Prolapse anterior / posterior repair surgery recovery

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I've started this thread as have found there are hardly any real life threads on this, and there are so many women going through this and it doesn't get spoken about enough it's like it's a big hush secret to which anyone else going through is other then main websites like NHS etc for info but no discussion bored (that I've found ) that are recent!

I am currently 4 weeks post op for an anterior and posterior repair

I have absolutely no idea how I should be feeling at this point and weather or not things are as they should be,

I'll start from the beginning without being to long winded after having my baby 18months ago I prolapsed during delivery after some pelvic floor routines I managed to bring it slightly into check, a few months after birth we went away DH left the suitcase on the landing for about 2 weeks after we returned it was driving me mad so I got a ladder and lifted it into the loft to put it away that lift changed everything the heavy sensation was dreadful I couldn't stand without feeling like everything inside me was falling out, and sitting was no better as felt like I was sitting in a ball,

After a few weeks of it not improving I went to see the GP who said I had in fact prolapsed front and back Yaay! I was fitted with a pessary and given a referral - after 3-4 months of not hearing anything I started chasing the appointment as daily tasks become too difficult for me to manage even walking into the playground to collect the kids I was becoming unable to manage after over 13 months I managed to get my surgery booked in,

The day of my surgery was great the nhs had referred me to a privet hospital as they was unable to see me within adequate time frame (because of covid)

So I thought this was great I'm privet I'll get a better service my own room etc

It couldn't of been further from the truth

Morning of the op I had all my obs done and was taken down to theatre , I remember having some giggles with the nurses before passing out, I was woken up in recovery and instantly the pain hit me I started crying instantly and was given some strong pain relief on IV (morphine) I think. After a while

I was then taken back to my room , but they had moved my room to infront if the nurses station and it has a broken door besr in mind I'm in just a hospital gown nothing on me to cover me as I had a catheter and packing in place !!

I called for a nurse to try and close the door as I felt extremely exposed I was ignored ! I ended up getting out of bed after about 45 minutes of trying to get someone's attention and failing, this was a mixed ward also so both men and women patients walking around able to see everything I had going on, I got up and slammed the door shut I was furious felt absolutely humiliated I got my top half dressed into my own pjs and sorted the bedding out with the blankets ,

The night didn't get much better I was in so much pain I expected this to be like having a baby nope nothing like it !

They was extremely reluctant to give me pain relief even after begging for it, but this wasn't the worse to come.

The following morning of no sleep I had the catheter and packing removed and was told to lay for half an hour before attempting to go to the toilet or move around, so I did lay there and felt the urge to wee so about 45 minutes in I went to the toilet I was able to pee a tiny amount but didn't feel like I had gone the urge was still there, after another half hour I tried again nothing but this time I started to feel like I was having contractions no joke my body was trying to go into Labour or what it felt like ,

I called a nurse in in tears and unable to catch my breath through the pain which was coming in and off every few minutes the same as Labour dose, I asked if this was normal she said yes after surgery and a catheter it can take a while for body to adjust to going to the toilet, I explained I still can't wee, I saw my surgeon who explained what happened in surgery and said to the nurse to monitor how much I was weeing , this wasn't done, I was told I could get my husband to collect me at 12 and go home, before leaving I retold the nurse I am unable to wee to which I was again told this is normal!

I was taken to my husband in a wheelchair and helped into the car and waved off 🤦🏼‍♀️

Half was home the pain became so intense I was physically screaming in pain while in the car my husband called 111 unsure what he should do or if this was right I had a dr call back and explain they had called an ambulance on a cat 1 and they would be there within 15 minutes at the most,

I got into my house and headed straight for the toilet I still couldn't go my body was pushing like it was pushing a baby and I couldn't stop it to which I was able to dribble some wee out but not empty at all, I was taken straight to a&e to which I was told the hospital is under massive pressure with covid cases and I would need to be treated in the ambulance , I had no idea what was going on the pain was blinding

I eventually got a scan on my bladder and they confirmed I had Acute bladder retention to which I was told was at a dangerous level - I was re catheterised and had to wait to see a specialist they trained 1500ml in 30 minutes from my bladder , I was told a normal bladder can hold 700 - 800 max ,

They told me my bladder had gone into shock from surgery and I would have to ware a leg bag for at least 10-14 days to let everything calm down,

It was extremely hard to shower with a bag and a tube coming out of an area that was so swollen / bleeding / and so Sore! this caused BV thrush stitches got infected no matter how hard i kept everything clean everything that could go wrong did!

