8 months after anterior and posterior repair still achey/gassy

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Hi, i`m 8 months down the line for a grade2 cystocele, and a very mild rectocele, i also had my perinuem rebuilt. I`m 8 months down the line and i`ve started have a few mild aches again, to be honest i`m not sue if i ever had a point where i didn`t have something still feel a little sore. But what i`m mostly struggling with is flatulence, and feeling the need to poop. By the afternoon and evening i am very gassy. I never had any symptoms from the rectocele, the reason i had the surgery was due to bladder issues, which are now all resolved. Just wondering has anyone had similar and it not mean the prolapse is back? 

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    Hi Charlotte,

    I am 21 months post op for 2nd anterior repair and 1st posterior repair.

    Feel exactly the same right now;

    My front repair feels very strong and unlikely to fail but back end and perineum still very uncomfortable and back to symptoms I had before surgery. Also very windy which I didn't have before surgery.

    Back end was functioning well in early post op months emptying properly once a day, but recently back to going many times throughout the day and never really emptying properly. Perineum often nippy, sore and generally uncomfortable. So now back to original problem; terrified of incontinence at work being unable to access toilet quick enough.

    Actually feels like they have tightened the front up to much still finding it painful when sitting for too long at work especially at the front end of pelvic floor and takes a day or two to recover after a shift.

    Not able to stay on my feet for too long as I get pain in my lower pelvic floor at the back and then my scar tissue (if that what it us) seems too tighten up and get really nippy once I've sat down.

    Not sure why this has happened as I was so careful in early months not too overdo things. Very slight bulge in front wall again but think it is normal and maybe just swelling due to bad supporting chairs in work.

    They initially said that my front wall was prolapsing and causing prolapse at the back so only a small repair at back done.

    Had hoped by now to be fully recovered but actually feeling worse than I did at 3 months post op, and no where near as recovered as I was after my first surgery at 21 months post op (first surgery was hysterectomy with front/anterior repair).

    I am so disappointed as feel that the posterior incontinence is far worse to deal with than bladder incontinence. Don't want any more surgery and don't think my pelvic floor could take being any more tightened up so not sure what to do now.

    I love my job and need the income right now as hubby got pituitary tumor and taking forever to sort. I have tried applying for lower impact work but not getting anywhere and let's face it who is going to employ someone my age at 57, who has had 2 repairs already and will eventually need more surgery in the future sooner or later.

    Really panicking as things get worse shift by shift.

    Take care,

    Phyl x

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      Oh my I’m so sorry but I feel exactly the same. Post op 15 months tvt and rectocele and still sore to bend, uncomfortable to sit, jaggy dropping internal feeling although this is new abs I was doing ok! Although I’ve never been able to lift more than a kettle without pain. Could this still be nerves knitting together? I have surgeon again next week to check but now also sore on top where bladder sling was held, slight burning and pain. Think maybe anterior has slipped hence dropping feeling. Do nerves take this long to repair? I think they can. Will let you know what surgeon says x
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      Not sure if it's nerve or ligament's that cause all the bother.

      I had my appendix taken out at 16 years old, it was also abscessed so part of wound left open to drain so had a small spider like scar. I recovered in 6 weeks returning to college which took me a couple of hours travel both ways without any bother ( be good to still be young and able to heal so quickly). I did get nippy pain when laughing of coughing and avoided any running or anything strenuous for a while.

      Years later still getting an odd nippy internal pain, especially during pregnancy when abdomen swelling or when coughing bad of laughing.

      Haven't had any sign of discomfort since last pregnancy and that was when I was age 43.

      I didn't get any of these nippy pains after first repair surgery and hysterectomy, but couldn't run, if I tried to rush for a bus would get a heavy sort of dull ache in lower pelvic floor, or if I lifted anything too heavy got that awful achy dull pain in lower posterior pelvic floor.

      So assume this time (A&P repairs) that their must be some tissue damage that has been left with highly sensitive but not sure if to do with nerve endings or ligament's.

      The nippy pains are similar to the type of pain I get in my foot arch when my foot ligament goes stiff and tight when I overdo any walking especially when walking in new shoes. So thas why I wonder if it's ligament damage.

      Pelvic floor and lower abdomen is crisscrossed with ligament's and when I initially prolapsed the first time I was in high impact work and was stopped in my tracks with excruciating sudden pain which felt like ligament's failing.

      I hate complaining and therfore tend to avoid GP unless things unbearable and by then damage is so bad. I find if hard to verbally explain what is going on with result they never know how bad things really are and that was why after first surgery they said they didn't realize how bad the prolapse was. So I suppose I can only be grateful that at least I can function to some extent and still have a limited/some quality of life.

      I think sometimes that maybe my expectations were set too high.

      My sister recons that the internal tissues are still just tight and that given time will slacken off.

      Hope things improve soon for you.


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    Yes its the gassy part that i`m getting frustrated by, i do have IBS so it could be related, but i think it is somehow down to the repair. I can feel the scar inside and that is quite near my perineum, but i also have a bulge above that.....eurghhh can`t face another repair. i`m only 38, with a 1.5 and 35yr old, its getting me down how much damage my last sons birth (forceps) caused. 
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    Hi, I’m 7 months post op vaginal rectocele repair, which was the best decision. My quality of life is so much better. I haven’t noticed a greater amount of gas, but do have to be careful not to get constipated. Too much starchy foods really binds me up. So long as I stay regular, all is fine. My cystocele wasn’t bad enough to repair, and actually those symptoms improved after my posterior repair. Apparently my rectocele was so large, it was pressing on my bladder. I hope you have continued improvement in your quality of life. (By the way, the video link to the physio training on how to poo is great! Everyone should watch it). 

    Regards, Susan

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