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Lumbar Puncture

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  • krystine77 2

    Head issues after lumbar puncture

    Hello, I am really hoping somewhere out there can help me. I had a lumbar puncture over 2 weeks ago and was in bed for almost 10 days with a horrible spinal headache. I could not sit up for more than 5 or so minutes at a time. I started to develop nerve symptoms in my head and they will not go

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  • Cheliz 1

    I am starting to get depressed:(

    Hi I'm 25yo mother of three beautiful boys 7,2 years old and a 4 month Well I went to the ER yesterday because of a sudden head pressure that was not going away they did all kind of labs, CT Scan everything came back normal so he decided to make a LP which came back clear They

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  • kay03502 1

    Does any one recommend Lumbar puncture

    Hello I have been recommended to have a lumbar puncture due to swollen optic nerve headaches and blury vision. I fear the side effects will leave me worse than I am at the moment My headaches are annoying but I can still get on with life I'm being prety much pushed into doing this quick

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  • stephanie73169 1

    lumbar puncture procedure - headache still after 3 weeks

    Hi I've seen a couple of posts regarding this and wanted to see if anyone had clear advice on what my next step would be. A summary of my story is; I had a lumbar puncture 3 weeks ago (nearly 4 now) to test for meningitis. It came back clear and my other symptoms have improved but since the

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  • manny99132 2

    Pls help, its been 3 weeks already

    Post from today nov 9th My situation was the same after even 6 days. I decided to go to ER after 6 days and explained doctor the situation. They gave me painnkilles and nausea meds . Neuros came and advised me to wait for one more week. They told me to come back if it doesn't get better in another

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  • BezB 1

    Lumbar puncture - the most painful experience of my life!

    Hi everyone I am new on here and thought it would be useful for me to gain advice from the experts! I have been undergoing tests for MS for the last two years following a loss of feeling in my right hand side (my thigh and my right arm mainly) which then went on to be tingling and numbness or

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  • lynsey0838 3

    Anyone ...blood patch to have or not to have please

    9/1/17 I had my son by c section I got a spinal headache me was admitted to hospital 12/1 I refused the blood patch h due to risks, was told it'll clear itself in 5/7 days which it did but I've been left with horrendous dizziness I've had ct and MRI scans and all normal But the dr advised they

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  • KclecL19 2

    Epidural Puncture Headache

    I had an epidural placed for labor on 10/27, it was not successful and was replaced about an hour later, he told me immediately he had done a "wet tap" and I would most likely experience a "headache" (yeah right, so much more) It started around 2-3 days after birth, I had a blood patch around 2

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  • renee37065 3

    Spinal headache after spinal tap

    Friday morning i got a spinal tap checking for ms. Saturday morning started of the spinal headache by 4pm it was really bad only relief was to lie flat.. went to er spoke to anesthesiaologist he said i should try therapy at home by drinking fluida, caffine, n motrin around the clock.. I woke up

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  • Can0814 2
  • rob04291 2

    2nd blood patch?

    i had a CT myleogram 5 days ago.  Headache and vomiting day of.   Did blood patch on day 3.   But still in bed.   Pain not awful like some but clearly issue when I walk around.   Anyone do a 2nd blood patch with success?  The doctors won't do it.   Curious if I just need to give time!

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  • paula 72056 1

    Reassurance re recovery from lumbar puncture

    hi there all.  I've read with interest your takes on LP recovery time.  I had 3 LP's over 4 days - all unsuccessful. The 3rd was done via CT guidance - it resulted in a contaminated spinal fluid specimen because a blood vessel was nicked & so there was blood in my spinal fluid from that. I was

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  • meredith0814 1

    Worse after PRP lumbar spine

    My name is Meredith. I just had PRP in my lumbar spine in 2-8-17, 2 weeks ago, and I feel worse than prior to the procedure. I had 2 discs injected with PRP (L5-S1) . My back history is DDD , 2 bulging discs, 1 herniated, sciatica, facet joint hypertrophy, annular tears in L5-S1 with fluid loss,

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  • shez123 2

    Lumbare puncture after effect

    I had a lumbar puncture the monday just gone and since then I've not been able to walk, had severe headaches to the point where I ended up back in hospital over night, I have terrible neck and back pain to go with it all. This is my first Lumbar puncture, it's my 2nd successful one. They did warn

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  • yve04 1

    Lp side effects

    I have had bad headaches for over 2 years were my doc won't let me drive or work, I passed out at work one day, and I get very had a lp done last week which is my 2nd one in the past 6 months. The first one was awful were in had to go back after 3 weeks and get a blood this

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  • ang1to10 2

    Is anyone Still suffering months after lumber puncture?

    Hi  I had an lp in August. Since then I have been suffering from migrane type headaches and associated nausea. It's left me unable to work. I was taking codine and amytriptalene. That didn't help. Now on pregabalin. This makes my head spin. So far all tests are clear. So it seems that all this is

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  • crystal0383 1

    Lumbar puncture

    I had a lp done now I have this radiating heat kinda throbbing pain that goes down to my toes. My foot feels kinda lifeless and it gets to where I feel like it is on fire. I have these muscle spasms that will not stop and I have this faint dull like pain in the lower back of my head where my

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  • lindsey98577 1

    Severe back pain after an LP 3 and half weeks ago

    So about 3 and a half weeks ago I had an LP done due to severe migraines and unexplained neuropathy. Now I have been in extreme pain from the middle of my back all the way down to where it even locks up sometimes. The pain will also make me feel dizzy and weak throughout my body. Can someone

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  • adamski87 1

    7 months post lumbar back pain!?

