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Genitourinary Prolapse

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  • Emis Moderator M

    Useful Resources

    Below are various resources for Genitourinary Prolapse. If you have any further suggestions send me a Private Message with details rather than replying here. There is a guide to using the forums here: Patient leaflet

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  • stacey22767 2

    4 months post rectocele & concerned

    I'm really hoping you lovely ladies can give me some advise. I'm 4 months post op of rectocele, entrocele & perineal body muscle reconstruction ( did not know I was having all this done till my post op 8 weeks after surgery) I was 38 when I had my surgery & was told this is quite young for this type...

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  • rachel 52861 2

    Orgasm After Prolapse Surgery

    I've had surgery for a posterior and anterior repair with perineoplasty on the 6th Feb (almost 3 weeks ago) and was told not to have sex until 6 weeks. I never really considered that no sex would mean no orgasms at all so I never asked about it, I was just thinking I wouldn't want intercourse anyway...

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  • Mari88 3

    Repeat surgery on the cards :(

    So, the saga continues - here I am back again  As a back story, my symptoms post menapause were mainly  about downward pressure on the rectum/perineum and as a minor, some bladder urgency. I was diagnosed (finally - it was a long story) with a mod-severe rectocele and mild-mod cystocele. I went in...

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  • Cazinbed 2

    Has my surgery reversed?

    I can't believe I am back on here. Sorry bout posting again. It's 4 and 1/2 weeks since my surgery. I woke today and it feels like I've been punched down below. I've had a discharge for a week - at one time greenish, then yellow but now more creamy with some yellow. I've felt where I feel bruised...

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  • gymgirl 2

    TVT repair - how long does it last?

    Hi everyone I'm wondering if there are ladies out there who have had a TVT (trans vaginal tape) repair for stress incontinence and who can tell me how long you remained dry for. I had the tape inserted (along with other things) on 17 November 2016 and have not looked back, it's fantastic. I can sneeze,...

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  • Jeen44 2

    Any positive prolapse surgery stories out there?

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone happens to read this who has a positive story about long term recovery from prolapse surgery? There are a lot of scary stories about surgery but I would love to hear from any one who is happy with their surgery and if possible what type of prolapses/procedures they had....

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  • lorelli 3

    taken over two years to diganose my rectocele!!!!

    I am writing this in a bid to help others who may have been suffering as I have! My story is long so I will keep it brief! I am a 41 year old woman who has endured a complex medical history over the last 20 years but in particular have suffered extensively with bladder symptoms - bladder pressure & frequency...

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  • mar1964 2

    6 weeks post op check up with doctor

    OK so I had my 6 week check up. He dismissed me and said I can go back to work. He did an internal and I was in much pain. He didn't see concerned BUT I am. By the end of the day I am wiped out. Doing more but it remains that I am wiped. I have one more week off then back on June 26th for full time work....

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  • trizwizz 3

    recovery time for perineorrhaphy?

    Hello ladies, it's been some time since I was last on here. Life seems to have got in the way. ​So having been through a rectocele repair last April - recovery good but new bulge in the perineum 3 weeks after surgery. Round and round to orologist, protogram, diagnosed paradoxical sucutaneous muscle contraction....

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  • jane29850 2

    3 months post op physio check

     Hi everyone just wondering if anyone has the same symptoms as me . Today I went to the specialist physio for a check up on my pelvic floor and I explained I had what felt like a really thick bumpy scar that kind of slightly hangs out of my vagina and it's really uncomfortable when I'm sat too long or...

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  • Weesue 3

    Update after hospital yesterday but upset

    Went to physio pelvic floor and she was a lovely lady says I have all three prolapse vaginal wall ,rectocele and cystocele ibwas devastated . feel really bad told no heavy lifting and no long walks and if shopping to sit down as much as I can . feel as though I have been kicked in the teeth , I'm sore...

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  • Cazinbed 2

    3 1/2 week update from Sacropinious fixation.

    Dear all, I wanted to share my update with you. I had my sacropinious fixation, enterocele and rectocele surgeries 3 1/2 weeks ago. If you have read my previous posts you will know that I had the most excruciating buttock pain and more recently leg pain. I thought I was dying! Yesterday morning I woke...

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  • Mutley 3

    can anyone advice on prolapse

    I have been struggling for two years with digestive problems, swelling stomach, mild chronic gastritis that I can't shift, mild inflammation in bowel but this terrible constant abdominal pain. I've been popping ant acids like smarties, they haven't helped at all. Eventually went to see a surgeon gastro...

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  • donna45631 2

    Rectocele repair

    I am looking into finding a doctor at UNC Urogynecology to have a Rectocele/ enterocele repair. I am a little nervous about pain and ability to have my sex life and bowel movements return to normal. Bowel movements are horrible and I feel nothing but a big numb void vaginally. Any suggestions or anything????

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  • elaine160 2
  • Woodie2210 2

    13 weeks post op for hysterectomy, A &P repair

    Hi all, I'm still getting some abdominal pain and wondered how other ladies had felt at this stage. I had my post op check a week ago and consultant said everything seemed fine though still have internal stitches. I've taken things very steadily over the last weeks and had hoped to feel nearly back to...

