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  • molly8693 3

    What is your experience of hardware?

    Hello, I had my ankle surgery on Jan 14 and the metal plate with 4 screws is to remain there.  I am still in pain but can walk with one crutch. I am curious to know what are people's experiences and opinions on hardware?  Did you have any further trouble because the hardware wasn't removed?  What is...

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  • danielle 96194 2

    6 Weeks Post Ankle Surgery...need help!!!

    Hello: I had surgery 3/2/15 for a fracture of the left tib/fib and spiral fracture of the ankle.  I had a rod inserted and 7 screws.  For 6 weeks I was non weight bearing, but 3 days ago I was told I could start partial weight bearing.  I need some guidance if anyone is out there.  First, it is normal...

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  • dion10576 2

    Trimalleolar Fracture Surgery

    Hey everyone! Yesterday I had surgery to fix my broken ankle. As I posted before I sustained a trimalleolar fracture of my ankle last week in a volleyball game when I landed awkwardly on another players foot. The result was a fractured medial,posterior, and lateral malleolous along with a dislocation,...

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  • tyelioo 2

    Paroneal tendon surgery

    Hey I recently had a surgery involving my paroneal tendons in my right ankle and was looking for answers to my questions. Thanks 😊

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  • ed25584 1

    Ankle fussion

    Seven weeks post op second fussion same ankle weight bearing with walker and training shoe not much swelling lots of pain though. Thank you all for your input on this site. It really is helpful to know what to expect in the future.

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  • judi57310 2

    Broken Ankle Sleeping in boot

    Hi: I broke my ankle on 11/10, surgery on 11/19, cast off 12/7 I got the knee high boot to wear, I'm still non-weight bearing. He wants me to sleep in it but sleep is impossible. How vitally important is the boot to the bone healing? i wear the boot all day. I go back for x-rays the 21st. thanks!

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  • jim86105 2

    Ankle Fusion

    i am told I require a fusion of my right ankle, the damage was caused by a fall from a ladder. I have had a peroneal tendon and liagment reconstruction, the deltoid liagment is detached from the bone also but this will be fixed when the fusion is being done  my question is how long will it be before...

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  • samantha77575 2

    broken ankle bonesbnot fusing

    Hi, I broke and dislocated my ankle back in mid April resulting in pins and a plate. I was sent home with instructions to non weight bear for six weeks. I don't know what i expected when i went back but i wasn't expecting to be told the bone hasn't healed and to go away for another six weeks!. Fortunately...

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  • Ultraboxer 2

    Ankle Replacement Surgery

    I would like to estabish contact with anyone who has undergone ankle replacement surgery and reflect a ittle on the aftereffects and the longer term prognoses for recovery and mobility. Having undergone such an operation about 9 months ago I am currently coming to terms with a less than welcome (and...

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  • jenni 24876 3

    Wound splitting opened.

    Does anyone else have the wound opening up   It looks like it's healed then opens up right on the ankle bone and because nerves are exposed is so painful to touch on anything sleeping is awful. The top of wound is slow to heal where the caste rubbed staple out. So it gapes. No infection but oh so painful....

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  • nat55157 1
  • natalie15504 2

    Has anyone had a sub talur fusion?

    I've posted once before about my accident which dislocated my right ankle last year ...Well, I went to doctor Friday and physician gave me steroids, pain meds, and put me in boot. Wants me to follow up Monday with surgeon bc he says it doesn't appear my recent surgery worked and mentioned may have to...

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  • Neicy007 1

    Ankle fusion - Still not walking properly?

    I had an ankle fusion back in 2015 I walk with a severe limp which impacts on my balance lower back, hips and groin. I am always on anti inflamation tablets to mask the chronic pain. My ankle is totally fused with no movement at all. I have met others who have had their ankle fused however they have...

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  • waynescott 2

    ankle fusion v Lower leg amputation advice please...

    hi, I am seeking advice from anyone who has had a ankle fusion please. has it been a sucsess ? would you reccomend having one done, and how is your mobility now breif background..had a TAR nov 2014, failed..revision/ repair sep 2015  failed.. Tendon Decompression surgery june 2016 not eased...

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  • sean94558 2

    Open ankle fusion & bone graft rod and 5 screws.

    Hi all I'm sean I'm a 51 fit and try to be active male . In September last year I went for a open ankle fusion bone graft a steel rod put up through my heal ankle and up into my shin bone and all screwed together with 5 screws I'm over 9 month in and can hardly go anywhere it's bin a horrible op from...

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  • kevin2712 2
  • willfullard84 2

    Triple ankle fusion

    Hi I recently had a triple ankle fusion on the 22nd may I was just enquiringly if I can take anti inflammatory tablets to help with the swelling

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  • dcelmer14 2

    Post op Peroneal tendon surgery week 5 questions

    Hello foot & ankle friends; I am curious if any of you had also had peroneal tendon surgery; I am currently post op starting 5 weeks and let's say it's been fairly painful and a lot more intense than I was prepared for. The surgery went well, the first 2 weeks I was basically bedrest and in a splint/wrap....

