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  • billie89364 1

    Hair loss!

    Hi, I have been taking Lostartan 50mg for a number of years, but lately have been losing my hair in massive handfuls! I have always had thick hair and this is utterly distressing, I looked up the side effects and it's due to the Losartan. My gp then prescribed Amplodipine 5mg but the side effects

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  • nellybear 3

    starting B/P meds again

    Hi i stopped meds about a year going into to many details l have been on lisinopril ,amlodapine,and indapamide all gave me side effects so weighing up the risks i decided to try and change my lifestyle and take supplements that are supposed to help lower BP also my GP was very

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  • mark85393 2


    I was on Toprol 50MG for My Blood Pressure, I was on it for a month or so and it was not helping so I stopped taking it, the next couple days My Heart rate is up from 110-120 and My BP Went today 8 hours ago from 118/79 to 8 hours later 146/118! What the heck is going on?!

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  • ann96046 2

    What is wrong with me ?

    For some years now if walk in warm sunny/ windy weather. I overheat without warning but do not sweat. I drink plenty before hand but once symptoms of severe left sided facial / sinus pain commences , drinking exacerbates this . I eventually vomit, soeties have diarrhoea and need to take s strong

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  • jacas 2

    Hawthorn Berry or Celery Seed supplement and betablocker

    Hi, I was wondering whether Hawhtorn Berry supplement or Celery Seed extract can be taken alongside betablocker (Nebivolol in my case)? I am going through a really stressful period recently and I've been having some palpitations and I believe that my BP has also been elevated because of these

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  • angela192 3

    Low blood pressure

    Have been on tablets for years for hypertension.  Until recently, taken two in the morning - Bendroflumethiazide and Perindopril.   After a recent stay in hospital for high bp, am on another drug Amlodopine to take with the other two.  Since then I have felt a bit off.  Dizziness and tirednes and

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  • angela192 3

    low blood pressure

    Thanks for your replies.   Will make an appointment soon for this to be checked.  At least I know that my symptoms are not all in my head.  I was considering weaning myself off Amlodopine (5mgs) and see how it goes.

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  • razz3003 1
  • chris13528 1

    Large (I think) varying blood pressure between arms?

    Hi. I'm 24. Overweight. No exercise. I live a very unhealthy lifestyle which I intend on changing ASAP. Anyway, I have recently been monitoring my blood pressure. My left arm is usually between 130 to 135 over 80 to 85. Right arm is 140 to 145 over 88 to 94. I sit in the exact same position in the

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  • Guest M

    High Blood Pressure only when visiting our Doctor. Any one?

    My wife has this problem, visit Doctor blood pressure goes up. Take blood pressure at home and pressure stays down. After half a dozen visits to Doctors, each with recorded high pressure, Doctor has put her on pills. Yet 99.999% of the time she is OK. Has any one else had this experiance? Is there

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  • henpen1980 4
  • Shannonm 1

    Young athlete trying to figure out why BP is so high

    Hello my son was diganosed with high BP at the age of 16. He is an athelete and has been through various testing, such as kidney and other test to see if that's what was causing this. He has tried Lisinopril and now is on 40 mg of lisinopril and now they added 10 mg of norvasc. He is now in his

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  • billie89364 1

    Hair loss!

    Hi, I have been taking Lostartan 50mg for a number of years, but lately have been losing my hair in massive handfuls! I have always had thick hair and this is utterly distressing, I looked up the side effects and it's due to the Losartan. My gp then prescribed Amplodipine 5mg but the side effects

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  • E.Varsos 1
  • ally26070 2


    Now on lorsartan, having BP fluctuations, dizzy spells, any one else have these side effects ? Tia

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  • ruki86239 2

    Lossrtan tablets - myvecperience

    I was prescribed Lossrtan 25mg since 21/4/17. I am having a terrible time. The side effects are anxiety in the chest and tummy. Shortness of breath, horrid thoughts Strangely enough I have lost weight as I can not stop gping to the loo. Since taking losatan my hbp is not controlled it it all

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  • sally 15252 2
  • grapes1800 3

    Sudden Rise of Blood Pressure

    I've never had high blood pressure, worst was pre-hypertension, around the 130s/ mid 80s. However, I suddenly had an increase of BP over a one week period, last day ended up at 170/120. Went to the ER, the tests came back negative, but I was prescribed lisinopril and now I have high BP daily. I had

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  • cath28362 2


    I have always had lowish blood pressure. recently on my daily three mile early morning dog walk i have been becoming breathless on exertion( going up hills) I mentioned this to my GP who arranged a Treadmill assessmenmt which i have now attended. i exercised on the tradmill for two minutes and they

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  • felix59554 2

    168/114 reading

    Hello all. New to posting here. Just seen my GP yesterday. And I was prescribed metoprolo XL for my hbp. A beta blocker also. Is anyone here taking this med? Is so. How's it working for you? Please let me know.

