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Head issues after lumbar puncture


I am really hoping somewhere out there can help me. I had a lumbar puncture over 2 weeks ago and was in bed for almost 10 days with a horrible spinal headache. I could not sit up for more than 5 or so minutes at a time. I started to develop nerve symptoms in my head and they will not go away. I have pins and needles/stabbing type feelings that will happen in my head and face. The most concerning is that the entire back of my head feels numb, whether I am lying down or sitting up. I had a CT scan of the head and it came back normal. I talked to my neurologist about my concerns on the blood patch, because anytime I do something invasive, I come out with more issues. He agreed that I may need to hold off on that. I seriously don't know what to do. The major vertigo and spinal headache have gotten much better, but this overall numbness/pressure/pins and needles sensation that I have in my head is very strange and incredibly uncomfortable. Also-I do not have a history of headaches and the spinal pressure headache began about 30 minutes after the procedure and continued to get worse as time went ont. Please let me know if you've had a similar experiene. Thank you!

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  • Carlabiggs Carlabiggs krystine77

    I am in agony! I went into hospital three weeks ago with vomiting and bad headaches they got so bad when I stood up and neck pain. They done a lumber puncture and tried three times to get fluid. When everything was clear they releaSed me though I still couldn't stand properly. Two weeks later I literally collapsed with pain in my neck and shoulders and the back of my head when I got to hospital they said it's a rare side effect from the lumber puncture and is basically built up pressure in my spinal cord. They've sent me home but days later it's getting bad again I cannot move my neck at all and getting the pains in the back of my head I have no idea how I could go back to work?

  • Carlabiggs Carlabiggs krystine77

    I've also had the pressure and the numbness it's awful have you been to the doctors?

    • krystine77 krystine77 Carlabiggs

      Hello, thank you so much for responding! Yes, I have been to the doctors. I went to the ER after the first 2 days and was going to get a blood patch, but was worried because of the pain I am already. They gave me some medicine and said to come back if it continued or got worse. More than a week later I went to the ER again, but one closer to my home. They did nothing for me and I wish I would have went back to the original hospital. I then saw my neurologist a couple days later and explained my concerns about getting the blood patch. It's going on 2 1/2 weeks of this and the heaviness/numbness in my head is not going away. It almost feels like my brain is swollen. I don't really know how to explain it. That is almost constant. I can now sit for periods of time, but am getting more concerned. Have you seen a doctor since your ER visit? Are you having the neurological symptoms as well?

    • Carlabiggs Carlabiggs krystine77

      Hi that's what Ive been suffering the numbness and pain but I find laying down eases it but the past couple of days I've been getting pain in my neck and back. I've been back to the original hospital they've told told me when they do a lumber puncture it leaves a hole in your spinal cord and some people get a rare reaction of built up pressure but usually lasts 48hours a week later I'm still in pain. I'm going to to my gp tomorrow I tell him I can't cope with the pain. They have me codeine originally then yesterday the hospital told me that makes my head worse! I've been referred to a neurologist but heard nothing x

    • krystine77 krystine77 Carlabiggs

      Hi there, did you end up finding anything out from your gp visit? I'm still having my same symptoms. My entire head is pressure with numbness and odd sensations. I hope we can help each other figure out how to get rid of this.

  • matthewR matthewR krystine77

    Hello everyone . I had a Spinal Tap 10 years ago and I still suffer from numbness on my brain and body , a swollen feeling and pin and needle experiences. I never knew where it came from but reading this gives me the idea that it was the spinal tap please let me know if you find a solution thanx

  • tina21532 tina21532 krystine77

    Hi please help! I'm going to through the same thing. I keep getting head rushes in business .I got a spinal tap a month ago. Are you selling any better? Have your symptoms subsided? Thank you

  • DarkBison DarkBison krystine77

    Yep, I have had the headaches after my LP that lasted for over seven days until I was able to sit up in a chair. However I still had pain in my head afterwards for a few days when standing and walking around that would be pounding in the back of my head.

    So you said you have had a CT done on you and the docs said there seems to be nothing wrong that they can see? Might you be suffering from a bit of anxiety brought on from your extremely painful headaches and being confined to a bed for a considerable time? I'm not saying there isn't anything wrong, cause there is always a possibility that the docs missed something, but really think about it.

    Try to relax and not worry about it too much, worrying about it can also cause you to believe you are having physical symptoms that aren't really there. 