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  • Chazma89 2

    MRSA in surgical wound

    I'm 12 weeks post op for my first operation 10 weeks post op of my second operation. When I got my cast removed (week 9) some of my scar was not healed and looked yellow. I went to the hospital, a day care centre and m doctors surgery on multiple occasions because I knew something was not right. Eventually...

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  • pam42544 2

    Fracture hurting much more 3 days after accident?

    Hi, I broke my ankle 3 days ago. I've woken up this morning in agony. It feels like cast is pressing on my ankle bones. Is this normal? Don't go back to fracture clinic for another 4 day's. Is it 6 weeks of this....arms, hands and my good leg aching with trying to use these crutches! Fed up already!...

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  • KK1969 1

    Ankle Stabilisation

    Hi I had a complete tear of my anterior ligament in Jan 16. At that time I was not referred to a specialist but had approx two months off work and then had limited duties until I was walking somewhat "normally". This was a work place injury. Early December 16, it went again. MRI revealed my ligament...

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  • Soccergal-YC 2

    Syndesmosis Sprain & Avulsion Fracture

    6 weeks ago (tomorrow) I sprained my ankle badly during a co-edsoccer game ( rolled inward and forward) Went to the ER could not stand to bear any weight on foot only to be dismissed for a "sprain" and no fractures- after consulting an ortho that following Monday I was re- examined and X-rays showed...

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  • victor95142 1

    11 weeks post ORIF ankle surgery

    Hello all, just looking for some insight on recovering from ankle surgery.  I suffered a fractured medial malleolus and fractured talus on may 21. I had orif surgery done on june 10th (needed to reduce swelling and normailze white blood cells).  I have a plate and 6 screws in there now.  I was put in...

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  • julian75841 2

    Walking after ankle orif

    I fell out of a tree 9 weeks ago and shattered my ankle . Foot was manipulated to put back into right direction and plaster over night . Next morning had surgery ankle orif with plates and screws. I didn't have plaster but wore an air boot for 8 weeks . I was told no weight bearing at all . I had a screw...

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  • britta44288 3

    Broken ankle

    Broke my right ankle a week ago and had surgery. (Metal plate and screws put in) Experiencing a lot of pain. Is this normal?

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  • willfullard84 2

    Triple arthrodesis

    I had the triple fusion done on the 22nd of may is it normal to have no feeling in any of the toes they also keep swelling as soon as I put my foot down

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  • TonyaBear 2

    My chronic ankle injury for over 2 years

    For those who have followed all my other posts about my ankle I have an update. I went to a therapist who decided to do Astym therapy. It was to breakdown scar tissue that she believe was causing problems. A couple weeks later my scar tissue was gone but i was still in a lot of pain. Then i fell in thearapy...

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  • deni1 3

    front ankle pain

    I have front ankle pain to the left, it is bad on and off all day and I limp with it but in bed it really kicks off, the pain makes my face screw up, some pain in front of knee and thigh ant ideas anyone? x-ray came back ok

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  • dion10576 2

    Trimalleolar fx/ dislocation

    Last monday while playing in a co-ed volleyball game I landed on a another players foot with my left foot and sustained a trimalleolar fracture of my left ankle with a dislocation. I'm scheduled for surgery this upcoming Monday and am currently in a splint. Has anyone else had this injury and what can...

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  • andy88 2

    Arthroplasty or Arthrodesis?

    Had a disaster ours past 18 months! Jan 2016 went in for what I thought would be a routine longitudinal arthrodesis of my left ankle for severe arthritic pain. Already had a suceesful lateral fusion 10 years earlier. 3 months later after being given the go ahead to start PWB I sustained a fracture to...

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  • kristina73093 3

    Omg, I'm living a nightmare that never ends.

    So as some of you may recall, I had lateral ligament reconstruction and peroneal tendon graft done in August. My surgeon repeatedly blew off my concerns while recovering, after 2 accidents in October and November. He insisted there was nothing wrong, and got snarky when I told him I wanted a 2nd opinion....

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  • lee48484 1

    Burning/pins and needles 2 weeks post op ankle surgery

    Hi guys I'm new here! It's 1am I'm trying my best to sleep but all I can feel is pins and needles in my big toe! Feels like it's never ending. I've tried to follow advice regarding keeping my foot elevated but I seem to be the only person where it makes it 50x worse?!? As soon as I put it down for some...

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  • molly8693 3

    Swelling after ankle surgery

    Hello, I had ankle surgery and my cast was taken off over a month a go. I can stand on my 2 legs but can't walk. Every time I exercise with crutches or stand to cook my foot swells and goes purple.  Does anybody know how long the swelling will last for? I was cryptically told by a nurse that the last...

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  • Morrismanc007 2

    Ankle fusion and driving...

    ...just wanted to say hello and ask a question please. To those of you that have had an ankle fusion have you been able to drive a manual car afterwards? I'm 4wks following a fusion to my left ankle and I'm sat at home off work pondering if I'll be able to drive my car again! My consultant at Wrightington...

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  • araceli96380 2

    Non fused bones after 3 1/2 months

    I fractured my tibia and fibula in March, no surgery but just cast for 2 1/2 months. I'm on 50% WB on boot for 1 month now also on therapy but not aggressive. My bones are healing but slowly. Is this normal? Will it fused eventually? I'll appreciate any response. Thanks!!!

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