65, but I feel 105

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I'm 65 years old, I feel 105, I'm taking the following prescribed meds which are keeping my BP in check, but I feel bone tired all the time, actually bone tired is an understatement, exhausted is more accurate, I don't smoke, and don't drink ?




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    What are you eating habits like, be honest,
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      erratic, some days I hardly eat at all, other days I'm hungry all the time, doc says I need to loose some weight, I'm approx 15 stone last time I checked, height approx 6 ft.
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      Yes, you should probably be nearer 13 stone. But what you first need to do, is get your body right so that you can exercise.

      I had a massive stroke last year, at the same time I became jaundiced in hospital nad they had to detox me and put a drain on me. Two months almost I was there.

      I take 8 prescriptions a day, some are for my liver condition and some are for others things, I take amplodine amonst them, because I had raging unchecked hypertension, I knew I did, i had been on atenolol, but I just gave up and didn't bother, that coupled with my drinking, was pretty much what brought on my stroke.

      For months afterwards I felt fatigued, I would need an afternoon nap. During that period i was assigned a dietician consultant at the hospital. From that moment on I started to eat healthily and regularly. This diet won't suit everyone, it's just an example. I have porridge for breakfast, a couple of pieces of fruit, if I am hungry, I will make a sandwich, something like a ham salad. For dinner I will always make something, even if it is just buying mince and adding a jar of sauce for spag bol.

      What I don't ever do is by ready made meals and other packet stuff that has no nutritional value at all, no matter how much you pay for it. I'm pragmatic, in the summer, I have to switch the porridge for a quality muesli as i can't eat a warm breakfaast.

      My energy came back, if you don't look after your body, then it isn't going to look after you. When you get the energy back, you can then think about exercising. I'm lucky, I have a fair sized dog and she needs plenty of walks and an alotment right next to the park, so I can kill two birds with one stone.

      It's not how much you eat, it's what you eat and right now, you're not eaating properly.

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      I'm trying to do all the right things, perhaps a little late in life, kicked booze 3 years ago, wasn't easy but I did it with lots of help, had to go into a program. Kicked cigarettes 9 months ago which was also tough. Hope I can now do the same with diet and exercise, coming back from a short trip to the shops this evening I was completely knackered, barely got my key in the door, literally no strength to stand upright. Wish I done the health thing 30 years ago, cheers : )
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    I get where you're coming from, as these are common side effects of two of these

    medications in particular.  My mother was on amlodopline and it made her so tired,

    the physician took her off that one, and put her another class, which of course has

    side effects as well.  It's a delicate balance the physicians try to achieve.  They want that blood pressure to stay within a certain range, and sometimes there are

    tradeoffs.  In your case though, when you feel that exhausted it then becomes a

    quality of live issue.  These drugs obviously aren't your best bet, something needs

    to be done.  This is where good communication comes in, make your dr. aware of

    how you're feeling, and that you can't live this way.  I wish you luck and health.

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      I did see my doctor today, my BP was still high so he upped my meds to include bisoprolol in the mix, I asked him what were the side effects, he said all BP meds have side effects and that fatigue is typical, the priority was to lower my BP which was 160/100 in his surgery today. I'm OK with that, if things do get worse I'll ask about alternatives, it's been a long day today, thanks
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      How long since you were diagnosed with hypertension and what strength of each of the meds are you on? Presumably you were not medicated on a one off reading in the surgery.

      You will probably feel even worse with bisoprolol as it can dramatically reduce your heat rate..

      Amplodopine made me feel tired every evening but I was wide awake by bed time.

      Do you have a BP monitor to check your readings at home at different times of day when you are in relaxed surroundings as many of us have a BP surge as soon as we get into the surgery.

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      amlodopine 10mg

      indapamide 2.5mg

      bisoprolol 2.5 was just added today,

      my pulse rate dropped rapidly into the 70's after taking that bisoprolol tablet for the first time, my readings tonight before crashing out were 116/79 - 81bpm. That's down from 160/100 today in the surgery. I start this new regime of meds tomorrow and revisit my GP on Friday


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    Im 26 and i feel 105 im on four





     these meds block certain functions of your heart and certain Hormones its a side effect of the medicine i feel that way all the time too but i have something else going on that also causes extreme alertness  my body is trapped in a very screwed up paradox.

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    Like you I am exhausted all the time, and like you I take 3 tablets (propanolol, enalapril, and lercanidipine) plus another 8 different ones for different health contions (total 26 per day). However, even though I am exausted all the time and think it is probably one of the tablets, I would rather take the tablets than not take the tablets and risk heart, stroke or blindness. I do what I can to keep myself healthy - do not smoke, rarely drink, eath healthy home-cooked meals. Unfortunately I cannot do much exercise as I have severe mobility problems. I agree will all that James said. Good food and exercise are key

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