7 weeks TKR ...Leg not straightening,

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I am worried that my leg should be straight now. I have finished physio and now on my own.

My knee and leg is still painful, burning and aching.My ankle is also sore as though it is sprained. I also have a lot of swelling from knee down to my toes.

I am now thinking of going to the gym but how much should I be doing? What machines I can use at the moment?The bike will be a good help but not sure what else.I'm just worried in case I make the pain worse.

I must get going with something different though.

I thought I was doing well but seem to have hit a plateau.

Any advice would really be aporeciated.

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    Hi, saralice. I had my tkr done 2 years ago, the exact same issue you have going on was the same as mines, at first my othro, was like its scare tissue, so look for them to do a offer you a manipulation outpatient deal, then after that he is going to send you right back to physical therapy, and most likly like me still no change, then he is going to tell you he did everything right placing the implant in correct and that you will have to live with it, they will never admit they made a mistake. I live in Ohio, after continuing complaining of not able to bend and being in pain day in day out. Your pt, may get frustraited with you and tell you that its nothing else he can do for you. My ortho, strain me along for newly 1year and 2 months and finally he send me a letter on the mail telling ne that he will no longer be practicing at that facility and that i could choose to pick one of his brother that is also in the clinic to take over as my ortho, well i did and his brother has 28 years of practice where as he only had 10 years at the time, his brother like him did a manipulation of my left leg send me to pt and still the same results, he told me that there is nothing he he could do, so he referred me to a revision doctor of my choice, well after 2 years has past going to my new ortho, he did an sonogram and found that when my first ortho placed my patella on he had it in a misalignment, and he didnt take out my old patella, so he replaced my old patella and placed the plastic one in, he told me by finding out 2years later that it had be misalingned that its no guaranteed but its very possible that i still will not be able to bend it, which i had the surgery in May,2016. Did pt in nursing home a month and did pt at home 2 months still not able to bend nor swout, or raise my leg, i am sorry you are going through this but you need to know that, what happen to me is starting to happen to alot more patients and doctors are getting away with it, i inquire a lawyer because several people told me that my first ortho needs to be held accountable for what he done to me, well the attorney to me that the statue of limitation is 1year and that as soon as i got that letter in the mail from him i should had jumped on it then but i did not know, so i guess what i am saying dont be blind to the facts that he or she strain you along for one year and you cant get the compensation you deserve, i hope this been helpful. GOD BLESS
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      So sorry this happened Denise. I totally get it had similiar situation.

      Peace K Heeling

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    You need expert advice as to machines at gym - but can use bike and cross trainer as weightless but still quite early. Focus on early rehab exercises especially the pressing down and stretching. Also stepping, lunges and dips little and often. Get checked by gp and go back if no improvement at three months. Otherwise maybe a private Physio or personal trainer for a few sessions so you train safely as you don't want to make things worse - I started back at the gym at 6 months and it really helped strengthen muscles and keep knee mobile though used to swell afterwards until settled

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    "...by now"????  Who says?  I started PT after week 3 and it took 9 more weeks, twice a week, to go from -14 / +84 to -1 / +128.  Finishing the work at the gym.

    There is no real timetable here...everyone is different.  Plus, it's not a LINEAR recovery...there are ups and downs, advancements and setbacks.  Just do the work and stay positive.  I got stuck at -4 for two weeks before getting more straightening.  

    Deep breath...stop judging yourself.  It will all work out.  I'm 6 months post op with almost zero pain and 0 / +131 flexion...gotta work on quads, glutes and core now.  Eat well, hydrate, sleep, PT, gym...it pays off big time. 

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    I think it's still really early in the process of healing. You're pushing too much. Your body is telling you to slow down. I would demand to see the surgeon to find out of that's normal. Are you icing and elevating and taking pain pills. You can't force your body. Give it time but definitely follow up with your doctor. Personal trainers aren't PTs. They could cause more harm than good,. Prayers

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    I think if my leg was swollen lke that I would do an extreme elevation at night, Maybe put those compression stockings back on and see if your ankle improves. Also why be looking for more to do, when less would be in order when you are swollen and in pain.
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    Do you have any more PT available, even if you have to pay for a few sessions to get more direction. You certainly are not done at 7 weeks! What's your doctor say? You need an exercise routine one way or another. Good luck

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    I use a elastic band and I have found where it hurts, I put the band on for support.  That has controled my pain and I am able to get my leg going any  where except bending past 100 both front and back bend.  It is really trying.
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      Try heat so your joint is easier to move.  Worked for me.  Friday I got to 105 and today to 108.
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    Thank you for your help. Not sure what to do at the mo. Think I'll stick with the elevating and exercises at home as best I can. Tried Dermacool on the burning today, it did help for a while.I'll try the gym with gentle exercises next week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the burning and swelling will improve soon.

    I'm seeing the doctor next week, she may come up with something.

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    I just finished PT yesterday (7 weeks and 2 days post op). My bend was 131 and my straightening was 0.  I am very happy.  It is still stiff when I push it to its max.  I suppose it will loosen up in time.  I am doing my exercises twice a day and going to the gym.

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