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Candida - Genital

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  • rose16134 1
  • Oblivious75 1

    Genital Sores *picture*

    I was on a high dosage of prednisone when I started feeling some burning when I urinated. My vagina felt and was swollen to a point where even inserting a finger was painful. Actual vagina was sore not the sores. I chalked this up as a uti and started a course of antibiotics. The next day I was

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  • Guest M

    Thrush..the bain of my life

    I am so fed up. I get thrush every month without fail. It starts just before my period and gets worse through it does clear, it reoccurs as soon as i have sex with my husband.I have tried all the usual creams, pessaries etc but to no periods are coming every two weeks now and

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  • robyn81039 1

    Recurrent Thrush

    From Sept 2015 until July 2016 I was having thrush 1-2 times a month. My GP wanted appointments booked a few days in advance so when I was finally and seen and swabbed my symptoms would have cleared. It took until July 2016 when the doctors finally got a positive swab for thrush and they put me on

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  • hypercat 6


    Hi folks just found this forum.  I am 63,  female and single.  I have had thrush almost constantly for over 40 years.  I have had treatments from the doctor ie oral supposities,  a pill and various others.  It will clear it for maybe a week then it just returns. I am not on long term ab's and only

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  • Jennyann 3

    Vagina problems

    I have been suffering from vagina irritation for a 3 years. I have received creams,antihistamine a low dose of antidepressant. But nothing is working, the irritation is horrific to say the least, embarrassing as the only relief I get is to stratch the effected area.

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  • soph16116 2

    THRUSH OR HERPES? -Picture in text

    Previously I have had thrush, although never really looked to see what it looked like. Feels the same however this sore is worrying me. Had unprotected sex last weekend for about 5 minutes, the rest of the time we had a condom on, however his tests came back clean a few weeks ago. He's a friend so wouldn'

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  • louise38891 2

    Constant Recurring Thrush

    Ever since i was about 17 (25 now) i've suffered with recurring thrush, I've been to doctors and had examinations and swabs and every kind of test for every kind of STI and infection and it always comes back with thrush. even when their doesn't seem to be many visable symptoms.  somtimes it's very

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  • alice34637 2

    candida infection/shingles/what?

    Dear all,  I hope you can help me with this particular question. It is a particularly long story, so I hope you bear with me. A couple of weeks ago, I thought I had a vaginal yeast infection, so after contacting my GP (who took a culture), I had OTC medication. This however did not seem to

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  • traci13110 1

    Thrush again and again!

    I too am a fellow sufferer. I was told by doctor that it is common and to just blast it with Canisten Pessaries etc. They do seem effective to some extent - especially the internal cream, but it just comes back like clockwork before my period making me think that it never really goes. I'm

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  • CSpain 2
  • rasha41760 1

    Please help me ..Im really down

    Well yesterday I had an appointment with my GP amd I asked for pelvic check and pap smear because I read that it is an essential part of every women life. My GP checked down there and said you have imflammation inside and he put me on antibiotics for a week. I kept reading about it and I really

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  • athena16215 1

    Blisters on vagina

    I'm a 20 year old female, I've sexually active. Recently had sex with my boyfriend of 3 years we didn't use a condom (we usually do) although this time I was reslly dry and the sex really hurt so we had to stop. Got my period 2 days after, then went to use the bathroom and it hurt to wipe, it

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  • Ddt3801 1

    Help what is this on my Vagina and how do I get rid of it?

    I've been having sex every other day and I've started to get really sore after. I didn't notice until 4 days later that I have a sore on the lips of my vagina. It's not a bump. It's white and indented. I'm hoping it's from friction during sex because it looks like the sores I get in my mouth when I

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  • cayla71900 2

    Got rid of candida on skin

    Had candida on bum and accidentally spread it to thumb when treating with antifungal cream. I sandpapered the area then applied some bleach and hydrochloride acid. Make sure it doesn't bleed. Put bandaid and polysporin on for a week and it's gone from thumb. Have not done that to bum!

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  • Nikki1127 1

    Experiencing itchiness on my vagina

    Hi, i am experiemcing irtchiness in my vagina for 2 days now. I tried to checknthe internet and i think its infection since i am discahrhing like liquid but not smelly. However do not have pain urinating. Just the itchiness.. What will i do? And how did i get that? Is it

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  • wacky 2

    Thrush (Candida albicans)

    I couldnt find this in the categories so hopefully it will be searched for. I have had Thrush for many years. This I personally find is connected to stress, moving house etc but for the past five years I have had it continually. It does get me down as I feel very tired with it. I do take

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  • kaare Swt 1
  • lydia74439 2
  • catarina38438 2
  • Caring72 2

    Vulval sores - Thrush?

