7 weeks on Sertraline still have thoughts of I can't go on!

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Hi, I have been on sertraline for 7 weeks , For anxiety and after two weeks of hellish side affects things started to settle down a bit and I have had good days and people around me have said you seem a lot calmer & more relaxed.  Which I suppose I am but My mood sometimes is so low still , I still get thoughts of whats the point &  I can go on like this. Now I don't ever think of ending my life nor have I made any plans to do so. I have a wondurful family and deep down I know theres a lot to live for but I just can't seem to shake the thought off ( if that makes sence! )  I get anxious because I had such thoughts more then any thing and I beat myself up because of it ,  which in the end makes me feel worse smile  .  I have talked to my doctor and she of course asked me, if I have made plans to end my life to which I said no . She did say that these pills can make you feel worse and that 7 weeks is still early doors. 

For my anxiety I feel a lot better and I don't get any pysical symptoms no more its just these horrid bloody thoughts that arise from time to time which are doing my head in.  I have another appointment in april which will take me to around the 12 week mark of taking Sertraline. I'm reluctent to change meds again and I do see light at the end of the tunnel.

Any advice or thoughts would be most welcome. Regards Jay.

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    I also get intrusive thoughts but about my children and them getting hurt, id never hurt them and i no yhere safe but its something that affects me im hoping it passes soon im on my 3rd week, 1st at 50mg and 2nd on 100mg, i also have nasty dreams, i was also told by my doctor its early days i start cbt on thursday over the phone, its horrible to feel like this i also have a family to look after but spme days dont manage to get of the sofa

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      Hi Kayleigh, when you have those days on sofa make yourself get up and do something, anything, my wife said our house was never cleaner those first 4 weeks😂. Stay active force yourself it HELPS!!

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      Thank you tim ive done more today then yeaterday even tho i have sat on the sofa but still got up tidied up, washed up, done 2 loada of washing etc

      Just hope the better days come soon and stay for longer

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      They will, I say you'll start seeing some big changes next week, let me know, here for you anytime.

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    Hi Jay, I'm starting week 7 too, I feel really good most days, my anxiety caused tinnitus, and there are days when I wonder if its ever going to go away, I just don't seem to be able to get out of my own head, I'm told it can take up to 12 weeks for full effect. I try to stay as busy as possible and that seems to help me stay out of my head, weekends are toughest time for me and doc gave me xanax to help and it does I just don't take them unless the ringing in my ears gets to much to handle. Hope this helps, Tim

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    Jay, please do NOT change any meds. From what you’ve written here, this med is the right one and working for you. This med works on your anxiety first and takes much longer to treat depression. Trust me on this one. I have been on and off this med for about 2 decades now. When it starts to work, your OCD, anxiety and panic attacks get reduced first, then you feel numb, then derealiation (at least for me, the most uncomfortable state of being), and then depression, and so, please hang in there. I am quite confident that my April (the 3 month mark) you should enjoy the things you used to love. I restarted my med on Nov 19 and had wanted God to take me home through entire month of December, felt like I am walking through and living in someone else’s body/life in Jan for a large part, and I am now doing great (even the neck stiffness has subsided)!

    One tip, just accept the numbness of lack of feelings now – and remind yourself nothing lasts forever, not even your anxiety, and so this numbness will also go away. Don’t fight with it or even question it because for folks like us, it will only cause more needless anxiety. Give it 1-2 weeks. Hang in there. Xx

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      Thanks GodsServant for your kind words , Just reading your reply has made my mind up to stick with sertraline, Like I said I can see improvement for sure . It's just that sometimes the road is hard and long.

      Your comments also gives me faith in people and it's good to hear success storys .  God bless you.

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    Sorry you are still feeling low

    Am just woundering what mg you are on

    Ive been on the over 2 years now i felt so bad on 50mg so theg up it to a 100mg i still felt worst the highist ive been on was 200mg but it was to high for me i felt sick so they lowed it again it took me a few months to feel carm and yes i still have throughts everyday off wnding my life but i can stop and think and i write i did CBT that was hard but left me in the worst time i could ever i left college and all that stop i lost touch with all my mates for a year i couldbt get out off it and my daughter has SEN but now am finding life a little bit easyer i can say am slowly coming off them was lowes to 25mg this week feel ill and lost but am coping i have stopes them once with out my doctor sayin and it got me in the worst place ever

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