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  • rita2602 2

    When to start pelvic floor exercises after surgery?

    I am booked in for a posterior vaginal wall prolapse on 26 August and wondering when do I start the pelvic floor exercises.  Also do you mostly sleep after the surgery?  It seems after reading the posts that a lot of rest is in order but I think this will drive me nutty,  We are self employed and I do...

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  • laura57280 2

    Pressure and Bulge after Prolapse Bladder Repair

    Hi everyone, I'm badly seeking advice and help. 6 weeks ago I had a Prolapsed Bladder Repair with sutures and a Laproscopic removal of Uterus. I now feel a Bulge in my vagina once again and I'm terribly worried the surgery failed. Is this the Prolapse returning or is still normal healing? I'm terrible...

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  • donna64518 2

    Is it prolapse?

    Hi ladies. I just discovered a ball looking thing inside of my vagina. I only see it when I stand or sit. Not when I lay down. I'm also having pains & pressure in my pelvic area & rectum. Could this be prolapse? I'm also have swollen lymph glands in my neck, arm pits & groin which is concerning. I've...

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  • tannerbird 2

    Strange belly pain

    Had anterior and posterior prolapse repair laparoscopically in February and apart from sepsis didn't have any problems. Yesterday I bent over and had terribly pain in my stomach with spasm and a feeling as if everything was moving. Had to lay down and my tummy on one side was rock hard for a while. Still...

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  • mar1964 2

    almost 6 weeks post op

    On May 4th I had hysterectomy; A & P repair. So I am 5+ weeks. Yesterday I went out to lunch and then came home -felt heaviness in vaginal area. It got a bit better so I went to fetch a few groceries. Not many and not heavy ones. By last night I was desparate to lie down -with discomfort and heaviness...

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  • Mum2girls 3

    Permanent cure

    Does anyone know of anyone that was permanently cured from anterior prolapse ? Is it possible or will there always need to be a repeat surgery ?

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  • keepsmiling15 3


    I am nearly 5 weeks post op form a uterus prolapse and had a sacrohysteropexy procedure. The surgeon reassured me that the mesh used and how it was performed abdominally with laproscopic keyhole surgery there was no risk of erosion etc into the vagina. Has anyone out there had this procedure? It would...

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  • jackie31400 2

    hysterectomy and anterior and posterior repair

    I am 3 weeks and 4 days post op and was wondering how long does the bottom continue to be sore. I have been having alot of lower back pain also and didn't know if this is normal. The days I am up on my feet alot and being more active it hurts alot more. I can't just sit down all the time. I do things...

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  • Cazinbed 2

    Top of leg pain

    Dear all...I'm back again! It's now 19 days since my SFF repair plus top and back wall repairs. The buttock pain when going to toilet is slightly better but I am pretty upset that I now how terrible pain in the top back of my right leg. This extends down several inches so it's not really buttock pain....

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  • laura57280 2
  • annette65260 2

    8 months post rectocele surgery pain

    Hi everyone Well  it's been a while since I've posted on this forum my recovery went reasonably well, just a small hiccup of a DVT at 8 weeks post surgery and having had a DVT, before resulted in now having to take blood thinners permanently but I'm ok with this - it is what it is 😊.  I have noticed...

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  • Mum2girls 3
  • Nicky1000 2

    Hard, lumpy abdomen 7 weeks post op.

    I'm a bit worried about my abdomen. The area above my wound and up to just above my belly button has (I think) become more swollen/hard/lumpy over the last few days. Has anyone else had this happen? It has also become a bit more uncomfortable. Do you think I should go back to my GP? I haven't had my...

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  • Linz40 2

    Help! I've developed a cough 3 weeks post surgery

    Hi there, I am now 3 weeks post surgery for rectocele repair and perineal reconstruction, also had a merina coil fitted. Recovery has been going well, although in the 2nd week I think I started my period, which was a bit distressing but now I have developed a really tickly cough, which I think I caught...

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  • Over it 3

    6 Weeks post-op vaginal anterior repair

    Hello ladies! I had my 6 week post-op for anterior (bladder, cystocele) repair. My outpatient surgery was done vaginally, using my own tissue that supports the bladder. NO MESH or other materials used. The reason I had outpatient surgery was that I do not have health insurance and my doctor felt that...

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  • sallymaine1312 2

    Anterior cystocele repair 3weeks ago

    I'm 3 weeks post anterior cystocele repair. I'm so bothered that the prolapse has returned. Things feel different down there and I daren't look myself. Is swelling normal down there? I don't know whether it is the stitches and the healing process that I can feel or my worst fear. it would be good to...

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  • Justsnets 2

    4 weeks and terrible gas pains

    I had a laparoscopic colpopexy with vaginal posterior repair 4 weeks ago. I'm recovering well except I've had terrible gas pains and they're not improving. I've always been a gassy person. Is anyone else dealing with this? Everything  else is good. I still get tired and some pressure if I'm up and about...

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  • shirley33103 2
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