7 weeks post op bunion and hammer toe surgery

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I am a 64year old female and had bunion and hamer toe surgery 7 weeks ago both were quite severe.

I went into theatre at 3 20 had a local anesthetic drifting in and out of conciousness I went into recovery at 5 20 so l had been in surgery two hours l think l had quite a lot of work done. Went back up to the ward at 6pm had a cup of tea and a sandwhich at 6 45 and went home at 7 15 feeling fine.

Came out with a metal pin in the toe the foot was covered in padding and layed with bandage l was given a big shoe that tilts you back so that your forefoot does not touch the floor and a pair of crutches which l was not very good with.

Sat with the foot elevated and applied ice as advised for the first three days only getting up to go to the toilet (so boring l dont like sitting down l did not realise just how boring it was going to get).

l was perscribed c0-codomol for pain relief which l took for the first three days then l started to get really bad heartburn l suppose it was the painkillers combined with the other medication l was taking in the end l only took two paracetamol if the pain was really bad l did not take any after the forth day the pain was not to bad at all.

After the first week l went to have the bandage reduced and then after the second week had stitches removed and bandage changed the foot looked a real mess and was still very swollen and quite badly bruised.

After a month l had pin removed (painless) and bandages taken off still looks a mess and quite swollen espically around the base of the big toe and where the bunion had been removed had micropore tape applied around the second toe (was hamer toe) to keep it straight l have still got the tape on now. l had taken an old pair of shoes with me to come home in (on advice from the nurse who said even those might be tight they were worse than that l could not get the shoe on at all and still cannot even three weeks later so l had to come out with the big shoe on again.

l am now seven weeks down the line and still have not been able to get any shoes on although they are all wide fitting l have managed to get a pair of very old walking boots on they are really a disgrace but its them or stop in the house.

The foot is still swollen around the area where the bunion was removed and is sometimes quite tender the scar is healing up quite nicely l put moisturing cream on twice a day l think that has helped there is still a lot of bruising for seven weeks and the toe still has the scab on hopefully this will dry up when the micropore is removed.

l would say to any one who needs this surgery go for it but be prepared for a long haul l thought it would be all healed in a month and l would be able to go and get some new shoes (carn't wait) but be under no illusion l don't think it will make your have pretty feet but l hope at leat my new shoes wont have a bulge sticking out where the bunion was and a lump on the top where the hammer toe was my shoes were really disgusting however much l paid for them.

The op was no problem the pain was bearable for me anyway without painkillers but the boredom of sitting and resting your foot for hours on end is mind blowing and l felt desperate at times the most pain l had was when l got up in the moring you would think that after resting all night it would be better but from day one this was my worse time l always had my foot elevated on a pillow l did try two but it was to uncomfortable.

l go back to see the consultant on 11th dec for the last time (l hope ) she did say it should be back to normal by then so l hope l can get a pair of shoes on to go in we shall see.

l need my right foot done both bunion and hammer toe although they are not so bad as the left the procedure will be the same l am thinking of going about next March.

will let you what happens on my next visit.

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    Quite a long recovery period and then to go thru same with the other foot, takes precious time out of one's life!!!!!


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    Thank you so much Olwen for your discussion on your surgery. I had same surgery plus a bunionette removed on same foot May 7, 2014. Your comments have really helped me in knowing what to expect. I, like you, only had pain for the first 3 or 4 days. I stopped taking pain killers after 4 days. I get twinges once in a while where they cut but it doesn't last long. I sat for 5 days with foot elevated. Day 6 I thought I could do without walker and walked around a little, nothing excessive, but foot swelled. I iced it but hasn't gone down to original size since then. So I know my limits now and will not over do.

    I agree, sure is boring but I knew what to expect from others and doctor told me 3 months full recovery.

    Hope you have improved.

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    Thank you Olwen for this information about your feet it's been very helpful. I am going in myself next week and I am scared but it's got to be done as my big toe is moving over my 2nd toe. Hope it gets sorted thanks
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    In 2 places I broke and dislacated my 4th toe in October. The hospital reset the toe wrong which resulted in me having surgery 5weeks ago. It's taken so long to operate due to the pain from how they had set it. Intense physio on a weekly basis got me ready for surgery.

    I'm a very active person and bored doesn't describe how I feel!

    I'm in pain pins and needles feeling and a burning sensation. I'm resting most of the time because even when I heel bare the pain is terrible. 2 more weeks now before I go back to the hospital to have the wire removed. Fingers crossed that it's healed after 7 weeks.

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    I am a 71 year old woman who had surgery to correct a bunion and hammertoe

    problem.  The bad hammertoe was actually caused by a podiatrist twenty some years

    ago when he messed up my bunion surgery.  It has been one month.  I had general anesthesia and cannot imagine having local.  I also had a block on my right foot so that it would be free of pain for about twenty hours.  I have a pin sticking half in and half out of my second toe, which was the hammertoe.  I did not think it would be so

    long and now am concerned as since it is so important not to get the wrapping damp,

    I have not been putting on ice packs.  My stitches were taken out two weeks ago and I will be seeing my doctor for my second time post surgery this afternoon.  

         Thanks for your account which was helpful.

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