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  • nestor94485 1

    130/90 BP waiking that normal? taking meds

    Im a 37 year old man, taking 50mg of losartan in the morning and in the afternoon. I get 125/85 to 130/90 waking up. It get under 120/80 during the day. Is that normal? Im overweight and i started a diet 2 weeks ago (veggies) and doing the water therapy

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  • mark85393 2

    Ill Just have a Heart Attack.....

    Seriously the first week BP was from 130's to the bottom in the low 80's, past few days right back up high and I am still taking the useless mediciation Tried Toprol, didnt work, now on Zestril, worked for a week now its not working either, God sure knows how to f*ck with people, my sleep if Im getting...

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  • JamesSharpe 2

    4 medicines, all horrible side effects, advice sought

    Hi All,  My first ever post about hypertension. I have always had high blood pressure since my 20's. Now 37 the doctor has felt compelled to do something about it. Sadly, taken the meds has reduced me from happy asymptomatic well-being to each day plagued with nasty side effects. I am mindful of the...

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  • mark85393 2

    Forget it Here, Im DONE

    Well for a week my BP hasnt been too bad on the Med, now all of a sudden today its 137/99, the bottom number after a week of staying ear or below normal way back up again, Im done with these damn meds, so I threw the rest out, Im stopping everything, Sick of these meds and Im sick of God F*cking with...

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  • henpen1980 4
  • Mesirm 3
  • mark85393 2

    Anyone on the Med Zestril (Lisinopril)

    Question, I been sleeping but wake up and I always feel Horrible, today especially feels like I got 0 sleep when I did at least get 4 and half hours, Can Zestril Keep you Fatigued or Drowsy alot? I take it around noon But I heard effects can last till the next day

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  • rdgfootyfan 2

    Vitamin and Mineral supplements and raised BP

    I've been off BP medication for approx 10 months, but still monitor my BP - at least once each month. I recently started taking a daily multi vitamin and mineral supplement, and have noticed my BP rising again.  (Previously, I stopped taking the supplement when taking BP med because it seemed to raise...

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  • donna06571 2

    Young and high blood pressure

    Hi All Just been diagnosed with high blood pressure, readings from today was 140/110 and 135/120 and 140/115 so DR has decided to put me on Ramipril 2.5mg to start off. I am 31 years old and 20 stone, currently on Slimming World and lost 8lbs in last 2 weeks, DR advised to keep following the slimming...

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  • elona15 1

    My father has high blood pressure, not feeling well

    My father was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure in 2012. BP was 220/120. He is on tablets now. After taking tablets his blood pressure is aroung 130/80. He is living in Sri Lanka. I am living in the UK. When ever i visit him I noticed that he is not the srtong person anymore. My dad is 70 this year....

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  • pauline31249 1

    Need advice regarding Isolated Systolic Hypertension

    All my adult life until my late 50s I had a BP of 90/60 (and when pregnant it dropped even lower but with no side effects!).  Now, aged 67, my systolic has risen to 140-160 depending on time of day, etc. that BP is checked, byt my diastolic remains around 60-65 so has not risen proportionally.   Do I...

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  • tapan67578 1


    I have developed hypertension when i was 26years old. My b. P. Measured 170/90.i have done all the tests but every result came normal. Doctor prescribed me diltiazem hydrochloride 90mg one tablet daily which i have been taking since last four years. Recently it was found by a psychiatrist that the reason...

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  • nzmartin 2

    Isolated systolic hypertension: Should I take Amlodipine?

    Hi all I am a male in my seventies and for the last 8 years I have had isolated systolic hypertension (ISH). During this time, I haven't been on any medication for the problem and the BP readings have been fairly similar for most of this time, averaging 170 / 70. However, at a recent visit to my doctor,...

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  • grapes1800 3

    Sudden Rise of Blood Pressure

    I've never had high blood pressure, worst was pre-hypertension, around the 130s/ mid 80s. However, I suddenly had an increase of BP over a one week period, last day ended up at 170/120. Went to the ER, the tests came back negative, but I was prescribed lisinopril and now I have high BP daily. I had a...

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  • Nanny1086 5


    hi all ,I was prescribed losarton for my blood pressure ,all is ok no side effects ,other than my weight ,I just can't lose weight no matter how I try ,, does anyone else have that problem ? 

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  • julio42427 2
  • joanna17875 3

    Back on amlodopine and not happy!!

    Hi everyone, I would love someone to give me some pointers as I feel I am going mad.  I will give a brief (if pos) lowdown.  About 18 months ago I was diagnosed with high bp - about 150/90 average.  My GP put me on Zemtard 180mgs, after a year of feeling tired and putting on weight, breasts very large...

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  • mark85393 2

    BP Abit Better today But a Question

    Well I been on a new BP Pill Past 2 days called Zestril 10MG, Also I am Still on mY Pee Pill, I take it at 11am or so Its been 4 hours I took my BP Because the Dr wants me to once a day, it was 132/82 which is better, but my Dang Pulse was WOW 132 BPM, I read it can possibly Be from the Durtic Pee Pill,...