    Wondered if anyone could be of help. In the past few days my vulva came sore and itchy due. I put this down as being due to wearing pads with tight fitting pants on a really hot day. These developed into sores that constantly itch and are painful, especially when urinating. I visited my GP who

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  • Violettefleurs 1

    Confused about what test to go for?

    Hi everyone, I am wondering if anyone has had/experienced anything similar. So some time in October, I was baptized in a river and since the day after, I've experienced itchy vagina with lots of white discharge. I spoke to my pharmacist friend and told her the symptoms and she suggested it could

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  • sarah71262 1

    Recurrent thrush

    Hi there. I've been experiencing recurrent thrush for the past 5 years, sometimes getting it up to 2-3 times per month. I've been to the doctors and recently just finished a 6 month course of 150mg weekly Fluconazole. This has neither prevented or been much use at treating the infection quickly. I

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  • Kamariatheking 1

    Severe chronic yeast infections *extreme detail *

    Cutting straight to the chase for about 5 months now I've been getting serious yeast infections, I've tried everything literally everything EXCEPT the boric acid capsules because I cannot find them in the stores and I need treatment right away!! I've been to the emergency room so many times that

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  • maria85635 1

    How long should i wait to have sex after thrush treatment?

    A few months ago i lost my virginity and since then i've been getting thrush. I've been to the doctors to have it diagnosed. The first time i used the tablet and cream for a week before having sex again, but it came back. So i got treated again and used the cream for two weeks before having sex.

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  • maria85635 1

    Can pre-cum cause thrush?

    I know semen is more alkaline and can disrupt the ph balance and cause thrush.  I've been getting thrush after sex for months now, but we practice the pulling out method.   

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  • kelly211994 1

    The bane of my life

    I'm 21 years old and I've been suffering from thrush for as long as I can remember. In the last few years it's started to get really bad and it just keeps coming back. I've gone to doctors, gotten swabs, and they're all saying the same thing, "I'm just unlucky and will continue to get it". I now

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  • katy38964 1

    Didn't no i had Thrush

    I have just had my cervical cancer screening, it all came back clear but they said i have thursh, i have no symtoms to say i do is this normal

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  • Ellaj25 1

    Help needed

    I've been having a strong stabbing burning pain when I urinate. Along with pain throughout my clitoris and labia and entrance to my vagina. My labia minora was swollen and tender to the touch but now I'm actually seeing a lump on the right side labia minora that is really painful. I also have a

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  • brittany71676 2

    What can i do to help my vag?? :(

    3 months ago I was diagnosed with a yeast infection it went away for a week then came back so I went back to the doctor they ran test on me everything came out negative and he still gave me more ointment again didn t work. So back to the doctor and I was prescribed Boric acid it worked for a couple

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  • julesjuly 2

    does trush always look like cottage cheese?

    I have had vaginal itching and some discharge recurringly over the last few months; it is often quite watery though and not always the text book definiton of trush although I have read that trush can also be watery. My GP said "no, no, you will know when you have trush it is always like thick

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  • ashleybent 2


    Hi! I'm 20, just discovered this group, was hoping to get some insight, I started shaving down there, with blades at 17, and first couple of weeks I was using expensive 20 razors bought for me and then transitioned to the cheap stuff when it was time to come out of my own pocket, ever since that

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  • ginette1977 3


    Can anyone tell me if they have had snotty green discharge with thrush they did some swabs but have no infection.

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  • holly99755 2

    Thrush? Anxiety? What else could this be

    Had unprotected sex 5 weeks ago, 9 hours after the sex i had a soreness so i panicked and went to the GUM clinic, and the doctor likley to be genital herpes, and took a swab but was tested negative from swab for herpes and also chlamydia, however have this constant burning sensation that moves

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  • Iaminpain 1

    Any advice please :-(

    I have Several embarrassing issues on going with my body, struggling to find answers and feeling really down about it now . It's nearly 1am and I cannot sleep from crying and thinking about it all: I had a pretty nasty kidney infection about a month ago and was prescribed co-anoxiclav. I then

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