Any positive prolapse surgery stories out there?

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Just wondering if anyone happens to read this who has a positive story about long term recovery from prolapse surgery? There are a lot of scary stories about surgery but I would love to hear from any one who is happy with their surgery and if possible what type of prolapses/procedures they had. I'm planning to have surgery soon and just want to be 100% sure I choose the right procedure. Ive researched for ages and decided to spend the money and go private (gulp, lots of money!) but it has been like trying to make a decision in the dark- lots of horror stories, conflicting advice from specialists and I dont know of anyone who has had the surgery so I can ask them.

Thank you, any info appreciated!

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    It's just over 5 years since I had an anterior and posterior prolapse repair and I have never regretted it for one minute. Actually it's not completely true, when I had post op pain for a few weeks I did wonder if I'd done the right thing but I soon got over that. I returned to work after 13 weeks and after 6 months I was lifting again, nothing too heavy but after a year I carried on with life as I had done before. I had a very good Urogynaecologist who continues to do lots of research in this area so I was lucky but there's no reason why you can't have the same great outcome Jeen.
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      I am 35 considering surgery stage 3 anterior and posterior i did want abother child but cant even imagine this problem getting worse scared i may end up worse i live in the san diego area do youbhave a surgeon referral.. i so badly want a success story
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      Hi Dragonfly81,

      I am 38 years old with nearly the same diagnosis. I have so wanted to find someone I could speak to about this. I also live in San Diego. It looks like you wrote this post a couple months ago, so I am curious how you are doing and if you had the surgery? I have three little ones and it's tough to live with. Have you found anyone who have had long term success post surgery?

      Thanks so much!

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      Hello, Matron, Can I ask what town was this surgery in and what doctor? I to, really need this done and have for a very long time, but am very scared. I have had other surgeries and so tired of all the medical stuff. But, it is serious now and I really need help. Thank you
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      I also have been happy with my op.  The doctor was also a specialist urogynaecologist and does this kind of op every day.  I had some problems before the op and had to stop working three weeks beforehand due to a lot of pressure.  SEcond day back at work, am good but still have issues with same pain and sitting in the car as I work in and out of car.  Am going to retire in a year to make my life pain free and do all the things I am supposed to be doing in regards to exercise and no strenuous lifting for life.  So glad to have found this site.
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      Hi Jean,

      I was diagnosed 3 months ago of Stage 2 Pelvic Wall Prolapse and considering surgery.

      I have been diligently doing Kegel exercises but the problem continues and it is very bothersome.

      I have an Oct. 9th schedule with a specialist to talk about the possibility of surgical intervention.

      I am so worried about the outcome of the surgery since I've read that success rate is only 60%.

      The specialist is a Stanford physician but I am still very concern about the outcome given the after surgery horrors that Ive read.

      If you don't mind, could you share the name of the physician who did the surgery?

      Thanks for your input. Ethelynne20993

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      Hi hope your still well.Can I ask did you have the mesh fitted and if so what kind.I have had a hysterectomy and bladder repair with stitches but unfortunately I my prolapse has returned I have been offered titanium mesh but due to all bad press I'm really concerned about having it.

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      Jeen44, Where is your doctor and what is his name? Thank you, I to need this surgery bad, and am scared to death. My doctor here said this is permanent and can never be removed if something is wrong. The mesh basket thing. I do not like that at all, but is there another alternative? I am 65 and live in North Florida. Thank you
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      Hi how are you doing.What kind of opp and what kind of mesh was used.

      Ive been advised to have my prolapse repaired using Titatium mesh attached to my sides.I did ask about the Birch method but was told it's a very nich surgery and can have problems with urge incontinence.My surgeon advices one at a time as he thinks that after the opp I could suffer from stress incontinence which he would then after 5months repair with a tape.Im prying that I won't need the tape.

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      How are you doing these days. I have been able to manage my prolapse for about 8 years but I am now at stage 3 and seriously considering surgery. I notice in these forums people don't mention their doctors names so we can start a good list of experienced providers in this area.

      May I ask the doctors name that did your procedure and if your ok maybe the city so I can find him.

      Thanks again for sharing it really makes a difference.