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  • iram56310 1

    Adderall and Losartan Drug Interaction

    Hello, there. I've been taking Adderall for awhile now, I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child and Adderall has been the best medicine as of yet for my condition. But I recently have had high blood pressure numbers recorded for me so my physician prescribed Losartan for it. I've read online how

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  • MrsO-UK Surrey 6

    Diltiazem - any experience anyone please

    After commencing Amlodipine for high blood pressure which caused severe ankle swelling and inflammation of the surrounding area, leading to a diagnosis of varicose eczema, I have now been prescribed Diltiazem. I know that Diltiazem is usually prescribed for sufferers of Angina. I am nervous

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  • JamesSharpe 2

    4 medicines, all horrible side effects, advice sought

    Hi All,  My first ever post about hypertension. I have always had high blood pressure since my 20's. Now 37 the doctor has felt compelled to do something about it. Sadly, taken the meds has reduced me from happy asymptomatic well-being to each day plagued with nasty side effects. I am mindful of

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  • libralady13 5

    Low diastolic pressure

    Hi I am om Amlodipine and about ayear ago decided to purchase a home monitor as I suffer from anxiety and BP was all ways higher at the gp's surgery.  With the home monitoring systolic has gone between 137 and 123 and diastolic between 51 and 65 usually low sixties.  Gp tells me that it is the bp

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  • selkomit 1

    High blood pressure and staying on mountains

    Hi, My mother has hbp andit is normal with the pills she takes. We stay in Switzerland every year but I would like to have some medical information about it and if she is limited in the attitude of staying in the mountains. (I'm talking about 1300-1500-1700 m) Thank you!

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  • nellybear 3
  • branden12 2

    BP Meds

    Hi was recently diagnosed with high bp and put on meds for the first time and was told to monitor for a couple weeks. How do I know exactly if the med is for me? After taking the meds I've been having a bit jumpy readings sometimes it's around the lower 110's/70's while sometimes it's over 130s/90s

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  • grapes1800 3

    High BP/Sedation

    Has anyone ran into a problem with needing a clearance for normal bp prior to going through anesthesia? I started a new BP medication and I was scheduled for spine surgery, but it was postponed until I get 4 weeks of normal BP clearance from my doctor. Why is it important to have it clear for 4 weeks,...

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  • meta59270 2
  • emma00070 2

    scared about my blood pressure

    so ive been having health problems a while now; unexplained stomach pain that is under investigation, aswell as indgestion that i am on medication. on my recent trip to the gp they got me to use their blood monitor 'do it your self' machine (you basically stick your wrist in a cuff and it tightens

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  • elizabeth17969 2

    High blood pressure in the morning

    One day last week I had very low blood pressure during the day (111/65) so decided to check it early the next morning and it was 162/84.   It then went down during the day to 142/81 but the next morning it was 155/87 and has roughly averaged that since with a normal reading of between 119/67and 134/

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  • alison81137 4
  • gill70346 3

    Sudden rise in BP

    Last Thursday  I had my blood pressure checked at GPS and it was 143/93 which was great as it was the lowest it has been since the beginning of the year. Friday morning it was 171/114,Sat 175/115. Sun 180/123' so getting really worried. Also very bad right sided headache. Phoned GP who asked me to

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  • grapes1800 3

    BP Arm Difference

    So I was told to monitor my BP in the morning and nights. Do you guys monitor your first reading before you start taking your BP pill or before? Concern was the number difference in right and left arm are usually ~ 10ish on top, 8ish on the bottom which I read may be a concern, however once I take

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    Inconvinence at Left side tongue

    Am 35 amHi my medication got finish 2 weeks ago n didn't have access to buy until today. Am having an inconvenience on my left side tongue and feeling a bit weak. Am on Lisinopril, amoldipine 10mg each with vasoprine and simvastitine. Can i resume this drugs without any side effect? Can d drugs

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  • tom2017 2
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