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Ankle Problems

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  • britta44288 2

    Broken ankle

    Broke my right ankle a week ago and had surgery. (Metal plate and screws put in) Experiencing a lot of pain. Is this normal?

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  • molly8693 3

    Swelling after ankle surgery

    Hello, I had ankle surgery and my cast was taken off over a month a go. I can stand on my 2 legs but can't walk. Every time I exercise with crutches or stand to cook my foot swells and goes purple.  Does anybody know how long the swelling will last for? I was cryptically told by a nurse that the

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  • mary48140 2

    Emotional Ups and Downs/Feeling Isolated

    In one week (hopefully), I'll graduate to a walking boot. However, I'm trying not to get depressed knowing that my ankle will never be the same. I've put out so much money for a dog walker thru Wag, but I had to cause my sweet Pomeranian Oliver, was getting depressed too. Here he was going for a

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  • jane26842 2

    Severe burning in foot 14 days after ankle surgery

    Qin had ankle ligament repair surgery after severe sprain.  Had surgery 14 days ago today.  Yesterday the cast was removed and got put in the attractive black ankle boot and told I could be weight baring.  Seemed things were going well and I walked with the aid of a crutch a little around house.  Well,...

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  • Mo 12776 2

    Ankle Fusion or ankle Replacement ?

    Hi dear friends I am 28 yrs old male from Denmark, I injured my left ankle around 7 yrs ago, it's been so painful for the last 3 yrs and doctors told me that I have arthritis in two joints of my ankle and an ankle fusion or replacement is a necessary. so which one would you recommend me to have ?...

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  • molly8693 3

    Do you walk with 1 crutch & have knee pain?

    After my ankle surgery (Jan 2017) I had to cope with the pain and swelling we all do but since I have started using one crutch, I experience a bad knee pain. GP says it is because I put pressure on my knee and I wonder if it is arthritis.  I wonder if any of you who can now wallk with 1 crutch or

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  • Chazma89 2

    Cast off 😁

    I got my cast off today. He said I can start walking straight away (in a moon boot of course) He told me I had to do ankle exercises but didn't actually give me any to do can anyone tell me what to do with regards to these as my physio appointment isn't for another month. Also when to get rid of

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  • matthew21895 2

    3 months post op

    Hope everyone is having s good weekend! I am 3 months post op on June 8th, i had a orif done on my medial malleolus of the left ankle. Everything seems to be going well with recovery. Seeing my physiotherapist and have full range back in my ankle, now comes the strengthening part. My question is,

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  • kristina73093 3

    Omg, I'm living a nightmare that never ends.

    So as some of you may recall, I had lateral ligament reconstruction and peroneal tendon graft done in August. My surgeon repeatedly blew off my concerns while recovering, after 2 accidents in October and November. He insisted there was nothing wrong, and got snarky when I told him I wanted a 2nd

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  • michael06619 1

    Can I trust the specialist??

    Wow never done notyhing like this before but man this place is full of more knowldge than any one person can retain . been reading for days because IMO nobody will reasearch be as thourough in my health than me. But I am far from a doctor,like to think Im intelegent.  Ok so heres the deal (short version)

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  • carrie53666 2

    Driving with the boot on

    I'm happy to be amongst other people with ankle issues. I'm going crazy looking outside at my car while i depend on family and friends to drive me around. Some come late or not at all and I'm sick of it. In 2 weeks I will be permitted to wear a boot. Have any of you even tried driving with a boot on? 

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  • mary48140 2

    Soon to graduate to a walking boot

    I've never had such a restrictive injury where I had to be transported to all my appt's and have been housebound. By the time I'll get my walking boot I will have been in my cast for almost 6 weeks. I've been NWB during this time and will get my walking boot on June 6th. I'm dying to get more

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  • ann10164 2
  • jenniferd94 2

    Ankle pain for almost 2 years now after a sprain

    I know only doctors can properly tell me what's wrong, but I'm hoping someone here might have some insight to what is wrong with my ankle. Almost 2 years ago, in March 2014, I sprained my ankle pretty badly playing soccer. Went to the ER the next day (because people told me it was just a sprain

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  • lisavila 2

    Peroneal tendon surgery recovery

    Hello, I really need help. I had surgery two weeks ago and it seems like it went well. I'm on a splint and surgeon is encouraging me to start using boot and trying to bear weight little by little. This is so dramatically different from last year where I had same surgery but with a different surgeon

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  • judi57310 2

    Broken Ankle Sleeping in boot

    Hi: I broke my ankle on 11/10, surgery on 11/19, cast off 12/7 I got the knee high boot to wear, I'm still non-weight bearing. He wants me to sleep in it but sleep is impossible. How vitally important is the boot to the bone healing? i wear the boot all day. I go back for x-rays the 21st. thanks!

