9 Weeks post lumbar puncture

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please see my previous post below. thought i would give an update.

Hello everyone I am now 9 weeks post lumbar puncture and still not right.

For the past few weeks i have been experiencing lots of head 'pains' as well as head 'aches'. as well as this i have this permanent 'drunk' almost like dizzy feeling. i have been put on medication for the drunk feeling but not sure its helping.

i have had brain MRI and MRA and these have both come back normal, the dr has done every blood test possible and come back normal, i have also done a poo test as my bowel habits seem to have changed but this may just be coincidence 

I have now been referred to a neurologist but 8 month wait!!! considering paying £250 and going private im going to see how next couple of weeks ago.

i am a million times better than i was and after 5 weeks off work i am back on a phased return doing part time hours.

currently this week my head pains/ache seems to be better but still there - and they are all over my head not located in one place - not there all the time but every day.

my ears dont feel right almost like they need popping all the time. 

and my eyes..

i dont have blurryness or anything but somethings not right! alot of black floaty things and almost shadows when i move my eyes but these arent dark shadows like the normal colours.

i sound so weird trying to explain!! its hard to say to anyone

i had a week last week where i was getting depressed and spent all day and night crying but i seem to be over this now.

drs have now said they want me to take no pain releif now for my head which i have done for the past 5 days and seems to be going ok apparently they can cause rebound headaches and actually make it worse.

my drunk feeling is what im most concerned about really more than my head. i have up and down days and when its down its awful. im not sure if to stop taking the tablets and see what happens!

bit of an essay but i know reading the discussions on here from other people has really helped me.

iv also had a period where i had funny feelings in my arms and legs but drs think i also got a bit of anxiety!

im hopeful a few more weeks and il be back to normal..... fingers crossed for everyone x


hello i had two thunderclap headaches 4 weeks ago and ended up sent to hospital to have a ct scan followed by a lumbar puncture.

that evening my really bad headache started. for the next week and a half i couldnt even sit up to drink or eat my dinner as the pain was so bad. when lying completly flat it wasnt too bad. i kept dosed up with ibuprofen and paracetamol.

after two weeks the headache seemed to go but i started feeling really strange. almost nausea and kind of dizzy but just generally not well and my head just didnt feel right. also getting stabbing pains in my head!

the nausea feels slightly better now but still not gone. its been 3 weeks since my lumbar puncture and have been signed off work all this time.

had a bad headache again yesterday and hardly slept all night because of it. and still here today.

feel like its never going to stop sad

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    I had my lumbar puncture 2 years ago and since I've been getting horrid migraines blurring of vision I don't think I will ever be the same again it's just been an horrendous time the pain in my head was so severe I had many trios back to a and e had lots of negative advice to the point they called me physicosamatic the only way to help ease the pain was to lie flat

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    I had a LP about 2 years ago now and I went through the same thing.  For months after I freaked myself out even causing a panic attack where my legs and arms did what you described.  I can say the eye issues and the "drunk" feelings get better but for me, have not completely gone away.  I notice if I don't sleep good or if i'm stressed those feelings become amplified.  My ears did pop and feel full but again, that's something that comes and goes but I also think it's due to allergies.  For me, my eye issue is sort of blurry - i have problems staying focused on something without having to re-blink or look away.  I've had MRI's/MRA's .. nuro appointments .. nobody can tell me what the problem is. I was given clonopin (a benzo) for the drunk feeling but that made my joints hurt so I quit taking it.  I did feel like it helped a bit but not worth the side effect for me. 

    There were times I was very low and cried a lot because it feels like your world is totally different but your body will adjust and everything will be fine.  Every doctor says i'm fine but I know the LP did something because all of this started after that so who knows. Wasted so much money on tests and doctor visits for nothing! 

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  • carly123


    Thought i would give an update 8-9 months later i am finally feeling back to normal!!! thought the day would never come.xx
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