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    I am one week post op and so far doing okay.  My only problem has been not being able to sit in a chair or sofa.  I had a cystocele and they used cadaver tissue called A Cell to hold up my bladder. 

    i am 66 so I too was concerned about my age.  

    I did a lot of research also.   

    Best of luck.  

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    Hi Jeen,

    I am in Canada and am 71 years old.  On July 3rd, I had a hysterectomy with anterior and posterior repairs.  The bladder prolapse was so bad that I could hardly pee at all sitting down pre-surgery.  I had to manually move stuff out of the road, void a little, wait a while, stand up and let gravity do its thing, sit down again, etc.  It was not fun.  Meanwhile, because of having bladder problems for so long it had bloated to a very large size which caused a stage 4 tear in my rectum which is why I had to have the posterior repairs. You asked what kind of surgery I had.

    The first two weeks post surgery were no fun.  The main problem was constipation and urine leakage as well as some blood seepage. Sitting for about 6 weeks was "interesting" - I had a cushion with me at all times.  But with the support of the ladies in this forum, I got through those difficult days.

    Two weeks post surgery, I was given permission by the surgeon to drive locally (I live in a rural area) during the day.  Three weeks post surgery I was allowed to drive anywhere.  Four weeks post surgery, I was allowed to go back to my part-time desk job (3 days a weeks).  Six weeks post surgery, the surgeon gave me the go ahead to go back to my normal life which includes looking after a country house (1/2 acre of grass to cut; salt to bring in for the water conditioner, etc) as well as returning as main caregiver for my disabled husband. 

    I had one slight complication - a small blood clot which passed in 3 voids - painful and scary but as it turned out not serious.  This happened in week 7.  I am having a cystocopy on November 10th to confirm all is well - the urogynacologist I had is one of the best in the nearest city and she did a fine job. She did tell me when I saw her again in week 7 after the blood that it takes 6 months for most of the inner healing to take place and one year to be completely healed and so to call her if anything else happened but repeated that I resume normal life.  So far, nothing else.

    Incidentally, she did use the mesh because she explained that given my age and my thin tissue, this gave me the best chance of long term success.  Only 1 out of more than 100 patients ever have issues with the mesh anyhow but of course the press and lawyers ignore these stats for their own reasons. And it was used by a very competent urogynacologist - not a gynacologist.

    I am totally back to a normal life - certainly more normal than I have had in years.  I am almost four months post surgery and I have never felt better.  I would NOT go back to my pre-surgery days for all the tea in China and I would not put up with the discomfort I had for so long.  I only wish I had not been afraid and and had had the surgery sooner.

    I have to say that instructions for patients vary from country to country - rules are more stringent in the UK.  They are different in Canada and the US.  I would certainly follow any instructions given to me by a urogynacologist anywhere.

    To conclude, one of my best friends had this exact same surgery about 20 years ago.  She was totally fine after one week and had has no recurrence or complications since then.

    So I agree with Matron.  Most of us go through this surgery with the expected discomfort but are delighted with the results.  I would not hesitate for one instance having the surgery but I would ensure it is done by a urogynacolosit.

    Hope this helps.


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      Nickie can I ask who your doctor/what city you had your surgery in? Would you still consider the surgery a success now? Thanks!
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      Hi how are you I hope all is well.Can you tell me what kind of mesh you had fitted.Im considering having the mesh as my previous bladder repair hasn't been successful but very scared due to bad press.

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      Hi Nickie it was very in helpful reading about your success I hope that you are well and everything in its place.Im 63 I had a full hysterectomy and bladder repair with keyhole surgery unfortunaly my prolapse returned after 3 months.

      I am now considering having my prolapse repaired with the mesh and by keyhole  

      surgery.My surgeon teaches pelvic floor reconstruction at a well know university in Italy.I did ask him about the Burch procedure but he said that it was a very niche technic and could have problems with urge incontinence.So has advised that we repair the prolapse with the mesh and if I have problems with stress incontinence that would be repaired with a TVT 4 months after surgery .Any advice would be appreciated.

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      Nickie,  how are you doing now, since it’s been a couple of years since your surgery? 

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