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Genitourinary Prolapse

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  • Pam143 3

    Pain after pessary removal

    Have just had a shelf pessary removed because it had slipped and was causing discomfort.  This is the third type I have had inserted and removed  (ring, then gellhorn, then shelf).  The removal was a bit uncomfortable with the first two but this one, performed very roughly by a male doctor, has

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  • Emis Moderator M

    Useful Resources

    Below are various resources for Genitourinary Prolapse. If you have any further suggestions send me a Private Message with details rather than replying here. There is a guide to using the forums here: Patient leaflet

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  • kathryn26064 2

    Rectocele recovery

    Hi, I had a rectocele repair  only 16 days ago and wondered if people could share how I should feel by now. I have four kids and am on my feet a lot probably more than I should be. I am taking movicol and that works as well as pretending to blow bubbles to get my bowl moving - all works. I am

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  • HappyLady 2

    My Anteria and Posteria Repair

    Hi Ladies, Prior to having my Anteria and Posteria Repair, mainly due to problems going for a poo, when to be frank it felt like I was trying to push the poo sideways out of my bottom, resulting in lots of pain and blood - making me very unhappy. After reading this and other forums, which I found

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  • SassyJ63 2

    Tailbone Pain 3 weeks post op

    I had hysterectomy, anterior and posterior repair for rectocele, and vaginal repair. Been in more pain this last week than the 1st week. Now, it is very very uncomfortable to sit! Tailbone pain with pressure. Does this mean I screwed something up, or is it normal? I am freaking out a bit!

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  • Mrytle 1
  • jane52658 2

    Has prolapse recurred???

    I am 4 wks following rectocelesurgery and it is great and reassuring to have found this site. I am worried that my posterior vaginal wall prolapse has come down a bit. In first week everything looked much better and by week 3 I can see more- =can see stitches and a bit of bulging again . I know

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  • jane29850 2

    2 weeks post op

    Hi  Its my first time posting on here and I would like to say how glad I am so many people have taken the time to share their journeys it's so helpful . I'm 2 wks post op after a P&A repair my issue is I've had a look down below and am shocked at how lumpy and ugly it looks. Ihave a small bump with

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  • Wizzy123 2

    Cystocele recurrence

    Hi, last June I had prolapse repair surgery - anterior, posterior and surgery to lift the womb. I had a very slow recovery including 4 days in hospital due to an infection. For the last few weeks I have had an aching dragging sensation in my vagina and difficulty in fully emptying my bladder with a

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  • SassyJ63 2

    Day to day life during recovery

    I am 3 weeks since my hysterectomy, anterior and posterior repairs. I am curious to hear what other people do during their days. I worry that I am not doing enough, or that I am doing too much.

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  • caroline66313 2

    Anterior and posterior repair 10 days post-op

    Hi I'm new, seem to be recovering ok, had Vaginal Anterior, Posterior and perineal repair trying not too do anything even though you feel you can! Having difficulty emptying my bladder having to rock back and forth like an idiot hopefully this is temporary any advice ? Other concerns my graft was

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  • Weesue 3

    Well ladies i get married on Friday y

    Thank you to all who have kept me going will let you know how it goes using the cube pessary on the day and on my honeymoon. Infection seems to have cleared up but using it again i will find out if it happens again 💝 hopefully not . Once I'm back from honeymoon will give you an update to let you

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  • Linz40 2
  • scortes 2

    3.5 weeks post anterior/posterior repair. New pain!

    Hi everyone - thank goodness for this forum. I'm feeling very isolated (I'm living in Vietnam for my hubby's job) and it's great having you all here for support an advice. I seem to be the mad one who has gone back to work too soon. I'm doing half-days and feel I can cope well. I'm a teacher, but

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  • stephanie90840 3

    anyone have their surgery in the past 2 weeks ?

    Im 8 days out of having anterior and posterior vaginal repair with kelly plactation and I'm wondering if anyone would like to keep up with each others progress as we go and share our days with each other I know we all heal differently and we wont heal the same but maybe it will be easier to find

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  • witchesmole 3

    bending after surgery

    Hi I had my posterior prolapse surgery Thursday. Home Friday. Saturday quite chipper. Today feel tired achy a bit like period ache. I have been a bit busy picking bits up off the floor. No heavy stuff is this doing too much?

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  • Pam143 3

    Pain after pessary removal

    Have just had a shelf pessary removed because it had slipped and was causing discomfort.  This is the third type I have had inserted and removed  (ring, then gellhorn, then shelf).  The removal was a bit uncomfortable with the first two but this one, performed very roughly by a male doctor, has

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  • Linz40 2

    Help! I've developed a cough 3 weeks post surgery

    Hi there, I am now 3 weeks post surgery for rectocele repair and perineal reconstruction, also had a merina coil fitted. Recovery has been going well, although in the 2nd week I think I started my period, which was a bit distressing but now I have developed a really tickly cough, which I think I

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  • lisa18451 2

    5 weeks since had operations

    Hi had operations 5 weeks ago anterior and tvt went to see consultant last Thursday he said was doing OK and said can drive short distances. Drove to local shop and back after had pain in groin is that normal. Also I feel like I'm dribbling will this go after my muscles build up. The consultant

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  • phyl 40063 6

    Almost 13 months post op for A&P repairs.