  • kenneth72945 kenneth72945 krystine77


    I had the same procedure done a week and a half ago for intense headaches. The headaches from the procedure were horrendous, I couldn't even stand up or turn my neck and was at the point of almost vomitting. I was bed ridden for a week and a half and had to take time off work. I thought the aches were never going to go away and was already going on 2 weeks with intense pain. Was considering a blood patch but did not want another needle in my spine. Let's just say it was a learning experience and never going through that again. Definitely staying well hydrated and rest sped up the healing process, my mother who had the same proceduretold me her pain lasted over a year.

    Wishing you the best.

  • mike3232 mike3232 krystine77

    I also had a spinal tap about a week ago, my head has a Major pressure in it I get whole body vertigo, & sometimes my body feels weak. I'm not entirely sure what is going on but would greatly appreciate if you found out the reason for your condition. Its especially scary because sometime my neck & head will feel so stiff I will think I'm going to have a seizure. This lumbar puncture has destroyed my life the last week. It's gotten so sever I can't drive without panicking or even shower for more than 3 minutes I'm so afraid I may collapse. Thank you for your post!

    • jackie47270 jackie47270 mike3232

      I had a spinal tap 2 weeks ago. My dr suggested that I get I.V fluids and a caffeine drip to eliminate the headaches and neck pain. After the fluids my pain was gone. However 5 hours later they began to come back. Thankfully two days later the pain never came back to what it originally was. I don't know if it was the fluids or if it had finally run its course. I still have some slight pain but hopefully it will continue to go away.

  • lynsey0838 lynsey0838 krystine77

    Just came across your post

    Has it healed?? I've been suffering for 11 weeks after my c section and I'm scared I'm never going to heal

  • MadelinewithMS MadelinewithMS krystine77

    Hello trying to Google my symptoms I came through reading this I can relate to myself. I had a spinal tap on Thursday and 2 days later I can't get up my whole back and head hurts the majority of the pain is behind my neck like someone is pushing my shoulders down. All I do is lay down now. How long will this last. Please help.

  • Kk1991 Kk1991 krystine77

    I had a lumbar puncture done 10 days ago. The first 7 days I was in agony with a spinal headache. Only got up to use the restroom, and even that was so bad at times I would fall to my knees in pain. I even needed help to eat meals sometimes it was so bad.  They attempted a blood patch on the 3rd day, but I received no relief from it. They said it failed. On the 7th day I finally started to feel less pain and more myself. The 8th-10th day I continued to improve enough to drive. However, today I have felt a pressure in my head and lower back. Not pain, but pressure, and the numbness, particularly in the back of my head, like pins and needles. I'm also very weak feeling. I tire easily.  My google search brought me to this forum. I'm so glad my pain has decreased, but this numbness?! I'm very uncomfortable. Any suggestions? Did you get any answers? 

  • kyhla 92033 kyhla 92033 krystine77

    Hi, I had a LP in August and have not been myself since. Received 2 blood patches and a week in the hospital from it. I am thankfully not having headaches but weird numbness down my back and wrapping around my torso. Anyone else have this experience? Thanks! 

  • Horsepistol Horsepistol krystine77

    Hi I know this is long over do response but I am having issues with a medical record that list s symptom as I now discover as coming from a LP. 3 years ago in a research environment Fir Alzheimer’s drug development I endured 3 LP procedures for the advancement of medicine in research. Over the course of the drug and LP’s I developed some side effects the first was the terrible headache know to be related to the procedure. The second was a fogginess sense. This lasted throughout the study. Unfortunately no one provided and conclusive opinion related to the fogginess. However in dealing with the headache two dilutions helped. One was aspirin the other was lots of water. I was informed that the extracted fluid needed to be replaced naturally so that meant body fluid restoration. As a result the use of water diminished and prevented headaches from the other two punctures. The fogginess or haziness took longer but finally I normalized. The problem Zi have now is this symptom is placed under nureopshyciatric condition which is totally false and harmful to properly review of my medical history. This is an ongoing problem. The patient is never right and I have been forceful in my argument. In research it is insidered an adverse event in physician circles it’s a diagnosis right or wrong and carries with it a lifetime of incompetence by professionals refusing to recognize a serious mistake. Any help in removing this from my medical history would be helpful. As far as LP’s, before going for the procedure drink lots of water. Just water not yes not coffee not juice. Pure water. Don’t be stubborn. At least I know it worked for me. Good luck to all

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