    Went into hospital with serious headache had 2 lumbar punctures. 1 was really bad he was hitting things in my back making my body spasm. Gave amitryptaline(crap, do more bad then good) Had bad back pain since bending and picking things up is a struggle. mri of back was clear. As anyone experienced

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  • Luluray 2

    Lumbar puncture and extreme fatigue

    I had a lumbar puncture on Tuesday of last week and am now suffering from chronic fatigue. The LP and CT scan came back fine, but I have suffered from a sub brain haemorrhage in the past. Can someone tell me if this fatigue is normal please, as I've been in bed for the past few days.. Thank you.

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  • nicole18183 1

    Back pain weeks after CSF

    I had an LP done in the after I had been suffering from a migraine for a week to check for meningitis. The test came back negative. During the procedure though the Dr. Had to re-stick me in the spine 5 times before she gave up. Three of those times she hit nerves and had hot searing pain

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  • Backpain0405 1

    lumbar puncture severe back pain

    Hi Can anyone help?? I had a lumbar puncture carried out over 3 weeks ago now due to suspected viral meningitis, luckily it came back negative (phew!).. However I'm really struggling with lower back pain. Been back and forth to the docs and being prescribed different painkillers however nothing has

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  • sharon54739 2

    Headache after lumber puncture

    Hi I had a lumber puncture 4 days ago but I'm really struggling with the headache that came after seems to be getting worse the only thing that helps it is to lie down can anybody let me know how long this lasts for I feel physically sick and dizzy when I get up please any help is

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  • manny99132 2
  • Jbeans88 1

    Multiple lumbar punctures in 2 week old?

    My newborn girl developed a fever 3 nights ago, and after calling the local hospital we were instructed to take her to the childrens hospital an hour away. As her fever was 101, we didnt hesitate. They admitted her immediately and performed an LP about 15 minutes later. They tried twice and failed

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  • bamagirl1 2

    Leg collapses when walking after Lumbar puncture

    Hello, I was wondering if any one has experienced your leg collapsing when you walk after a lumbar puncture.  I had a LP last August 2015 and eveer since my right leg gives out when I am walking or standing up from a chair.  Its just random, with no warning.  I usually fall to the ground.  I have

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  • sabrina 89576 2

    Lumbar puncture / Spinal tap/CSF major pain

    I just had a spinal tap on Friday the 10th of August in 2016. I was supposed to be put under due to my panic attacks. When I got there checked to make sure that I was being put under, they said yes! Was wheeled back to my room. Nurses were nice but then the shocker they come in and tell me they don'

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  • cpena82 1

    Lower back pain over site from lumbar puncture 8 months later

    Hi! I am glad I found this little community. I had a lumbar puncture done mid Janurary of this year, 2016. And I have had back pain exactly at the site since it was done. And it is oh so frustrating and no fun. I also had the blood patch done a couple days after the puncture, and think this

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  • bethfrazer 2

    Haven't walked for 2 years after Lumbar Puncture

    Hi all! Hope you're well! My I went into hospital July 2014 with many symptoms and I was eventually diagnosed with a brain tumour, but they wanted to perform a lumbar puncture to rule out any other illnesses and certain types of tumours. The first one was done on the 10th July in

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  • Pomicio 1
  • lynne1953 2

    Doctor saw 2 abnormal sites on brain scan am confused

    I had 2 brain scans ages ago with no follow up. Two weeks ago my dad died, no funeral yet and brain mushy. Saw neurologist yesterday who said there were two unusual light patches at the back of my brain. He ordered blood tests for "Bilateral Pontine high signal told me I would probably need a

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  • chris83078 2

    Headache deliverance?

    HI, I've been back in work a week but towards the end of it I started waking up with mild headaches which tended to get worse in pm. Paracetamol mostly gets rid of them but I get wobblycsometimez and find pressure buildingvinside my head. Today I've had to spend most of the day lying down.

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  • victoria98783 2

    Today i went for a lumbar puncture....have mild scoliosis

    So today I went for an LP to rule out a semi suspected IIH, I was there from 930-215 (with hours lunch break) having my back repeatedly prodded and my spine poked. Wasn't the teams fault as my neuro and the anaesthetist used to help were fabulous but they just couldn't get in to measure my csf

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  • mgt36 1

    Septrin after effects

    After taking Septrin a long time ago I have suffered what the doctor said was ME or Chronic fatigue syndrome. Does anyone have any explanation? is there a conection?

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  • jennefc1878 1

    Please help! In agony after 3 weeks

    I collapsed in work 3 weeks ago, was vomiting and really hot. They phoned an ambulance & got taken into hospital, they said my blood pressure was low and did a ct scan which was clear they did 2 lumbar punctures which did not work and because of the headache I had (still have) which is like

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