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9 Months - Chronic Thrush - suffering every day with no day without discharge

Hi there, 

I have gone to multiple doctors, specialists, alternative doctors and more... all costing me over $10,000 and received no answer or understanding as to what could be causing my symptoms. 

It started when i went to Thailand 9 months ago. Im going to cut to the chase, I met someone there and had intercourse with him twice - i used protection but unfortunately the condom broke the second time. I was also 'fondled' with vaginally in the water at the beach in Thailand. 

When i got back from the holiday and about 2-3 days after that experience, i started to feel an itch. Straight away i took a thrush pill & went to the doctor for an STD test. My results all came back negative. However the thrush was still persistant & chronic. 

I then went & took a swap/cultural test to determine exactly what is causing this. This result came back as heavy growth of Candida Albicans. So i started taking anti-fungals... once again nothing worked. I took nystatin, sporonox (for 4 months) and much more yet nothing worked. 

I even took anti-biotics for Chlamydia & Trichomonas - however went taking the anti biotics for chlamydia i still had discharge but the candida part (clumps/ cheesy) was no longer present. 

Boric acid is the only thing that made the itch some what go & more tolerable however this did not stop the reproduction of whatever was going on. 

I then went & took another STD test, thinking the results came back incorrectly however yet again results came up negative - by the way both test's included urine, blood work & swabs. 

Today - i only feel worse, depleted and out of options. 

My discharge to this day is green/yellow, comes/oozes out glumpy & cheesy like (some what like thrush/candida) discharge which is itchy and at times the discharge burns leaving the vagina.

I am completely aware i have candida vaginally & orally however its no coincidence this all happened after unprotected sex & dirty water, something MUST be causing this - i just need to figure out what.

Please any one out there, i am so desperate that the smallest amount of advice or theory would be grateful... i have posted some of my results below incase someone understands it & see's correlation. 

Moderate Leucoytes

Numerous gram positive bacilli

Moderate gram negative bacilli 

Moderate Yeast 

All negative to antiobodies to ENA

ANA - detected

titre of 80 | Speckled

Clue cells - present

Thank you!


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  • Suki girl Suki girl monmon99

    I had recurrent and persistent Candida infection for around 5 months in 2013. The traditional medicines didn’t seem to be working. I even tried home remedies and that just made it worse. In fact all the trauma to my vulva skin caused by the infection, treatments and home remedies caused vulvodynia which took me 2 years to get rid of. Eventually tests were coming back negative for yeast but I was still having thick creamy discharge which stung me. The gynae said it appeared to be coming from my cervix, that is not the vagina wall but my uterus but had no idea what was causing it. I was still getting Candida infection very 3 months so I took matters into my own hands and went on the anti c diet. I used the c to mean candida because the moderators delete the post if you use the full name of the diet. Anyway, no sugar or sweeteners in my diet (yeast feeds in anything sweet), no yeast (I ate sourdough bread), no fruit and very little carbs for a few weeks, then gradually reintroducing natural sugars as found in fruit. I still don’t eat sugar or anything containing added sugar and still have sourdough bread 4 years later. I also took all the suppliments known to combat Candida: pro and pre biotics; garlic; thyme; rosemary; grapefruit seed extract; cinnamon; caprylic acid (coconut oil); and drank pau d’arco tea and lemon verbena tea. I also applied coconut oil externally to my vulva and internally into my vagina - it has anti inflammatory, anti viral, anti bacterial and anti fungal properties - I found it soothing. I now seem to be Candida free. I still have a sugar and yeast free diet and take suppliments (but have reduced them a bit).

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