7 months of fatigue, chest pain, numbness, high blood pressure

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For the last 7 months I've been suffering from "what neurologist says" hemiplegic/limb migraine.

I am looking for people who share similar experiences so I can really understand more about my condition.

Long story short:

37 year old male, fit and healthy.

One day at the office sudden palpitations (140-90bpm), massive disorientation and dizziness, high blood pressure (160-100), huge fatigue. Paramedics took me to hospital. 4 hours later it all settled but I was shaken. Cardiologist gave me the thumbs up and off I go.

2 days later, same thing with less palpitations.

3 days later, same thing with left hand side went semi numb, massive jaw, chest, head pain, my vision went funny, tight chest. Pain was too much I blacked out at the A&E.

Thats the day my tinnitus first started and never disappeared. Also to date my left leg and arm are still numb a bit. My face and jaw numbness is gone now.

I was so scared spent a few thousand pounds at private and used all facilities of NHS possible. Seen 13 doctors so far. 12 of which said "it must be a nasty virus".

Tests carried out to date:

24h urine with a chemical in it. All clear.

7 day heart monitoring. All clear.

Treadmill and lung function. Gas exchange rate at 70%. All else exceptional.

Heart and abdominal ultrasound scans. All clear.

Brain ct scan. All clear.

Every single blood test you can imagine. Folic acid was low a bit. Slightly high cholesterol.

Lyme disease tests to follow. A German lab gave a very very low positive which is not recognised in the UK.

Pinner intolerance test. Not intolerant to anything I would normally consume.

Since then I'm suffering these episodes every 3 to 5 days. Gradually milder. Never in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon, usually in the evenings.

Episodes always have 3 things in common and last about 15 minutes to 3 hours;

-Massive fatigue that makes it even hard to walk around. I feel like I'm dying but not sure how to describe this feeling. At some point I accepted death so it doesn't bother me much.

-Chest or abdominal sharp stinging pain.

-High blood pressure. 150 over 100 usually.

After every episode there is a 2 day hangover period which I feel extremely ill.

After one month of suffering I visited a really good and experienced neurologist. He diagnosed me with limb migraine and put me on beta blockers (150mg/day propranolol) and sodium valporate (800mg/day).

In the last 2 months I feel like I hit a wall and never going to get back to healthy me again. All these symptoms are still lingering but milder that enables me to carry on with my life in a less enjoyable way.

Anyone sharing similar experiences please let me know how you get on with your condition.

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    I have suffered right temple eye pain for years plus floaters, I am 58 joint aches, muscle ach shivering in mornings about 11,30, pins and needles in lips, in April this year had like a massive attack which I am still trying this recover from, my whole body had a electric shock feeling which made my shake uncontrollably, after 3 sets of antidepressants, now on nothing my choice, I now have the erge to wee all the time, still have slight pins and needles certain places, right temple pains, paid for private brain scan, nothing wrong and blood tests, I am trying natural herbs and cbdoil, but may get myself off to a private migraine clinic, as someone on a forum said the weeing part can be to do with that, also cutting curtain foods out if poss,

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    Hi Boris, I have been diagnosed with hemiplegic migraines. my blood pressure spikes too, plus have numbness, tingling down my rightside, arm feels weak. and get really tired. i had a really strange attack a few days ago with no slurring or visual auras, my eye drooped to and am worried as feel different to normal, can you relate to this? have only recently come off all meds but one. am worried i may have had a stroke.

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    Hi Paula, I go through lots of strange one of attacks too. Once it came in a form of chills together with the usual feeling horrible/exhausted type.

    This one time it was worms dancing in my eyeballs. All weird stuff that never happened again.

    Every attack of mine somewhat resembles both heart attack and stroke at the same time. I stopped worrying after 20th or so attack. I went through at least 100 attacks so far. Maybe I just don't care anymore.

    You shouldn't though. Rush to A&E if you think you might have had a stroke.

    Don't feel like you are becoming a burden on your loved ones and/or NHS. They are there for you.

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