Any positive prolapse surgery stories out there?

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Just wondering if anyone happens to read this who has a positive story about long term recovery from prolapse surgery? There are a lot of scary stories about surgery but I would love to hear from any one who is happy with their surgery and if possible what type of prolapses/procedures they had. I'm planning to have surgery soon and just want to be 100% sure I choose the right procedure. Ive researched for ages and decided to spend the money and go private (gulp, lots of money!) but it has been like trying to make a decision in the dark- lots of horror stories, conflicting advice from specialists and I dont know of anyone who has had the surgery so I can ask them.

Thank you, any info appreciated!

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    I really hope you get some replies to this, I've asked similar questions in so many forums in the last few years and gotten no real replies. I think the problem is that when you have a problem and get it fixed you live your life and don't go on forums about that problem anymore, so I'm sure there are many success stories, we just don't hear about them. I'd also love to hear some though because I'm thinking about surgery (not that I've been offered any yet) and all the horror stories and even the less than perfect outcomes make me terrified and so discouraged. I hope you get some answers and things work out for you, best of luck :-)
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      I'm also wondering if there are any success stories.  I need surgery badly, but the mesh usually doesn't hold up until you get home from the hospital.

      Could anyone tell me if they have the same symptoms as I can actually feel the bladder coming through the vaginal wall, and it builds up urine, but it has a very hard time coming out.  Sometimes you get a tsp. out and then fifteen minutes later you have to run to the bathroom, and yet, it is still hard to get it all out of the bladder.  I feel bloated much of the time and I can gain as much as five lbs. in one night, and don't lose it for a few days.  I would appreciate any information I can get.  I am 67 yrs. old, and that is one reason I'm so concerned...age wise....thank you all!!

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      Dear Carole,

      Google Double Voiding Technique - you need to wee, stand, do a few 'hoola hoops' with your hips and sit back down again. Use a toilet stool (raise your feet to wee and poo) You are 3 x more likely to suffer with rectal prolapse as well and need not to strain.

      Managing your prolpase is key here, to stop it getting worse and from other organs from dropping down too.

      Hope this helps.


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      Thank you, Kegal:  I really appreciate your advice..I am willing to give anything a try at this point.  I don't like surgery at all....
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      Hello Carole,

      I just had surgery for my prolapsed bladder 10 days ago along with removal of uterus. I'm 65 years old, and my prolapse was obstructing my urine flow, and therefore it was hard for me to urinate. I wayed all my options and decided for the surgery. I'm glad I did at this point. My first problem was with the spinal/ with morphhine that made me sick after surgery, next I had to come home with a catheter from Thursday to Monday, which I got used to. After removal of catheter I started going to the bathroom every hour on hour for the past 3 days and it has settled down now to almost 3 hours. The pain has been manageable with the ibuprofen and sometimes pain pills in the beginning,but I've weaned off of them unless needed. I'm doing everything that I'm supposed to do in order to not cause a setback. If it takes 12 weeks for my recovery,then I'll do the time. Main thing is keeping myself from getting depressed for not being to do the things I normally did on a daily routine.

      Hope yours goes well!!

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      I am 58 and had a vaginal hysterectomy, posterior and anterior repair 2 weeks ago.  I chose to have a spinal with sedation - as had never had surgery befor and was quite anxious about a general anaesthetic.  I have had absolutely no bother at all. Operation was on Friday morning and I wasn't allowed to get up until after they took the  catheter and vaginal pack out on Saturday morning.  I had a shower then and was allowed to walk about.  The only pain medication was IV paracetamol the first day and a few tablets the next day.  I can't believe how straight forward it all was and believe me I dreaded the whole thing. Apart from some tenderness and the fact that I was awake when the sedation wore off I would have doubted that I had surgery at all.  Long may this go on!!!  I used a therapy called EFT (tapping) Emotional Therapy Technique and I don't know if this was the reason for my 'success' story but look it up and give it a go,  


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      I had a positive experience as well 4 months ago.  All is still well - had a cystocopy and ultra-sound last week to check everything - I am 71.  All is still well and as long as I continue to to Keigels and use the vaginal cream, surgeon sees no reason why I won't continue to be fine for years.  So for those who just had surgery, there is an end to the tunnel.


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      Thank you for the info, Diann...I have a doctor's appt. tomorrow to weigh all my options.  I have so many things wrong with me that they may choose not to do the surgery...Will let all of you know how it goes...Thank you again.....HUGS.


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      I have prolapse stage 3 already.

      The surgeon will be doing testing next week.

      Surgery is scheduled for March 6.

      Did you have problems urinating after the surgery?

      The surgeon told me it is 5 hours and 3 days in the hospital.

      I have a catheter for 10 days.

      How is the recovery after the surgery?

      Please help because I am really worried.


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      My doctor told me no more mesh to be used in Australia.  Its not reliable and can cause serious complications.  I was fearful of mesh after a friend had one and it had to be removed.
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      Hi Linda I hope all is still well .Did you have a mesh fitted and if so what kind.Can you now do normal house chores and garden work.

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      My op w as 2 hours and 3 days in hospital but I only stayed 2.  I had an anterior and posterior vaginal reconstruction with attachment to sacrospinal area with bladder lifted into normal spot.  I was stage 3 before op and couldn't work as I couldn't sit or walk properly.  I came out of anaesthetic within the time it took them to wheel me back into the room that I was staying in.  When home had depression for two weeks but after that fitness level returned to normal and started walking one day but a leisurely w alk.  Have had numerous bladder infections and very sore.  Doc told me to take it easy for life so I got a gardener and a house cleaner.  I am 64 and work for the council as a Direct Care Worker.  I was advised to use Vaginal cream but opted for the pessary instead for a couple of months.  This will h elp with vaginal wall thinning and any infections so am trialling it.  Specialist told me does not have to be forever just until the last of the stitches higher up dissolve and they can take anywhere between 3 to 6 months.

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      Hi hope your feeling well and pleased with your operation.

      Did you have the mesh and if so which one.Thank you for replying.

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      Hi Linda, I know it’s been a while since this was posted, but I just wondering how you are getting along now two years after your surgery?  I had my uterus taken out and rectocele repair 4 weeks ago. I’m 55 years old. 
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      Hi DiannAm thinking about surgery and was told I'd have to have my uterus removed am having a hard time deciding would like to hear the pros and cons. Thank you. Norma

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