7 weeks in to ven with still significant anxiety

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hi i am 7 weeks into ven and doses rising incredimently til 150mg as past 2 weeks i am on 5 mg diazepam three times a day as the anxiety is bad shaking and trembling i dont know wat to do im worries about the dependency on theses diazepam as well as developing a tolerance i thought the efexorxr would be resolving the anxiety by now i practice mediation and eat healthy im more a natural medicine person but they hsvnt been helping prior to all this now i think the fear of not getting better is making anxiety worse try to be positive with comments as my back is against the wall at the minute but i also appreciate tactful honesty

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    diazepam , i got given diazepam for my back spasms i have ADHD BIT black and white blunt not to sure if i should be in the depression part clicked into veniwxon or what ever they are called as a gent was worried about running 3-4 miles ,

    never thought of tolerance to diazepam as 3-4 days and my back would settle and just went back to pain,

    i think your good for a few weeks on the diazepam never found them two addictive thought they were good work well .

    they did for my back and thinking about the pain as well so i guess you wont be thinking on axiety .

    so i recon you arw not shaking anymore and they working great leave it to the doctor and i guess if on the diazepam you shouldnt really worry for three weeks odd think three weeks is probably time to jump away from diazepam but everyone to there own ,

    wish all the best anyway next day next day next day what evwr it is it will get better and plenty of help out there for real issues ,

    what ever you do dont go and read my thoughts on vanaflex and complaining about running 3-4 miles as you will laugh smile at the world and the world will smile back ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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    So, let me ask you something: was anxiety why you went on ven to begin with? Or was there anxiety with depression?

    I'll tell you why I ask. I'd been on ven for 12 years and others prior totally 18! I tried coming off with disastrous results, ended up back on along with mirtazapine, and then have been tapering off very slowly for nearly four years. During this journey I had my genome sequenced with one of the ancestry services, exported the raw data to third party programs that can interpret the results as far as genetic variants of a bunch of genes are concerned. I suspected I had the MTHFR mutations that have to do with the methylation cycle, folate and B12. Low B12 can cause mood problems.

    Well, I learned a whole bunch of interesting things about myself, such as having a mutation in my vitamin D receptor that means I'd have low D, and indeed I did on measuring it. Low D can cause mood issues. I do have the MTHFR mutations. But beyond that, I learned that I have mutations in two genes that code for enzymes that process neurotransmitters, and that my enzymes are much slower than the average population. One gene is Mao-A. You've heard of Mao-A inhibitor antidepressants? Well, inhibiting that enzyme leads to higher levels of neurotransmitters such as serotonin . Well, having the slowed version of the enzyme does the same thing! Same with COMT, the other gene for an enzyme that breaks down NTs; slow version of the gene means HIGHER levels of NTs, not low! We are all led to believe that all our emotional issues are due to LOW neurotransmitters, for which we take these drugs that are all about RAISING NT levels!

    It turns out that too high serotonin and norepinephrine/epinephrine are associated with...wait for it...ANXIETY!

    I read an article to said that high serotonin is associated with social anxiety, which I've always had. Mild symptoms of high serotonin are:


    feeling โ€œnot good enoughโ€

    desiring, yet fearing, social interactions


    being easily upset by criticism

    lack of motivation

    All of these fit me to a T all my life.And when you feel bad about yourself, you end up feeling depressed just because.

    So, when you start a med that raises serotonin and experience increased anxiety as a side effect, this could be telling you that you also naturally have high serotonin and that raising it even higher is exactly what you need not be doing!

    Everyone says push through, it will get better. Well, the only reason it gets better is because your nervous system makes adaptations in an effort to bring those levels back down again, but that means you now have the drug built into your system and can't just stop without having withdrawal.

    It took a lot of work to do all of this with my DNA and get the extra information about my SNPs. You might talk to your doctor and ask if there are tests that can be done to see if you have those mutations in Mao-A and COMT that mean slower enzymes. For the most part the medical community is not up to speed on this knowledge since it is a fairly recent thing for people to get their raw data for SNP analysis.Labs can do the MTHFR analysis, because in part having those mutations leads to miscarriages and birth defects due to problems with folate metabolism, but it isn't the whole story where neurotransmitters are concerned.

    So, This is all probably more than you wanted to know. Since you are having to use benzos to try to deal with the anxiety that is likely caused by the med, now is the time to make some decisions before you are hooked. I hope this information is of use. The testing takes a lot of time so may not be doable for you right now.

    So, again, I ask, what brought you to Ven to begin with? It might be best to back off the benzos and Ven and re-assess rather than be going up in dose.

    You can do some research about what raises serotonin, and in other words, what to avoid so you don't raise it more. Avoid eating lots of carbs.

    I ran into mild serotonin syndrome when I came off Effexor and took SamE and 5-htp thinking I needed to raise serotonin with supplements since I wasn't on Effexor anymore. I had some really bad anxiety/fear/doom/insomnia during that time and I now have learned you should NEVER combine those two since they both in themselves raise serotonin. It makes sense since I apparently was already naturally too high!

    Message me if you want more help with all of this, links to information and such.

