats whole new can of worms there.

    thats a constant ache in i different way. a horrible way. it seems things with shoulders are a silent injury. very painful very personal. no one sees what pain you are in.

    at work i just get take the pee out of" poor old colin. his arm again off to physio"

    my physio shut dec due to lock down. i pay private and really need it. seems i will be waiting a while.

    pain wise i am up to 3 steroid jabs. 2 hydro dilation jabs and the surgery across both arms

    please let me know what the surgeon says about your recovery to compare.

    when you had the surgery was you in a sling for comfort for a while. mine made me exercise from the first day in pain or not. it was brutal.

    but i still managed to laugh at how bad i was. my best investment was the cryo cuff. i had that on for 3 days solid. better than codeine and a pillow wedge to sleep upright.

    i am still down for one more operation on the other side he refers it as PFFS persistant frozen shoulder syndrome. thats on insurance as it was a work place injury that has set all this off. including wearing out my right joint and having the decompression done to it.

    hope the meeting with surgeon goes well. nice for some one to finally answer to a reply. not a lot of chat on here any more. we are all losing out on tips and general companionship to talk about it.


    ho by the way up last night for a change lol

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      He said I'm about 4 weeks behind where I should be. He said they removed alot of Synovitis. (inflamed tissue) and he thinks that it's happening again. He said my shoulder was p****d before surgery and it's basically now saying f you. He thinks between scar tissue and Synovitis. he did assure me that even though I'm slower at recovery it will happen. I go in on Thursday for a injection in the joint. he thinks that will help with the pain so things can move better. he gave me more pain meds and go back in February. He upped my hours to 5 but still no lifting, pulling, pushing over 5 lbs with right arm. knowing that I'm not where I should be made me cry but I'm hoping the injection helps and it's the last one I need. I've had 2 before and they lasted afew months each time. They are so much better then the ones they do at the clinic. When do you go back to your dr? have you had one of the deep injections before?

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      hi pepper

      any update on your aches and pains.

      mine have got worse over the past 3 weeks. called upon the osteopath at my clinic as the sport injury side is closed. my back is so tight and locked up i cannot move my shoulder blades thats one big problem.

      got the ok to see the surgeon for the other shoulder. awaiting for his appointment. thats going to be capsular release on the left hand side.

      awaiting for the call for guided injection into the right joint. thats in the system already. its just a waiting game now while being sore.

      any progress on your side or are you waiting like me due to the new varient of c19


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      my injection was horrible. it hurt soooo bad. the other 2 I had didn't hurt like this one. it helped just a little. I'm upto 148 degrees passive. i gained 12 degrees in a week. my PT guy started me doing light strength training. now my shoulder hurts like hell. i go back to my surgeon on the 19th. it's long and slow but making little baby steps every week.

      how's yours going??

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    i think its called getting old in my case lol . see all is on track. like me you just get worried its not happening. as long as you stay within the safe zone and dont over push it. its a slow slow process. i have kept a video diary. looking back over the weeks gives me hope as i can actually see improvment.

    you could try that and review it every two weeks and see you are getting better.

    i have had two hydro dialtion injections one into each joint. they were mass volume injections done with a catherta into the joint. to be honest compared to the pain we have its a walk in the park. would have it again at a blink of an eye.

    you are proberly having what he has put me down for a guided steriod injection into the joint.

    now your a lady which means a higher pain threshold than me as i have bloke pain threshold lol. and now i just take it had so many jabs i to the shoulders now.

    take your time keep positive and focused on getting better as with me we will get there at some point

    i am so looking forward to the other shoulder operation to juggle as well once shut down has opened up.

    dont for get to update as you go gives me hope as well


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    hi pepper

    its been a while have you recovered from the decompression surgery

    is the joint back to what is was now. my joint is now fine with only the frozen joint aches. that pain we has on the impingment has gone for good.


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    I had shoulder decompression surgery 6 months ago where I got 10cms bone shaved away. I still have pain every day. My consultant told me I can go back to doing excercises and the pain should ease in the next few months. Any advice?

    Is it only the bone healing that's causing pain?

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