8 months ankle injury

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I have been nursing an ankle injury (sprain/strain) for atleast 8 months now which happened whilst playing Football. I turned my ankle and heard a pop sound, and was in a bit of pain at that time.

The following day, there wasn't much swelling as you normally would see where you ankle turns into a balloon, it was only very little compared to my left ankle.

I had no pain walking on it and still had good range of motion.

Now it has been 8 months, I went to GP and they told me to RICE, Rest Ice Elevate Compress it and it should be better, (this was 6 months ago), but nothing has worked yet.

I performed rehab by myself purchasing the theraband and doing exercises etc, they seemed to help a little bit with strengthening however I went to play football last Friday, and I must've dorsiflexed too much and my ATFL seems to hurt now or atleast in that area.

I just wanted to to know what I can do now, as I have an appointment with my GP next week again, but also I wanted to know if ICING the injury this late in will have any affect? or I should completely stop using ice.

Should I use heat and soak my ankle in there? massage it? what else can I do myself to help speed up the process.

Thank you

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    Hi. I think if it was me with your problem, firstly I wouldn't have waited this long before getting X ray. Clearly it appears something more serious from what you describe, I wouldn't wait to see your gp again, I would go straight to a&e asap.

    I broke my ankle over 8 weeks ago, and had an operation to insert 3 screws.

    I still have swelling & unable to fwb properly without discomfort, and I tried a cold compress of ice, it totally made my foot freeze up.

    What worked for me then was warm water and leaving your foot to soak & relax, also using e45 cream to massage into your skin.

    I hope you get diagnosed correctly & get the necessary treatment, as after my 8 weeks am becoming very disheartened & need to get back to normality, let alone 8 months.

    Good luck 

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      Hey Paulusdw,

      Thanks for your reply, I notice you replied to my posts before appreciate it.

      I know this is all my fault as I was too stubborn to get it checked out as soon as it happend because I enjoyed playing football too much.

      Im sorry to hear about your ankle and hopefully it recovers 100%!.

      About the A&E, the x-ray was only recently, and also the doctor who reffered me for the x ray said "I'm going to reffer you to x-ray only to clear your mind" this is because I kept pushing to get an X-Ray and she was suggested that there was nothing seriously wrong and it was not neccessary, after doing some ankle tests and checking it thoroughly. but the X-ray showed nothing and it was totally fine with no breaks etc. 

      The doctor said it is likely the overuse of the ankle or returning to sports too quick and ligaments and tendons must be sore and need time to heal.

      Btw I could sprint etc fine however only when dorsiflexing my ankle a lot would cause a bit of pain.

      I have just bought some epsom salt and I am going to soak my ankle in warm water with this salt to see if it helps.

      So do you advise that icing at this stage will be uncessary and will have no affect?

      Thank you,

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      Hi. I wouldn't blame yourself for being stubborn to get checked out.

      Im guilty of the same, probably like most people, our everyday lives are so busy, it's easy to put off any minor injuries hoping they will go away.

      Thanks for the kind comment regards you ankle, it sure is bugging me now to say the least, and have a sick note for another 4 weeks, Xmas fast approaching etc!

      Im pleased that there is no break in your ankle though, at least it puts your mind at ease.

      I certainly got pain relief from warm water and soaking my foot, I had read on another post that ice did the trick, I tried it and couldn't move my foot.

      I suppose everybody is different, but I wouldn't chance ice again.

      I was thinking of reducing the swelling, but every couple of nights soak my foot, then after drying, put e45 cream on my foot & ankle, especially as my skin is flaking & the cream reduces this.

      Hope this helps Sid

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      How did you manage to injure the ankle in the first place anyway and as it needed surgery it must've been brutal. Again hope you have a speedy recovery as Christmas is indeed approaching fast.

      Regarding the e45 cream, does it actually help or is it like one of those "creams" that everyone talks about but don't have much affect?. Also would they be purchasable from any pharmacy?.

      I'm sure you will recover very quickly as you seem to be able to manage your injuries much better than myself haha, I always want to go and play football when ever I can but with this ankle I just can't perform how I used to.


      Ps. I just soaked my ankle in Epsom salt with warm/hot water and left it in for about 20-25 minutes and it has relieved the pain a bit as I can move my ankle around much more but I think this is only a short term solution.

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      My injury was a bit bizarre, but I was in the shower and rushing to go to work, I slipped breaking my ankle but twisted my leg on impact breaking my leg! I hoped that my ankle was dislocated, but on X-ray showed the true impact of the breaks.

      The consultant said I could leave the break to mend without surgery but would need surgery at a later date,no recommend to have it done asap.

      He gave me a sick note for 2 months, which I assumed that I would be back to normal within that time frame.

      The e45 cream basically softens the skin & moisturises, ideal for flaking skin.

      If this is not the case for you then I wouldn't bother buying it,naps even though it's available from any pharmacy, it's expensive.

      I hope I can recover to be where I was before my injury.

      I am not a fitness person, but walk a lot at work during my 10 hour shift, having that said, I've been encouraged to start swimming, as part of my recovery. 

      I think from what you have said, I would wait until you have been advised that you are fit enough to play football again, otherwise you are probably going to do more damage and delay your recovery further.

      Im pleased to hear that the warm water has helped with movement, even if it is short term, it can't do any harm.


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      Hey Paulusdw,

      Sorry to hear about your injury like this, and I can imagine the pain you must be going through at this time. As you have been given a sick note for a considerable amount of time i hope you can utilise it well and manage your injury properly to avoid dissapointment later in life.

      I am only 23 years old, and I am very upset that I don't think I will return to full fitness ever again considering ankle sprains usually heal within 3-6 months! but I will try to manage it with the most care I can starting from now and avoid playing football for a while, although I also work 9-10 hour shifts on the weekends which requires me to be standing pretty much all the time and lifting and squatting (damn supermarkets lol) to store stock etc.

      Regarding epsom salt, I will continue usuing it as much as possible and see if it makes any difference in the coming weeks and will keep this post updated.

      I think swimming could be a great part of your recovery or just recoveries in general from all muscle and joints problems and hope it works out for you.

      Thank you.

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      I felt so stupid inflicting so much pain to myself, just to get to work!

      I have been looking at a change of career amongst other things.

      I have always put myself last, coming home from 10 hours work, then helping family & friends, & organising events for classic car enthusiasts.

      I have never been a fitness person but have kept my self fit due to my work & life commitments.

      I fully understand though how you must feel, being a young & physically fit person, especially if it's your hobby that will suffer as a result. 

      I am responsible for keeping a fleet of up to 250 hire cars clean, fuelled, safe & delivered. Very demanding, as I have 2 agency staff to help 😟

      I hope the use of epson salt & warm water helps in coming weeks, it would be interesting to find out.

      I have never been interested in joining a gym, but realise now it could help me regarding swimming, though would prefer to go when it's least busy.

      Thanks again Sid

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    I'd ask to see a physio so it can be assessed as 8 months is quite a bit of time I'd guess

    In my.book doctors will refer you to as the don't.have enough.knowledge in.that area. When I broke my ankle and had to go.the doctors I told them the type of break I had and she didn't know what it was which made me laugh

    Definitely see a physio one who specialises in spots injuries if poss. All the best hope it goes well for you

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