12 days passed and I was taken in for a TWOC (trial without Catheter)

I managed to go to the toilet thankfully Altho it didn't feel at all natural - I spent another week in absolute fear of not being able to wee and it re happening and has constant bladder spasms every time I needed to go to the toilet which lasted another week - I am so worried from all the pushing and stress that I've undone my surgery hot water bottles and shallow baths helped relax me a little enough to be able to go , i had to set alarms through the night to keep my bladder empty as the fear if it coming back was traumatising

4 weeks post op I still feel really heavy down there when I stand , I have no idea if this is normal , I am not able to stand for long at all and I walk like I've wet myself but haven't

i also had a labia tear repaired during the op too and it is still very sore with movement

this feels like it never ends

I still have a slight bulged around my urethra/vagina opening I have no idea if that's normal I saw my surgeon last week and he claims it is on women who have had children but before the prolapse i was never like this

I can not be the only person who's had this type of surgery would love to know how you felt at this stage

When did you feel better ? Able to do things ?

I am doing very minimal house work but of polishing folding clothes from tumble dry etc

I am not comfortable on a chair sitting up right or standing tho is this right? At this point? No websites tell you a real life truth of how you should feel just that it can take 4-6 weeks to heal 8 weeks for stitches to heal,

i also haven't had a period yet i dont think j had spotting for two weeks post op light not even enough to fill a pad, then had two days of clots around 2 weeks post op and since no spotting just odd discharge

Really long winded post and sorry if TMI but I feel like because there is hardly anything on this I would also share what I've been through

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    Hi there

    I am also 4 weeks post op for posterior repair, i am just managing to walk for about 15 minutes without feeling like i am shattered , and then i am walking slow and with a waddle. Like you i find it painful and difficult to sit in comfort , i have to try and lay on my side , it always feels like i something pulling or catching underneath and it a kind of stinging cross pressure pain. Ive also noticed a lump / bulge at the bottom of my vagina which i know wasn't there before surgery all i can say is to me it kind of resembles extra skin kind of like a haemorrhoid and its painful especially when washing or or drying . ive had minimal spotting and a discharge which to me smelt strange but was assured was normal and was just the stitches dissolving, I had my monthly but it lasted 4 days and was heavy for 2 days then just normal now back to virtually nothing unless ive overdone myself and then i get some light spotting. im still not lifting or doing major housework but helping round with light stuff. i didn't realise how weak i would feel after the op and up till now,

    all i hope is that it starts feeling better come weeks 5 & 6

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      traciecakes how are you doing now? I am at 4 weeks and your comment resonates with me. I also have those little skin tag looking things and it's freaking me out. Is it just swollen skin around the stitches? Had yours gone away? Did you have a lot of burning and itching? If so, has it eased up? sorry for all the questions... I'm so miserable 😫

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    i can relate to this! i had the retention too! they feel like contractions so bad its horrific! i had mine 2 years ago but i had a complete diff surgery last year and again 24 hours after catheter was removed i was retaining again. I've come to say that you still cant lift and to be careful after this op! im 2 years on n hired a carpet cleaner n carried it upstairs, along came the pain and ive prolapsed again! i cried 2 days solid due to that dreadded recovery it makes me feel sick to think i might have to go through it all again

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    I am just two weeks post anterior and posterior repair, but this is the second time I've had this surgery. I don't know what caused it to happen again, it was gradual. I had a supra-pubic catheter (it goes into your skin just above the pubic bone & straight into the bladder).

    This way you can try to urinate without removing the catheter. I had it in for a week and a half after surgery.

    the stinging and feeling like I'm sitting on a cactus were there the first time but you kind of forget it!

    I was told that when the internal stitches dissolve it's the worst smell you can imagine. thank you for posting. you are right that it's hard to find support for us women going through this.

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