    Hi all, Almost 13 months post op and doing great. Been on holiday from work for 2 weeks and away for a week so was well rested and feeling great. Back at work and started feeling ill within an hour; shivering/light headed and starting to cough. Had hoped I had managed to miss that nasty

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  • claire63612 3

    Posterior Repair 6 mths after VH & Anterior Repair

    Hello All, I'm back on the forum after a break of 4 mths.  You were all so helpful when I had my VH and Anterior Repair last April and I'm after some advice regarding Posterior Repair. I had my 6 mth check with my surgeon today and as I suspected I need further surgery for the rectocele - grade 2/

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  • donna 91510 1

    Bladder repair with mesh

    Hi anyone help.. i have had nothing but bad luck since I had a bladder repair using the mesh support system about 7 years ago.. since then i have undergone several operations to repair and ultimately cut out the mesh along with a hysterectomy after it cut through into my vaginal area

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  • edith- 3

    Two days post op: doing well

    I had my intussusception, enterocele and rectocele repaired on Monday via rectopexy and was back at home last night having a cuddle on the sofa with my boyfriend and enjoying a bowl of soup. I have five incisions but only two of them are bothersome and that's only really when hobbling to the

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  • donna45631 2

    Rectocele repair

    I am looking into finding a doctor at UNC Urogynecology to have a Rectocele/ enterocele repair. I am a little nervous about pain and ability to have my sex life and bowel movements return to normal. Bowel movements are horrible and I feel nothing but a big numb void vaginally. Any suggestions or anything????

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  • maws2312 2

    Painful intercourse

    Hi I had surgery some time ago but I still find intercourse painful. Everything else is settling down nicely. Any other people suffer like this?

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  • elainer7 2

    Posterior repair and tubes tied

    Hi im so glad i found this group iv been reading some of peoples stories and i feel more at ease I had a posterior repair and also had my tubes tied 13days ago not really sure how i should be feeling and im questioning every little is it normal to be so tired and emotional x

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  • scortes 2

    Bladder issues - still unable to pee!

    Hello again. I'm beginning to get really worried about being able to pee again without doing a self-cath. It's now 6 days post anterior and posterior repair surgery. I'm still generally retaining way more than I'm able to pee naturally. First thing in the morning/last thing at night are the worst. I'

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  • debrar 2

    10/11 weeks post op and cannot do much without pain/pressure

    I'm now 10.5 weeks post op from various repairs including anterior, posterior, perineum, bladder sling, and suturing , blah I was cleared by surgeon to resume all activity at 8 weeks even though I told him I was unable to even take a walk without feeling pressure.  This

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  • cmg1978 2

    Almost 4 weeks post op

    I had a anterior/posterior and vaginal vault prolapse repair, perineum repair and sacro spinous fixation almost 4 weeks ago and in the last 24 hours everything has been 'burning' down below and I keep getting a shooting pain right up into the vagina and it feels like I'm sitting on stinging

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  • Weesue 3

    Been to. Pessary clinic

    Well it went better than I thought . wedding in three weeks so hopefully can last a bit longer with this in xxT Hey gave me a cube one so can take out at night also more vagiinal pessary to help build up the wall as I don't have the eastragen or however you spell it . also replenish to take thee

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  • Mum2girls 3

    Relief of all symptoms

    Who has had anterior/ posterior or both repairs and found they are completely relieved of all symptoms ? So hard to find success stories . I have strange sensations around cystocele which I wonder if it's from that or nerves. I live in hope a anterior repair will solve this .x

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  • DorryC 4

    Cube Pessary

    I have a large rectocele and my doctor just fitted me for a pessary.  I have a cube pessary with drainage.  I tried to read up on it when I got home and I was a little surprised as I kept seeing things about this being the pessary of last resort and it seemed like it had more side effects. The

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  • Wizzy123 2

    Aching and dragging 9 months after prolapse surgery

    hi I had posterior and anterior repair surgery and also sacrospinous fixation nearly 10 months ago. At the beginning of the year I seemed to be really getting back to normal but in the last couple of weeks I have had a really achy dragging feeling in my vagina , especially when I exercise or lift.

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  • keepsmiling15 3


    I am nearly 5 weeks post op form a uterus prolapse and had a sacrohysteropexy procedure. The surgeon reassured me that the mesh used and how it was performed abdominally with laproscopic keyhole surgery there was no risk of erosion etc into the vagina. Has anyone out there had this procedure? It

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  • chey317 3
  • gymgirl 2

    TVT repair - how long does it last?

    Hi everyone I'm wondering if there are ladies out there who have had a TVT (trans vaginal tape) repair for stress incontinence and who can tell me how long you remained dry for. I had the tape inserted (along with other things) on 17 November 2016 and have not looked back, it's fantastic. I can sneeze,...

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