7 days post surgery

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Hi all.

I'm now 7 days post PKR and got home from hospital yesterday. Opted for general over spinal as wanted to be completely out if it! No problems coming round,no sickness either! Pain no more than I expected. Doing my exercises religiously and having trouble with my leg lift,just not moving sad I can feel the quad tightening but that leg just ain't for lifting!!!! I'm doing my meds,exercise,ice pack,rest then exercises.. Any advice to help get that leg lifting?wink

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    Hi Julie!

    Lifting my left leg following surgery was impossible at first! My whole leg felt like it was 1000 pounds! I call it my Tree Trunk Filled With Cement. I had swelling BIG TIME, too.

    My second TKR which was on my right leg was NOTHING like my one on my left leg. I could move it up and down, turn it, and even bend my knee a bit IN THE RECOVERY ROOM!

    I don't know why one leg can be SO DIFFERENT from the other, but it just seems to go that way.

    To answer your question about lifting, I worked really hard developing my quad muscle in that leg. At first I couldn't even FEEL if/when the muscle was engaging! One of my therapists had an interesting idea. He had me do with my non-surgical leg what he was also asking me to do with my SURGICAL leg at the same times I was laying down on the PT table. It worked! It was the one leg kind of teaching the other! Apparently our nerve connections all work together and there is some memory of the muscle which can then reconnect to do the function.

    As I worked both together, my left leg began responding. It seemed like a miracle to me! I have shared this technique with others who have also expressed amazement.

    My therapist had me work on squats also. I squatted just a tiny bit at first and then went to the Total Gym piece of apparatus so my therapist could assure that I wouldn't go too far down and harm myself. The squats really helped build up my quads!

    I practiced walking as normal as I could by focusing on making my heel touch first then rolling my foot to my toes to get a solid and fluid step. I really had to concentrate to walk propey after so many years of WALKING in a weird way.

    The final things that helped were stretching my hamstrings often throughout the day and night and straightening my legs by putting them up on an ottoman when I sat watching TV or reading. As I sat there I would engage my quads, relax, engage, relax over and over. I would also hold the flex then release.

    Are you on any pain meds with narcotics in them? I found that when I was on Oxycodone my brain and my body were disconnected! Once I went to just Ibuprofen I regained control of the connection between my mind and body.

    You are still pretty early post surgery. Give it time, and try some of the things I suggested. I think you will see improvement very soon!

    Be patient! It WILL come!

    Let me know how it goes for you, OK?

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      Right!!! Hold on!!!!! I just did the legs together lift and it actually worked!!! Just a bit,but it lifted more than when I was doing it on the operated leg alone.

      I ll keep doing that...

      I'm still on naproxen,tramadol,co codamol. Only taking pain relief when required.

      Honest,I can't get over how one leg won't lift but two do smile smile

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      I guess we shouldn't be TOO surprised. After all, our two legs have been working as a team for some time now. STILL, it DOES seem like a real miracle after having very little success with just the one all by itself!

      Good! Good! Good!🙌🙌

      Yea, TEAMWORK!!!

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    I used a yoga band loops over your foot lift with hands after a while you'll be able to lift by yourself.good luck smile

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    Goodness, you are only a week and you are wanting miracles, you have just had your bones broken. That in itself takes 6 weeks.  Go easy on yourself, do only what you are capable of doing and then rest, elevate, etc etc etc. The fact yo can feel your quad tightening is good news. A lot of people have not got that far after a month. Take on board what you have had done and be kind to yourself. When you go to lift your leg, push the back of your knee down onto the surface , tighten your muscle and try lifting.  If you can't, then cheat; using your other leg as a lever, lift your legs, all the while keeping your thigh muscles taut.  Keep doing that for a while. Alternatively sit on a chair and try raising your foot.  All this takes time, effort and sometimes tears. You will get there, you have the determination,just be patient. Soft tissue heals slower than bone and nerves can take even longer!
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    My leg took ages to be able to lift it myself. I had never thought of that being a problem! I hooked my good foot under my bad foot to move bad leg until i gained control. My physio told me to do static quad crunches 30/40 every hour whilst sitting! It really helped and is something i stil do daily ×3 times now 9 wks post op! It strengthens massively. You tense and relax muscles above and round knee you can see it move! Practise on gd leg first ! Im no expert so please check with your physio but it realy helped me!
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      Thank you. I know I'm only a week post but I panicked at the lack of lift. I've physio next week so I will ask regards the static quad crunches. I've bought myself a little exercise peddler to build up muscle while I'm sitting. Every little helps in my opinionsmile
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    Sounds like your muscles and nerves just remembered how to do it!

    Mine was just the same. It just suddenly happened and I still can't figure out why it wouldn't budge at first.

    You've solved the problem! Great stuff!

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