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      besy0603 THAT WAS lovely read .

      on go slow and i hope you dont mind but beutiful what you did and mathodical,

      its nice to understand your self,

      had a reaction skin reaction an swollen foot so been in more pain then needs be as cut all my tablets out,

      super numb foot i have going on feels like a kettle of boiling water getting poored over it,to read how you mathodically worked on through it pat your self on the back,

      umm cut amatriptyline for nerve pain,cut codein phosphate , cut my AdHd pills cut paracitamal out everything , now no one do this with depression pills or anxiaty unless watched over or have the powers in place to see any advers effects,

      i got over involved with saying my bit but board and in pain and interested in issues and nice story,s and i liked your SYORY BESY, WE are all a tad diffeent here and there , for a reason all have are parts to play in life not in modern society though i guess,

      after a week in pain no ADHD PILLS ANY PILLS JUST IN PAIN. ADHD PHYCIATRIST said naa lloyd shove of lol his secratary did any way as over focus on pills raise me heart beat opposite of anxiaty my brain works on pressure , nowt to boast about but stood there said oy pharmasist nice chap listened better then the doctor infact said , picture on phone ADHD PHYCIATRIST SAID PEE OF LLOYD LOL IN HIS OWN FORM SAID FOOT SWELLS ,dont like AMATRIPTALINE ANYWAY, as brain dulls me brain to much and depresses me i talk fast i mean fast fast, pharmast said smiling away in pain to him on your marks get set listen in, so rattled it of to him,said numb foot not slept very well all week,any other forms of nerve pain pills then AMATRIPTYLINE, low dose 20mg helped me sleep like i say dont like them anyway ,


      if im doing to much and focusing to much upright to long then pain so amphetimine will make me stand longer work and focus better great for nerve pain as focus in on stuff and dont focus on the pain it works but you have to spend months with a

      ADHd phyciatrist and school reports and police records and its not right your ADHD ,

      rabbling a tad and only mebt to say beutifuly worked out besy0603.

      i shot across to my doctors surgerys said oy secratartys worked this out with the pharmocist dislexic as well.,sorry ,


      said dont want bad skin reaction testing ADHD PILLS OUT AND CODIEN phosphate .for pain.

      now she did it beutofuly didnt she besy0603 nice and mathodical and she should be proud of her self,

      now other end of the spectrum me ,

      did it in pain all week no advice just cut the lot and vroom , the great thing is she besyo603

      i respect her for doing it nice and in her way and kind of put her finger on it on her own as she will be content as she in her self feels and knows she hit the nail on the head, now me my new mate the pharmasist stood there and listened to me as if i was talkin to him like a drug dealer saying what you got for nerve pain bar amatriptyline as look at picture on phone of akin and feet, nowt really lloyd take it easy not on your feet so long and try just codien and amphetimine.

      so obviously not been on me ADHD FOCUS PILLS AND POPPED ONE AND HOROZONTAL tip tapping away and laid down and read your story besy0603 , hope you dont mind achin and felt like reading it what you wrote and liked it so tip tapped away and said so, like i say dont copy my way as no doctor would ever tell you to do it my way , ๐Ÿ˜ƒ smile at the world and the world will smile back besy0603 wish you all the ๐Ÿ˜ƒ in the world.

      no need reply and hope all stay on par and nice for you .

      i think the moral of this story is lots of help out there if max ADHD CAVE MAN STILE dont do but they all new i was testing pills,

      or nice pleasent besyo603 way so if your inbetween the pair of us the quite way or the loud way you dont have to stay quiet and upset as that wrong , i would say thumbs up to siting in a room with a pharmacist though coowee qiet part of the day and grab him or her all confidential whole chemest new i was in therr talking to him though why i went behind a bit of glass is behond me .smiling he was im telling him im stuffed up in pain lol and he laughing lol jesting in a nice way as said look scare on me back no feeling in foot .

      besy0603 xx sorry for the long read all i ment to say is lovly beut the way you did it why would i say that as i just did it totally my way as well opposite to yours dont cut your meds like me not unless you told people, wasnt rude to any of the staff all know ADHD AND LOUD all smiled so go be happy people like me and beay0603 twist and turn ask dont shout like me unless you can shout in pain and laugh while asking what drugs can you do me to try ๐Ÿ˜ƒ besy nice summer to you:-)

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      gabapentin all the normal anti depressent tablets on low dose hit nerve pain but they dull me to much and feel depressed on them would rather be in pain ,

      umm doctor will hate me as well really mashed the way i did it right up besy0603

      didnt i , really did where was your lovly story of how to do things nice last week ,

      you might laugh a customer of mine 70 year old RGN NURSE SAID LLOYD CARM IT DOWN SO by mid week i knew really the chemist was right but i did it in baffoon style MAX ADHD STYLE WHO SENDS A 70 year old RGN NURSE A PICTURE OF THERE FEET MID LAST WEEK. I DONT know the women ,

      LOL TERRABLE ARNT head church warden ahe is as welland im sending her my feet .

      THATS NOT ANXIATY IS IT yep its truly beay0603 stole the show in the right way to approach mental health as thats why i complimented her it astonished me on how perfect she did it compaired to me,

      but we both got there which is the beautiful part .you will say go on ADHD LLOYD DOUBLE DARE YOU SHOW US THE TEXT YOU SENT TO A 70 YEAR OLD head chirch women warden who was a new customer of yours ๐Ÿ˜ƒ i will as beay0603 deaserves me to as she did hers completly perfect compaired to me.

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