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Hi all,

Just wanted to update. 7 months since I got mono? (Click my username for my full story lol, it was the most awful experience I have gone through).

Today I am getting better each month. Haven’t had a crash in 2 months. I am back at work (physically and mentally demanding) 3 days a week. On my days off I can do errands clean and cook... life is slowly returning back to normal. Unfortunately, it now seems like my sister caught whatever awful bug I had... and I’m sure it was mono and it wasn’t caught in time. The diagnoses was CFS but here I am getting better month by month and I always felt like that CFS was nonsense because whatever I was going through felt viral.

Hope this post gives some of you hope... it gets better but slowly. I had many down periods which would scare me and send me into a spiral of anxiety and depression. Doctors were useless albeit some of them were sympathetic - others made you feel like you’re nuts. My advice? Rest. There is little else we can do but give it time and our bodies the opportunity to heal. Your body will figure it out. 

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    Hay Van thank you so much for the positive update!  Seriously it gives hope.  I'm going on 11 months and in a bit of a down period.  The fatigue is quick to come on with little exertion and makes me lie down or sit and rest.  And it's hard not to spiral down the CFS road which feels hopeless and never ending.  I hope you continue on your track to improved health!

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    That is so great to hear. I'm so happy for you, it's such a long road but it can be done. Thank you for giving me hope. I'm entering the fifth month and it's still pretty awful. The anxiety and depression of when will I get better is overwhelming. And yes, this is by far the worst thing I've ever experienced. But thank you so much for sharing your story. Every bit of hope helps. 

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    Hi V!

    What an inspiring post. Thank you for this. I know what you mean about thinking it's viral and not CFS....I was tested positive for active EBV in early March and have been on a rollercoaster of awful symptoms ever since. I feel that the virus is jumping from one place to the next....I have been tested for so many things...my blood work is basically normal but when it comes to white blood cells, I think it does get a little trickier. Some of us can boot a virus to the door quicker than others......that said, I agree with you that the body does remarkable healing with time. I have started to relax a bit, trying to support my immune system to do it's thing. I don't know when I will truly turn the corner but I must believe that this body of mine is fighting for me...

    So glad to hear that you are recovering. It gives us struggling behind you another ray of light. I hope your sis can fight the virus more quickly!...your support will help in her healing process no doubt. 

    Thank you again,

    take good care,


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    Glad to hear you’re doing better! I always like your posts since we have the same timeline. 

    I was doing better at 6 months than I am now (at 7 months). I also started medical school this past month so I’m sure that’s contributing to some of my crashes. I currently have 1-2 good days, followed by 4-5 bad days. But hopefully will be back to feeling good soon! 

    Again, glad you’re feeling better and take it easy! 

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      Medical school?!?! I can’t imagine how tiring that must be... way to go you’re a trooper for pushing past this horrid virus. You got this! Rest as often as you can.. and I am certain the good days will increase again as your body adjusts to your new schedule and lifestyle. You will feel more days again soon, for sure. Stay strong! You’re in my thoughts... you’re going to get past this and help other people soon with your med knowledge! All the best 
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    Hi Van,

    It is good to hear that you have been improving, really want to encourage you and reassure you that you're really moving in the right direction now - it took me about 10 months to really start to feel much better, I did feel a little better at 7 months too but then had a bit of a setback, so just remember take things slowly and doctors who say CFS when folk are still inside the first year of this are way off the mark in my opinion, even people after 2 or 3 years have improved and got better - post viral is very different to CFS in my mind and it is the post viral and not CFS which affects the vast majority of people who suffer with mono for an extended period - but the key thing to know is that post viral goes away and gets better!!! And you do return to full health again!!

    I believe that you will too Van and that God is protecting you - hang in there and thinking about you.


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