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I had both ovaries removed 9 weeks ago. I had a cyst on the right one. I've recovered ok I suppose but can anyone tell me if its normal to get so many different aches and pains. I'm 58 so I suppose some are general aches anyway but some days my sides are sore, or my hips ache, or my back aches, or it feels like a stabbing pain, or a stitch or sometimes I feel I'm full of gas!!!!! Other days I'm absolutely fine.

They found a borderline tumour on the cyst but he said its all ok. I don't have to be seen again for another year so I'm not really worried about that.

Would just like to know if anyone else has experienced this. Should I still be taking it a bit easier than I normally do. I'd appreciate any advice.

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    Hi pami.

    I had two large borderline ovarian tumoura removed 9 weeks ago. I didn't have my ovaries removed but do find that some days I have like a dull period-type ache. Also, if I stand for too long or walk/move about to much I feel sore and achey down my legs, back, stomach. My surgeon told me this was normal as the body is just recovering. I have also felt bloated, and had a few odd days of bad trapped wind.

    Hopefully it'll ease off soon. Hope your recovery continues to go well and your aches go away soon xx

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      Thank you Meg. That's very reassuring. I think I expect too much to soon. I have been lifting heavy pots in my garden but that was probably a very bad idea😕. I find it difficult to rest up.

      Thanks again and I hope you recover well too

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    Hi pam

    I had a cysts removed ovary n fallopian tube.... my surgery was 11 weeks ago today I have been getting shooting pains aswell at the side my ovary was removed... I'm full of wind and I'm constantly farting ( bad woman lol) sure its all fun...

    Love louise xx

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      Hi Louise. Thanks for that. I had my tubes removed too. Your post made me laugh. That's exactly what I'm like but didn't like to say😅😅😅

      I'm getting such a rep in our house! My poor husband😂😂

      The pains though are weird. Seem different everyday. I'm glad I came on here as the hospital never really told me anything - only I should feel better after 6 weeks. Thanks again. Hope you feel much better soon

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    Hi pam. Last January I had a hysterectomy due to heavy bleeding. Had to have laparotomy so long recovery I was still having pain and it was discovered in late August that I had a boarder line tumour. Had to go straight back in and get tubes and ovaries removed. It was horrendous as still hadn't fully recovered from the first op. Thankfully it was a benign mucinous cystenoma. I'm ok now but but I still get the odd twinge. Please do not do any heavy lifting for at least 6 months. It's so hard to resist. I'm only 43 and still want to get stuck into all the house building work with

    My husband like I always have but I do now stop myself to a certain extent as I know it will hurt later. You will still have a lot of healing going on inside and it all take A lot of time. Hope you will be feeling better soon and sorry to say but 11 months on and I'm still very windy lol xx

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      Thank you Joanne.

      I've come to the conclusion that I've overdone things. I was lifting and carrying very heavy 10 litre pots of new trees in my garden on Wednesday. At the time is was no problem for me but I'm suffering now. It was silly of me. Because I felt fine I've done too much and I feel I've had a set back.

      Thank you for your advice. I'm going to take it easy for a while now. I'm going to New York in September and we do a lot of walking when we're there so I want to get a lot better than I feel now. Thanks again

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      Thank you I will. We went last year as well and I know how much walking there is😃. Thank you again. You have been very helpful and I really appreciate it
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    Hi Pami,

    I am pleased that the procedue was a success.  

    With reference to the aches and pains, even nine weeks after the operation you are bound to have aches and pains, and you need to be very careful when lifting, if you feel the slightest strain or pain, get someone to lift the item for you.  Remember that you have had some major surgery and particularly in the area which was very sensitive and has a lot of muscle banks which had to be worked on as well, these are not going to mend overnight.

    I had a bone graft done from my hip to my left  shoulder (I was born without a marrow in the humerous bone, but had a large aqueous cyst instead) and I was in hostpital for a week and off work for a further three.  Compared to your surgery, mine was peanuts!  Yes it was invasive but going in to a bone, not muscle tissue.

    Ironically the graft taken from the pelvic girdle was more painful than the shoulder, mainly becuase it is a load bearing bone. Bending up and down was diffiuclt and again, lifting and getting up from a seated position having sat their for long time, was painful.  

    You have had similar surgery although more invasive so be gentle with yourself and gradually increase movement slowly. Avoid pain-killers as much as you can, since it is better to be able to feel some pain so that you do not damage yourself further. 

    Do you move around alot in your sleep? 

    If so avoid the painkillers through the night as it is better to be woken up than do yourself damage.  Take them through the day and only take them at night if your sleep is being badly effective.

    Becareful with yoursef .




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      Thank you very much for the advice. I am trying to avoid painkillers although it's difficult some nights as I broke my ankle in 3 places last year and that still hurts a lot as well as it has lots of plates and screws in it.

      Thanks again for your help.

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