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  • colin143 2

    BP goes up when cold

    My wife's blood pressure is reasonable when she is warm but in cooler weather it goes up as much as 20 points systolic. Does anyone experience this, please? At present she tapering down on Prednisilone (1mg daily) after about 18 months treament for polymyalgia and is applying a Minitrans5 patch every...

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  • mark85393 2

    Well I can No Longer Win this

    I went to the Doctor, he told me to go up to 100MG for my BP on Toprol and Gave me a Water Pill as well, My BP Still Refuses to go down, its 155/98 today, WHAT MORE CAN I DO? And Not only that I read Toprol can cause More Insomnia along with wakings up and Nightmares, and I have ALL 3, I already had...

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  • mark85393 2

    BP Goes Very High AGAIN!

    Well last time I took my BP was a few days ago, said 130/86, today I went to the dr for my checkup and it was stupidly high YET AGAIN at 160/105, and I been on 100MG Toprol for awhile now, it seems like it does nothing! So the Dr Put me on a Water pill as well now to try to help it, I seriously doubt...

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  • james81679 2

    Death by hypertension. not on bp medication

    Hi all, I wonder if anybody could help. My father passed away from Hypertensive heart disease. The coroner told us it was natural causes and that we would have been aware of this with the bp medication he would of been taking. The only thing is he was never prescribed bp medication. We have had his...

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  • Kadija1966 3

    High blood pressure and peri menopause

    I have suddenly this week been suffering from bad headaches, on Friday I decided to visit my hospital to check my bp, to my surprise my BP was 160/91, doctors gave me some tablets. Took it and later it went down, my BP was down all the next day, today I check it again it's gone up, with headaches. Doctor...

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  • amy35912 1

    my blood pressure was high and now i think it's low?

    femele/22 years old My blood pressure was about 150 before a month and all my blood test was normal so my doctor prescribed Biscor 5mg twice a day and Amlocard 5mg twice a day too. 3 weaks later my blood pressure was 126 over 66 but he insists that i keep on drugs so after two weaks (last night) i...

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  • Shannonm 1

    Young athlete trying to figure out why BP is so high

    Hello my son was diganosed with high BP at the age of 16. He is an athelete and has been through various testing, such as kidney and other test to see if that's what was causing this. He has tried Lisinopril and now is on 40 mg of lisinopril and now they added 10 mg of norvasc. He is now in his early...

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  • jacas 2

    Hawthorn Berry or Celery Seed supplement and betablocker

    Hi, I was wondering whether Hawhtorn Berry supplement or Celery Seed extract can be taken alongside betablocker (Nebivolol in my case)? I am going through a really stressful period recently and I've been having some palpitations and I believe that my BP has also been elevated because of these recent...

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  • razz3003 1
  • nellybear 3

    starting B/P meds again

    Hi i stopped meds about a year ago.Without going into to many details l have been on lisinopril ,amlodapine,and indapamide all gave me side effects so weighing up the risks i decided to try and change my lifestyle and take supplements that are supposed to help lower BP also my GP was very dismissive...

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  • david66240 2

    Reduce losartan 100 mg.

    Hi iam male 64 years old. Ive been on losartan 100 mg for around three years. Ive put on weight get terribe backache tiredness itchy skin. Never had these  before i started tablets. i ride 12 kms each day and on a diet but no real weight loss. Recently ive started taking losartan 50 mgs at 9am and 50...

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  • diana88467 3

    Resistant hypertension at night

    Blood pressure that goes up every night I have already talked to my doctor's my cardiologists and my primary care doctor they raised my lisinopril from 10 to 20 mg at night it worked for a while but now it's shooting back up at night to 196 over 98 give or take a few points it makes me shake and feel...

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  • mark85393 2


    I was on Toprol 50MG for My Blood Pressure, I was on it for a month or so and it was not helping so I stopped taking it, the next couple days My Heart rate is up from 110-120 and My BP Went today 8 hours ago from 118/79 to 8 hours later 146/118! What the heck is going on?!

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  • sally 15252 2
  • ruki86239 2

    Lossrtan tablets - myvecperience

    I was prescribed Lossrtan 25mg since 21/4/17. I am having a terrible time. The side effects are anxiety in the chest and tummy. Shortness of breath, horrid thoughts Strangely enough I have lost weight as I can not stop gping to the loo. Since taking losatan my hbp is not controlled it it all over...

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  • ann96046 2

    What is wrong with me ?

    For some years now if walk in warm sunny/ windy weather. I overheat without warning but do not sweat. I drink plenty before hand but once symptoms of severe left sided facial / sinus pain commences , drinking exacerbates this . I eventually vomit, soeties have diarrhoea and need to take s strong painkiller...

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  • angela192 3

    Low blood pressure

    Have been on tablets for years for hypertension.  Until recently, taken two in the morning - Bendroflumethiazide and Perindopril.   After a recent stay in hospital for high bp, am on another drug Amlodopine to take with the other two.  Since then I have felt a bit off.  Dizziness and tirednes and feeling...

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