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  • Yorkiegal81 2
  • andrew15830 2
  • lo50465 2

    Cast to boot . . . what to expect?

    Mid thirties female here, bimalleolar fracture with dislocation on 7/21, surgery on 8/1. In about ten days, I'm transitioning from a hard cast to a walking boot. My surgical staples will be removed the same day. I've been on a knee scooter since the third day after my injury as I'm very bad with

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  • Chazma89 2

    One week left until cast removal.

    Hi guys I'm excited to be finally getting my cast off in a week. I've had a trimalleolar fracture and orif surgery. I've been non weight bearing for 8 weeks. Could some of you give me some of your experiences of what happens (I'm keeping the hardware in) when you begin to weight bear please

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  • karina50472 1

    How to gain muscle back into leg after Ankle Surgery?

    Hello, I am in need of help. I am a 21 y/o female. I had an Ankle Reconstruction surgery & Achilles' tendon lengthening on March 2 and I will be switching from a cast into a walking boot next week. Due to being on bed rest for almost a year because before recieving surgery I was also in bed rest

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  • ktcoon 2

    Aircast boot uncomfortable

    Hi - I am now coming into 4th week of aircast boot after plaster cast for orif surgery. I am finding the boot uncomfortable and digs in - find i am more comfortable out of the boot at home - but very cautious as only partial weight bearing! As ankle is still swollen - i find the boot digs in and

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  • elaine95045 1
  • SaffyMc 2

    Ankle in cast feels clicky.....normal?

    Hi, I dislocated and fractured my ankle just over 3 weeks ago, had I have a plate and bone graft put in and have temporary half cast on until Friday when I go in for a check up and full cast. When I'm hopping around on crutches, which I only really do to get food/drink or go to the loo, my ankle

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  • ronald49027 1

    Broken ankle first day with a boot

    i have been in a fixator , a splint , and now a cast for 14 weeks.  Dr might put me in a boot tomorrow.  What should I expect?  Still in wheel chair for how long? Use walker? Use a cane?  

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  • danielle 96194 2

    6 Weeks Post Ankle Surgery...need help!!!

    Hello: I had surgery 3/2/15 for a fracture of the left tib/fib and spiral fracture of the ankle.  I had a rod inserted and 7 screws.  For 6 weeks I was non weight bearing, but 3 days ago I was told I could start partial weight bearing.  I need some guidance if anyone is out there.  First, it is

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  • kim07568 2

    Pain walking in airboot / aircast after fusion operation

    I came out of plaster after 8 weeks after ankle fusion operation. 2 weeks in I am unable to completely weight bear, and cannot wear the boot longer than 15 mins before foot starts to feel like burning, then swelling starts, making walking in the boot unbearable. I would be grateful to hear from

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  • asyadubova 2

    clicking in ankle?

    Had surgery after break on both sides of ankle Dec 12 to add screws and plates, nwb until jan 26, aircast until mid february, walking normally since then. I notice when I walk there is a clicking noise in my ankle almost like when i crack my knuckles, but it is just from walking. is this normal/

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  • dcelmer14 2

    Post op Peroneal tendon surgery week 5 questions

    Hello foot & ankle friends; I am curious if any of you had also had peroneal tendon surgery; I am currently post op starting 5 weeks and let's say it's been fairly painful and a lot more intense than I was prepared for. The surgery went well, the first 2 weeks I was basically bedrest and in a splint/

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  • molly8693 3

    What is your experience of hardware?

    Hello, I had my ankle surgery on Jan 14 and the metal plate with 4 screws is to remain there.  I am still in pain but can walk with one crutch. I am curious to know what are people's experiences and opinions on hardware?  Did you have any further trouble because the hardware wasn't removed?  What

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  • hazel27855 2
  • Macasp 2

    Pain in ankle, 1 year after ORIF

    I had a trimalleolar break in my ankle in April 16. It was repaired with a plate and screws on the outside and 2 pins on the inside. After a few months of problems caused by infection in the outside scar everything has been fine and the docs have always assured me that the bones were healing well. ...

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  • susan60212 2
  • mounica84738 2

    Brostrum procedure

    Hi ,  I'm 21 years old , fell during my 19's and till now i havent recovered. its anterior talo fibular ligament tear. its since from that time im living with pain. cannot walk fast or long forgot what does running if im not walking still my ankle pains a manage

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  • nichole.nls 2

    Ankle fusion & put in boot 3 weeks post-op (but NWB)

    Has anyone else been put in a boot very early due to difficulty with pain, sweeling, etc.? I was supposed to be in the very cast I came out of surgery in for 8 weeks but due to severe burning, pain, and swelling that would squeeze my toes together my doctor put me in a boot at 3 weeks PO. I have to

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