Rectocele Repair Recovery Questions

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Hi Guys,

Im 4 weeks post repair, can anyone further on your journey help, cant find this info anywhere? is there meant to be a feeling of hard tissue inside vagina entrance? like 2 cold meat slabs...also, do orgasms return to normal eventually with the nerve damage that must occur during the operation? can you get back to running when wound has healed? id really appreciate any help thanks

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    Not sure what the hard bits are that you can feel....are they scratchy? Is it a stitch?Vaginal packing is often used for rectocele surgery but is taken out after 24 hours at the most. If you feel your vagina is blocked then see your doctor.

    Yes, orgasms should not be affected and can be better as the vagina is often tighter. But please no sex for 3 months and then very very gently and make sure your partner knows that Stop means STOP, as there will be a little pain until the healed skin has stretched. Yes, you can get back to running but not for several weeks. Its best to wait for 3 months but try to walk a little more each day and then maybe after 7 weeks or so start jogging for 5 mins a day, then 10 etc until you feel no ill effects. Dont just go out and start running for long times. Build up slowly.

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      can you elaborate on why no sex for 12 weeks? my doctor told me 6 and im freaking out a bit about that being half the time line.

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      Yes, most Consultants will say you are fine to have sex at 6 weeks recovery but all the women I know who have had this sort of procedure say its far too early.If you want to have sex at 6 weeks then its entirely up to you but do be very careful and take it very slowly. Explain to your partner that "stop" means STOP. It will be painful. Penetration may not be successful at first and you may have to try again., but do leave several days between each try. At least at 3 months you are better healed. Good Luck.

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      what is the average age of the person recovering from this surgery? i think my mind is having a hard time wrapping around the 12 week time frame because there is less time involved in the recovery from having a child, which is substantial vaginally or csection, than there is in having this surgery and then having sex. i am exactly one week post op today from an anterior and posterior colporrhaphy and i feel okay given the involvement of the surgery. i do have vaginal and butt pain but it is very manageable (i am in bed 85 percent of the day because i do not want to be foolish in my recovery, i know rest, food and ease are mandatory). after reading alot of the posts on these sites its like i keep waiting for things to get worse before they get better and i dont want that to be my outlook. i have read alot about the 4th and 5th week being a time when alot of women begin to think they have undone their progress or that the repair has failed. i have not ran across alot of posts that say "yes, this is painful, but its temporary and successful." its all kind of blowing my mind.

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      Well normal childbirth is just that...normal, the tissues are able to stretch and return to normal with the help of the natural hormones that a womans body produces at this time. A C section doesnt involve cutting any part of the vagina,You have been cut vaginally back and front so there is a lot of healing to do.The average age for women having this type of surgery is mid 50s but there is a vast range of older and younger women having the surgery . At least do wait for your Consultant to give you the OK for sex at your check up, then its up to you to decide if you are ready for penetrative sex.

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    Thanks so much for your reply..going for a check up re the hard tissue protrusion

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      what was the outcome of the hard tissue? i came to this forum bc im 9 days post op rectocele repair and feel a hardness towards the posterior of my vaginal opening. almost feels like the bulge just got pushed back. wondering if things tighten up more as time goes on and this goes away or if this is how it feels now.

    • Posted 9 days post op you have hardly started to heal. Dont keep exploring the surgical could introduce infection. You may just be feeling swelling in the tissues simply because of post op trauma.. They have been cut and need to heal.

      When do you have your post op examination?

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