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Hello All,

I was curious if anyone else had my situation who is at least 9 weeks or longer post op posterior and anterior repair or similar repair.  I am a somewhat active retired 68 year old who enjoyed a fairly active lifestyle PRE-surgerysad

Last Monday at 9 weeks post op, I started getting out a bit. I rode sitting on a pillow in the car for about 30 minutes to the restaurant where we had to wait to be seated standing for about 10 minutes. The next day I had to ride for about 40 minutes one way to give my mother's caregiver the day off. I really did not do much more than sit on the couch, get up to walk along the side of my mother through out the day to the bathroom and back. On Wednesday, I woke up with what felt like swelling inside my vagina pelvic floor area and my abdomen appeared distended. I rested the next two days and the swollen feeling seem to go away as well as the bloated distended abdomen. I did not feel like I over did it at all but guess my body had a different opinion.

This recovery is definitely more involved and longer than I ever imagined. It has certainly helped that I found this forum where everyone is sharing their recovery experiences. I honestly am not sure what I would be doing if I had not discovered this forum. Thank you in advance for any wisdom anyone might have.

Wishing everyone continued recovery success at whatever days or weeks you might be in your recovery!

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    Hi Brenda

    I’m similar age and 11weeks post op tvt anterior posterior repair for third time.

    I can understand the mixed feelings you must be having following those experiences.

    I am a couple of weeks ahead and I notice now each week my op area is becoming more a part of me.

    Although I have given myself the best opportunity to recover I am still a long way off. I feel so sorry for those poor girls who have told you can go back to work after 4 to 6 weeks. I couldn’t do my job yet and I’m 11 weeks!

    I can only walk for about 15 mins and stand for less without feeling noticeable strain / drag on anterior wall. My carrying limit is about 1 kilo after that I can feel the strain.

    I do have torn pelvic floor muscles that they can’t operate on so don’t expect to be transformed into Wonder Woman. 

    I use to go to 5 classes per week of deep water running and am looking forward to returning. I will now also be adopting a strict no lift or carry strategy which will be for life.

    I have just realised that I will have to give up my current charity work where I did loads of washing and drying for the homeless. I will find another area to give my time.

    I am wondering if you have pelvic floor muscles that making contact with a pelvic physio may be helpful. There is mixed opinion as to when to start these but the pelvic physio will make sure you are strengthening at the appropriate time. There is also a great small devise that is inserted and battery powered that activates and exercises pf muscles to get you going and keep you going if need be. I have this device but as my pf muscles are torn did not work for me.

    Yes, it is such a long slow recovery but this area takes all our upper body weight and the surgery is extensive.

    Best of wishes to you Brenda

    Let me know how you progress

    Peta   (Australia)

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      Hey Peter

      Do You know why your last 2 repairs failed? I just had my second through no fault of my own. I did nothing for 6 wks and back to part time so at 8 wks.

      I live in fear now with this one😕 but I have a fab professor😉 I prayx

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      Hi Welshgirl

      Well firstly 2 traumatic births that should have been a CS.

      First time 1986.......referred to a gynae who  did hyster plus A & P. Big mistake! Two children 4 and 2 yrs. at the time . No rest just on the go , in agony, but there was no one to help. No information so didn’t realise the extent of the surgery and the need for horizontal rest.

      Second time 2001........youngest was 17 yrs.

      Surgery done by urogynae top in field in Melbourne. SSF A &P perineum repair. No information about post op ......surgeon was looking out the window while he was consulting me. I was the sole income provider of 4 so had to continue my training business after 5 weeks. Just kept managing all house tasks throughout this time as I did not know what not to do and I didn’t want to seem self indulging. Big mistake! My work required lots of carrying and hauling equipment and training materials sometimes over large distances. 

      I think the combination of no information from surgeons and a disinterest in a woman’s future,  no internet to self educate, no empathy from family as they had no idea of extent of surgery and recovery and the fact that I had been brought up to not put any time into myself and just keep giving and doing. 

      Third time 11 weeks ago ....more anxious about having the surgery now..funny that. But I just couldn’t continue living a half life anymore. Hoping for new technology and procedures. I did have a 3D and 4D ultrasound which was new and it was discovered that Pf muscles were torn from the bone (levator avulsion) so therefore no support for the pelvic organs. This severing of the muscles took place at first birth so no wonder everything was falling out and life was so difficult. This ultrasound done lying and standing highlighted even more prolapse than urogynae had been able to assess at consult lying on back.

      I am a very lively 66 yearer and because I have lost so much of my life due to this I try and maximise everyday with everything that’s out there that’s fun.

      I have really loved the way you have been so supportive, realistic in your opinions and protective of those that have joined this forum. I feel like I do not want any woman to go down a similar path to mine. When I read of women having to recover with little ones or who go back to work way too early I can’t help but feel they will be going round again before long and this really saddens me.

      Sorry this had been an essay!

      Hope you keep getting stronger. No lifting or carrying for ever and ever!!!

      Peta x

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      Ahh what a lovely message.. You are so right in everything you say. If only we were told the information before hand would save a lot of pain and heartache for us ladies.

      I will never carry or lift heavy things,never did really but definitely never now ever if I wanted.

      My consultant is hot on no straining on loo and no heavy lifting for life.

      The thing is they don't say how much is heavy,how much is light chores etc. I have every faith in my proff consultant that he is The best money can buy,so knowledgeable in what he does and how he cares for his patients.

      I'm off to see him next week for another check up as I don't knoow what's normal lol.

      Look after yourself hunxx

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      Hello Welshgirl, 

      I’m almost 7 weeks post op of a hysterectomy and rectocele repair. I’m 55years old. I had a six week appointment last week and my doctor released me. I felt like I still had stitches in my vagina and my anus and entire butt area hurts if I sit on it.  The doctor said that I didn’t have any stitches and everything is healed up to ease back into doing everything I did do. For the next three days I was up more and did more. Each evening I had burning in my vagina and bottom. Then last night I was hurting and on fire inside. But in the mornings I don’t feel too bad. I am doing nothing much today, just laying down.  I don’t know if I should make another appointment or if I just over did it because she released me???? Will you let me know what your doctor says is normal activity at this stage??? Thank you so much! ❤️

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    Hello, I'm a active 61 year old had bowel, vagina, and bladder lift, I'm 3 months into my recovery, i had the same, at around 10 weeks. If i stand to long it feels like a lump down there..go and lay down and its fine. Went to doctor and she saud im fine..yesterday was the first day i didnt feel like my bottom was falli g out!! So time is what will heal us!! Just be patient

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      Thank you Sandy, I am thinking the doctors do not give us all the information because we would have a hard time saying yes to all this recovery. Truth, though, I would probably think my doctor was exaggerating and go ahead with the procedures just to get those fallen body parts back in place! haha and ugh
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    I’m 10 weeks now. Busier days still mean swelling for me. I have no idea at what stage this is not an issue anymore. It is a much slower recovery than I expected.  We will all get there eventually. My mum reckon 6 months. 🤨

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      I think your right. I asked my consultant about total healing and he said on tvh and anterior it's more likely a 12 months.xx


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